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House MD is one of the most entertaining medical shows out there… but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most accurate. Today I watched Season 3 Episode 6 “Que Será Será“. In this episode, an obese man is assumed dead by some firefighters, only to find he’s actually in a coma… after they’ve cut a hole in his wall to remove him. House, Foreman, Cameron, Cuddy, and Chase dive in running a series of tests that’s hard to believe in order to find out what’s wrong with the poor gentleman. They test for STD’s, foreign pathogens from his produce, run x-rays and MRI’s… quite frankly it gets a little out of hand and the poor guy suffers a lot. This episode shares an importance lesson in leading with compassion when it comes to treating patients, especially ones living with obesity.

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike Pred mesecem
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tyona wilson
tyona wilson Pred 17 dnevi
You should do s7 ep11 of house just finished watching it and was totally confused on what's going on
99Cliona Pred 17 dnevi
@jennifervan75 it'd take the shortest route to the giant magnet
99Cliona Pred 17 dnevi
@Fiearen Elvarto that's a really good question. Especially if you live outside of the US and can afford preventive healthcare. I hear it's nice 🙂
Andre Jones
Andre Jones Pred 20 dnevi
Foreman was preforming brain surgerys before he started working for house actually lol. When he transfer hospitals he was offered the top nirologest job but chose to work for house instead. Later in the show you learn that an that's why I'm the later seasons he becomes houses equal in the department.
*_Mark_* Pred mesecem
Foreman is specifically a neuro surgeon by the way
Aidan Johnson
Aidan Johnson Pred 12 urami
Foreman is a neurosurgeon
peter neagle
peter neagle Pred 20 urami
we should be grateful to hugely obese patients who need an MRI. If they build bigger MRI machines it means it wont be as claustrophobic as the normal small ones.
Pimdici Pred dnevom
House does chest compressions!!! In the episode: a Nun Problem!
Jekyll Nelligan
Jekyll Nelligan Pred dnevom
Doctor Camren literally drugging multiple different patients and lobotomizing Foreman: I'm a good person and a master moral compass
Hope Escosora
Hope Escosora Pred 2 dnevi
Dr. Mike: How do people know facts about pufferfish?! Me: He's probably a pufferfish enthusiast XD
Samurai Apocalipse
Samurai Apocalipse Pred 2 dnevi
Why do I watch this instead of writing my essay about ancient greek letters?
Jocelyn Porter
Jocelyn Porter Pred 3 dnevi
Yea cause a SHOW about a patient having syphilis would be so great..
little bits of music
little bits of music Pred 4 dnevi
Foreman is the neurosurgeon of the team. (i hope i spelled everything corretcly)
Destiny Heath
Destiny Heath Pred 4 dnevi
As a zebra with an under diagnosed genetic condition if doctors thought about zebras more maybe things would get so bad and people wouldn’t go without care because doctors think zebraas don’t exist and brush you off. So maybe think about zebras more. Because we matter too. Same as horses.
István Szikra
István Szikra Pred 4 dnevi
Isn't the point of House that the people who get to him have been checked out by other doctors who couldn't find the problem? Seems weird to harp on they not checking the most common things, or doing EEG and not doing the other test first (which I think they did) just because the actors are not reading them to the camera. It is completely fair to point out what the show (might) left out, the proper order of tests... but I would reserve the outrage tone to when they have factually incorrect statements or do something unethical.
Gabe Ellsworth
Gabe Ellsworth Pred 5 dnevi
I dont think he had to worry about STDs
Keith Mitchell
Keith Mitchell Pred 5 dnevi
umm its tv not real
Duck Devs
Duck Devs Pred 5 dnevi
foreman more like forehead
Mary Rhudy
Mary Rhudy Pred 5 dnevi
I'm really shocked that you didn't comment on the immediate stupidity in this video. The attitude of these firemen towards A HUMAN BEING. THIS IS A MAN WHO DESERVES TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT. So, here is my question that I wish you would do a video about. Why do so many male doctors act like such wankers??? Of course, the firemen were all wankers, too.
CrackedSnipesMo Pred 5 dnevi
“are you gonna give me a zebra or a horse” a whale
Zuko Halliwell
Zuko Halliwell Pred 6 dnevi
Your reaction to Cameron drugging the patient makes me want to suggest that you react to an episode of House called "The Tyrant". It's season 6, episode 4. There's a lot of interesting ethical questions in that episode.
near?? Pred 6 dnevi
Me: in bio inc tests life styles
48 Pulkit Gupta
48 Pulkit Gupta Pred 7 dnevi
isn't Foreman a neurosurgeon?
