My Patient Thought it was Cancer…

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I recently had a patient encounter that threw me for quite the loop. While precepting for my residents, we encountered a patient who had a mysterious lump the size of a golf ball inside her armpit. I wasn’t surprised the resident had been stumped, as I too felt lost for a while after running through a series of questions. Of course, patience prevailed and we eventually figured out what was going on, and I’m happy to say the patient has recovered and is doing well!

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike Pred mesecem
Clarification* Patient’s symptom actually started 3-4 days ago and vaccine was given 5 days ago (Dates were slightly off in video).
Queen Mariah
Queen Mariah Pred dnevom
Hi Dr. Mike, I went to the dr and said biopsy when there is mass, but i dont want to.. He said that he will refer me to the surgeon and get out the mass in my breast but it costly almost 100k, is there any medication or treatment that i can do? Pls. Respond sir. I hope you will see my comment.. This is my 1st comment ever in your channel, i always watch your videos.. Thank u and God bless sir.
Jane Doe X
Jane Doe X Pred 8 dnevi
@Taylor Owen That sucks. I had Osteoporosis since 16 ( eating disorder, really [REALLY] bad anorexia nervosa for years.....due to depression I gained 10 kg and lost them due to dental operations lately BUT: SINCE I NO LONGER HAVE OSTEOPOROSIS, just Osteopenia - a lack of bone density but not as severe, I have to pay each scan now. Even though I lost 20 lbs since my last scan .....So the only benefit I had if I lost more bone density is that I wouldn't have to pay it every year.....YAY. THIS MAKES YOU WANT TO GET BETTER ( FATTER)...... *NOT* !
Somerupa Bhattacharya
Somerupa Bhattacharya Pred 14 dnevi
@anna kelmendi is the lump painful?Cause my doctor suggested the same thing..
garbage Pred 15 dnevi
Depilcalichier (Dee-pill-cal-itcher)
Reem Omar
Reem Omar Pred 16 dnevi
Shouldn’t these info be confidential?
something Pred 18 urami
Ive got a question Does two years to the day cound as two lymph node being being swollen for to long
Kholodkov Andrei
Kholodkov Andrei Pred dnevom
Dr.Mike, did you report this case to VAERS?
Daniel Khani
Daniel Khani Pred dnevom
I'm so confused shouldn't she have included the COVID vaccine with when she was asked did u take any vaccines recently. Maybe she forgot but feel like that's huge overlook
Asher XD
Asher XD Pred dnevom
I have the same thing but it's smaller
Suvarnim Jain
Suvarnim Jain Pred 2 dnevi
did you give her any medication during the observation period... cuz my mother also has a swollen lymph node in her armpit... she had taken her vaccine arnd the end of august
Pinky Jones
Pinky Jones Pred 2 dnevi
I wouldve freaked out thinking I had bubonic plague
MUKBANG Pred 2 dnevi
I was confused about my lump in my armpit ahh I know now after my first shaving
Lucinda Colquhoun
Lucinda Colquhoun Pred 2 dnevi
I had about a tennis ball sized lump on my upper arm when I was a kid. It's gone down, every once in a while it comes back to say hello lol (fyi it's a bundle of veins) edit: okay it probably wasn't tennis ball sized it was protruding that much from my arm but it wasn't small either
Phil Nolan
Phil Nolan Pred 2 dnevi
What's weird is that you asked her if she had any vaccines but she didn't say she got a covid vaccine. Wouldn't that be the first thing she'd mention if it was just a couple days ago and well, it's covid.
Phil Nolan
Phil Nolan Pred 2 dnevi
When I was born I had a small lump over my eye, they removed it because the doc said if they didn't by the time I was 13 it would be a size of a golf ball. I still have the scar in my eyebrow.
pujilstr Pred 2 dnevi
Well, for me it's lymphoma maligna hodgkins.. 🙄
GemFlower’s adventures & gaming
GemFlower’s adventures & gaming Pred 3 dnevi
Wait can you speak fluent in rushian
GemFlower’s adventures & gaming
GemFlower’s adventures & gaming Pred 3 dnevi
Andrea Goble
Andrea Goble Pred 3 dnevi
Tristan Quinet
Tristan Quinet Pred 4 dnevi
Dr mike. I frequently have like an abscess right inder my eye next to my nose. And it kinda looks like i got into a fight. But the doctor just give me antibiotics. And after a few weeks kts gone. But it keeps coming back on bith sides. Now its back on the right side. Then it comes back on the left side. And so on. Does anyone have an idea what it could be?
