Things Bad Doctors Say
Chopper7272 Pred 15 urami
I always remember my dreams though
Maria Pred 15 urami
Who else agrees that his voice is so motivating and cute at the same time ? Is this even possible ?⭐️
generation ZEE
generation ZEE Pred 15 urami
Can we get this video to billion likes I want to see that tattoo
A Snider
A Snider Pred 15 urami
Felt validated to hear the recommendation for HIIT. I think you could have mentioned mood improvement from HIIT as well.
ramlin35 Pred 15 urami
Yes we live in a time when vaccines are available to everybody. However, we also live in a time when our government officials and health organizations are putting us against each other by saying us against them. Vaccinated against unvaccinated. Politicians, corporate media, health officials, are pinning us against each other us against them. This is the real problem. I wish you talk more about this.
David Nasr
David Nasr Pred 15 urami
I like how he went from cute and adorable to SCARY AND VICIOUS when the teeth showed... could be just me
Khanh Giang Ngoc Hien
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oh bear such a good fluffy boy! ❤
Eva Lada
Eva Lada Pred 15 urami
i love green tea <3
Rebecca Cowan
Rebecca Cowan Pred 15 urami
Why dose your leg hurt when you move after a while?????
Danteana Pred 15 urami
I drank 750ml latte today.. I can't sleep
John Ben
John Ben Pred 15 urami
I have no words to express what Dr. Ado on SLus channel did for me for curing my herpes infection without delay
Sydney Kehr
Sydney Kehr Pred 15 urami
Actually, per the law, in order for a celebrity to endorse a medical product or medication, they have to be taking it. Also, we have a Dr. Doctor here in our area. It cracked me up when I first saw it on a order in my pharmacy.
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard Pred 15 urami
I drink coffee everyday. 3 cups. Love it. So good
Mae Pred 15 urami
0:45 i-
Melisa H
Melisa H Pred 15 urami
I love coffee, but I see it more as a treat. I can't have it every day because I find it messes with my suspected endometriosis and gives me more pain. But I love the taste and smell!
Claire Desnoyers
Claire Desnoyers Pred 15 urami
Quit animal stuff:butter,milk,cheese,yogurt,ice cream; and their flesh Had arthritis,problem with kidney lost one in 1989 Since 2014: lost weight No more arthritis Feel younger: able to run again Lazy sometimes: eat junk, buy already made burgers and sausages and desserts But feel healthier yes i am HAPPY & PROUD to be VEGAN
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You look like Super man
Khanh Giang Ngoc Hien
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Dr Sanjaya U Jayasooriya
Dr Sanjaya U Jayasooriya Pred 15 urami
Indeed, most parents are not happy to accept that.
BlastOffer Pred 15 urami
So is Tea with caffeine any better...?
The Disturbed Gamer
The Disturbed Gamer Pred 15 urami
Maybe that's why you had to say "ex girlfriends" lmaooo
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Loganbay Pred 15 urami
Facebook Instagram and Twitter have a huge responsibility and huge conflict of interest financially. They choose to make as much as possible society be damned. They are so destructive allowing this to go on and it could be controlled by deleting the misinformation spammers on these platforms.
Phazer Pred 15 urami
BlastOffer Pred 15 urami
Sleeplesness, anxiety, morning defecation, lack of hunger. Would I still drink coffee just for the taste? *sips coffee* yeah... Yeah I would
Allison L. Harris
Allison L. Harris Pred 15 urami
I usually hide the pills in blue cheese, our German Shepard has no idea, but any other cheese he smells it out 😂
Chizzle Bizzle11
Chizzle Bizzle11 Pred 15 urami
My 2 year old cousin once ate soap but he was fine
Itachi Of The Leaf🍃
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Haha Brightside😂
foxykitty69 Pred 15 urami
Bear being the best fluff boy
Kyle Crumley
Kyle Crumley Pred 15 urami
I once watched our neighbors dog for a week and had to give meds. It was easy just cut a hotdogs in peices and put it inside the hotdog.
