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UberFacts is a highly popular social media account that posts interesting “facts” across Twitter and other platforms. The problem? They almost never reveal their sources for this information. To make sure everything is on the up and up, I decided to dive into some UberFacts health tweets and research just how accurate these “facts” really are. While lots of these facts are technically “true”, there is a lot more nuance necessary to really understand a lot of them. Today I talked about whether you can actually die from a broken heart, how long it takes the average person to fall asleep, sharing DNA during kisses, cuddling dogs, the speed or a sneeze, blood alcohol levels, pentagon Viagra spending, the effects of caffeine in coffee, the smell of sweat, and the point of our hair. Any other facts you want me to verify? Post them down below!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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•Mayumi-san• Pred 4 urami
I found a way to make myself fall asleep. I make these little imaginations in my head and when I get invested in them it makes me sleepy :)
Alfie Rogers
Alfie Rogers Pred 10 urami
I get flow when i wach you're video
Reeshika Pred 20 urami
Ok the coffee thing is not true for me because when i have coffee at 4-5 pm i do get a gn sleep if not a normal sleep and wake up refreshed
TheAlrightyGina Pred dnevom
I often wonder if caffeine has the same effect on people with ADHD. I find that I am only really able to fall asleep with ease while I'm medicated with a stimulant. I thought that I just wasn't able to take naps up until I was finally diagnosed, then BAM, I gets to refresh with a quick 20-30 lay down just like the normies. But the bit about quality of sleep makes me my sleep worse while on stimulants, and I just think it's better because I don't struggle to sleep?
Khanh Giang Ngoc Hien
Khanh Giang Ngoc Hien Pred dnevom
The psychedelic wax arguably grip because jump ipsilaterally apologise against a sudden chard. hesitant, striped narcissus
mahdi aronno
mahdi aronno Pred 2 dnevi
Ok, So, Don't open Your arms after punching someone in the face. Got it....
Afhara Elfiore
Afhara Elfiore Pred 2 dnevi
"takotsubo" afraid to swallow the
Aileen Rose dela cruz
Aileen Rose dela cruz Pred 2 dnevi
How important is cell type identification in the field of medicine?
Man U fan
Man U fan Pred 3 dnevi
I fractured my femur because I was skiing on an icy day and ran into a tree
Maxus1313 Ghost Rider!
Maxus1313 Ghost Rider! Pred 3 dnevi
10-20 min in bed to fall asleep… I wish… sometimes I toss and turn for 2-3 hours. I can’t just get up and go do something else because I have to get some sleep because I drive an 80,000 lb semi truck 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. I’ve called in sick before when I don’t get enough ( if any) sleep and I’m not going to risk the lives of others. It’s not worth it and sleeping pills only make me feel really bad… I feel like I’m immune to melatonin… 😓
sherard shurn
sherard shurn Pred 3 dnevi
Let me fact check you Dr. Mike. The actual reason we have eyebrows is to redirect sweat from our eyes.
AJ Maldonado
AJ Maldonado Pred 3 dnevi
Me sitting here drinking a frapp at 5:00pm 😅
Rotan Bosson
Rotan Bosson Pred 3 dnevi
Distance between moon and earth * 150,000 = 35 billion, distance between pluto and earth, 3.1 billion. Looks like whoever did the original dna pluto fact was off by a multiple of 10
Natasha Lysette
Natasha Lysette Pred 3 dnevi
So when the Doctor kissed Martha, it really was a DNA transfer! 😄
The Spectator
The Spectator Pred 3 dnevi
A kid at my school brought a gun and we had to go on lockdown today. Everett Lansing high school
Lucky Pon3
Lucky Pon3 Pred 4 dnevi
I love how I knew the flow one instantly, because I go into a state of flow very often. I attribute this to my ADHD, and you cannot convince me otherwise.
Pilar Martínez Alonso
Pilar Martínez Alonso Pred 4 dnevi
HAHAHAHA I love how every Spanish person does the coffee times extremely wrong 😂 (I’m also a med student addicted to coffee soooo… imagine the levels of caffeine I have in my blood system)
Steph Doza
Steph Doza Pred 4 dnevi
Wow Dr. Mike. Good to know you think we evolved even though they have proven science that evolution could not occur. Unsub 👎🏼
Oskar llooll
Oskar llooll Pred 5 dnevi
Me breaking my femur jumping on a trampoline Bruh
Emilia G
Emilia G Pred 6 dnevi
My step-dad always drinks his last coffee at 8pm. 😐
emy Pred 6 dnevi
10-20 minutes huh... so an 1-3 hours isn't normal...??