Kkangpae Pred 4 dnevi
I had something extremely similar occur to me. Issue kept getting worse over time and the mass kept getting bigger and in turn, made my arm pretty much unusable. My arm was essentially stuck curled up into my chest like in a arm sling, everytime I tried to extend my arm even a little, I would get a serious spike of pain, my arm also felt like all my tendons and muscles in my arm felt like rubber bands and would cause my arm to sling back into my body. Had mammogram, biopsy, meds of all sorts all to no avail. Then after a couple months I was referred to a specialist who was able to determine it was fungal issue due to a cat scratching me weeks before any symptoms showed up. So in end was diagnosed with cat scratch fever and gave meds to combat it and within a week or so, my arm had returned to normal. Long story short, wash and sanitize any area that a cat scratches you at.
19BECE029 _ G V S S N Sastry
19BECE029 _ G V S S N Sastry Pred 4 dnevi
Wow the same thing happened to me after I got vaccinated
Pari S.
Pari S. Pred 5 dnevi
Genuine question Dr. Mike - My boyfriend rn has had this same exact thing happening to him. And I even touched it, and it seemed the same size (like a golf ball size) as your patient described in the video. He said it hurts him a lot and feels tender and sensitive to touch as well. I told him to get it checked out, but if you could please answer me how it would be different for a guy, or if it would be the same dilemma (symptom/cause of vaccine/covid19) :\ I would really appreciate it. He's been complaining about his stomach aching more often nowadays, and I'm wondering if that's somehow related to the golf ball size lump in his right arm. He is fully vaccinated, and even took a covid check test just like 4 days ago, and it was negative. He has an appointment at the doctor's later today, but is there anything else you would want him to ask his PCP?
J MAC Pred 5 dnevi
I have this exact same condition that persists every 6-8 months - It's called Hidradenitis suppurativa
CosmoZone Pred 5 dnevi
My mass was more a boil than just a swollen lymph node. Need a second opinion here, can boils be considered a side effect of the vaccine?
blackpanther Pred 5 dnevi
I have lymph nodes that swell bcz two of them overlap each other and it swells whenever I get sick like fever cold or cough.and it's me..
PsychoTrin Pred 7 dnevi
My left side arm pit limph node always flairs when I am sick. It can become super painful
Kams Pred 7 dnevi
I'm so glad I came across this video! Today I had my first dose of Pfizer at about 7:20am and I noticed a lump in my armpit on the same arm that I got the vaccination (about 11pm). At first I thought it was an ingrown hair (its about the size of a bean) but then I remembered watching this video a few weeks ago and put two and two together. Thankyou for making these videos, I feel like they can help in the most unexpected ways sometimes.
Naomi Angur Tambunan
Naomi Angur Tambunan Pred 8 dnevi
Doctor in detective mode
MP-Tuners Productions
MP-Tuners Productions Pred 8 dnevi
she don't shave. i guess she's single
The Female Thunderbirds Nerd
The Female Thunderbirds Nerd Pred 8 dnevi
I have a mole on the left side of my scalp near my ear and temple and it’s been concerning me for a little while now.
Tushvin Prehagg
Tushvin Prehagg Pred 8 dnevi
Anduce Pred 8 dnevi
My sister had something like that so one day she came from school and she told my mom that something was paining after sometime a bulge came we went to the doctor and then when they opened it was a ball in brown color and the doctor told it’s because of heat , too much food and a lor of fat.
Jinny Teh
Jinny Teh Pred 9 dnevi
Totally needed this! I actually felt one by my shoulder blade, same side as the arm where I got my COVID-19 vaccine. Didn't notice it till a week+ after the jab. I waited it out though and now I think it got smaller. Thank you Dr Mike for easing my mind a little. 🙏🏻🙂
Hermaphrodite Read
Hermaphrodite Read Pred 9 dnevi
I'm a graduate of bachelore of science in information technology that has no connection to human anatomy but watching this video is making me understand of how the human body works.
Wind Pred 10 dnevi
yup, im becoming a doctor when i grow up.
ScEnE quEEn RAWRXD fanboy🖤
ScEnE quEEn RAWRXD fanboy🖤 Pred 10 dnevi
grim reaper
grim reaper Pred 10 dnevi
doctor mike i have a question. so I'm unable to get vaccines due to me having double tubes on my left kidney are doctors allowed to try and force me to get a vaccine because when i was younger like very young now my mom had told me that i used to get a lot of UTI's and 100 something fevers after i had got a few of my first vaccines so are doctors allowed to force me to get one and if so what could happen?
Karste Lobster
Karste Lobster Pred 10 dnevi
It has always been my understanding that painless swelling of lymph nodes is more commonly associated with cancers, while painful swelling is associated with infections and immune reactions.
