10 Natural Remedies That Actually Work

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Doctor Mike

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I’ve come on this channel and debunked “natural remedies” and “at home treatments” for various health problems more times than I can even remember. Considering how critical I’ve been of these naturopathic treatments, you might be surprised to learn that while most of them a myths, there are a handful of natural treatments that you can actually use to treat some mild health conditions. Honey for a cough, melatonin for sleep, saline nasal sprays to clear your sinuses while you have a cold, sugar for hiccups, oatmeal to treat eczema, aloe vera for sunburns, prunes for constipation, calamine for itches and burns, probiotics, and even duct tape to fight warts. Of course, don’t get me started on soda for fighting an upset stomach! Have you tried any of these? Let me know down in the comments!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Nhuterri Le
Nhuterri Le Pred 2 urami
A spoonful of honey actually works if you burn your tongue too! 🐝
John Ben
John Ben Pred 15 urami
I have no words to express what Dr. Ado on SLus channel did for me for curing my herpes infection without delay
Leonore Winterer
Leonore Winterer Pred 16 urami
I was given cola when I was feeling sick as a kid. Apparently my brain crossed a wire somewhere, and now as an adult, the taste of cola makes me feel sick...
Catherine Rideout
Catherine Rideout Pred 17 urami
Flat ginger ale is how the nurses at the Montreal Children’s Hospital treated my nausea when I had a C1 - C2 Posterior Fusion in 1977. I know the teas are better but we didn't have all these herbal teas at that time.
TrojanhorseSe Pred 18 urami
Actually I could eat 1kg of prunes and it does nothing. But if I eat salty Dutch licorice it really works!
J Parrish
J Parrish Pred dnevom
Hardly ever was allowed to have coke as a kid. I'm still fat but that's a Genetic issue
Małgorzata Wodka
Małgorzata Wodka Pred dnevom
I thought he'll talk about baking soda.
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms Pred dnevom
Isn't aloe vera carcinogenic?
Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace Pred dnevom
✍🏼 go to ocean ✍🏼 inhale salt water up nose ✍🏼 go on…
Benjamin Ross
Benjamin Ross Pred dnevom
Wow... Complains about companies charging a lot for saline spray..... yet hospitals charge $300-500 per bag of saline when they get it for $1-$5 per bag....
Hannah Paschke
Hannah Paschke Pred dnevom
Melatonin Keeps me awake
Castro James
Castro James Pred dnevom
Getting rid of HPV virus was hard for me l had HPV virus for years, and then I came across Dr Bassey Ayaka on youtube who used his herbs to cure me and now I'm cured
LuccaAce Pred 2 dnevi
Aloe Vera is also good for bug bites.
Tara Monette
Tara Monette Pred 2 dnevi
Did anyone else go back to the "prudes" vs "prunes" part, or just me? Lol
vladimir larson
vladimir larson Pred 2 dnevi
when i was young i never drank coke but i was obsessed...
{ Continuous Clockworks }
{ Continuous Clockworks } Pred 2 dnevi
Sometimes for burns you can pour milk on the burn, it stops the pain a bit.
HAZE YT Pred 2 dnevi
when my belly i hurting my mom says :drink some ginger ale to bring up the gas now im watching this video i think im just gonna have soda ike twice every 2 months -
HAZE YT Pred 2 dnevi
i have Eczema it got so bad so now im watching this video i don't like oatmeal but if it helps with my Eczema i will definitey eat it
SCP-999 Pred 2 dnevi
“don’t use devices late at night” me watching at 3 am: we don’t do that here
Kirill Markov
Kirill Markov Pred 2 dnevi
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Michael Haaland
Michael Haaland Pred 2 dnevi
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kirill Stones
kirill Stones Pred 2 dnevi
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Dave lenigan Brown
Dave lenigan Brown Pred 2 dnevi
I Started Working with Mr Robertson smelser 6 years ago and till date still having standout profits.
Park-Albertson Heather
Park-Albertson Heather Pred 2 dnevi
as a abecedarian investing in crypto will be best for you, but you can't do that on your own without having a guidelines or strategies I know of a portfolio/investment manager, Mr Robertson smelser an expertist in trade investment as you don't have to under go any stress about the fluctuations in the trading market he has been managing my trade for 4years now.
Tara Lewellen
Tara Lewellen Pred 2 dnevi
Bitcoin and stocks has been in the news lately, quite acknowledged wanted to trade Crypto but the fluctuations in price gave me another bewildered look.
yunlan cai
yunlan cai Pred 2 dnevi
Im watching this at 10pm lol, im going to sleep after this comment
SparklerBlack Pred 2 dnevi
does plums works like prunes? or not?
