Doctor Reacts To Hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm Medical Scenes

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Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of the best shows on HBO, and wouldn't you know after 11 seasons they've managed to make a few scenes and tell a few stories about medicine. Today I react to scenes featuring Larry David and Jeff Garlin struggling over who should give Richard Lewis a kidney transplant, waiting room magazines, heart rate monitors, a torn meniscus, second opinions, advil, sun spots, and Larry potential tearing Shaq's ACL.

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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James Adams
James Adams Pred 2 dnevi
You should do a reaction video about laboratory scenes in TV shows and movies with a medical laboratory scientist as a guest.
As a person who is facing the renal failure. Both kidneys failed and it is a reality and they still don’t know what caused it so I AM PROOF It happens.
Mandy Petry
Mandy Petry Pred 3 dnevi
Let’s get Dr Mike to react to an old episode of Ben Casey!! Or Dragnet!
TheEntilza Pred 4 dnevi
Love your tv reviews! Please do Chicago hope. 🙏
A A Pred 6 dnevi
I avoid meds unless I absolutely need it. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt adding some supplements but I prefer au naturel 🙃
daniel Pred 7 dnevi
Check Medical scenes from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Heart Blazer
Heart Blazer Pred 7 dnevi
Awww he didn’t react to the most embarrassing of Larry’s medical moments… the pubic hair stuck in his throat…. 😂
dishna Pred 8 dnevi
Mikey ❤️ my fav man
TheAngryDanishViking Pred 8 dnevi
pee woop your enthusiasm.
AiiR Pred 10 dnevi
Hey! The black guy is a real doctor, he was head doctor at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.
Adilson Ribeiro
Adilson Ribeiro Pred 10 dnevi
Dr. Mike: Kidneys doesn't process alcohol. *me chugging the 12th mug of beer*: yeah it does
As an EMT my friends come to me ALLLLLL the time lmfao
Savanna Hill
Savanna Hill Pred 12 dnevi
love your vids
Christopher Bruckner
Christopher Bruckner Pred 12 dnevi
I’d suggest the Scrubs episode My Fallen Idol for a Doctor Reacts
Kumo Pred 12 dnevi
"How is he in a come, but isn't being inturbated?" I know the answer. He ded. Ok, maybe not yet. Sooooooon. 😂😂😂
Jacob Juel Sørensen
Jacob Juel Sørensen Pred 12 dnevi
It's easy when you get randomly approached. Take a quick look and say: Go see your doctor.
Natalie Sue
Natalie Sue Pred 13 dnevi
Kathy Winnie
Kathy Winnie Pred 13 dnevi
Hey Dr. Mike, someone is using your face for a fat burning pill.
Bunnies Vlogs
Bunnies Vlogs Pred 13 dnevi
I am not going to the doctor unless my doctor says beEwOop
Wonder Witch
Wonder Witch Pred 13 dnevi
God will watch over me 😂😂
JTaylor Pred 14 dnevi
Please do a movie review of Osmosis Jones I need it
Ran Torre
Ran Torre Pred 14 dnevi
Meniscus can heal?
a d
a d Pred 14 dnevi
i’ve actually gotten a stress test like that, it wasn’t fun.
SuZySueSuzyQ Pred 14 dnevi
Analisa Bentazal
Analisa Bentazal Pred 15 dnevi
Hi Dr. Mike. Please also do a reaction in Dr. Romantic medical kdrama. 😂😂
ShawnK Pred 15 dnevi
Blue Tube
Blue Tube Pred 16 dnevi
Why is he giving the other dude his kidney? Does he know how much money he could get for one of those?
Andy Barnacles
Andy Barnacles Pred 17 dnevi
You should react to jackass injury’s
Mithilesh S
Mithilesh S Pred 17 dnevi
Scully is a doctor? Wow.
Fire Thorn
Fire Thorn Pred 18 dnevi
“Chest compressions Chest compressions Chest compressions”
Andrew Rodriguez
Andrew Rodriguez Pred 18 dnevi
Wow I didn't knew Howie from AGT was also an actor.
im0just Pred 19 dnevi
Please react to the medical scenes in Dr. Strange!!!
Marbella Personal
Marbella Personal Pred 20 dnevi
Evan Harris
Evan Harris Pred 20 dnevi
Do you wanna see the worst chest compressions in any show? Watch Supernatural Season 2 Episode 1.
Jimmy Barto
Jimmy Barto Pred 20 dnevi
What hurts more, passing a stone or anesthesia free bone marrow donation. Unfortunately when my cousin donated bone marrow for his Gf, he had to pass a kidney stone the same day. Big ouch. They couldn't administer anesthesia because he is allergic
hdetroia Pred 20 dnevi
If one day you consider watching a medical show that is not in English and you react, I ask you to consider watching Sob Pressão, it is a Brazilian medical show that shows a little the reality of our public health system. There is at GloboPlay.