Neta Batata
Neta Batata Pred 10 dnevi
Dudeeee at the moment i saw the thumbnail i was like "she probably got covid vaccine" 🤦‍♀️ Im the better doctor. Only im not a doctor. Or better. Ok bye 💃
HotelPapa100 Pred 10 dnevi
4:02 It's official. The past participle is on its way out.
Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Kiyotaka Ishimaru Pred 11 dnevi
I have a good pain tolerance I fractured my elbow and only rated the pain a 4/10
Spooon_Leo Pred 11 dnevi
HIPPA would like to contact you about your current location. They need to find you…
Ainzuru Pred 11 dnevi
I already suspected it was due to covid am i a docter now?
Xeonophon Pred 12 dnevi
its never Lupus.
Zara M98
Zara M98 Pred 12 dnevi
I’m curious, when you asked her about vaccines, she didn’t mention the COVID vaccine? 😂😂
RIP JMC 5 Pred 12 dnevi
Dude. It took you and your resident a whole examination to ask if the patient had been recently vaccinated with the most obvious vaccine anyone would expect upon presentation to a clinic? Really? Did this really take you and your resident this long?
Dario Ramirez
Dario Ramirez Pred 11 dnevi
You don't ask questions to get benign results, you have to cross off the most pressing issues like cancers or general tumors, not being a little swollen from a vaccine. Either way vaccines are the 8th question he asked she just didn't tell him. That's on her not him
Super Loopie Woman: Lupus Fighting Warrior
Super Loopie Woman: Lupus Fighting Warrior Pred 12 dnevi
Thanks so much for even just bringing up Lupus! It's very rarely talked about and not many people know what it is!
metty kgopana
metty kgopana Pred 12 dnevi
hi guys ...just wanted to let u know that God loves u and also please repent i u havent❤
Dunn Nuu
Dunn Nuu Pred 13 dnevi
Hpv. !!!! Annihilate! Plz
Dunn Nuu
Dunn Nuu Pred 13 dnevi
She doesn’t shave?!! 🪒!!?? How is that okay???
Swayam Pred 13 dnevi
*Knock Knock* Doctor More Stories Please
Dylan Lunsford
Dylan Lunsford Pred 13 dnevi
He did ask if she had any vaccinations she should have said the Covid 19 vaccine lol it counts
O Pred 14 dnevi
This is so painfully basic
Jennifer Hopson
Jennifer Hopson Pred 14 dnevi
I just got a covid booster last week, and I need to get a mammogram. Now I will schedule it several weeks out. Thanks Dr mike!
BelleLorrae Pred 14 dnevi
Anyone else click this because they thought he was going to talk about hidradenitis suppurativa?
George Rapko
George Rapko Pred 14 dnevi
Well thank God she tied up three doctors and at a minimum of two appointments for her vaccine.
G M Pred 15 dnevi
"I'll take "THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPENED" for 500$, Alex"
Rebecka Junevik
Rebecka Junevik Pred 15 dnevi
Thanks! A few days after i was vaccinated i felt a lump in my armpit and now i probably know what it was.😊
Carter Toro
Carter Toro Pred 15 dnevi
I love these medical stories so fascinating!
Josephine Pred 15 dnevi
Side effects may include pain at the injection site, swollen lymph nodes, fever, chills, aches, seizures, fainting, nausea, tiredness. Also if you read the vaers report others include, heart attack (214 reports just for 2021), resuscitation (169 reports), trache (110), myocardial infarction (105), cerebrovascular accident (97), intensive care (90), kidney injury (74), death (2,294)... I could go on, there is so much more. That poke is like playing Russian Roulette. Over 13,698 adverse effects reported....imagine how many are unreported. Someone please tell me again how safe this is? I had a friend die 48 hours after the poke from a massive heart attack.
Omni Omni
Omni Omni Pred 15 dnevi
I had a golf size mass in my right groin area and went to Doc and she said it looks like a infection but get a ultrasound to be safe. Got ultrasound and results in a week and doc said to me yea its just an infection it will go down in size come back in 2 weeks. During the 2 weeks the mass was the size of a tennis ball and streched my skin soooooo much it was all bruised. I went to Doc (without appointment because i was in pain) waited all day and just managed to see doctor when she finished and she said to me im finished now go to Hospital if it hurts that bad and left... I went to hospital and ER they took some blood from the mass and then confirmed i had blood cancer (Lymphoma) ... So I for one can personally say Thank You for spending time and extra time doing a proper diagnosis unlike my experience...