Tales toTell
Tales toTell Pred 7 dnevi
His department is diagnostic division. When other doctors are nit able to diagnose. It's his job to know every obscure disease.
Emre Karaman
Emre Karaman Pred 7 dnevi
patient did not just rolled in mike, he is probably there for weeks when they could not find whats wrong with they come to house
Caleb Ra
Caleb Ra Pred 8 dnevi
Can you react to Hospital Playlist
Podemos URSS
Podemos URSS Pred 8 dnevi
According to my uncle (who is a retired surgeon), had he been House's boss, he would have fired House after a week or less.
Nicholas Pred 8 dnevi
“HbA1c does not change day to day.” THANK YOU. I was about to go off on House.
Scott Burton
Scott Burton Pred 8 dnevi
I do have a question about a couple factors you mentioned. 1. The patient can leave AMA (against medical advice) if they can consider the consequences and verbalize their understanding and desire to do so. (Paraphrasing) 2. You can't let a patient who hasn't stood up since he arrived without a PT consult... (setting him up for failure, need to transfer,etc.) IF the patient is leaving AMA, can you actually stop him because of a PT consult? Just asking because it seems like one supercedes the other.
Beverley Pred 9 dnevi
Dr. Mike, EVERY DOCTOR I HAVE EVER SEEN talks about my weight before they do any tests or exams. I've shown up with massive cluster and migraine headaches and was asked if I was doing anything to bring down my weight. No asking history or finding out that I live with Hashimoto's Disease. In the end, they decided without any history or exam, that if I wasn't overweight, I wouldn't have high blood pressure and extreme headache. I was sent home and told to diet. It was about a month or so later, at the next ER visit, that a new doctor diagnosed migraines. I've had to fight tooth and nail for health care and am still fighting. Fat bias is real. As for equipment, clinics and hospitals even need to look at chairs - as most chairs are narrow with arms. Even in our local lab, it's set up with a narrow high chair that is very difficult to sit in, when you carry weight. Thank you for speaking out on this!
David Penn
David Penn Pred 9 dnevi
Let's say you have a chronic lung infection and ate prescribed prednisone, that's like the number one cause of fluid retention hen e weight.
Pato Ultimate
Pato Ultimate Pred 10 dnevi
2:53 Well the exam I studied for by googling how water is desalinated was marked as stuff I know but hey, always listen to the doctor.
hotsouce Pred 10 dnevi
My cat got a cat scan
Shaun K.S.
Shaun K.S. Pred 10 dnevi
Its understood from the beginning of this series that the reason why they're always checking for zebras is because horses have already been ruled out by previous doctors before getting to houses team.
Stephanie Fuentes
Stephanie Fuentes Pred 11 dnevi
*Anger Cramp* 😂
WarPoodle 2600
WarPoodle 2600 Pred 11 dnevi
The number of times I've been told by Dr that any problem i have must be because I'm over weight, has made me not go to a Dr in over a year... except for when I broke my foot. The way it always goes is I talk about my headaches I get every week, the sharp pain in my upper back and the feeling super queasy every morning for basically my whole life. And they tell me to lose weight, without doing any tests or anything. I'm not even all that heavy.... like 190lbs. Definitely not small. But I don't feel like I'm crazy heavy. And the headaches and queasiness has been a problem since I was like 17 and 115lbs.
Baylie Luschen
Baylie Luschen Pred 11 dnevi
Coincidentally my dad is a paramedic and was just telling me the other day how one time they had to take a patient’s doors off the hinges to get them out of their home and into the ambulance. One of the medics was actually trying to call them right there as she didn’t think they could even get the patient out of the house in time and to the hospital (as the patient was in cardiac arrest)
james munroe
james munroe Pred 12 dnevi
Tip MOST of the time with house. the patient has already seen many doctors, and the tests have already been done. this is why they are able to say "It doesnt appear to be anything wrong with him", the tests were already done, probablym ore than once.
james munroe
james munroe Pred 12 dnevi
You constantly said "Why didnt they do this", but oyu dont seem to know the show lol, you gotta learn about the show first or the whoel thing just soudns silly!! lol
Dusan Zdravkovic
Dusan Zdravkovic Pred 12 dnevi
as far as i remember, Forman is a neuro surgeon...