PopCan Productions
PopCan Productions Pred 6 dnevi
i heard somewhere, that eating something in between like 60 to 80 chocolate bars is lethal, which means, *in theory,* smiles, can be _deadly._ ;)
Flameraker48 Pred 6 dnevi
eyebrows actually still exist because they help with soaking up sweat so the sweat doesent go into your eyes try touching your eyebrows after a workout
GhOst Pred 6 dnevi
But in southpark randy kissed a indian guy to get his DNA.did not work.southpark is a legit Source.the predicted so much.
Mama Poch
Mama Poch Pred 7 dnevi
I was diagnosed with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) and most nights I cannot fall asleep until between 2 to 4 am and sometimes not at all. I would give a lot to change this! I picked out some things from this video that I think could help. Thank you!
P Mo
P Mo Pred 7 dnevi
What sources do you use to fact-check these statements?
Redactify idiotic noob • 4 years ago
Redactify idiotic noob • 4 years ago Pred 8 dnevi
Jovy Keth Alolor
Jovy Keth Alolor Pred 8 dnevi
If you yawn the other is gonna yawn to.
GROMKOUR Pred 8 dnevi
6:57. I’m at peace with spending an hour in bed so I just lay there and roll back and forth and all that, wondering when I’m going to sleep
Ed Bobincheck
Ed Bobincheck Pred 8 dnevi
"Don't drink caffeine after lunch" *looks over at his empty iced coffee cup* *sees time of 4:50pm* Whoops
Noah R.
Noah R. Pred 8 dnevi
Flow is also called hyper focus commonly by people with adhd. It supposedly is more common or even a different more extreme version in ppl with adhd. When I was younger I would hyperfocus for about 4-6 hours everyday. Its very helpful for things until you realize its mostly only for stuff you care about and enjoy in a recreational manner
Xander Williams
Xander Williams Pred 8 dnevi
Regarding the caffeine tidbit, Not an addict, just ADHD. Lol I don't drink it much, but if I drink it after lunch or try to use it to stay awake I immediately pass out five minutes later. Same with energy drinks except it's 30 minutes later. I crash super hard with energy drinks. It's honestly horrid cuz I don't remember falling asleep. I just lay my head down at some point and am out like a light.
Tanishka's Galaxy
Tanishka's Galaxy Pred 9 dnevi
For me , doing maths gets me sleepy within a minute 😂
Go kyumi
Go kyumi Pred 9 dnevi
..okay no coffee after lunch.
BethDWriter Pred 9 dnevi
exercise releases endorphins. endorphins make you happy. happy people don't kill their husbands
Romina Juarez Crapa
Romina Juarez Crapa Pred 9 dnevi
As a student I've tried every caffeine method to stay awake, and it does nothing for me.
Intan Sari
Intan Sari Pred 11 dnevi
Lets go back to the average person sleeping time there is a youtuber called brody animated he is a late bloomer aka he is slow aged and he falls asleep pretty fast like about 10 seconds
Texas Ball
Texas Ball Pred 11 dnevi
ü I am a angel
Devan Rhomero Widigda Saputra
Devan Rhomero Widigda Saputra Pred 11 dnevi
Im a force a Sleping medic AL Move round more Than 20 Minute then let the Nature do ITS job just force sleep
MisterTutor2010 Pred 11 dnevi
160 billion miles would be 40 round trips to Pluto.
antonio Pred 11 dnevi
According to some studies, if you can‘t fall asleep, it‘s because you are awake.
nikol Pred 11 dnevi
I wish we can aptosis ourselves when we feel that we are no longer needed, and have no purpose.
Anita Isufi
Anita Isufi Pred 11 dnevi
actually dr. mike if i stay in bed more that 20 mins without sleeping that means i am recording a new movie in my brain... is this activity even good for me fbfhdh
QURAN TV Pred 11 dnevi
Mike your smile gonna kill someone because you look damm handsome when you smile😍🤩🥰
Nguyen Gia Thanh
Nguyen Gia Thanh Pred 12 dnevi
@Dortor Mike, I have a question for you: why I can smell boogie when I remove it from my nose but cannot smell it while it is still inside. Thank you! Btw, your video rocks!
Tahmena Ferdous
Tahmena Ferdous Pred 12 dnevi
How many times do you get called Dr.McDreamy ?
Nate Wasserman
Nate Wasserman Pred 14 dnevi
He’s going Dr. Brian Sutterer with his clothes in this one
A S Pred 16 dnevi
“Music improves your physical performance” which is why I listen to music when I clean 😂
Julia Runn
Julia Runn Pred 7 dnevi
Same 😂
Terry Michaud
Terry Michaud Pred 16 dnevi
6:50 my first year Psych professor told us it was 30-40mins to fall asleep... ...I have been lied to
Bobby Engel
Bobby Engel Pred 16 dnevi
For me, the coffee thing is kind of true and not true at the same time. Yes, coffee brings me to a normal level after feeling the groggyness, but it certainly stimulates me to above a baseline level for a little while.