Toasty Leslie
Toasty Leslie Pred 15 urami
Gonna send this to my mom. Wish me luck
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Didn't know it was doctor mike until I saw his yt channel at the bottom left
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Doc, can I have a coffee with you then? 😍😂😍
Sarah A
Sarah A Pred 15 urami
I learned so much today☺️👏🏻 Thank you Dr Mike🤗 There is one question left in my head😳, how much? How much coffee ☕️ are we allowed to drink without harming ourself? How much is too much? Cause I drink a lot 😭
Julie Sky
Julie Sky Pred 15 urami
Wow this show rlly sucks so bad
Ryu Bhrent Castillo
Ryu Bhrent Castillo Pred 15 urami
Thank you dr. Mike I can now show my mum how I love games
Air Destroyers
Air Destroyers Pred 15 urami
Coffee gives me extreme rapid heart rate. I used to drink it all the time.... Now I can't even have a sip or my heart freaks out
I am Crazy
I am Crazy Pred 15 urami
Fatphobia isnt real. You guys are just promoting being fat which isnt a thing. Stop lying to people and say "fat is beautiful". Instead, help them and encourage them to lose weight. Yeah lets go to an alcoholic and tell them that when they are drunk, they are funny.
Khanh Giang Ngoc Hien
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He called Phill a gentleman lol
Musara Sichula
Musara Sichula Pred 16 urami
I've just discovered this channel today and I just can't get enough 😩😍
Edith Oh
Edith Oh Pred 16 urami
Wait sooo if coffee can increase anxiety but you are taking an antidepressant medication (that happens to have some anti-anxiety properties in it) and coffee is said to make that medication more potent… does it balance out??
Ice Expent
Ice Expent Pred 16 urami
You can lucid dream out of it
Stephanie Michael
Stephanie Michael Pred 16 urami
Dr Mike, I am looking for information. I broke my body rtrtrtack in 2001 and have been on both morphine and hydrocodone to help deal with the pain. As to be expected, as the years have go by it gets worse. Plus, I had a total of 4 surgeries to be able to get a spinal stimulator (the first one got infected. I am getting more and more dependent on a wheelchair and spend 99% of my time in bed because of the pain. To top everything off my last CT Scan showed that I now have a calcified abdominal aorta. All my lab results are great (cholesterol etc) my A1C is on the high side of normal but still normal. I don’t really eat anything, some oatmeal for breakfast and a small bowl of ice cream at night (the only way I can take meds without heartburn etc). The reason I am telling you all this is because I don’t know how I got a calcified abdominal aorta. Bad diet? Lack of movement? Meds? Everything I read about it is very bad, the VA has explained very little, and then backs up the “very bad “ with the ways it can be dangerous and even life threatening. I know better than to expect any more than the very basics from the VA but to tell the truth I am scared to death. I have been left to feel like a walking time bomb just waiting for it to rupture or become an aneurism. The VA has offered no plan of attack, no monitoring plans, Can you explain what, how and a theoretical plan of attack? What warning signs to look for? Am I just a walking time bomb? Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Sparkplug the fox
Sparkplug the fox Pred 16 urami
I've swapped from pop to coffee and water, stop shitting on my attempts to find alternative drinks that taste good and aren't loaded to hell with sugar dammit!
Leonore Winterer
Leonore Winterer Pred 16 urami
I was given cola when I was feeling sick as a kid. Apparently my brain crossed a wire somewhere, and now as an adult, the taste of cola makes me feel sick...
the y/n in every BTS ff
the y/n in every BTS ff Pred 16 urami
I hate showing but my doctor said i have to shower every single day now idk what to do😭😭
Vishnu Eshwar
Vishnu Eshwar Pred 16 urami
How was this even approved by the IEC?
Tamia Bosch
Tamia Bosch Pred 16 urami
Why did I actually have to pee by the end of this video
Melody Cook
Melody Cook Pred 16 urami
I honestly prefer a younger doctor to an older one because they're less likely to be stuck in their ways and more open to new ways of doing things.
