Doctor Reviews Wish "Health" Products ft. Botez Sisters

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Doctor Mike

Pred 2 meseci is infamous for selling some of the most eye-catching, cheap, and low-quality products on the internet. After watching other SLusrs like Safiya Nygaard try $1 makeup from Wish, or Linus Tech Tips build a PC only using, I thought I’d take a look at the various health products Wish has available. Needless to say… yikes. Not only are these products cheap and misleading, some of them are flat out imaginary, such as a mugwort patch that cures “evil” or essential oils that help you lose weight. That being said, it wasn’t a total wash, as I was able to use a dog toothbrush to clean Bear, and scrub my feet clean of dead skin using a foot… device. I was also lucky enough to experiment with these items with chess superstars Alexandra and Andrea Botez! Which item was your favorite? Think we were a bit harsh? Let me know down below.

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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The 5’ Barista
The 5’ Barista Pred 16 urami
I swear the belly button things look like bunny poo xD
bananabuttersomethin Pred dnevom
This video must've taken months to prep for 😅
Dr.. i have covid :c.... any advice?
L F Pred 3 dnevi
OK the herbs in the lung health supplement are all vaguely good for you/ immune supporting and what not. But it’s not gonna do anything magic if you actually have a lung issue.
SallySilly Billy 2
SallySilly Billy 2 Pred 4 dnevi
I love it when dr mike says “BEEWOOP”
Ambivalent Disaster
Ambivalent Disaster Pred 5 dnevi
From the producers of Legally Blonde and Dumb & Dumber, we bring you Medically Blond, Blonder, & Blonderer.
bedless mct
bedless mct Pred 5 dnevi
The pqin
Very Good Productions
Very Good Productions Pred 6 dnevi
If it has an orange plastic clear cylinder case, then it’s safe.
holly pytel
holly pytel Pred 6 dnevi
Omg I have never seen 2 people talk over each other so much. I could not watch the entire video.
Arge Tina
Arge Tina Pred 7 dnevi
I've never disliked a Doctor Mike video until now. These girls are annoying idiots.
Christine Clare Vilgos-Mitchell
Christine Clare Vilgos-Mitchell Pred 7 dnevi
Fun video.
Christine Clare Vilgos-Mitchell
Christine Clare Vilgos-Mitchell Pred 7 dnevi
I'm starting to wonder how good of a doctor you are because you apparently think that your dog has no skin. Lol
Christine Clare Vilgos-Mitchell
Christine Clare Vilgos-Mitchell Pred 7 dnevi
That foot thing looks like a torture chamber for feet.
Peggi Karnes
Peggi Karnes Pred 7 dnevi
Doctor Mike "Bear can't get electrocuted he doesn't have skin" Me: uh, I don't think that's a medical fact DOCTOR Mike. :D
Wendy Lou Who
Wendy Lou Who Pred 8 dnevi
I once taped earpods and blasted Metalica try to get my baby to move. Didn't work. Cold did though. She once responded to a loud phone ring during a BPP test. Seriously nothing happening. Fraggle Rock blasts. Movement and breathing practice! From then on during a BPP I'd take my phone and play something because otherwise I'd lay there forever.
Fuzzball The Bear
Fuzzball The Bear Pred 9 dnevi
wait for the evil extraction one what about people with outies
Dhnuxwlk3r Pred 9 dnevi
Nice couple of girls active and funny
Alex Hristova
Alex Hristova Pred 10 dnevi
7:15 - alright, I'm putting it in. - Just put it all the way. 🤣🤣🤣
INNOVATORS channel Pred 10 dnevi
Hitler mother should keep that evil remover
Dinelle Fernando
Dinelle Fernando Pred 11 dnevi
Doctor Mike will you try the birth simulator challenge?
Read 譯Jordan 文達
Read 譯Jordan 文達 Pred 11 dnevi
"ideally with a pumice stone" I used the sharpened saw on my multitool. The foot callous was so thick, that the blade is barely thicker than 1/8" (I worked with all manners of blades and measurements at that time) and just straight horizontally sawed it. Still had more callous, and no injury or feeling of the blade whatsoever.... On my finger tips, barely would touch it though because it's so sharp despite the fact I had calloused hands (kept replacing leather work gloves every 3 days became too expensive) . The only downside is I only did it go one foot, so it made it confusing to walk somewhat.
Amber Steele
Amber Steele Pred 11 dnevi
Don't know how Bear can get shocked by it cuz he doesn't have skin are you sure you're a doctor? He has skin that's how the hair geez Doctor Mike come on
Ambrose Lee
Ambrose Lee Pred 12 dnevi
the girl in blue is so annoying
Claire M. McLemore
Claire M. McLemore Pred 13 dnevi
Yes dogs can get electrocuted
Claire M. McLemore
Claire M. McLemore Pred 13 dnevi
If he doesn't like things close to the brain then he should go for a sleep apnea test
Dissident Ace
Dissident Ace Pred 14 dnevi
don't buy health items from wish....looks at TENS machines I bought as sex toys not health items....shrugs*....I see no problem here
Missy Bernal
Missy Bernal Pred 16 dnevi
But cheeks
LB CCS Pred 17 dnevi
This is your 1st video that I don't like. All of your other videos are great.
