Doctor Reacts To Cringey Dhar Mann Videos

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Doctor Mike

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Dhar Mann is one of the most successful digital creators in the game right now, producing a high volume of wholesome content aimed at spreading positive messages and “changing lives”. While the lessons Dhar Mann teaches are usually good ones we should all live by, the quality of the content and method of spreading that message is… questionable. SLusrs like PewDiePie and Sssniperwolf have skewered Dhar Mann’s cheesy videos countless times, I wanted to put on my scrubs to see if there was any credibility to the medical info Dhar Mann has put out there. Cancer results via letter, “code reds”, something called “stage 5 anaphylactic shock”… this one gets pretty wild. Any Dhar Mann videos you’d like me to take a look at in the future? Let me know down below!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Brynn Butler
Brynn Butler Pred 6 minutami
re: the chemo one. my moms friend had leukemia (she didn’t know him at this time, also he’s in England so even if she did she wouldn’t have been much help) and his kids were pretty little so they can be forgiven but nobody would ever come check on him or bring him water when he would be sick and throwing up after chemo. his wife would hear him retching and think “oh, the cat’s throwing up again 🤷🏼‍♀️”. so that cat was the only comfort he really had. it blows my mind how people can be so self absorbed and uncaring
Nishnoya yuu
Nishnoya yuu Pred 32 minutami
We stan tiger mike Grrrr roar roar
RuN :D
RuN :D Pred 54 minutami
It’s been just a minute and I’m already laughing
fly_deceptive074 Pred 57 minutami
Cringy dhar Mann like he’s not cringy
Gato Cat
Gato Cat Pred uro
Hay so just a question at school the other kid are s read of me because I had to stay in the hospital cas I hit my mom with a bed and after I got out THAY put me a foster care with out my consent and I had to go to tharapy (behavioral) so what should I do?
teddyxny Pred uro
So you see...
Parkrein23 Pred uro
Your cringe look at your thumbnail
Yenuli Jayathilake
Yenuli Jayathilake Pred uro
seems like you watch all the dhar mann videos though thouse are cringe😏
Manila Pradhan
Manila Pradhan Pred uro
Dhar Mann is not cringey he's someone who's trying to change lives and be positive
buff lux bros!!!11!1!
buff lux bros!!!11!1! Pred 2 urami
duh harr man
Addy Bass
Addy Bass Pred 2 urami
Doctor: We gotta make a call. Nurse: Who ya gonna call? Doctor: GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!
Tori and friends
Tori and friends Pred 2 urami
I'm in 4th grade and my teacher has breast cancer.
SabeRT_YT Pred 3 urami
5 years old be like: what the f-
Itzyourboi Joshy
Itzyourboi Joshy Pred 3 urami
Itzyourboi Joshy
Itzyourboi Joshy Pred 3 urami
Mua Koi
Mua Koi Pred 3 urami
Bruh he had THE TIME T H E TIME To push her but not run as well. Bruh
Elrods Pred 3 urami
His skits always drive me nuts.
Rushil Motamarri
Rushil Motamarri Pred 4 urami
He’s right. Doctors don’t give the bill before the potentially life-saving surgery, they give it after (in America).
Georgina carta
Georgina carta Pred 4 urami
Dhar mann is not cringe
Sophia Giraulo
Sophia Giraulo Pred 4 urami
One mile. WHAT THATS CRAZY. Me: is 12 and runs 2+ miles a day bc cross country.
