Best Sex Positions After Hip Surgery

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Hip surgery is a difficult inevitability for some people, but just because you are going under the knife doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to a healthy sex life, as long as you’re willing to be safe! Here’s what you need to know about your new hip before you engage in sexual activity.

More info on sex following hip surgery:

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Katsucatushi23 Pred 14 urami
I’m not even kidding, I thought this was a wholesome channel😳
white UwUz
white UwUz Pred dnevom
What the....
michelle yamazaki
michelle yamazaki Pred dnevom
I'm 15 lol
crumkruncher Playz
crumkruncher Playz Pred 2 dnevi
I did not need to know that 😀
Vihvaan Skandaruban
Vihvaan Skandaruban Pred 2 dnevi
So that was weird
John Matthew Balana - A Proud Catholic
John Matthew Balana - A Proud Catholic Pred 6 dnevi
Oh, um please don't have sex before getting married in the Catholic Church and repent for sinning and cursing, go and repent to the catholic church and to Jesus Christ:)),, that is my advise:)!
cooler than fidgit trading
cooler than fidgit trading Pred 6 dnevi
Uh eh em um mhhhhhh dAdDy
Sa De
Sa De Pred 6 dnevi
01:57 ♥️❤️
Ba Hu
Ba Hu Pred 6 dnevi
06:18 Good. I wait for love from you ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️
Xstrive001 Pred 10 dnevi what the-
CRY 🅥 Pred 10 dnevi
what... not the sex help me
Alexandros Theocharous
Alexandros Theocharous Pred 10 dnevi
Mike kinda sus ngl 😳
Pred 12 dnevi
what the-
useless duck
useless duck Pred 12 dnevi
I watched the entire video but I’m literally 11 what the hell
ray_fin_mo5 Pred 12 dnevi
whOa don’t see that coming
Lovely dumplings
Lovely dumplings Pred 15 dnevi
Did you dislocate someone’s hip Mike 😩🥵😏😍😝
Just Jojo
Just Jojo Pred 15 dnevi
I don’t understand the content. I’m a visual learner. You’ll have to show me
L1me Pred 16 dnevi
Me, asexual/sex repulsed: ah yes. Interesting...
Warren Dicey
Warren Dicey Pred 16 dnevi
Chizzle Bizzle11
Chizzle Bizzle11 Pred 17 dnevi
Mike wtf is this?
Ren Carlisle
Ren Carlisle Pred 17 dnevi
So does this mean I should get a hip replacement for the sex?
sophisticated seal
sophisticated seal Pred 18 dnevi
Luigifan36 Pred 18 dnevi
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow Pred 20 dnevi
This caught me off gaurd
Muck                          yes yes in disguise
Muck yes yes in disguise Pred 23 dnevi
“So how’d you dislocate your hip?” “Uh…well promise you won’t laugh” “You can’t say that and expect me to not laugh” “…” “Promise” “I dislocated it during sex…” “I mean that’s not, funny more just…sad?”
rentaspoon Pred 23 dnevi
What's the audience range he's trying to hit
kingbobo 187
kingbobo 187 Pred 24 dnevi
I can understand because he is a doctor...
Shoe Pred 26 dnevi
Im 19 and didn’t want to learn this
Idk what to Call this
Idk what to Call this Pred mesecem
Why did my friend send me this
The Administrator
The Administrator Pred mesecem
Yet, we figure what the peeeeeewop he posted dis while my mom was in the room lol.
TheLuigiNoidPerson 109
TheLuigiNoidPerson 109 Pred mesecem
My man out here giving sex tips, tf
Fade Pred mesecem
I feel uncomfortable and idk what to do with this information
Danielle Yzabella Dangiwan
Danielle Yzabella Dangiwan Pred mesecem
This is to random....
incrediblepick3 Pred mesecem
Remember people exercise before you sexercise
𝔸𝕩𝕖𝕝 シ
𝔸𝕩𝕖𝕝 シ Pred mesecem
MIKE! They are 7 year olds watching this 😃🖐
Andra Nolte
Andra Nolte Pred mesecem
Allu Arjun
Allu Arjun Pred mesecem
Why you watching? You ain't getting laid
Dumb ass
Dumb ass Pred mesecem
Oxnvat Entertainment
Oxnvat Entertainment Pred mesecem
Lmao how is this not age restricted
Ashes x2
Ashes x2 Pred mesecem
Thank you for this.