Kayla's pretty nails
Kayla's pretty nails Pred 17 dnevi
I used to out headphones on my belly when I was pregnant and play Mozart to my kids.
Branden Hickling
Branden Hickling Pred 18 dnevi
You should collab with dr chang
Tatiana Gerry
Tatiana Gerry Pred 18 dnevi
I love how a doctor who completed medical school still acts like a little boy and sticks gross things into the girl’s faces 😂
Tami Otani
Tami Otani Pred 18 dnevi
I love the chaotic energy of this two, lol
K ER Pred 19 dnevi
“Stanford” clearly made some kind of mistake
Mindless Worm
Mindless Worm Pred 20 dnevi
4:00 this is the pinnacle of comedy
sea_wolf _nw
sea_wolf _nw Pred 20 dnevi
what breed is Bear?
Cool dog
Cool dog Pred 21 dnevom
Hazy Daisie
Hazy Daisie Pred 21 dnevom
I am a full grown adult, 29 years old, about to be 30, and I am proud to say that I was chanting along with "butt cheeks! butt cheeks!"
Jemwad Pred 21 dnevom
So I was curious and looked up the ingredients they named for the White Lung thing and none of them even have anything to do with the lungs or respiratory system: Butterbur (rhubarb looking leaf that grows on flowering plants in the daisy family) - hay fever, migraines, and anxiety caused by having a physical symptom of some kind (somatic symptom disorder) Quercetin (found commonly in kale and red onions) - used for heart conditions, arthritis, bladder infections, and diabetes Bromelain (an enzyme in pineapples) - reducing pain, swelling, and muscle soreness, digestive issues, and even a meat tenderizing agent Vitamin K (found in your leafy greens like kale and brussel sprouts) - needed for blood clotting and apparently, there is evidence of it promoting good bone health I could see how Vitamin K or Quercetin would make sense because heart health and blood flow affect the lungs but idk about all the other stuff
Alison Susannah
Alison Susannah Pred 21 dnevom
My sister had that finger toothbrush... for her baby...
Kayla Ann
Kayla Ann Pred 21 dnevom
Yes, dr Mike, Bear's organs are held in place by fur alone. No skin for doggo
Leah_rose Pred 22 dnevi
At the end I want to ask does dogs have skin
Sas Shadow
Sas Shadow Pred 22 dnevi
Girl in the middle seemed so disinterested in dr mike explanation
Sleepee_ Boy
Sleepee_ Boy Pred 23 dnevi
I want my foot to be in a car wash actually. I'm really jealous now doc
Angeliki Pred 25 dnevi
10:11 "Opa?" 🤨🇬🇷
In Spiders I Trust
In Spiders I Trust Pred 26 dnevi
they are so annoying
Young Sinatra
Young Sinatra Pred 26 dnevi
The Botez sisters are basically just the irl version of Andy and Ollie from Bob's Burgers💯
Andy Hall-Wicker
Andy Hall-Wicker Pred 27 dnevi
Shota Chalkey
Shota Chalkey Pred 27 dnevi
Dude I got your thrive market ad right before the video started-
Rubicon-Art Pred 27 dnevi
> Doctor > Doesn't think dogs have skin > ????
Gaming W/ Jenn
Gaming W/ Jenn Pred 29 dnevi
While watching this wish just sent me a notification for the BUTT thing lol 😂
Jonathan Oren
Jonathan Oren Pred mesecem
All these products should be banned why do they sell these things people actually buy it oh my God what's wrong with people
Gamingallen28 Pred mesecem
If you wanted to have your baby hear music just eat a AirPod or something then play music or eat your phone like come on it is so simple
Lynn Carter
Lynn Carter Pred mesecem
Video idea: React to ice cream sandwiches video called hospital
Kaitlyn Mayo
Kaitlyn Mayo Pred mesecem
My favorite part is the one where dr mike tries the bellybutton evil remover
Shambhavi Verma
Shambhavi Verma Pred mesecem
Doctor mike, pls allow me to meet bear I can’t keep fonding over him through a screen 🥰 I’ll bring my 4 dogs too It’ll be awesome 😎
Angel Folmar
Angel Folmar Pred mesecem
Those girls are beyond annoying
Sydanya alt
Sydanya alt Pred mesecem
9:38 close your eyes kids!