Ghost garcello
Ghost garcello Pred 5 urami
I’m dead lol
Mrcola56 Pred 5 urami
dude dhar manns changing lives hes not cringy at all
Luke Pred 5 urami
OK so if you have a pinky and it’s bent like really bent with the government cover it or would your parents have to
Oliver Boi
Oliver Boi Pred 6 urami
Son Nguyen
Son Nguyen Pred 6 urami
I agree dhar Mann cringe and dramatic so much
OL1VIAYOUTUB3 Pred 7 urami
how about the things that teachers says that "everybody makes mistakes"
Victoria Marshall
Victoria Marshall Pred 7 urami
6:19 A code red is fire😂 Why would they use Code red for that?🤨😂 Also, they don't need to use any code for that. THERE ISNT EVEN A CODE FOR THAT. Unless its a code blue, but that's only when the pulse stops. Code blue is literally when a patient isn't getting the oxygenated blood they need😂
•LIA2GL8MM• Pred 7 urami
Dhar man is NOT cringe. How about thats you?
ender 3210
ender 3210 Pred 2 urami
ender 3210
ender 3210 Pred 2 urami
Sameh Marie
Sameh Marie Pred 7 urami
That’s not cool to call him cringey. I’ll be watching when he makes a video about you.
NoobPyxl Pred 8 urami
Chill out, its dhah mann, its ment to be shite
TheMonkeysquirl Pred 9 urami
What happened in the second video happens more often than you think where a disabled person is being insulted or abused in front of numerous people and no one does anything about it. It's called the Bystander effect.
Zarah B. Waldner
Zarah B. Waldner Pred 10 urami
Okay, Dr. Mike's right about some things in this video, but he needs to realize that Dhar Mann isn't a doctor, he's a youtuber. He shouldn't diss him like that.
Productions 205
Productions 205 Pred 9 urami
Well maybe dhar man shouldn’t make videos in situations he doesn’t know about
JamieQeen UWU
JamieQeen UWU Pred 10 urami
NEWS FLASH mike is tigerrrrrrrr
Terry LeBlanc
Terry LeBlanc Pred 11 urami
Sid Tom
Sid Tom Pred 12 urami
Be very mindful about what you say, Mikhail. You may just live to regret your decision!
Christina Awad
Christina Awad Pred 15 urami
I love seeing him get pissed 💀💀😂😂😂😂
Johnathan Snarfington
Johnathan Snarfington Pred 15 urami
The uncovered robin luckily hum because carrot enthrallingly reply towards a steadfast beggar. pink, defiant pimple
Inna Weiss
Inna Weiss Pred 15 urami
I understand Dhar Mann's agenda, it's generally humane and worth to show your kids to. But not for too old kids! Gosh... the videos are mostly so poorly played and cheesy)))))
Syndie Ouellet
Syndie Ouellet Pred 16 urami
a bit of advice... chill
Axolotl Pred 17 urami
In the third one though. WhY dIdNt ThE cHiLd RuN- so dramatic though-
Yuan celis
Yuan celis Pred 19 urami
Dhar Mann released again, i think you should look at it.
Doodle DIYs
Doodle DIYs Pred 20 urami
Is it just me or does Colin A. Borden look like Dr. Mike? Like at LOT I mean like, look at this clip 12:18! They are like identical twins.
Aki and Tamara Videos 2.0
Aki and Tamara Videos 2.0 Pred 20 urami
Dhar mann is not CRINGY!!!!
Yelroj Video
Yelroj Video Pred 19 urami
But he is and you must accept that he is
DrCrySimpus Pred 20 urami
You do know that it actually hurts that when someone says their acting is bad
Productions 205
Productions 205 Pred 9 urami
Well you need criticism to help you improve
Yelroj Video
Yelroj Video Pred 19 urami
You must accept that it is they are probably great actors when they don't act in one of his awful videos
Devrex Pred 21 uro
ur cringe
Abdawg008 Pred 21 uro
4:10 i laughed sooo hard
Menik Gunasekera
Menik Gunasekera Pred 22 urami
you known you have subscribes that are a fan of dhar mann because he is the king so might lose subscribes
Yelroj Video
Yelroj Video Pred 19 urami
Who cares if he has more subscribers it dosen't mean anything
Concerned Commenter
Concerned Commenter Pred 23 urami
I’ve taken an epi pen, being honest, you won’t even feel it if you’re actually in need of it. The adrenaline will block all sense of pain:
B 7 Mamburam, Johm D.