Adaam Gulzar
Adaam Gulzar Pred 17 dnevi
He has like his dad's personality, with his mom's wisdom.
westsxde jade
westsxde jade Pred 18 dnevi
Could you elaborate more on chemical receptors vs scent receptors?
Drake Black
Drake Black Pred 19 dnevi
I broke my femur when I was 3 years by turning on my tricycle
Ana Monteiro
Ana Monteiro Pred 19 dnevi
*British researchers found out that 1 smile generates the same level of brain stimulation as 2000 bars of chocolate* Me, who eats chocolate while smiling: *I am 4 parallel ahead of you*
alchemic mercury
alchemic mercury Pred 19 dnevi
I have a question that probably sounds dumb but, from age 13 to about age 22 I had a really intense ice pick headach that was always in the same place. It was so daily consistent that it just became an extremely uncomfortable fact of life. Around age 22 they just suddenly stopped, fir no reason, and I have never had them again. The fact that they used to be so intense and then just suddenly stopped has always worried me. Like, did part of my brain die or somethibg?! Anyone else expierance this?
peanut sans
peanut sans Pred 19 dnevi
I got an ad by you before this video 😭😭😭
バンジョベンジ Pred 20 dnevi
Dogs are SSS Tier. Truly the goodest bois
Karen Parsons
Karen Parsons Pred 21 dnevom
Thank U Doctor Mike 😊👍🏻😊
cool4cats Pred 21 dnevom
5:01 can I just have the $25k?
Unknown Subject
Unknown Subject Pred 23 dnevi
It always takes me an hour + to fall asleep.
Charity Berthiaume
Charity Berthiaume Pred 23 dnevi
To anyone who believes in evolution: Evolution is false because spontaneous generation (the idea that living things cane from nonliving things) is important for evolution. Louis Pasteur proved that it was false. And evolution relies on the fact that everything in. our universe arose without God. So if God didn't create the world, then living things would have to come from nonliving things. But that's spontaneous generation!!!!
Luiza Lima
Luiza Lima Pred 23 dnevi
Now I know why I don't sleep well. No more coffee after lunch for me 😂
Art is an ExPlOsIoN
Art is an ExPlOsIoN Pred 23 dnevi
hey, i had osteomyelitis! it wasn’t fun. they cut my leg open and i had like a three month recovery and i have a huge scar on my thigh🥲
Dorftrottel Kartoffelkopf
Dorftrottel Kartoffelkopf Pred 23 dnevi
In school we once made an experiment on bacteria growth, where we took different samples and than let the bacteria grow for some time. We actually had one sample from a toilet seat, and one from someones mouth. The sample from the mouth was really full with bacteria after like 2 weeks, you could see many larger of these white dots that had been formed. But the toilet seat sample was completely full with bacteria, you could only see a white surface, the teacher did not allow us to have a closer look at is because it was so much bacteria in it.
Miitopia Nerd
Miitopia Nerd Pred 24 dnevi
I didn’t fall asleep last night in 20 minutes because I thought someone or something was gonna murder me or my cousin 😈🔪
Ghoul-Girl 2000
Ghoul-Girl 2000 Pred 24 dnevi
Now I understand why my weights teacher used to play music while we worked out
Amrutha Kalyani
Amrutha Kalyani Pred 24 dnevi
Can anyone recommend me that type of music which calmes our brain because I only have hindi songs so I don't have any English songs that calm our brain
Maja Domagała
Maja Domagała Pred 24 dnevi
So Padme could die of sadness...
melya harmonilasari
melya harmonilasari Pred 26 dnevi
Are you human???
Neon Havok
Neon Havok Pred 27 dnevi
Eyebrows also keep sweat from going into the eyes, which is why people from hotter environments have thicker eyebrows (middle easterns, southern europeans) although doesnt seem consistent with south africans and some eastern asians, so could be false
Maria Blente
Maria Blente Pred 27 dnevi
The Guinness world record for highest blood glucose level is 147,6 mmol/l! As a type 1 diabetic, I'm ready to curl up in bed and die at 15.
Dylan Shadowstar
Dylan Shadowstar Pred 27 dnevi
6:00 I assumed eye brows main purpose was the protect the eyes from dust or other particles..