Anna lee
Anna lee Pred mesecem
Thank God I came across Dr IGUDIA at the right time and I saw a lot of testimonies and how he has cured a lot of people from herpes disease s then I contacted him for help and he actually cured me, he also has a cure for other form of STI
ReTr0 Pred mesecem
@austinchallenges exactly 69 likes lmfao
Mike.......what made you make this vid?🤨
Linda Crytser
Linda Crytser Pred mesecem
Wtf am I watching?
Aliyu Mamman
Aliyu Mamman Pred mesecem
Been totally cured of herpes infection after using the herbal medication I got from Dr IGUDIA on SLus is the best gift to me.
Stephanie Pred mesecem
So... Am I suppose to get hip surgery now?
Franbow’s Therapy Center
Franbow’s Therapy Center Pred mesecem
Never expected this from the one and only Mike 😂😂😂
Tombstone soda
Tombstone soda Pred mesecem
Imagine one day you go back to a girl's house from a bar and as you two are taking off clothes she starts to do a whole as stretching routine .
MAYENDE PETER Akoto Pred mesecem
Patient:Doc when will I have sex after this surgery?I just got married. Doctor Mike: After 0:47 seconds Patient:Will be waiting. Doctor Mike:Good luck! after Mike uploading the video. Patient:You aint kidding. Mike:I told you.
Neshad Guho Mazumdar
Neshad Guho Mazumdar Pred mesecem
He definitely had a patient regarding this recently
jess griffiths
jess griffiths Pred mesecem
Well I'll add the tid bit of knowledge to the random facts section in my brain.
chiippzzz Pred mesecem
When he started talking about the positions I was like umm…..
Aquarium ASMR
Aquarium ASMR Pred 2 meseci
Dr. Mike… I’m a child 😐
Billy Walters
Billy Walters Pred 2 meseci
Been there, done that. 2 beautiful daughters.
Members Hotel
Members Hotel Pred 2 meseci
Dr. MIKE i need a hug
Kei Rio
Kei Rio Pred 2 meseci
okay, i came from you reacting to an anime to this. what a rollercoaster
Rebecca Gonzalez
Rebecca Gonzalez Pred 2 meseci
Low key tromitized by those photos :)....send help
Avery Belle
Avery Belle Pred 2 meseci
tempted to send this to my dad who had hip surgery not too long ago 🤣
S Jhonson
S Jhonson Pred 2 meseci
Uhh, my sister fell down the stairs and she crashed right into a glass flower pot and wooden bookshelf, her foot got cut by the flower pot and it is kinda swollen, she is crying a lot! What should I do???!!! We can't bring her to the hospital bc here where I am from we are in total lockdown and we will get arrested for trying to drive to the hospital... And we can't call the hospital! What am i supposed to do?????!!!!!
Andylin Plocher
Andylin Plocher Pred 2 meseci
Brian Phan
Brian Phan Pred 2 meseci
drop the onlyfans doctor 😮‍💨
Nutter butter
Nutter butter Pred 2 meseci
And he said the sex positions with a straight face
Cata Pred 2 meseci
BS... the positions depend on the type of hip replacement, angle of the neck of the stem and very important the angle at which the shell/cup is put
I'Vee Pred 2 meseci
Well hoos ?
Julia Spoonie
Julia Spoonie Pred 2 meseci
Thanks for that video, while some are a bit irritated by the topic, I think it’s very important! Many people with genetic connective tissue disorders like Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrome need joint replacements early in their life. Including hip replacements! And yes, they have spontaneous hip subluxations and even dislocations - sex is a very common cause and we talk a lot about it in our self support groups. Almost all of us experience subluxations and arthrosis of the sacroiliac joint, you definitely need to adapt your sex life. I would love a video on the topic paraplegia - not just sex related but generally. The causes, the different types, the symptoms related to the level, the longterm problems, different kinds of wheelchairs, raising kids, having sex, etc… Most people don’t even know that there are incomplete paraplegias and that they aren’t always caused by accidents (mine was caused by a herniated disc in Th9/10).
Dakarai Reed
Dakarai Reed Pred 2 meseci
I don’t know about everyone else but I wasn’t expecting examples to pop up!🤣🤣🤣
Ej At
Ej At Pred 2 meseci
I.... did not expect this topic. We appreciate you.