Nadia Di Paola
Nadia Di Paola Pred mesecem
What i learned today is dogs don’t have skin
radmila romanelli
radmila romanelli Pred mesecem
I can’t stop laughing
Nik Babich
Nik Babich Pred mesecem
Mustafa Amirrudin Mohd Dasuki
Mustafa Amirrudin Mohd Dasuki Pred mesecem
I’m a kid
LindzBreezyOH! Pred mesecem
This was one of the hardest videos to watch 🙉
Rock girl
Rock girl Pred mesecem
"Bear doesn't have skin" That's okay, it's not like that moment won't be immortalized on the internet forever. Probably 😉
Mohammad Afaneh
Mohammad Afaneh Pred mesecem
Not the crossover we expected but the one we needed
Bradley Carter
Bradley Carter Pred mesecem
How are they saying "butt cheeks" without closing their lips?
Alex Walker
Alex Walker Pred mesecem
What if you don’t have a belly button ?
Cocolocobirb Pred mesecem
Bromelain is the enzyme found in pineapples that dissolves tissue 😳
Rock girl
Rock girl Pred mesecem
Are those adults or children? I can't continue watching this, wtf. Was no one else available, or...
Edonala1234 Pred mesecem
BUTT CHEEKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Niklas 98
Niklas 98 Pred mesecem
Holy they both are exhausting 😅 How anyone want that himself or others to eat or test trash.
Rachel Louv
Rachel Louv Pred mesecem
My favorite part is when Dr Mike starts explaining muscle stimulation to these two gorgeous and completely uninterested women 🤣🤣
Nazifa Tahsin
Nazifa Tahsin Pred mesecem
Oh bear ❤️❤️❤️
phungwamma limbu
phungwamma limbu Pred mesecem
Dr Mike, tell us more about the ankle sprain in another video, how bad is it and how it can heal.Coz I had sprained my ankle 5 months ago and it's still a bit painful until now.Hoping for a detailed video on ankle sprains😄 because it's more fun to learn from here.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pred mesecem
"isn't that what hurts when people hit it?" Dr. Mike's face omg
Michael Flores
Michael Flores Pred mesecem
"Its like the pope" 🤣🤣🤣
sukhdev Pred mesecem
Yaar bhai mike mjaa aagya aaj waali videos m.....i know there r a 1000s of indians seeing this...🤭
Nora Badawy
Nora Badawy Pred mesecem
I feel like im watching children with a doctor. Literally a headache. And i love doctor mike so much. But they are so annoying
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pred mesecem
Um Dr. Mike ...dogs have skin sir..thats what there fur attaches too..😇😂😂
Anna Martha
Anna Martha Pred mesecem
When grace is at work, So many things give way, What so many people have used to mock me, Herbalist Alaho Olu has turned it into a living testimony. Thank God Almighty who used Dr Alaho Olu on SLus to cure me from HPV and HSV 1&2 with his herbs….
{/Lunaology} Pred mesecem
9:37 cervix: Alex isn't that what hurts if people hit it? 😂🤣
Jen Dee
Jen Dee Pred mesecem
Are those adults or children? I can't continue watching this, wtf. Was no one else available, or...
ThatGirlIsAwkward Pred mesecem
"Just eat the foods" THANK YOU
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred mesecem
"isn't that what hurts when people hit it?" Dr. Mike's face omg
Rebecca fields
Rebecca fields Pred mesecem
Omg I can't watch these girls lol 😆
Imaboutacry Pred mesecem
9:11 why did she WINK??!
Aiden Pred mesecem
Bear is so cute
waffal66 Pred mesecem
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred mesecem
Guinea pig this time? He's been It nearly every time 😆
one tome plz
one tome plz Pred mesecem
Hey can I have those 2s dealers number?
Clara Carlisle
Clara Carlisle Pred mesecem
Is it bad if my dogs eat grass because they do it a lot?
Atruval Pred mesecem
Legends say that to this day, the Botez sisters are still trying to get Dr. Mike to take the pills up the butt cheeks. 💊
Ellie Pred mesecem
Bear is such a good boy. My dog gets too excited to ever let me brush his teeth.
Trixie Cat
Trixie Cat Pred mesecem
Those girls are annoying.
casey bradley
casey bradley Pred mesecem
Um Dr. Mike ...dogs have skin sir..thats what there fur attaches too..😇😂😂
kazoo Pred mesecem
I won't forget the "PEEWOOP".
Crafty Gal
Crafty Gal Pred mesecem
I would buy the foot thing.
Walkingdead Pred mesecem
I must say the woman in the middle Is drop dead gorgeous
Gizzardz Pred mesecem
“He (Bear) doesn’t have skin.” Good thing Mike’s not a veterinarian.
Menderino Pred mesecem
Lmao the device for the muscles on the butt sounds like an alternative vibrator
Menderino Pred mesecem
Ohhh weren't this girls in some CodeMiko streams?
MURRYCHOOCK Pred mesecem
The thing with the pope is an old romanian saying. And is pope as a priest, not THE Pope
TΛX ΞVΛSION Pred mesecem
10:05 "i had a feeling you don't put this inside of you"
kagomecc461 Pred mesecem
Guinea pig this time? He's been It nearly every time 😆
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