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*7UP has no caffeine, I confused it with Mountain Dew, but my point still holds about it being a bad "cure".

Grandma’s are so good at loving us and guiding us through life with their wisdom… but what about all those medical tips they’ve got? Things like “not going outside with wet hair” or “don’t swim 30 minutes after eating”… is there any validity to those claims? These old wives’ tales have been around for generations, and it’s time we put them to the test to see what’s true and what isn’t. I collabed with TikTok’s grandma, GB (Grandma Bobbe) to provide some insight into the medical murkiness of things like swallowing your gum, frowns vs. smiles, chicken noodle soup curing a cold, not exercising when sick, cracking your knuckles, raw meat on bruises, plucking hairs, watermelon seeds, crossing your eyes, sugar making you hyper, sitting close to the tv, snacking and ruining your appetite, carrots being good for your eyes, and sucking your thumb.

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Heather McFarland
Heather McFarland Pred 3 urami
My doctor told me, when I was a kid, to drink a few sips of Coca-Cola to stop nausea. But if you chug it or drink too much the carbonation and acid would make you even more nauseous. So just a few sips
Heather McFarland
Heather McFarland Pred 3 urami
The gum urban legend started where they all do, an attempt to scare kids to prevent them from getting hurt, being mean, or getting into trouble. Just like how, “your face will stick like that if you hold it too long”, is a threat to keep kids from being brats
SableTheBarnCat Pred 5 urami
I am going to go to my doctor's office and throw a apple at my doctor😂
AngiD S
AngiD S Pred 6 urami
Uhm 7up has no caffeine and it helps with upset stomach.
Trish Kullman
Trish Kullman Pred 8 urami
7 up doesnt have caffeine. And neither does Sprite/ Sierra mist.
Tommy Like McDonald's Chicken Nugget
Tommy Like McDonald's Chicken Nugget Pred 8 urami
I drink 7up when I have the flue-
a youtube channel
a youtube channel Pred 12 urami
beta carrot ene
Andy Schultz
Andy Schultz Pred 16 urami
fun fact when original coca cola launched it has a massive amount of caffeine and cocaine in it not sugar. cause those were the 2 key ingredients then over the years it changed to sugar and caffeine.
Bai Fengjiuer
Bai Fengjiuer Pred 22 urami
I heard it was sprite that helps with fever and upset stomach
bananabuttersomethin Pred dnevom
My gosh, he has grey hairs and he is nine years older than me.
Viet-Anh Tran
Viet-Anh Tran Pred dnevom
When I'm ill, I usually eat Pho as it contains bone marrow from the bones when cooking the broth.
CounterProductive Pred dnevom
The editing is too much.
anna parrinello
anna parrinello Pred dnevom
The normal saying: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. My version: An apple a day keeps anyone away, if you know how to throw it hard enough.
Kelly Horne
Kelly Horne Pred dnevom
My grandma always told me not to stick anything smaller then my elbow in my ears. I passed that down to my kids and had a good giggle watching them trying to stick their elbows in their ears lol
Owi Owi
Owi Owi Pred dnevom
Chicken soup never helped me nor anyone else. It is scientifically proven that it is very inflammatory and causes stomach upset. Doctors are never trained in nutrition. You need to be a pro nutritionist (a good one, unsupported by big pharma) to be able to even READ and INTERPRETE the scientific studies. Wheat and eggs (noodles) are highly inflammatory (proven by science).
Mr Acuna
Mr Acuna Pred 2 dnevi
The stiff difference contrarily rhyme because cabbage eventually cause anenst a hideous high shingle. aspiring, cagey airmail
Christy Dimitrios
Christy Dimitrios Pred 2 dnevi
The melodic deer independently extend because prepared astonishingly delay minus a spiffy field. psychedelic, nondescript diamond
Abby Andrews
Abby Andrews Pred 2 dnevi
Me watching this about screens and eyes holding my phone like 📱👀
Isaiah Dickinson
Isaiah Dickinson Pred 2 dnevi
Funny my grandma's a burn nurse at Lutheran hospital in Indiana
KabirPhoto Pred 3 dnevi
Is Doctor Mike 35?
jeevan khairkar
jeevan khairkar Pred 3 dnevi
Every doctor needs to say peewoop or I ain't getting my checkuoop
william stevens
william stevens Pred 3 dnevi
So thats why donald trump is orange
AstrosInga Jonsdottir
AstrosInga Jonsdottir Pred 3 dnevi
Ur grandma is awesome!!!😄😃
aeshtetic_yt Pred 3 dnevi
doctor mike: *cracks his hand* you:*cracks your hand, leg and back.*
CookieGoRawr Pred 3 dnevi
Dude, doctor mike's video makes me wheeze and it brings my mood up
deetya Pred 3 dnevi
It's helpful
deetya Pred 3 dnevi
Gramma is right I drink 7up when I have a ack
BethDWriter Pred 4 dnevi
I trust grandma
madabbafan Pred 4 dnevi
An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Have you tried getting an appointment with one recently?
madabbafan Pred 4 dnevi
The gum 7 year thing... possibly how long it would take to break down if left for that long in the conditions present in the stomach? As a chemist I could possibly set the experiment up but I don't want to wait 7 years for the results (plus think of how smelly it would get).