Alex Glase
Alex Glase Pred 2 meseci
Random facts I will never need to know
eli six
eli six Pred 2 meseci
Yo doctor mike add me back on apex its big dog
dearfiona Pred 2 meseci
omyword 😂😂
vortex CODM
vortex CODM Pred 2 meseci
He didn't call it doggy style 😨
My First Youtube Channel Wain
My First Youtube Channel Wain Pred 2 meseci
I nearly had a heart attack when he just opened with "SEX.... After hip surgery"
FiveFrou Pred 2 meseci
Why did I stumble upon this
Xavier Pred 2 meseci
Ben askern should see this
Joseph Bondar
Joseph Bondar Pred 2 meseci
What the hell is wrong with you
Joseph Bondar
Joseph Bondar Pred 2 meseci
@zock He’s supporting the vaccine
zock Pred 2 meseci
ShaneOh Pred 2 meseci
lmao at how specific this is
Sirène Noire
Sirène Noire Pred 2 meseci
Y’all senior homes are basically colleges for old people. They do it a lot and get STDs. Be careful Gertrude.
Matthew Hubbard
Matthew Hubbard Pred 2 meseci
Most of these people didnt need this... Im the one percent that did lmao, except i have pins rods and screws
Tahrema Hossain
Tahrema Hossain Pred 2 meseci
why is this on my recommendation for god's sake...
H I Pred 2 meseci
Fun fact: A doctor told my great grandma her hip pain would go away if she gave birth to a child. So my grandpa was born but the pain stayed xD
Kaylas Videostar Tutorials uwu
Kaylas Videostar Tutorials uwu Pred 2 meseci
didn’t expect this but it’s educational and good
Ara Jung
Ara Jung Pred 2 meseci
Mhm did not really need to know this and never got hip surgery but hmmm. Intrestingg HAHAAHAHA
idiot_gacha😍😎 Pred 2 meseci
when your ten watching this 😷😷😲
RexNold Pred 2 meseci
Geneva Welsh
Geneva Welsh Pred 2 meseci
This came out of nowhere lol
Charity Johnson
Charity Johnson Pred 2 meseci
I'm still trying to wrap my head around, how one can go at it to the point of a dislocated hip? or in need of hip surgery like either you didn't know what you were doing or doing it too long like...
preston playz
preston playz Pred 2 meseci
React to happy tree friends pleasee
Aingaren ganesan
Aingaren ganesan Pred 2 meseci
Bryony Pred 2 meseci
Think I might go and get a hip replacement now...
MiaNotFoundWasTaken Pred 2 meseci
The Truth
The Truth Pred 2 meseci
I'm in love with you Mike... You are just awesome, perfect, dude. ..........I wish I could just hug you for a min....annnnnnnd kiss on your chick... ..... I love the way you speak, your naughtyness, your chest compression, Pee..Oop, and especially your killing smile. I just love you for everything.... both of you... Mike & Bear
Kindeley Pred 2 meseci
Imagine coming to the hospital and saying « i dislocated my hip during sex»😂😂😂😂
Josh Leveille
Josh Leveille Pred 2 meseci
Thanks doc
Blue 2 Pran
Blue 2 Pran Pred 2 meseci
I saw a few of your reaction videos and now this was in my recommended. Pls make a remedy for SLus as it is clearly drunk.
Ioan Crowley
Ioan Crowley Pred 2 meseci
before I watched this video, I saw an ad which, at the start of it, it showed a sign saying: "Danger, Stay out" coincidence am I right?
Yoleysis Martinez
Yoleysis Martinez Pred 2 meseci
✰𝓂𝓊𝒻𝒻𝒾𝓃✰ Pred 2 meseci
Mike… where did this come from?! 😂
احمد محمد
احمد محمد Pred 2 meseci
مفيش حد عربى ولا ايه☺
我爱我的性格 Pred 2 meseci
عرب في كل مكان 🙆🏻‍♀️
Bella_ Grace0_0
Bella_ Grace0_0 Pred 2 meseci
Very interesting thing to wake up to
Mortis gang BS
Mortis gang BS Pred 2 meseci
Crystal Coon
Crystal Coon Pred 2 meseci
Thank you for talking about sex as if it were not so taboo and not be awkward about it. Your professionalism is fantastic. People need to understand that it is okay to talk about sex with your doctor or medical practitioner (i.e. physical and occupational therapy) so that you can be safe and not further injure yourself. 💜💜💜
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