ClickUp Pred 2 dnevi
1. Dr Mike's videos
Liz C.
Liz C. Pred 3 dnevi
My dad wouldn’t let us drink soda when we were kids. Just water and juice. And now, I honestly can’t stand soda. It doesn’t taste good to me and i think that’s because i wasn’t accustomed to drinking it as a kid. The fizz just doesn’t taste natural and it puts me off. especially coca cola and pepsi. I have a theory that if people try not drinking soda for a couple months, they’ll realize how weird it tastes. That’s just a theory tho!
Kshitija Singh
Kshitija Singh Pred 3 dnevi
Hey Dr. Mike, I remember in your earlier video about absurd Facebook hacks, you said oatmeal doesn't work on eczema, and in this video, it's a natural remedy that works, so which one is it?
Michael Stërbein
Michael Stërbein Pred 3 dnevi
And to those that's a military junkie, in short, taking suppliments that kills bacteria is like calling am Airstrike on an enemy spot while a friendly is still in the area. Danger close buddy!
Rhyming Redvines
Rhyming Redvines Pred 3 dnevi
I get hiccups a lot and the only thing that works for me is biting into a slice of lemon or lime 🍋 I was just wondering if there is actually some scientific reason behind it?
Winter Asked
Winter Asked Pred 3 dnevi
6:32 Me: uses flex tape cus it fixes everything
Gianna Pancho
Gianna Pancho Pred 3 dnevi
This vlogs very helpful .
Gabereal Thompson
Gabereal Thompson Pred 3 dnevi
We got ocean here in Oregon but unless you have a thermonuclear reactor in your swimming trunks you won't wanna swim in it.
Kira Stoyko
Kira Stoyko Pred 4 dnevi
I take medication that makes me constipated and pumpkin pie is my lifeline. I reduce the sugar in it and spice it a little more than most people. 10/10 recommend!
First Last
First Last Pred 4 dnevi
i did number 10 as a kid and i must have looked rediculous
Bing Cherry
Bing Cherry Pred 4 dnevi
Bing Cherry
Bing Cherry Pred 4 dnevi
YES!!! Honey! I have used it on bug bites too! It works!
Steven Jenkins
Steven Jenkins Pred 4 dnevi
Am here with appreciation in my heart to tell the world how i got cured from herpes through the herbs of an African herbalist called Dr okosun on SLus,, I will forever share your good work to the world,, thank you Dr okosun and God bless you and your family.
ii_ Savanah
ii_ Savanah Pred 4 dnevi
Doctor Mike: Don’t use ur phone in bed! Me: Uhhhh POV: Literally 11:38. Me: ok now let me play roblox.
Dominic Barbara
Dominic Barbara Pred 4 dnevi
I fix my hiccups by holding my breath for about 20 seconds and then breathing in a really consistent rhythm. Works like a charm for me
Jennilyn Reubin
Jennilyn Reubin Pred 3 dnevi
Same here😁
DumYT Pred 4 dnevi
What's a wart?
KAY B 14
KAY B 14 Pred 4 dnevi
I live 5 mintes away from the ocean and 10 minutes away from a grocery store, so you'r saying I have wasted 5 minutes of my life everytime I had a cold?
BarneySaysHi Pred 4 dnevi
Hmm, not to be "that guy" but how is duct tape "natural"?
LxvleyDino Pred 4 dnevi
What can help with psoriasis?
Shenzo Pred 4 dnevi
Turmeric is godfather of every natural remedy
Rebelwill Pred 4 dnevi
1:21 “When traveling to a new country” My guy went across the multiverse to meet the avengers in a different universe
Dianhery Castro Torres
Dianhery Castro Torres Pred 5 dnevi
I am DM1 and my pediatric endocrinologist told me to drink Diet 7up or Diet Sprite to raise my ph and help insulin to lower my sugar by raising the ph when it’s above 500mg/dl. I have not had to go to the ER for hyperglycemia in over 20 yrs!
Annie Be
Annie Be Pred 5 dnevi
what do I do when I usually have the opposite of constipation, my bowels are so active sometimes even when I cut out lactose 😥
Annie Be
Annie Be Pred 5 dnevi
No ocean either 😥😥 but is it clean enough for the nose? I already feel a difference when I'm just breathing the ocean breeze 🌬🌊
Leland Holton
Leland Holton Pred 5 dnevi
I got the cov19 and when i started recovering the warts on my hands actually started dying all at once. That happened in April of 2020.
Sam Eisenmann
Sam Eisenmann Pred 5 dnevi
Does Fresca count?