DrewMayn Pred 4 dnevi
Say if you swallow a piece of gum and it stays in you for seven years, if you swallow five pieces of gum, you'll have five pieces of gum in you for seven years.
Salena Ilnitsky
Salena Ilnitsky Pred 4 dnevi
Dr.Mike. You can be the sugar in her life😂👌
Aurora Pred 4 dnevi
I know why myth about raw mat on a bruise was started! Back in the day, when they had ice boxes, you couldn’t just get a small chunk of ice, they were sold in huge blocks, so you would use the meat stored in the ice box because it was easier to handle! And carrots being good for your eyes was created by ww2 military because their fighter jets had gps but they didn’t want people to know that so they said, oh our soldiers eat a lot of carrots and have good eyesight so that’s why they almost never miss!
im hot
im hot Pred 4 dnevi
Aeneas X
Aeneas X Pred 4 dnevi
going outside with wet hair wont get u cold but it could make you able to wisper to your own ear 😂 All jokes a side my friends mouth like moved to other side, some kind of spasm and now he goes to doctor every day for treatments...
Angus Brancourt
Angus Brancourt Pred 4 dnevi
And chicken noddle soup tastes great so I don't care
Ashley_wat Pred 4 dnevi
Here’s a fact: cracking your knuckles MAY be satisfying/ASMR but really if you repeat/do it for like 10 years it will ache and hurt a lot and my dad told me when he tries to use a mouse button and click it hurts SO DONT TRY IT EVEN IF ITS SATISFYING....
Tara Daves
Tara Daves Pred 5 dnevi
Sick to stomach, can't hold anything down, sipping 7up or Sprite and nibbling saltines soothes my stomach or, at the very least, enables me to get some hydration and calories
Palitato Pred 5 dnevi
Cracking knuckles NORMALLY will not cause arthritis... but if you have a joint you can crack over and over again without any pause in between. That can cause permanent damage, cause it's not the same mechanism to make that sound. Also I've often had diet coke when I have an upset stomach and it does help for some reason. IDK why. Just does.
TheStigma Pred 5 dnevi
My best guess on the "raw meat on a bruise" thing is that people have used whatever they had In the fridge as a cold compress (which certainly can reduce swelling if applied early) - but somewhere along the line someone got confused while half-learning this and thought it was the food item that was the trick, rather then the temperature. Then that mislearned info got taught forward uncritically and became a common health myth. Sounds like a plausible origin to me at least :) Don't overdo it if you use an improvised cold-compress though. A frozen item can be too cold and in a worst case cause frostburn. Wrap it in a towel to stay safe. That's more comfortable anyway :)
Nehama W
Nehama W Pred 5 dnevi
Good to know chicken soup is proven 😁
The Paradigm
The Paradigm Pred 5 dnevi
The Paradigm
The Paradigm Pred 5 dnevi
7:21 Nevermind… It was Bear! 😂
Undecisive Angel
Undecisive Angel Pred 5 dnevi
Sticky hair follicle Dr.Mike is helping hair pickers/ anxious people with Trichotillomania feel seeeeeen
Undecisive Angel
Undecisive Angel Pred 5 dnevi
7:54 *this is where i am
flucka Pred 5 dnevi
"Sitting close to the tv will hurt your eyes and make them be squares." I've heard that a lot when I was a kid. Of course I've tried it out one day for a whole afternoon and then went to check in the mirror if they were squares. Of course they weren't. And I was kind of sad.
JamaicanEmerald Queen
JamaicanEmerald Queen Pred 5 dnevi
I love the green apple flavor too.
ayla Edwards
ayla Edwards Pred 6 dnevi
was that a dog in the back?
FishySnipess Pred 6 dnevi
"Sitting close to the tv will hurt your eyes" I didnt wanna believe it so I did it alot as a kid. I'm near sighted now
Iamapotatochip Pred 6 dnevi
7 up doesnt have caffeine.