Marcia Dê f pinheiro
Marcia Dê f pinheiro Pred 21 dnevom
Legal só Jesus nacauza KKK
pinnedby Salty Cracker
pinnedby Salty Cracker Pred 15 dnevi
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Ardit Gaming
Ardit Gaming Pred 21 dnevom
Chest compression time
Mavis Chadwick
Mavis Chadwick Pred 21 dnevom
All thanks to Dr Alaho Olu on SLus who finally cured me from Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)..
kipklop Pred 21 dnevom
I'm a PT. Trust me, it never just "takes a second". Just make time and make an actual appointment if it really bothers you that much.
no no
no no Pred 22 dnevi
magic man
Srinithi Pred 22 dnevi
React to Vasool Raja MBBS😂😂
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith Pred 22 dnevi
The Vision Alpha Legend
The Vision Alpha Legend Pred 22 dnevi
The video edition didn't use the song / sound effect in this video?, kinda affects the title + content of the video & it's irony
J.A. Bristol
J.A. Bristol Pred 23 dnevi
really? More Fauci worship?
great british bullydogs
great british bullydogs Pred 23 dnevi
Chest compressions
Cherry Slayy
Cherry Slayy Pred 23 dnevi
I want Dr. Mike to react to the medical scenes/injury & recovery in All American.
Frances Bernard
Frances Bernard Pred 23 dnevi
MEdical anger? That doesn't make any sense to me. Sounds only like Doctor Mike is not qualified enough to be his own doctor when he is feeling sick enough to need to visit another doctor again. My mother is not a doctor too however none of the nurses there almost all of the time are doctors too.
Puss Cat
Puss Cat Pred 23 dnevi
I looked at this video with the sound off and I thought it said Curb Your Euthanasia 😅 I was looking at the man with the horrified face
lakerangel14 Pred 23 dnevi
I wish it was that easy to heal a meniscus tear. I've torn it 5 times & had surgery to repair it 4 times.
Colleen Carr
Colleen Carr Pred 23 dnevi
10:24 you work for Cheerios now? 🤔😂😂😂
Frances Bernard
Frances Bernard Pred 23 dnevi
So funny. Maybe I should learn after finding some events happening in the retail world on the job fun to laugh about later with colleagues learn to keep my own sense of humor at work in a hospital ahead of time too. I have started to do that while visiting my mom in a nursing home already. Way better than trying to figure out on my own what went down while I was away. Doctor Mike on the other hand I can sure relate to feeling addicted to my cell phone since my cell phone seems to be the most accurate clock I have. Except for my cell phone the other day at 3 minute to midnight only on my weather app.
Gemma Sisk
Gemma Sisk Pred 23 dnevi
Ayyyye did anyone else see dr webber!?!?!
Pampered Ponies
Pampered Ponies Pred 23 dnevi
Day 1 of asking to react to Good Witch medical scenes
Cheryl D
Cheryl D Pred 23 dnevi
Same with veterinary- what’s this on my dogs skin? I’ll send you a pic… Erm 😐 🤦🏻‍♀️
Cheryl D
Cheryl D Pred 23 dnevi
Never seen or heard of this show ever in my life!! 😂😂
vinz moathud
vinz moathud Pred 23 dnevi
When u are drinking water and after u are done u drink like coffee is that health ?
Perfect Medico
Perfect Medico Pred 23 dnevi
Great dr Mike
Cody Fakhoorian
Cody Fakhoorian Pred 23 dnevi
TV has given such bad examples.. Like patient autonomy, I get so scared if I was in a particular patient's situation and doctors and nurses blatantly ignore what I'm telling them
Effy Pred 23 dnevi
Hey dr mike
Lena Granger–Weasley
Lena Granger–Weasley Pred 23 dnevi
2:14 the dancing Cyberman gif 😂❤️
NickySnipy Pred 23 dnevi
you should react to the amazing world of gumball medical scenes
Demon Rhythms
Demon Rhythms Pred 23 dnevi
Please Dr. Mike bring a video on *how much leisure time doctors have*
Sriram Pred 23 dnevi
Hi Dr Mike ! Can you tell me the difference between osteopathic medicine and allopathic medicine and who earns higher in surgery.
sara Ellãssi
sara Ellãssi Pred 23 dnevi
Rizky Muhammad Fajri
Rizky Muhammad Fajri Pred 23 dnevi
Hey Doc I've been meaning to ask you this: Is the iron in our blood same as the iron for spoons as such? If so, how much spoon can we make from the blood of a single adult?