Vezmus1337 Pred 5 dnevi
I like that you guys hired the editor from the Eric Andre show, it's a nice touch. Here's a few more that I know of: Orange juice - cures constipation Wine - cures stomach ulcers Papaya extract (papain) - helps digest protein, reducing heartburn Garlic + honey - works as an antibiotic against bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus
laura ermuth
laura ermuth Pred 5 dnevi
Dr.mike: dont go on electronics before bed Me: watching this video before bed
Zoey Pred 5 dnevi
OK I'm 9 and I have no clue what you're saying I get that you trying to explain but your using really big words
Sattwik Sahu
Sattwik Sahu Pred 5 dnevi
Man... I realised I have the delayed sleep awake thing ... I feel bad, how do I heal?
DarkStar700 Pred 5 dnevi
Not sure why but a spoonful or 2 max of peanut butter get rid of my hiccups every time.
DarkStar700 Pred 5 dnevi
Maybe the added surgery but thought it was because it’s sticking 🤣
Paige Rust
Paige Rust Pred 5 dnevi
For upset stomachs I used sprite not Coca-Cola or ginger ale
Amal ali
Amal ali Pred 5 dnevi
It was so helpful video
CAP198462 Pred 5 dnevi
How you know you’re a gamer: Dr Mike says teabags and you think of Master Chief doing “tactical squatting”
Swastik Dash
Swastik Dash Pred 5 dnevi
I have been out in the sun for long durations before without getting a sunburn, but this is actually the first time i got a sunburn (umm..or second). And boy did it hurt. Especially the 1 inch strip of skin starting from the where the ‘fair skin’ ended. Asked now, it’s peeling off.
Ashley Mcgaha
Ashley Mcgaha Pred 6 dnevi
I always use pickle juice for hiccups and it always stops them for me right away
a account i will never post on
a account i will never post on Pred 6 dnevi
If I'm constipated and eating an orange I just eat the peel doesn't taste the best but it works
sue fergusson
sue fergusson Pred 6 dnevi
Prunes don't do anything for me, now 3-4 Kiwi fruit, and objective, resolution achieved. And I have I.B.S.
BabyG Pred 6 dnevi
I like his eyeshadow lol
marcoscolga24 Pred 6 dnevi
The first 14 seconds actually sounded like a skit with the enthusiasm and the whole "100% legit no scam" idea bashing lol Cool to know that there are natural remedies that actually work though!
ZashyArt Pred 6 dnevi
My mums actually using duck tape for her verrucas/warts and it’s working well
Gabriel Soria
Gabriel Soria Pred 6 dnevi
I tried Aloe Vera, it works.. But what black magic happens with MUSTARD!! I got a nasty burn on my hand that was starting to bubble up and remembered my friends dad (that's a chef) telling me about using it all the time for burns in the kitchen. I did NOT expect it to work as well as it did, the burn was gone like if nothing by the next day. A year later!! i burned myself again (not as bad), this time with a little skepticism in my head i only put mustard on half the burn as an experiment. Again.. Amazed that the part which i put mustard on was like no burn ever happened just a few hours after and the other half was dark and very tight. I put mustard on that half but took a whole other day to heal, and that was the lightly burnt side of the burn ;-)
BeatriceBeans Pred 6 dnevi
Whenever I got a stomach bug as a kid and would be throwing up I'd drink Sprite. It always seemed to calm my stomach and was easier to keep down than anything else. Sure it wasnt healthy, but it helped. I'd sip some sprite and feel better, and eventually be able to eat or drink something more substantial
flucka Pred 6 dnevi
Sprite and coke have sugar and salt enough to help you feel better when you are nauseous. A solution consistent of water, sugar and salt would do the same but it doesn't taste as good.
SquidCaps Pred 6 dnevi
Supplements that work: melatonin, vitamin D and magnesium. Vitamin D deficiency is common in the Nordic countries, it is added to milk and it is recommended you take supplements, just like i just did few minutes ago. Just because it is called a supplement means it is hocus pocus. But a lot of supplements are.
Lux Sanitatem
Lux Sanitatem Pred 6 dnevi
okay. Question what helps with VR sickness, or motion sickness?
MrCado Pred 6 dnevi
I used to drink soda like every day but now I’m clean
GhOst Pred 7 dnevi
Dude, when i was in the forces,we had to walk every friday from 7to11 40km with 30kg gearbeitet n weapon.when i taped my feet up i never get a singel bisher.without i literlly waljed in my blood.ducktape.the best human invention
GhOst Pred 7 dnevi
To me inhale(air) n keep that in as long you can does it for me.or eating something.