Lucy alderman
Lucy alderman Pred 6 dnevi
A balance of soluble and insoluble fibre keeps the tummy healthy
thegalaxypup_glitch Pred 6 dnevi
My freind:an apple a day keeps the docters away Me:thats why i dont eat apple's
Nnn Books
Nnn Books Pred 6 dnevi
funny - we all have heard all these 'do not do this" "do this" from the elderly. I am thinking that our grandmas/grandpas tell us these things out of love - we didn't have internet before, not everyone had access to doctors and so that inherited "knowledge" was supposed to make us stay healthy and thrive. even tho now largely debunked, i find all these advices as sign of love
Donald Beetlestones gaming and ... life chanel ...
Donald Beetlestones gaming and ... life chanel ... Pred 6 dnevi
Carots 4 President
NecraBriseis Pred 6 dnevi
Gb is the best
Chris Perdue
Chris Perdue Pred 6 dnevi
7UP does NOT contain caffeine. And it can help with indigestion caused by air trapped in the stomach after eating heavy/greasy foods and help it be released to burp.
Quishbel Pichardo
Quishbel Pichardo Pred 6 dnevi
I was in the hospital when I was very young and the hospital gave me ginger ale (which I think is the same as 7 up) for the 7 days I was there bc they said it would help with upset stomach. Still really hate ginger ale
SasugaTV Pred 6 dnevi
When did they add caffeine to 7up?
SasugaTV Pred 6 dnevi
Cold temperatures can lower immune system, right? If so, then having wet hair, or going out in the cold, etc. can make you more susceptible to getting sick. Viruses already living in your body, or those carried by people around you that your immune system would have no problem fighting, suddenly have a chance to grow and get a foothold, if your immune system is weakened, right?
SasugaTV Pred 6 dnevi
I've mostly illuminated sugar from my diet, but about once every couple months I cheat. When I have something sugary (no caffeine), I immediately feel a rush of energy. I recall having larger amounts of sugar and crashing after. I don't eat tons of sugar when I cheat now, and so I don't really crash now, but suspect I would if I ate more. Remove sweets from your diet for six months to a year, the have sugar and see how much energy you have when you have a simple Jolly Rancher. I bet the saying comes from before, when kids didn't get sugar that often. You give kids who've never had sugar, or only get sugar once a year, some sugar, like say around Halloween, and watch them bounce off the walls. Oh sure, eventually they'll crash, but you watch what they do until they crash.
SasugaTV Pred 6 dnevi
Hair stick to mirror: Maybe static electricity!?
Miriam Larsen
Miriam Larsen Pred 6 dnevi
I drink "dead" coke (shaken so it dosent have all the bubbles) if im sick (throwing up) because they say it help the nausia, but i honestly do it because it taste the same coming up and thats better than the taste of stomac-fluids
Shivangi Talwar
Shivangi Talwar Pred 6 dnevi
2:53 People who are allergic to apples: A doctor a day keeps the apple away
Maria Kiprianidoy
Maria Kiprianidoy Pred 6 dnevi
I eat like 20 seeds when i eat a watermelon
Ilein Bermudez
Ilein Bermudez Pred 6 dnevi
I would prefer if it was year 5 oh still gotta thrive year 8 oh no were late
[-Froggo-] Pred 6 dnevi
Doctor Mike: Actually you might turn orange if you eat too many carrots Me: And this is why I’m super white!
dyeux Remington
dyeux Remington Pred 6 dnevi
I still dont know what a cramp feels like, ive never had a cramp while swimming, or even when im not swimming, does it come with age? Cuz im a teen...
TheDarkenedElf Pred 7 dnevi
As someone with weird joints (likely EDS) popping a joint it sometimes the only way I know it's properly aligned 😅
The Ethical Ostrich
The Ethical Ostrich Pred 7 dnevi
Sugar and candy definitely can cause kids to bounce off the wall. It is not a dietary reaction, but a psychological one. They are really excited to be getting a treat.
Blair Pred 7 dnevi
My mom tried 7up smelt bad and tasted bad lol
Charles Starks, Jr
Charles Starks, Jr Pred 7 dnevi
FACT CHECK: 7-up does not have caffeine
¡BuckyBarnes! Pred 7 dnevi
Dr I does not like the all mighty apple 🥰
Forever Mrs. Anime
Forever Mrs. Anime Pred 7 dnevi
7up does not contain caffeine, but it also doesn't help with an upset stomach, I know this because I was sick and kept throwing up and my older cousin gave me 7up saying it would help me feel better but I threw up again.
RandomPerson1313 Pred 7 dnevi
7Up doesn't have caffeine in it
Kenneth Finch
Kenneth Finch Pred 7 dnevi
7up doesn’t have caffeine. It is caffeine free. But it does have a lot of sugar.