B 7 Mamburam, Johm D. Pred dnevom
Beating Dhar Mann with logic😎😎
J Parrish
J Parrish Pred dnevom
These are so bad. I'm so glad I've never seen these before.
J Parrish
J Parrish Pred dnevom
They're teaching the kid a lesson lmao
Saray Moreno
Saray Moreno Pred dnevom
Dr mike they are teaching him a lesson the kid that ate the peanuts
Amanda Thomas
Amanda Thomas Pred dnevom
So you see....I personally love dhar Mann!!! His videos can be a bit stretched but they do have lessons in each one!
Tim Bernard
Tim Bernard Pred dnevom
Kid: About to get hit by a car. Also Kid:WAKANDA FOREVER
End Slayer
End Slayer Pred dnevom
I love how deep he’s going in to everything but it’s all like the bad acting the Chanel is partially known for he’s like this person is doing this very specific things in this very specific way therefore
End Slayer
End Slayer Pred dnevom
Who else was screaming at the screen they’re tricking him
vr gaming
vr gaming Pred dnevom
English please
Cryptical Assassin
Cryptical Assassin Pred dnevom
4:07 im dying of laughter
Zoe Nauta
Zoe Nauta Pred dnevom
I have separation anxiety with my mom so going to school causes me stomach aches that go away when I’m not anxious anymore like seeing a friend and talking to them for a bit calms my nerves so I have to push myself to go to school.
Theminecrafter Pred dnevom
What is the reason you became a doctor?
Gabrielle FINE
Gabrielle FINE Pred dnevom
I could not stop laughing 😂🤣🤣
I like ramen Yum yum
I like ramen Yum yum Pred dnevom
Do you realize they’re just acting?😂😛👏
I like ramen Yum yum
I like ramen Yum yum Pred dnevom
You have inspired me to study medicine I will be your new pharmacist my man
Clayee Pred dnevom
These videos are very interesting to watch
Mackiyiah Gladney
Mackiyiah Gladney Pred dnevom
The Mikey segment though 🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Prodz
Ryan Prodz Pred dnevom
Don’t mess with Dhar Mann, Dr Mike. He’s going to make fun of you like he did Mr Beast. Just wait for “Doctor calls Dhar Mann cringe, instantly regrets it”
Ryliegh Aebischer
Ryliegh Aebischer Pred dnevom
SLus is getting cocky giving me 2 adds in a row that are 15 seconds and not skippable
Claudia Baldwin
Claudia Baldwin Pred dnevom
Can you do more plzzzzz&zzzz
Epic gamez plays
Epic gamez plays Pred dnevom
Zuri's Fun Review
Zuri's Fun Review Pred dnevom
I went to speech and now I’m in therapy
Brett Delpuech
Brett Delpuech Pred dnevom
I won’t go into great detail, but my sister has CP. All I’m saying
Sophie Parsons
Sophie Parsons Pred dnevom
Love this lol
Ethan Kk
Ethan Kk Pred dnevom
Same I couldn’t say rrrr so I had to go to speech therapy at lik 6
Jeremy Whalen
Jeremy Whalen Pred dnevom
I never expected mike to react to dhar lol
Chizzle Bizzle11
Chizzle Bizzle11 Pred dnevom
You should react to more doc
Aditya Pred dnevom
1:45 Karens
rima yousuf
rima yousuf Pred dnevom
I’m literally rolling on the floor I’m in med school and wen they said level 5 anaphylactic shock I proceeded to cry this was the BEST reaction video ever
EmKay Pred dnevom
I've never faked being sick lol
Kumudhini Sivanathan
Kumudhini Sivanathan Pred dnevom
always remember, dhar mann has like 5 million more subs than him
ender 3210
ender 3210 Pred dnevom
Of course! It doesn't matter whether someone has a job or degree. If some random youtuber have more subscribers than them then they are inferior.