Sylent 🌟
Sylent 🌟 Pred 12 dnevi
I can tell you doctors do look at weight & make a quick decision & write you off. I went to the hospital 2 times with chest pain & was told I have indigestion & my diet without asking what or how I eat (I eat healthy & my issue is I don't eat enough) or taking into consideration I have Graves disease. It wasn't till my last time a doctor did stress tests & I failed both & am waiting while they figure out the best way to fix my heart right now depending on nitroglycerin if my heart goes crazy before that... It would be nice if all doctor did their jobs properly but they do not...
Mira Heervagen
Mira Heervagen Pred 12 dnevi
You should see Chicago MED 👍
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage Pred 12 dnevi
I wouldn't be surprised if everyone in that hospital was on a hitlist created by the government
Justin Jones
Justin Jones Pred 13 dnevi
Dr. Mike wants a CT scan, but a 700+ man won't fit into a CT scan. You can do bedside x-rays but anything more advanced is unlikely unless you're in a specific bariatric center or able to transport to a zoo.
Justin Jones
Justin Jones Pred 13 dnevi
Nevermind it was discussed a few seconds later.
Michelle Spencer
Michelle Spencer Pred 13 dnevi
If dr. Hottie mike is russian why foes he speak english so well he can be my dr.
Seriously Syrup
Seriously Syrup Pred 13 dnevi
House is disturbing but I watched it because Doctor Mike made it even better. Although I’m now scarred.
Dismythed & JWA
Dismythed & JWA Pred 13 dnevi
House's team was a specialist team that the hospital calls in AFTER they have exhausted all traditional avenues. House's team looks for common misdiagnoses first, then consider rare, mixed and then new diseases. It's an order of likelihood mechanism that they demonstrated episode after episode. Many times they misdiagnose in the series because they hold rigidly to this mechanism.
Kureijī Satsujinsha
Kureijī Satsujinsha Pred 13 dnevi
Does Dr. Mike know that they usually send cases that others couldn’t figure out to House?
Natalie Rose
Natalie Rose Pred 13 dnevi
Hey Dr. Mike, I am a huge fan of House MD. Foreman actually is a neurologist. They all specialize in something House just makes them do everything because of how unethical he is. House specializes in every department of the hospital (dudes a genius he knows a lot of languages) Foreman is a neurologist. Cameron is a immunologist. Chase is a cardiologist.
Ethan123 Pred 14 dnevi
@Dr mike pls is he died plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz tell me
Brian Percival Wolfric Aberforth Snape
Brian Percival Wolfric Aberforth Snape Pred 14 dnevi
The rest of the implausibility of anything in an episode of House (which is a show I love) aside, you have already failed in your analysis. That's not what was said. This is the problem with people that don't listen. "46 year old guy in a coma. Doesn't __APPEAR__ to be anything wrong with him except the fact that he weighs over 600 pounds." I wouldn't trust you as a doctor if you can't even listen to a simple sentence.
GoAwayImNotSocial Pred 14 dnevi
Food coma is real here is how. I have a dairy allergy. If i eat something with milk , butter, or cheese i get sleepy. This is anaphylaxis related. Luckily I try to watch what I eat, have my EPI pens and never eat alone.
STRIKEFORCE Pred 14 dnevi
Dr. Foreman is a neurosurgeon
Christine Clare Vilgos-Mitchell
Christine Clare Vilgos-Mitchell Pred 14 dnevi
Dead bodies do pass gas, right. I always thought bodies got extra gassy.
espionage6 Pred 14 dnevi
Just a reminder: Foreman is a neurologist.
HouseOfOrchestra Pred 15 dnevi
Please dont get this wrong, but You are reacting from this Year 2021, this Episode was aired 2006, so your Knowledge is, of course, more advanced !
Damian Curran
Damian Curran Pred 15 dnevi
Please do a review of the movie John Q. With Denzel Washington, James Woods, Robert Duval, etc..
Alyssa Garner
Alyssa Garner Pred 15 dnevi
The way they dehumanize this patient for being overweight is sickening.
* Rabinowitz
* Rabinowitz Pred 15 dnevi
House is on the premise that patients that other doctors can't figure out cause. So this is after an E.R. doc, and other specialists have run tests and still can't figure out what's wrong.
Michelle Christensen
Michelle Christensen Pred 15 dnevi
Nurses, MAs and PAs hurt themselves all the time trying to help obese patients. Being obese isn't just a risk to oneself.
Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera
Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera Pred 16 dnevi
The main question is: should they even try to save him?
engeltjebaleno Pred 16 dnevi
i'm just trying to imagine how somebody that size could get an STD. Not hating or saying nobody could be atracted to a big person, but Physically how it can happen.