Void Pred 16 urami
good video
Toni M
Toni M Pred 16 urami
Sayphex Gaming
Sayphex Gaming Pred 16 urami
Green tee vs Black coffee comming next?
Megan Wick
Megan Wick Pred 16 urami
I mean... It's easier to just wrap the pill in lunch meat.... Works Everytime.
LaBraya Nashae
LaBraya Nashae Pred 16 urami
How come she has an accent but he doesn't ?👁👄👁
syd Pred 16 urami
or you could just get pill pockets
The 5’ Barista
The 5’ Barista Pred 16 urami
I swear the belly button things look like bunny poo xD
Sameer Ansari
Sameer Ansari Pred 16 urami
I honestly hate cities
markanthony1004 Pred 16 urami
Yes, things definitely got better as I got older. I was thought of as weird, quiet, and shy. A wonderful child psychiatrist diagnosed me in 2001 with a mild form of Asperger’s Syndrome. My grandmother needed time to understand my condition but it helped a lot when she did. With that said, I still hate being touched, loud noises I can’t control, and large crowds. Those things cause anxiety and can even make me irrationally upset. My wife understands but can’t truly understand all the time, but what a woman for sticking by me during those times
Andy Hernandez
Andy Hernandez Pred 16 urami
I like that editing @ 1:29
Noah R.
Noah R. Pred 16 urami
Ppl think special needs animals are hard to care for. While some are, others only take a few extra minutes per day. At least once you get the hang of it
Chiliano Pred 16 urami
I have drunken coffee for the past 22 years (since I was 7) I can’t go a day without coffee, but only a year ago I was drinking 15+ cups of black coffee a day thanks to my keurig making it easy for me, it affected my blood pressure severely and I am on verapamil now, my cardiologist has also limited me to 3-5 cups a day but said it would be better to stay on the 3 side, only go up to 5 if I start getting withdrawal headaches, he also told me to stay away from cold brew
Levi Markos
Levi Markos Pred 16 urami
I truly respect this opinion. Not fully taking a side because it's not a war between citizens and people, it's a global effort against a virus and its effects. You aknowledge the over reaction, the severity of the virus for elderly and sick people, all the while being respectful and insightful.
Extreme_ Doggo324
Extreme_ Doggo324 Pred 16 urami
Doctor mike: plays plague inc* Me: You have become the very thing you swore to destroy
Miguel Lagana
Miguel Lagana Pred 16 urami
If you have an aggressive and untrained dog your hands would have holes
sunshine mark
sunshine mark Pred 16 urami
Took a while for me to realise it was doctor Mike because of the hat
Gabriel Eugene
Gabriel Eugene Pred 16 urami
wait imma download valorant
Amanda Meyer-Smith
Amanda Meyer-Smith Pred 16 urami
Where can I find more info on the interactions of coffee and meds?
Francisco Henriques
Francisco Henriques Pred 16 urami
Man, how many cups of coffee you had before and during this video ? It's like you're under influence of a stimulant. Oh wait....
Mr_Slayer 1205
Mr_Slayer 1205 Pred 16 urami
Why the kahoot music tho
Denis Torres
Denis Torres Pred 16 urami
If the bitter taste is what triggers the secretion of acid, if I just take caffeine it won't make my acid reflux worse?
Shane Cateriny
Shane Cateriny Pred 16 urami
I don’t understand parents that are passive toward there children’s health. I had 5 kids by 28 years old. Been married 11 years to my first love. We go out of our way to keep our kids healthy. We have friends who’s kids are morbidly obesse yet they let their kids eat popsicles and drink soda all day. I’ve never brought soda in my house. Don’t worry, they kids aren’t missing out. They eat lots of steak and brisket!!!!
SkeletonPet Pred 16 urami
Wait can myopic be cured Idk if it can but I hope it will I have myopic and im 13 years old and it's absolutely terrible
Sahi😍 Pred 16 urami
I have COVID
Noyon Yeanur rahman
Noyon Yeanur rahman Pred 16 urami
I fell like someone walking around my bed
Christina Awad
Christina Awad Pred 16 urami
I love seeing him get pissed 💀💀😂😂😂😂