Doctor Mike Extracts A Stuck Ear Plug

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Doctor Mike

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Jen Selter, my long time friend and fitness influencer, recently got silicone ear plugs stuck inside her ear. After the urgent care doctor was unable to remove them (and actually made the problem worse), she was advised to see a specialist which could take weeks, or visit the ER. She called me and asked what she should do, so I grabbed a video otoscope and slowly removed the plugs piece by piece myself. Be extremely careful with putting anything in your ears and absolutely do not try this at home, instead seek professional medical assistance!

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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desertrose88 Pred dnevom
If they are digging in each other's ears i guess it is serious 🤣
Wesley Wells
Wesley Wells Pred 2 dnevi
This is awesome
Xitlali Quinn Dobbs
Xitlali Quinn Dobbs Pred 4 dnevi
Seeing dad without makeup made me think he was SUPER stressed.
mymx5az Pred 5 dnevi
I work in an E.R. Since we are in an area that has lots young ones. We often have to remove peas, beans and pebbles from ears and noses. One time we had a 2 year old who super glued his fingers together. Kids are neat to work with.
Courtney Blake
Courtney Blake Pred 5 dnevi
Whatta handsome hero!
SwagStayStrong Pred 6 dnevi
Anne Watson
Anne Watson Pred 7 dnevi
They pushed it in further by accident and told her to go to Er. My response would be sooo your paying for the bill then ? 😂😂
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby Pred 7 dnevi
The advertisement is longer than the video itself
GhostOnDuty Pred 8 dnevi
He didn’t give chest compressions
Jacky Xu
Jacky Xu Pred 8 dnevi
hahaha if i was dr mikes boss he would get promoted
MCPE-Games Pred 8 dnevi
Expectations is often "peewoop" than reality
HikaruRain Pred 8 dnevi
And this is one of the reason why I have earplugs created for me by my ENT. The other reason is to completely block out water so I do not get ear infections from water getting trapped in my ears.
Marlon Bravo
Marlon Bravo Pred 9 dnevi
Yikes! Never will I put plugs in my ears ever again. =(
Leah La Salla
Leah La Salla Pred 9 dnevi
I was like "wow she got her boyfriend to do - that for her?? Idk who's more nuts her or the boyf- wait is her boyfriend Dr Mike?"
Jean Pred 3 dnevi
username2910 Pred 9 dnevi
The word otoscope reminded me of the whispering challenge video😂
sam joseph
sam joseph Pred 9 dnevi
Dr Mike is definitely a complete package
apples taste good with apple sauce and apple juice
apples taste good with apple sauce and apple juice Pred 9 dnevi
Thus proves that headphones are superior in every way
zperdek Pred 9 dnevi
What about flush it out with water?
katana_92 Pred 10 dnevi
Urgent care pushed it in further lul
Morgan Elzey
Morgan Elzey Pred 10 dnevi
Yay Dr.Mike!!
Sawan Kumar
Sawan Kumar Pred 10 dnevi
I can literally cut my finger to get a treatment from Dr Mike 😂
Christina Lincoln
Christina Lincoln Pred 11 dnevi
I wish I still had my Dr bestie on speed dial. His passed away 😩
Random videos
Random videos Pred 12 dnevi
Me: listening that It can get stuck in your ear Also me:bye earplugs..
Becca Peck
Becca Peck Pred 13 dnevi
Similar issue. On scout camp out, I used wax plugs as my tent was surroundedscorers. snorers. Unknown to me when I pulled it out, half was left inside. A couple of the goes by. Trouble hearing, itching, ear feels weird like something is moving around. I thought it was a bug. Hubs uses otoscope and sees something blue. I remembered the earplugs. Now only use foam plugs.
Lia Azaera
Lia Azaera Pred 13 dnevi
I’ve literally had that happen before! But it started to disintegrate in my ear! That’s why I no longer use the ones with rubber on the end
Gagan Hari Kiran
Gagan Hari Kiran Pred 13 dnevi
Pro Tip: In order to prevent anything from entering into the ear canal, fill it with cement
Milena Miki
Milena Miki Pred 13 dnevi
This is why I don’t like those type of earplugs...
Pred 13 dnevi
haha this happened to me once I couldn't hear for a week
Alyssa g
Alyssa g Pred 13 dnevi
He looked so stressed
Richard Pred 13 dnevi
This is why you use the foam ones
Louise 990990
Louise 990990 Pred 13 dnevi
I pull them out in my sleep! But one day the bloomin thing was stuck hahaha had to use a zit popper to remove it, I was lucky. I have to use them because my brain dead neighbours will keep me up all night.......singing. Urghh and they sound really bad.
Di M
Di M Pred 13 dnevi
Dr Mike: you should go to the ER Lady: ends up at Dr Mike's house 😄
Arevyn Pred 13 dnevi
I felt like I was watching a master at work
Dr. Jessica Lindley
Dr. Jessica Lindley Pred 13 dnevi
Just when you thought Dr Mike couldn't get cooler..... Be whoop
Marek Jureczko
Marek Jureczko Pred 13 dnevi
thats a dumb problem you get a drinking straw one end i the mouth one in the ear then draw in air - done...
fantasmag00ria Pred 14 dnevi
can you provide a link to the otoscope?