Lez Macon
Lez Macon Pred 15 dnevi
I love this
Nkonrhi Timothy
Nkonrhi Timothy Pred 16 dnevi
Can't help but think how this medical situation looks like an episode of House. All that's missing is a cane and Dr Mike's snarky, insulting comments.
DxN RexUp99
DxN RexUp99 Pred 16 dnevi
Isn't this illegal to talk about a patients stuff because of hippa
MissfireJack Pred 16 dnevi
So... I think it's funny that he expects all doctors to go through this line of questioning. I recently had surgery for something I've been dealing with for years because they finally found something. It didn't matter that I was almost bleeding to death every month and in so much pain. Honestly though, I don't go to doctors unless I have no other option. Hell, I got in the middle of a dog fight and wanted to just duct tape the wound. They said no.
Sparky Minor
Sparky Minor Pred 16 dnevi
Engagement engagement engagement
alreadythen1 Pred 16 dnevi
We’ll just blame everything on Covid!
丂爪卂ㄥㄥ丂. Pred 16 dnevi
I have had about 3 abscesses under my armpits and 1 on my buttcheek .. i actually still don't know why I have had them or what was the reason .. but It's almost like every 6 months I get one .. and my dermotologist isn't really taking it too serious ..
QueenKobraXX Pred 16 dnevi
Ive had the same issue but not as large, a few times in different lymph nodes. For me it was antiperspirant.
Elisha Joseph
Elisha Joseph Pred 16 dnevi
i feel much better after watching this video cuz i have this random lump under my skin, i haven't been vaccinated anytime around now but i did get fever a week ago (i got tested negative) and i had stepped on broken glass by mistake (too long of a story) so i have a injury, im gonna go visit a doc in a day or so
Walking Commuter
Walking Commuter Pred 17 dnevi
This is true and something my wife read about being a new mom, with overtesting for breast cancer due to lymph nodes post-vax. Important stuff to bring to the attention of the masses - thanks!
Wabera Ndungu
Wabera Ndungu Pred 17 dnevi
Dat sus she got da bump 5 days ago and got the vaccine 3 days ago
Maggg mae
Maggg mae Pred 17 dnevi
I have one too. Sometimes it gets bigger then it’ll deflate, sometimes it was really tender then other times it wasn’t. It’s still there, just really small. I went to the doctor and got some medication for it, wasn’t anything serious
sophia watkins
sophia watkins Pred 18 dnevi
my shakes are back i was shaking in my bed at night last night i wasn't cold and i wasn't asleep i was wide awake any ideas why my whole body shakes for like maybe 10 mins? i can't go see a doctor i got no medical and my parents don't seem to care or take it seriously any help would be grateful
Silverstone Pred 18 dnevi
I found one epitrochlear lymph node in my Left Arm . I don’t have any other swollen lymph nodes . Is it cancer or Benign? Do i need to get it removed ? Can I wait for 2 weeks since it appeared yesterday only ? Does epitrochlear lymph node appears only on right arm ? Here are some details about me : 1) Weight : 65 kg 2) BP : 120/80 3) Pulse : 90 4) Breathing Rate per minute : 13 5) Temperature : 98.6 6) Height : 167 cm. Size of swollen lymph node would be maximum 6 mm in diameter . I don't drink or smoke . I am also virgin . Moreover I don't consume red meat . I took covid vaccine 2nd dose on 9th August btw Pls help
Michelle Moody
Michelle Moody Pred 18 dnevi
Just wondering how come hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)? Wasn’t on the table? Because that’s a big sign/warning spot for it. is armpits
SrPotes Pred 19 dnevi
I took my second covid 19 vaccine 2 days ago and I litteraly have this
Gustavo Nomegrande
Gustavo Nomegrande Pred 19 dnevi
Had something similar around 1.5 years ago, a lump of flesh, also with a size of a golf ball, where a wristwatch would be on my right arm, didn't use one for years, had ultrasonography done and the doc was confused and looked like a lipoma, it got smaller in around a months time.
Brian B
Brian B Pred 19 dnevi
I've read that this pandemic is supposed to turn into a endemic. Is there truth to that?
Jeff Q
Jeff Q Pred 19 dnevi
My coworker had the same symptom. Swollen lymph node in his right armpit. Turned out to be lymphoma. After a year of immunotherapy, then surgery to try and remove it (unsuccessfully), and then chemotherapy and radiation the cancer had spread to his brain and he unfortunately passed away. Was there anything different that could have been done? I felt like immunotherapy wasn’t the answer and they spent too much time on it. He had to threaten to see a different oncologist that would put him on chemo before they agreed to do it.