Yelroj Video
Yelroj Video Pred dnevom
Who cares it doesn't matter
Eiman B
Eiman B Pred dnevom
I actually commented on the first video rising awareness about real anaphylaxis, using info from your previous videos about it. The whole scene was a bit drawn out and it wasn't accurate to real life at all, but I still do enjoy his other videos most of the time.
Zainab’s World
Zainab’s World Pred dnevom
Mikes face was like when they were pranking 😂😂😂
Bidith Ranjan Deb
Bidith Ranjan Deb Pred dnevom
Yeah Mike I Know He Doesn't Make The Medical Stuff Accurate But He Still Has Good Morals. Life Changing Stories. My Parents Are Doctors Too.
Random Fish
Random Fish Pred dnevom
why does thumbnail keep changing
GodOfThunder Pred dnevom
2:00 that old man acts like a 12 year old kid who had bad parents.
Valida Baltic
Valida Baltic Pred dnevom
Queer Quesadilla
Queer Quesadilla Pred dnevom
7:08 I would throw my wallet at the screen and delete my SLus account if all of a sudden this just turned into a horror movie and he was going to get experimented on
Jessiepup plays
Jessiepup plays Pred dnevom
Ok so I once I ate something that had Flaxseed before I knew I was allergic to it. I took an Epipen and it didn't hurt. But I believe it didn't hurt because i actually needed it. I took another one later at the hospital because I had a second reaction and that one didn't hurt either. It was the first time I ever had to take an Epipen.
suphalak inyot
suphalak inyot Pred dnevom
I hate you when I saw the thumbnail you destroyed my trust, OK I will give you 2 more chances or else……
Srijita Bhattacharjee
Srijita Bhattacharjee Pred dnevom
Well !!! I didn't expect something like this from you doctor Mike .... Just wanna say one thing ... Dhar Mann is not here to make cringy videos (as you said) he is here NOT TO JUST TELL STORIES BUT TO CHANGE LIVES !!!!
Kinoko Komori
Kinoko Komori Pred dnevom
@Yelroj Video Yes I was
Yelroj Video
Yelroj Video Pred dnevom
@Kinoko Komori In my opinion Dr Mike should collaborate with dhar so he can make a medically accurate video
Yelroj Video
Yelroj Video Pred dnevom
@Kinoko Komori You are obviously referring to me
Kinoko Komori
Kinoko Komori Pred dnevom
Just like another reply said he is pointing out medical inaccuracies. I sort of think of it as helping Dhar Mann make his videos that have medical stuff in it more realistic.
Yelroj Video
Yelroj Video Pred dnevom
Dr mike was just pointing out the medical innacuracies in the videos why will you be angry at him for doing that
Khurram Moin
Khurram Moin Pred dnevom
I'm a bit offended
XxAcid_eizzie _WolfxX
XxAcid_eizzie _WolfxX Pred dnevom
When u have a stomach ache in school:*doesnt tell the teacher* When u dont:Teacher i have a stomach ache!!!
licha danisha
licha danisha Pred dnevom
The tricky sheet shortly pause because friend feasibly support aside a offbeat chin. acceptable, wiry united kingdom
Muninn Pred dnevom
Is he gonna make fun of Dr. Mike like he made fun of PewDiePie and Mr. Beast and others? XD
Utareangara Pred dnevom
Malpractice? they're teaching him a lesson XD
Utareangara Pred dnevom
Dr Mike. I would like to know your understanding of NF1 (Neurofibromatosis)
aayam pakhrin
aayam pakhrin Pred dnevom
Shut up
Yelroj Video
Yelroj Video Pred dnevom
No you
Jennifer Culp
Jennifer Culp Pred dnevom
Boo dar man is the best
Yelroj Video
Yelroj Video Pred dnevom
No kid
Elka Lockyer
Elka Lockyer Pred 2 dnevi
You will regret this mike
Shampa Roy
Shampa Roy Pred 2 dnevi
Doctor calls dhar mann cringe, lives to regret that
GW Archive
GW Archive Pred 2 dnevi
Patient outside: help me im having a heart attack Doctors inside: lmfao pranking is so fun
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