Hunter_xxX_Xxx Pred 7 dnevi
When Dr.Mike said don’t sit to close to your device. Me over here:*sitting under my covers with the screen right next to my IPad* Also me:OH NO IM GOING TO DIE *slowly backs away from my screen*
Palitato Pred 5 dnevi
So long as you're not right up close to it you should be fine. At least two feet away from your face! I've started having blurry vision problems when I've been scrolling my phone in bed too long- especially if it's also dark in the room and the screen is bright. It takes almost a whole day for my eyes to be able to focus properly again!
Stephanie MacDonald
Stephanie MacDonald Pred 7 dnevi
7up is caffeine free
꧁ঔৣ☬strawberry_polar☬ঔৣ꧂ Pred 7 dnevi
heres one: if you feel like you'll throw up or going to...drink some coke because the acid in it will dissolve the barf so is it true or false?
casey de graaf
casey de graaf Pred 7 dnevi
Me who's 18 years old and still sucks on thumbs Woops.. my bad doctor
Natalija Jovanovic
Natalija Jovanovic Pred 7 dnevi
Sugar makes only diabetics hyper😂
Wendy Lou Who
Wendy Lou Who Pred 8 dnevi
Over a very boring semester in an while expensive college class I used a pencil and trained my eyes to cross.
Laura Overhulser
Laura Overhulser Pred 8 dnevi
7 up is caffeine free
Hannah McLaren
Hannah McLaren Pred 8 dnevi
I've swallowed gum. Very unpleasant getting rid of it. If you know what I mean.
bruh cod
bruh cod Pred 8 dnevi
Pls react ro vegan teacher
Daylin Ixlan
Daylin Ixlan Pred 8 dnevi
Doctor Mike when you break your nuckles dose your finger go cricket because my brother says that
DTE TV Pred 8 dnevi
An apple a day will eventually cause your teeth to erode if you don't brush them enough. - Bentist
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer Pred 8 dnevi
You forgot to rename the video
Laura Sauriol
Laura Sauriol Pred 8 dnevi
Why do hospitals give patients Shasta cola and ginger ale if it’s not good for you in any way?
Joshua Verkerk
Joshua Verkerk Pred 8 dnevi
7 Up doesn’t have caffeine, and he never answered whether plucking gray hairs result in more growing back. Though, as I’m bald, I’m pretty sure it’s not true.
Ian Arizpe
Ian Arizpe Pred 8 dnevi
bruh tell me why they gave me 7up at the hospital , whyyyy
noobCoder_ Pred 8 dnevi
Test Account
Test Account Pred 8 dnevi
Some people say that if you eat too many blue berries you'll turn into one
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Pred 8 dnevi
Grandma: best thing to eat when sick is chicken noodle soup My brain: chicken noodle soup chicken noodle soup chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side 🐔
Nightmare 652
Nightmare 652 Pred 8 dnevi
When your allergic to appels
FRED EVANS Pred 8 dnevi
Im 15 and I have gray and white hairs growing
PrettyVacant Pred 9 dnevi
Ok,but 7up does not have caffeine
D h
D h Pred 9 dnevi
Ok Dr Mike... 7Up Does NOT contain caffeine and if you look at the ingredients of Emetrol that's used for helping upset stomachs. It's main ingredients are Glucose/Fructose/Phosphoric acid. So 2 sugars , acid and flavoring. I have used ice cold Sprite Zero for upset stomachs for myself and kids it works!! Sip slowly and it really helps. I also use real ginger ale sometimes if on hand.
Callum Coombs
Callum Coombs Pred 9 dnevi
I don't like 7up, it tastes too metallic for my liking
Stylz Houtz
Stylz Houtz Pred 9 dnevi
7 up does not have caffeine
Seth M
Seth M Pred 9 dnevi
Sugar makes kids hyper…to add on to what mike said, maybe that stems from the original Coca Cola recipe, which also contained cocaine.
shadows of light
shadows of light Pred 9 dnevi
The 7 up thing works for me to I think It's because it's carbonated, but it doesn't turn into foamy bublles like coke or Dr pepper does, so it end up balencing out you stomach mabye, idk.
L. W.
L. W. Pred 9 dnevi
First off, I look really young; currently I'm in my 30's and I get mistaken for half my age. When I was 21 people thought I was my husband's kid sister. So, when, at 21, I got my very first grey hair I decided to test the pluck it and two grow in it's place to try and make more grow hopefully making it so I wouldn't get mistaken for being so young. Wouldn't you know, not only did it not grow another, it never grew back. I'm still not greying. I might just have to look half my age for the rest of my life. lol
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