Piper Ravenscroft
Piper Ravenscroft Pred 16 dnevi
I feel very bad for the patient in this episode, he seemed so sweet
joshua morgan
joshua morgan Pred 16 dnevi
David Lewis
David Lewis Pred 17 dnevi
Forman is a neural surgeon
jeanie bayer
jeanie bayer Pred 17 dnevi
wait why do i remember a different ending? like he had some genetic disease that was causing all the issues. That could have been an earlier part of the episode, but that’s what I remember.
Kyle Chalupa
Kyle Chalupa Pred 17 dnevi
We can’t deny treatment to people we don’t agree with or approve of.
Ebonstone Pred 18 dnevi
If it helps at all, Foreman is supposed to be a Neurosurgeon.
Alexis Vandom
Alexis Vandom Pred 18 dnevi
To be fair, it was established in other episodes that Foreman is actually a neurologist, so it's not AS farfetched as you might think.
Sara Blackmon
Sara Blackmon Pred 18 dnevi
Love your videos! I challenge you to go on the show Hot Ones 💪🏻😎
João Gomes
João Gomes Pred 18 dnevi
Like the patient is 600 pounds, collapses and enters a coma you would think like Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Pyelonephritis, Lung Infection, Food Toxicity, Kidney Failure... you gotta have a love hate relationship with House MD ahah
Chris Pred 18 dnevi
According to Dr Mike. Doctors are not allowed there own opinions. Also house only takes zebra cases.
Jodie Carlson
Jodie Carlson Pred 18 dnevi
As an overweight woman, I love you Dr. Mike!! Thank you for not being judgy. I'm a psychiatric nurse, going on 14 years now! Wow how time flies!!
Darwin Bodero
Darwin Bodero Pred 19 dnevi
8:18 Bruh you gotta do what it takes to work for house. Break into mfer’s houses. Drug patients. Brazenly disregard basic ethics. Get with the program
Darwin Bodero
Darwin Bodero Pred 19 dnevi
6:30 Mike shitting on Cameron just like House would
Darwin Bodero
Darwin Bodero Pred 19 dnevi
5:54 Mike is the new Chase tbh.
alvatrous Pred 19 dnevi
"the patient can always leave" when it comes to rehab hospitals leaving AMA is a huge deal for the pt and can get them denied a lot of care in the future. something to keep in mind.
Mobysimo Pred 19 dnevi
I'm starting to think there are no other doctors in this hopstial and that's why they have to do everything Everyone else we see is either a nurse or a student
snickle1980 Pred 19 dnevi
I finally Understand why Dr Neil Tyson stopped tweeting about what movies got wrong. 😂
Watch Hill
Watch Hill Pred 19 dnevi
Seeing that guy going into the MRI brings back bad memories. I'm a big guy. I mean, I'm not thin by any means, but my biggest problem is my shoulders. My lower body fits in the MRI tube just fine, but my shoulders will not go through. The first time I had an MRI was when I learned about the problem with my shoulder.....and when I learned I have a touch of claustrophobia. In order to get my shoulders in the tube, the technician literally lifted my shoulders up and crammed them into the tube (think sausage in a casing). While I had never had a claustrophobic reaction before, being jammed in that machine certainly triggered such a reaction.......within a few seconds of being jammed in there. I ended up screaming so loud the people in the waiting room (a couple hundred feet and several doors away) heard me. I don't know why, but I was absolutely certain I was going to die if I remained in that tube. This was how I learned of the wonderful thing called the "Open MRI", which I am careful to ask for whenever I need to have another MRI. Probably one of the worst experiences of my life.
Chibi Cherub
Chibi Cherub Pred 20 dnevi
Okay thats kinda the whole point of the show is they don't get to house unless they are a "freak" case.
Fumbles McStupid
Fumbles McStupid Pred 20 dnevi
Fun fact that I think Dr Mike should have commented on, the actor Pruitt Tailor Vince really does have nystagmus. Makes him easily recognizable in roles. Good actor!
MacabreMole Pred 21 dnevom
"You need to throw all of the tests at the patient" Hey, you wanna talk to my doctors? Or start advocating for all the chronic illness patients that sit in undiagnosed limbo because doctors refuse to check for multiple things directly requested by the patient. Would be great.
howir0n1c Pred 4 dnevi
anita Crumbly
anita Crumbly Pred 9 dnevi
srsly though!!!