Uh Huh
Uh Huh Pred 23 dnevi
Fact check your fact check about Judy Mikovitz.
Lyrrose Music
Lyrrose Music Pred 23 dnevi
I know there’s a Acute injury, but is there an OBTUSE INJURY??
Spidey girl
Spidey girl Pred 23 dnevi
Scully!!!! What're you doing here??!!!
Mariam Pousa Leuenberger
Mariam Pousa Leuenberger Pred 24 dnevi
React to the docu series "The surgeon's cut" !!! I'd love to know your thoughts on those so down to earth genius!
Karen Alayah
Karen Alayah Pred 7 dnevi
watchgirls18. com Doctor Mike's OOTD for the videos Scrubs in blue Scrubs in black Scrubs in green And now scrubs in maroon Scrub your enthusiasm He's all mercy for the shirt buttons
Celeste Eicher
Celeste Eicher Pred 24 dnevi
Please react to the show B Positive
Cheryl-Lynn Mehring
Cheryl-Lynn Mehring Pred 24 dnevi
Pee Whoop should be used as a sensor on TV.
xzombiehugzx Pred 24 dnevi
Alot of Curb is ad-libbed and off-the-cuff, so that makes this even funnier to me.
長瀞さん Pred 24 dnevi
"Wow you're so sexy Mr. Faucist!" -Dr. Mike
Maze Calon
Maze Calon Pred 24 dnevi
Doctor-X: Surgeon Michiko Daimon See if the medical accuracy is right. Don't mind mah name!
Luis Cabral
Luis Cabral Pred 24 dnevi
React to Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 injuries
EMC² Pred 24 dnevi
You should watch Chubbyemu He makes medical videos too.
Kat Love
Kat Love Pred 24 dnevi
Mario coin. That's my text tone. Thought I got a text. Nope, just as lonely. Haha
Danapher Pred 24 dnevi
heart stops? just give up!
Pred 24 dnevi
Could you also react to ell cartoons video about her hospital vist
Seana Frew
Seana Frew Pred 24 dnevi
I want to see Dr. Mike react to Veterinarian Hospital skits from the Muppet Show! 🤣
Fridya Rizkyaputri Permadi
Fridya Rizkyaputri Permadi Pred 24 dnevi
can you talk about what happen if wake up while surgery?
Rudra Chaudhary
Rudra Chaudhary Pred 24 dnevi
House Tour Plz
HorseLover4Life Pred 24 dnevi
@Doctor Mike Is it ok that my knees pop often? It’s been happening more frequently than usual, not when I squat but when when I’m walking or stand in a normal position but push my leg outward a little bit. It doesn’t hurt but it didn’t used to pop this much until recently. My back, and fingers pop easily also, but I like it it feels good. Btw I’m in my mid teens. If u show this comment on a video pls don’t share my name. Tysm ✌🏻
Paula Torres
Paula Torres Pred 24 dnevi
This is halerious people do that to most medical professionals looking for a free be diagnosis 😂
MaryPat Gerra
MaryPat Gerra Pred 24 dnevi
Doctor Mike - can you look at this thing on my back? :)
RockeraMJ Pred 24 dnevi
Curb Your Enthusiasm is my favorite series of all times :) I was not expecting this clip but I did enjoy it :)
00Jman2000 Pred 24 dnevi
Can you react to the series Dr. Death ?
Astartes Pred 24 dnevi
Please play Project Hospital, you'll love it!
Harley Gonzalez
Harley Gonzalez Pred 24 dnevi
Check out chubbyemu
Savan Rajput
Savan Rajput Pred 24 dnevi
8:22 captain holt!! Go noin noin! 99
Alpha Pred 24 dnevi
Would you ever watch "Private Practice"? It's the sistershow of "Grey's anatomy"
Christina Boehlke
Christina Boehlke Pred 24 dnevi
Golden girls, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
Abishek GJ
Abishek GJ Pred 24 dnevi
DR MIKE please show up ur watch collection
nothing Pred 24 dnevi
You should watch Dhar Manns Kid fakes allergic reaction
Shubh Patel
Shubh Patel Pred 24 dnevi
AnonymousMe Pred 24 dnevi
Hey Dr mike , pls play to mortal combat x , u would like it!
Taija-Rae C
Taija-Rae C Pred 24 dnevi
Dr. Webber is in this? 😂 I had no idea
Electron plays
Electron plays Pred 24 dnevi
Question is writting a muscle memory
AllyH Pred 24 dnevi
Richard Webber woah-
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