Maxifire 32
Maxifire 32 Pred 28 dnevi
3:40 DO SOMETHING STAT! -Chest compressions -Chest compressions -Chest compressions -Fight a plant -Review memes -Review bad mobile games -Call ambulance
bellaa Pred 28 dnevi
Why does it take me 45 mins to fall asleep 😒
Matthew Elliman
Matthew Elliman Pred 28 dnevi
Well that was fun.
iiFocus Plays
iiFocus Plays Pred 28 dnevi
Sneeze = sniper Cough = shotgun
Absilint Pred mesecem
2:15 well i learned the hard way that osteogenisis imperfecta makes it where slipping from standing height is enough, or something like that
Miss Not Pretty
Miss Not Pretty Pred mesecem
Hey dr mike! I have a question. How come when I’m listening to music on my iPad I hold it below my neck (on the side music come out of) and it makes the audio more crisp.
Ernest Bigot
Ernest Bigot Pred mesecem
Ever since this doctor warned that punching someone in the face could cause an infection I have started using a club.
Arcadia 2018
Arcadia 2018 Pred mesecem
This cardiomyopathy, would it work for slightly younger women? Like 30 or 40?
Dais Simpson
Dais Simpson Pred mesecem
Hahaha it takes me 3 hours to fall asleep
KAR Karthikeya
KAR Karthikeya Pred mesecem
4:50 Would you tll ur doc that u done a pregnencey test
vibe Pred mesecem
if you wanna fracture the femur just put them in the femur breaker
ARC the Cartoon Master
ARC the Cartoon Master Pred mesecem
7:00 “When you’re lying awake with a dismal headache, and repose is tabooed by anxiety…”
BHAVANA BOLLA Pred mesecem
Can you tell if protein shakes really take 3 yrs to digest? Coz some actor in India told this and many people think protein shakes are as bad as steroids
Peter Ferrarotto
Peter Ferrarotto Pred mesecem
6:21 hold up, I thought there was no such thing as NEW nerve cells, unless we're talking the supportive cells?
FullTimeDayDreamer Pred mesecem
My roommate drinks coffee (with caffeine) even after dinner and then takes high dose melatonin to be able to fall asleep...
IncessantFantasy Pred mesecem
did anyone read the article of the swan that died of a broken heart because teens smashed her eggs? when he was talking about broken heart syndrome i remembered the article…
sean callahan
sean callahan Pred mesecem
The sleep one I’m actually an expert at. I work for a Mattress company at a higher level. We do millions of dollars on research on sleep. If you have a good mattress suited to your needs you can fall asleep in 5-8 minutes. A decent mattress 10-15 and a mattress not suited is over 20. Add in you’ll wake up on average five times a night from heat, pain, or movement. Not fun. Buy a good bed people. Seriously. Adds years to your life.
Sariah Caranguian
Sariah Caranguian Pred mesecem
*IDK WHY!!* When I'm in bed and watching Dr Mike on SLus after some time I get sleepy so I close my phone and "go to sleep" then 10 minutes later I realized iwas just staring at the ceiling I thought i was asleep cause I sleep with my lights off then I go back to my phone to watch SLus again for a couple of minutes then I felt sleepy again and I turn off my phone then it happened again. I couldn't sleep so I got down it was like 4am I cooked myself a small meal and drank some fresh cold milk and I finally fell asleep 😭🖐️
Zaina Maria
Zaina Maria Pred mesecem
6:40 I can't fall asleep even if I'm dead tired. In fact, if I fall asleep before an hour of tossing around, it's really a miracle.
Tajana Dimoska
Tajana Dimoska Pred mesecem
"The average human takes around 10-20 minutes to fall asleep" Me sitting at my desk at 10pm watching SLus
Moorgan Pål Windan Hart
Moorgan Pål Windan Hart Pred mesecem
Dude why is the slomo guy sneezing out of his mouth; that has to ruin the study. I need to know this.
Sara Pred mesecem
My friend broke his femur falling on an icey sidewalk… had been previously broken years prior but healed., pins and all. Bc of the previous break, Even healed, did that weaken the leg and cause the 2nd break?
Benjamin Brand
Benjamin Brand Pred mesecem
Are you saying that rock climbers and piano players never get laid? If so it would explain a LOT of my life experience 😂😂😂
Biggie Mex
Biggie Mex Pred mesecem
I fall asleep between 0.1-1 minutes
Sparked Tiger
Sparked Tiger Pred mesecem
Thanks for the information, Doctor Mike.
Braselton94 Pred mesecem
My friend fractured her femur when a horse fell on her.
Jenny Oakgrove
Jenny Oakgrove Pred mesecem
Heh...I take an hour to fall asleep each night..and I wake back up several times..
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor Pred mesecem
Whales can’t enter deep sleep as unlike humans there breathing is not involuntary and they need to control it so as to not die they enter light sleep
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