Ciara s
Ciara s Pred 21 dnevom
Movies gone start hiring you to make sure they’re medically accurate 😂
Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall Pred 21 dnevom
One of the biggest problems is how expensive healthy food is in the United States. This wasn't a problem when the government wasn't in cahoots with big food companies. Local farming needs to have a resurgence.
Mo Zubia
Mo Zubia Pred 21 dnevom
“Please tell me it’s a neurosurgeon and not just Foreman… IT’S FOREMAN” 😂😂😂
Nightknight Pred 21 dnevom
pretty sure foreman actually was a neurologist in the show :D
Ishaan Awasthi
Ishaan Awasthi Pred 18 dnevi
Foreman was a neurologist, but that's not the same as a neurosurgeon.
5210smile Pred 21 dnevom
They skip showing us steps 1-49, not doing them. They only bring House the hard ones, so they had to rule out most of the basic stuff. We know this is based on Holmes, right!?!?!? Aight, that neuro was always Forman's specialty
5210smile Pred 19 dnevi
Aren't they fellows, not residents?
Ishaan Awasthi
Ishaan Awasthi Pred 19 dnevi
Agree with the first two points, but Foreman is a neurologist, not a neurosurgeon. But when the show has very complicated procedures they actually do show specialists performing it. Still there are a lot of things that residents shouldn't be doing, like operating MRI machines (or, y'know, breaking into patients' homes).
pgame20 Pred 21 dnevom
*heavy eye roll*
Warfare Comics
Warfare Comics Pred 22 dnevi
I love watching these types of videos, getting real world input from professionals like Dr. Mike! Keep em coming👍
Derek Willbanks
Derek Willbanks Pred 22 dnevi
Dr forman was neurosurgeon, each one had a specialist. House was board certified immunotherapy
Amanda Shoemake
Amanda Shoemake Pred 22 dnevi
It's cute he says doctors shouldn't judge based on weight. I've never been to one single doctor that didn't preface everything with a weight judgment. Including issues that have nothing to do with it. Got pneumonia? "You know, if you weren't fat.." Got rheumatoid arthritis and the inflammation is raging out of control making it impossible to walk? "If you weren't fat, you'd be better." Strep throat? Flu? Fibromyalgia? Yep. I've heard it. I'd truly love to find a doctor that would look at the actual issue.
Nunna Lakshmi Saranya
Nunna Lakshmi Saranya Pred 22 dnevi
Weren't dr house patients special ones , I mean they were taken to another doctor and then brought to dr house , because diagnosis wasn't done ? Am I wrong in this?
Aspen Kaycee Downing
Aspen Kaycee Downing Pred 22 dnevi
"Patient that are sick enough to make it to me...." House is meant to be about zebras not horses. Can we assume that they already know those results and thats why they do the weird tests?
Theminecrafter Pred 23 dnevi
The hospital didn’t let my brother leave when he wanted to because the had a fever that was nonexistent because the had him under a thick blanket for a while. What do you think they should had said and done?
Arturo Aguilar
Arturo Aguilar Pred 23 dnevi
"I think that's kind of cold..." Welcome to House MD: the show that made cold jerks popular!
Jackery Pumpkin
Jackery Pumpkin Pred 23 dnevi
Reviewing anything except House is silly. More House pls
♡ーFloralー♡ Pred 23 dnevi
Haha Cat scan, sound like the purrfect scan
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald Pred 23 dnevi
This has nothing to do with anything, but you have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.
Vinnie Syarif
Vinnie Syarif Pred 24 dnevi
I can see Mike losing his mind if he were to work for House
Fedora Bros
Fedora Bros Pred 24 dnevi
The reason the head lady is talking like that Is because house only takes specific cases and she knows that house won't take it because it sounds easy.
Fedora Bros
Fedora Bros Pred 24 dnevi
And they forget the horses(easy stuff) because they take cases no one else can figure out
Zain Abidein
Zain Abidein Pred 24 dnevi
House: i look for zebras because other doctors rule out all the horses.
Son of Ra
Son of Ra Pred 24 dnevi
I just need to point this out, he said let a neurosurgeon be doing this and not Foreman but Foreman IS the team's neurosurgeon. That was one of the reasons House picked him
Ghostess Pred 24 dnevi
You didn't know that! You googled it! Me: Or he's just a fan of classic Simpsons episodes....
January Canary
January Canary Pred 25 dnevi
It's funny to see him reading a script 🤣 for his sponsor while he's always so spontaneous and geniune otherwise.
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