Neradas Pred 19 dnevi
Dr Mike: Answer questions honestly, everything is confidential. Turns the patient into content for his SLus channel.... yeah real confidential. Even worse considering he's in USA, this unfortunate soul just PAID to be turned into content.
the amateur cardist
the amateur cardist Pred 19 dnevi
am i the only person who saw the title and thought...... its backkkkkkkkkkk {the plague]
another one chomps the dust
another one chomps the dust Pred 20 dnevi
a couple of years ago i got the same swollen lymph on my armpit. became huge, a bit bigger than a golf ball and actually quite painful in less than a day, then it disappeared three days later. haven't got anything like that since then.
Punk Bunnee
Punk Bunnee Pred 20 dnevi
great story, not many people know that lymph glands help with immune response. It hurt to even put on deodorant from days 3-7 after getting first dose of covid vaccine because a few nodes were swollen. Not really big, but tender anyway.
Nida Erpelo
Nida Erpelo Pred 21 dnevom
Wow, that's good information to know. Thanks a lot.
MrAragon131 Pred 21 dnevom
I had a golf ball sized lump in my armpit. I had to get a bit of surgery. It was an ingrown hair that had become infected. Man that hurt!
Veronica Miller
Veronica Miller Pred 21 dnevom
The more I watch, the more I wish I had a doctor like this. I've been in to see my doctor too many times and they prescribe me medicine without much clear reason or explanation as to why.
Jackie Herring-Prescott
Jackie Herring-Prescott Pred 21 dnevom
Nice job doctor. You think People would offer, oh yeah I got a covid shot. But noooo, they made you play 21 questions about their life. I can't imagine if they couldn't speak English and you were questioning them. Godspeed Dr
typhon800 Pred 21 dnevom
Valentin Grasso
Valentin Grasso Pred 21 dnevom
Have you checked the blood of your patient after the vaccine?
Di M
Di M Pred 21 dnevom
Same thing just happened to me just not as big but thanks to you I already know it was the vaccine that was applied 2 days ago
Ironbull200 Pred 21 dnevom
I had that as well the days after my Covid vaccine. Was also the size of a golf ball, but fortunately I was informed it might happen when I got the vaccine. So, I was prepared. Went away after two days.
Hmoov Pred 22 dnevi
5:47 I thought I was looking at a nut sack for a sec.
clamboni9 Pred 22 dnevi
So she remembered the Tetanus and HPV vaccines 4 weeks ago and neglected to tell you about the Covid vaccine she got 4-5 days ago? Fairy tales.
Postedinthe Cut
Postedinthe Cut Pred 16 dnevi
right? lol
Popy Barua
Popy Barua Pred 22 dnevi
I had one since I was 12-13. Got checked then I am now 45 , no pain nothing but looks bigger when I am fatter. 😑
Nick Rogers
Nick Rogers Pred 22 dnevi
I knew from the start of this video what the cause was, because the same exact thing happened to me!! About 2-3 days after and lasted 2-3 days. So interesting. I was relieved when I looked this up when it happened to me and knowing it was a good thing made me feel so much better.
Jonathan Lyles
Jonathan Lyles Pred 22 dnevi
I have something like that on the back of my shoulder but it is very much more smaller
Jane Doe X
Jane Doe X Pred 22 dnevi
Cyst or an abszess that already built a membrane ? Lymph node ? Ultrasound, usual lab and eventually a biopsy if still unclear after all history and physical exam leads to nothing of course. Edit: oh ok. Third shot in a short time probably triggered the lymph node to get a bit more reactive than usually.
Andrey Pred 22 dnevi
I got vaccinated 2 days ago and I also have that mass in the armpit that’s why I watched this vid, know I’m more calm about it
Wendy Stiglingh
Wendy Stiglingh Pred 22 dnevi
I got my vaccine 2 days ago and yesterday I also got a similar situation. Thanks to this video I am not worried 🙌🏻🤞🏻
lizAKeV 7
lizAKeV 7 Pred 22 dnevi
The exact thing happened to me too. I am a 24 year old as well but I knew where I got mine, I got it right after I shaved my underarm. Though I do not shave often, I have a very sensitive skin. Well, it disappeared after 4 to 5 days 😁
Michael Bevan
Michael Bevan Pred 22 dnevi
I believe you have a subcutaneous vestigial twin
Damion Kudel
Damion Kudel Pred 23 dnevi
I just got super swollen lymph nodes in my armpit from the vaccine so I was totally thinking that the entire time
Mfirst Jlast
Mfirst Jlast Pred 23 dnevi
Dr. Mike, it appears that the veins on the left side of your neck (right side for viewers) is more prominent compared to the right side of your neck. As an individual who works with people, i wanted to let you know my observation. Be safe & well!
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