Sydney Phillips
Sydney Phillips Pred 14 dnevi
I thought your face was photoshopped on there
Jasmine Pritchett
Jasmine Pritchett Pred 14 dnevi
Can you do more videos with Pam? They are hilarious. Those should be a series❤️😘
Breeze M
Breeze M Pred 14 dnevi
This is embarrassing to say but wow.. Dr Mike is fine af 😅
Terry Bunner
Terry Bunner Pred 14 dnevi
My gf fan girls over you so much lol. (The fact that my phone kept autocorrecting "fangirls" to "fingers" has my in tears from laughing so much because yeah, probably that too lmao)
Terry Bunner
Terry Bunner Pred 14 dnevi
*Me not my
Samantha Pearce
Samantha Pearce Pred 14 dnevi
Such a good doctor 🥰... not too desensitized yet lol.... protect him with everything
Sarai Stamps
Sarai Stamps Pred 15 dnevi
Did anyone else of an ad for head phones while watching this?
James Boland
James Boland Pred 15 dnevi
You go to clinic duty dressed in workout clothes? That seems unprofessional.
Lovely dumplings
Lovely dumplings Pred 15 dnevi
That happened to me. Went to Er, they couldn’t get it out and so They referred me to an ent. I was so scared lol. Make sure you use enough of the plug! Don’t put in a small amount and don’t push it too far in.
Just Jojo
Just Jojo Pred 15 dnevi
Excuse me while I go shove all kinds of stuff in my ear so you can get it out 🥳
kiyomi yorii
kiyomi yorii Pred 15 dnevi
i was waiting for the “ahh” “that’s… interesting” in the audio 😞
a potato
a potato Pred 15 dnevi
I got one stuck inside my ear too. I removed it with my pinkie tho😂
Chīsana Hikari
Chīsana Hikari Pred 15 dnevi
When I was 4 or 5 I put the toy balls in my ear and my mom got'em out. I still remember it but don't know why I put the ball in my ear! 😂
Andrew Linares
Andrew Linares Pred 16 dnevi
LOL neither doc nor patient looked comfortable
Blue Tube
Blue Tube Pred 16 dnevi
Having blockage taken out surprisingly feels good, unless you’re having it taken out with the sucky thing at the ENT then in which case it feels like your head’s about to explode.
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar Pred 17 dnevi
Btw dr mike syringing could have been performed and the silicon ear would be out easily
Universal Cake
Universal Cake Pred 17 dnevi
I can't belive there is more than 1 dislike
Rowen Kylee
Rowen Kylee Pred 17 dnevi
Her common sense failed her. Based on how they look you will realize, if you have common sense, that the risk they will get stuck is high. I would never put that in my ears.
taegi Pred 17 dnevi
i thought he's using soldering iron 😭
taegi Pred 17 dnevi
i thought he's using soldering iron 😭
precilla Pred 17 dnevi
I wish I could call Dr. Mike any time anything happens 😭
maryanne molesse
maryanne molesse Pred 17 dnevi
Iwishhe was seeing me
Pubg new statexxxx
Pubg new statexxxx Pred 17 dnevi
That guy is mike
tash dash
tash dash Pred 18 dnevi
This reminds me of the time a moth flew in my ear and my parents didn’t belive me until I had a panic attack and thought I was dying and they took me to the hospital, little mf was flapping about and buzzing INSIDE MY HEAD. if I ever hear the buzz of an Insect now I cover my ears for dear life 😭
Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams Pred 18 dnevi
That looks so dangerous
Jojo Stgo
Jojo Stgo Pred 18 dnevi
You got be careful with what you use
rafael ramirez
rafael ramirez Pred 18 dnevi
Man I wish you were my emergency contact doctor
Datte Bayo
Datte Bayo Pred 18 dnevi
Ur pro
JAMES HULLEZA Pred 18 dnevi
Never seen Dr. Mike this serious...
Rogue Angelxx
Rogue Angelxx Pred 19 dnevi
Go Doctor Mike! 😁
Natalie Dungeni
Natalie Dungeni Pred 19 dnevi
It really pays to have your brother as a doctor
Shaina Criscelle Bitoin
Shaina Criscelle Bitoin Pred 19 dnevi
Bruh she's lucky :>>
Xz Zz
Xz Zz Pred 19 dnevi
He looks like a frat boy who actually take their studies seriously.
Chinese with Mia
Chinese with Mia Pred 20 dnevi
I am a P3 teacher. One of my students put something in his right ear. After his mummy found, it was two days later. Then he was sent to hospital and hospitalized immediately. It happend on July. After that I by accident push my ear plug into my left ear. Lucky it wasn't too deep and my colleague save my life.❤️ So please please do not push the plug too hard.