Heather Pred 7 dnevi
Aloe vera is amazing. I have tried multiple Aloe Vera gels and lidocaine sprays, cream etc for burns. They do not work for me at all. Taking a stalk of Aloe Vera, cutting it open and rubbing it on a burn works wonders, it is so soothing and actually makes the burn fade quicker.
jjjinjerale Pred 7 dnevi
I knew about the honey
Sky Bradley1
Sky Bradley1 Pred 7 dnevi
I get hiccups all the time so thanks
Jaden Rivera
Jaden Rivera Pred 7 dnevi
TwiligtSkylight Pred 7 dnevi
Also sugar works for mouth burns
꧁Angelina-Chan꧂ Pred 7 dnevi
I just learned why I can’t sleep until 2 hours later when checking the time on my phone before bed Don’t question-
Cloudy Rhona
Cloudy Rhona Pred 7 dnevi
1:04 -me watch this before bed...
Noemi Diaz
Noemi Diaz Pred 7 dnevi
Tell me this dude don’t look like Ben Stone from Manifest.. kinda
Evexster Binjimin
Evexster Binjimin Pred 7 dnevi
When you said honey, I remembered that when I was stung by a bee, father told me to cover the infected area with honey. And I was like, “Okay.”, went to the fridge, grab the bottle of honey, and smeared it all over where the bee stung me. And, a few minutes later, it's gone. Knowledge, my father keeps it in his brain. Whether it's for physical or mental health, my father will give out his wisdom to me and my siblings. Even though I'm the youngest of the family. 7 YEARS apart of my family. So yeah, you could tell that I was the odd one from my family.
Bernie the Kiwi Dragon
Bernie the Kiwi Dragon Pred 7 dnevi
Duct tape is also useful for subduing unruly airline passengers.
Nina B.
Nina B. Pred 8 dnevi
bold choice to use peters death for the sugar argument :D
Ian Lee
Ian Lee Pred 8 dnevi
Duct Tape is good because those other remedies can hurt. *rips duct tape off of wart* *or wart off of elbow*?
Queen Of Dragons
Queen Of Dragons Pred 8 dnevi
Joseph Peeler
Joseph Peeler Pred 8 dnevi
This guy says "actually" way too much.
DEVA ERDEM Pred 8 dnevi
Will Van Moss
Will Van Moss Pred 8 dnevi
The people who put the thumbs down are the Karens looking for natural oils in this list and the soda companies hating on Dr. Mike :P
Saiann Delpeche
Saiann Delpeche Pred 8 dnevi
Doctor Mike runnind my childhood
MP-Tuners Productions
MP-Tuners Productions Pred 8 dnevi
that soda thing is interesting. I'm alive thanks to coca cola actually, it literally saved my life as a kid, when i had really big issues with digestive system. anything i ate or drank went straight back out. and after many weeks of being on infusions one doctor said to my parents they should try to give me coca cola. and it stayed inside. and i got better. and here i am 24 years later (i was 5 or 6 at that time, don't really remember that on my own) - and back then, here where I live, small bottle of coca cola was really expensive and salaries were low.
Shayla M.
Shayla M. Pred 8 dnevi
I take probiotics and eat extra fiber to help reduce constipation. It helps a lot.
TaMara Farmer
TaMara Farmer Pred 8 dnevi
As an African American I can not approve of this ginger ale slander
Eric Kirk
Eric Kirk Pred 8 dnevi
LinearStudio Pred 8 dnevi
You're supposedly a doctor and youre recommending sugar as a cure for something?? what an arsehole !! I hope you never see any patients, youre a liability.
DTPandemonium Pred 8 dnevi
If you got hiccups drink water from a water glass with a small spoon in it while concentrating your eyes on the bottom of the glass and touching the handle of the spoon on your cheek. It ALWAYS stops the hiccups and I don't know why. Black magics.
Lucie Pospichal
Lucie Pospichal Pred 8 dnevi
Do the probiotics work even when the antibiotics aren't taken orally? I have... Another way of application... For a uterus infection... Can anyone help?
Harmony Funtime
Harmony Funtime Pred 8 dnevi
Back then when my parents get sick their parents would tell them to drink Fanta and they would instantly get healed😂
Captain Unlimited
Captain Unlimited Pred 8 dnevi
Captain Unlimited
Captain Unlimited Pred 8 dnevi
Duct tape seems like it would hurt to take off a thick cut
eridan13 Pred 8 dnevi
About the soda thing, wouldn't it be better to just drink mineral water with a bit of juice or a squeeze of lemon? When I feel dehydrated I drink a glass of mineral water with lemon juice, a pinch of salt and sugar, idk if that's healthy but it sure gets me quenched
Noe Salazar
Noe Salazar Pred 9 dnevi
wow… a spoon full of sugar just made my hiccups go away, wtf now i know😅
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