Joel Doyle
Joel Doyle Pred 20 dnevi
I had this happen to me a couple of years ago when I used to regularly go clubbing.
Gunnar Kulak
Gunnar Kulak Pred 20 dnevi
ew, gross, just no
Tsun Pred 20 dnevi
ayo I didn't get this treatment when I got a pencil stuck up my ear 🤔🤔
Clyde Pred 20 dnevi
Aubreeeeeeey Pred 21 dnevom
Bakit naman so casual ang look HAHAHAHHA parang magkapitbahay lang kayooo
Erick Diaz
Erick Diaz Pred 21 dnevom
What video otoscope did you use Dr. Mike?
leilac37 Pred 21 dnevom
Is that a medical office?? It looks so homey in there!
Bee Burry
Bee Burry Pred 21 dnevom
Good job Dr.mike👍👍👍, i would like to see you and Jen talk about excercise and mental health for influencer together😊
Flat Earther
Flat Earther Pred 21 dnevom
He just pulling out the thing in her ears but why does it turns me on? Haha good job
Kristin Wood
Kristin Wood Pred 22 dnevi
I have been in her place before, and had to go to the ER, every doctor in the ER Wing that night came to watch them pull part of an earplug out of my ear. That wasn't painless either. I wish I had a Doctor Mike to help me.
GachaCrazyGirl ;-;
GachaCrazyGirl ;-; Pred 22 dnevi
I kinda did this once when I was 3 waited for 3 hrs for the doc to come he didn’t show up so we just put hot water in my ear and bam it came out :D
Krystle Fugoso
Krystle Fugoso Pred 22 dnevi
I want a hubby like doctor Mike. 🤧
K Defense Martial Arts
K Defense Martial Arts Pred 23 dnevi
Christina P-C
Christina P-C Pred 23 dnevi
I really hope urgent care didn’t expect payment if they made the problem worse!
Pinky Sista
Pinky Sista Pred 23 dnevi
I have always been scared of the tiny ear plugs for that very reason. I bought ear plugs once because noisy roommates and there lovemaking kept me from sleep. Luckily their relationship failed so no more putting plugs in my ears. That was a fear of mines was injuring my ears from putting them in to far or them getting stuck. And no moving out wasn't an option cuz rent is ridiculous high elsewhere and no vacancies available anyway at that time.
Omar Elhefnawyعمر الحفناوي
Omar Elhefnawyعمر الحفناوي Pred 23 dnevi
😂The cool doc good outfit tho
Tiến Trần Đình
Tiến Trần Đình Pred 23 dnevi
Music please ?
Ray&Kay Pred 23 dnevi
Legal eagle be like " Yo Mike you said you needed to file a lawsuit well here I am" Disclaimer : this is my brain at 3 am
TuyaFrankie Pred 24 dnevi
Is it weird how I'm more satisfied that you were able to pull the entire thing out in one piece? Lol I've pulled a hearing aid battery out of a patient's ear, this brought back memories. 😅
fergieson32 Pred 24 dnevi
I have one of these! I get a lot of wax and this is so much easier and I dont have to waste doctors time! :D
KBT Pred 24 dnevi
How do you get silicon ear pieces out of your ear? *Chest compressions! Chest COMPRESSIONS!! CHEST COMPRESSIONS!!!*
KBT Pred 19 dnevi
@Aviation Guy i was just trying to be silly....but now that you mention myself another thumbs up from my other account
Aviation Guy
Aviation Guy Pred 19 dnevi
@KBT um.. Did you forget to switch accountss
KBT Pred 24 dnevi
Lol. My thoughts exactly
Sharon Simmons
Sharon Simmons Pred 24 dnevi
It seems like a way for you to get in trouble and lose your license! Poor choice of using your SLus presence.
TraceguyRune Pred 24 dnevi
Simping hard my man
Just a Bigfoot with internet access
Just a Bigfoot with internet access Pred 24 dnevi
Dexilouiz Pred 24 dnevi
now playing : that should be me - justin bieber
Die Geburtsstunde der Komödie PODCAST
Die Geburtsstunde der Komödie PODCAST Pred 25 dnevi
Why tf are they so small
Miguel Rodriguez Cimino
Miguel Rodriguez Cimino Pred 25 dnevi
I bet he's happy this time it was something stuck in an ear canal. People get stuff stuck in more complicated holes all the time.
Lemon Ch.
Lemon Ch. Pred 25 dnevi
I don't need 911. Just give me his number just in case
Marshmellow Pred 25 dnevi
Why is it so cool to see doctors in action 😩❣️ I hope I can become a cool doctor like him too! I'm on a premed course, hopefully I can proceed to med school without having much difficulties. 😬
V. Kanaan Luahmawii
V. Kanaan Luahmawii Pred 25 dnevi
Wait who is Jen again????
Kitae Pred 25 dnevi
Solving an AWARD WINNING Car Puzzle!!
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