Doctor Settles The "Shower Daily" Controversy

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Doctor Mike

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Comments from celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Dax Shepard, Kristin Bell, Jake Gyllenhaal, and many more about whether they bathe themselves or their kids every day have landed them in hot water... or some of us would hope, at least. Let's settle this once and for all. How often should you shower? How long should you shower? Is bathing necessary? How frequently. There is an answer!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike Pred 18 dnevi
Full Shower "Responding Comments" Video (
Luna Violet
Luna Violet Pred 11 urami
My hair isn't greasy, I'm still going to shower it makes me feel better
Sherly Lo
Sherly Lo Pred 10 dnevi
Living in a humid weather, we need to stay fresh and take showers daily. Salamat Doc.
Mmmmm Pred 10 dnevi
dr. mike, a headache near the eyes what do i do desperately, Mmmmm
Tonezou Pred 11 dnevi
@jkngai It will definitely fall off during sleep, on the ground even.
jkngai Pred 11 dnevi
@Tonezou Have you tried putting a towel on your pillow?
Emma Love
Emma Love Pred 49 minutami
This is True. Also, I told my son and his girlfriend to keep from getting a cold in the Winter to stay inside for an hour after taking a shower because your “ pores” are open. After that hour the pores should be closed enough that they can go outside without a problem. Otherwise, stay in.
rat illecebrasque dubitantium
rat illecebrasque dubitantium Pred 3 urami
I showed three to four times a day. I usually rinse in between to feel nice
Nizuki Katashi
Nizuki Katashi Pred 4 urami
I have such dry hair and showering everyday makes my hair like straw so I shower every 2-3 days and it helps my hair not be so dry it doesn't look greasy but instead a lot more silky
tsunad Pred 4 urami
Ya i learned that the natural bacteria on your skin leave deposits that start to smell. So i stick to a minimum of at least one shower every 2/3 days. If my hair is starting to be greasy or ive been sweaty ill shower more often. When i was younger and visited some cousins they showered daily so i followed the practise. I learned it was important to moisturize daily when doing that and that my feet had never been softer.
Q Garcia
Q Garcia Pred 4 urami
did Ms. Pia tell you to shower everyday?
Apollo McBadass
Apollo McBadass Pred 4 urami
“You don’t need ultrahot showers for 20 minutes” Yes, yes i really do. I must blanch.
Naomi Spann
Naomi Spann Pred 4 urami
The long hot shower is for my mental health not my physical health.
I'm that Pīǹèàpplê
I'm that Pīǹèàpplê Pred 6 urami
The fact the my hair is always greasy.....
PALLASHEIM Pred 7 urami
I NEED to shower every day. I start to smell like alcohol... Like???
FaCiaL Pred 7 urami
You're only supposed to wash your hair every 2 to 3 days
kotto コット
kotto コット Pred 7 urami
Diego Savage
Diego Savage Pred 8 urami
Ok that’s nice, but please shave your facial hair. Doesn’t suit you
Lila Belle
Lila Belle Pred 9 urami
Does the video mess up for anyone else? For about a second it's normal, then it's just lines straight across. I've reloaded it a few times, but it doesn't change, and when I hover over the progress bar to see still images of the video, those are fine. So weird lol
Yu uu
Yu uu Pred 9 urami
Im gonna sum up a movie, a streamer and a doctor in 1 line: Asmongold to mike: Hey doc, on your left.
RetroBass Pred 11 urami
Most weird argument
Karen C
Karen C Pred 12 urami
4 minute showers are possible if I’m just doing a body lather. Howeverrrr, shampooing and conditioning my hair (2-3x/wk) + face wash + body lather + exfoliate + shaving usually takes close to 20 minutes 😭
Cara Danelle Sheasby
Cara Danelle Sheasby Pred 12 urami
I shower when I feel gross you know when the build up is too much for me its every three or so days but more if its really hot then I feel sticky and need it
Roope Räsänen
Roope Räsänen Pred 12 urami
Facinating indeed. I shower every evening but interesting that you can actually overshower
KAM Pred 14 urami
I am showering every day. To each its own.
The Disturbed Gamer
The Disturbed Gamer Pred 15 urami
Maybe that's why you had to say "ex girlfriends" lmaooo
the y/n in every BTS ff
the y/n in every BTS ff Pred 15 urami
I hate showing but my doctor said i have to shower every single day now idk what to do😭😭
¿‽Rean‽¿ Pred 16 urami
Has someone who loves freezing cold water i dont get what's up with people and hot water, it just doesn't make sense for me like howd you guys like burning hot water on a hit day? I mean i do cold showers even if its freezing cold outside but still 👁️👄👁️
Keaton Prebble
Keaton Prebble Pred 19 urami
DJToneRI Pred 19 urami
If you work every day like you're supposed to then you need a shower every day
hello stranger
hello stranger Pred 19 urami
If not wash your hair but atleast wash your body or sponge bath everyday,🌝 unless u live in Poles
S ANUSHRI Pred 22 urami
Thank you! Exactly my point.
aarontooth Pred dnevom
So ummm... Why again are you having this conversation with your patients all the time? How much does this particular question come up in your practice?
WILLY LYNCH Pred dnevom
I shower once a week.
Alifah Azlisham
Alifah Azlisham Pred dnevom
Living in Malaysia, a Southeast Asian country with humid weather, if you don’t shower, no one wants to be your friend.
H Wall
H Wall Pred dnevom
How am I supposed to contemplate existence if I'm not in a long hot steamy shower every evening?
okamus panulirus
okamus panulirus Pred dnevom
I shower for like once or twice a week ever since being stuck at home. Id shower for like 30mins to get all that 1week grease off lol
Red Rose \\ Dark Rose
Red Rose \\ Dark Rose Pred dnevom
My mom says that I need to shower everyday
kuro Tsuki
kuro Tsuki Pred dnevom
I do a rinse one day (cause relaxing) and a shower with soap the second day.
Fish stick Bio
Fish stick Bio Pred dnevom
Amyya Pred dnevom
People used to only shower about once a week but the soap companies decided they weren't making enough money, so they appealed to the insecurity of humans
Monae Break
Monae Break Pred dnevom
We don't rely on our own brains anymore! Do we need a doctor to tell us something a five year old could figure out? 🤦‍♂️
Kayleigh Bond
Kayleigh Bond Pred dnevom
I shower everyday but I wash my hair every two days. Found that's the best thing for me.
fairlind Pred dnevom
Hey, I hate showering, so I’d better stick to a routine. I’m afraid if I just base it on need, I’ll never shower again. Because “need” can be so subjective…. Lol.
Ioana-Mirela Sileanu
Ioana-Mirela Sileanu Pred dnevom
You can have a shower without washing your hair daily 🙄…
Aramati Paz
Aramati Paz Pred dnevom
Let's commit with a 10 min tapwarm shower?
Hytred Pred dnevom
I take cold shower
Abdul Elkhatib
Abdul Elkhatib Pred dnevom
I shower daily. I don't wash with soap every day some times I just rinse off like if I'm going to do yard work
WiseWeeabo Pred dnevom
Eww disgusting
Ess G
Ess G Pred dnevom
Also depending on your hair, you don't need to shampoo every day, so you can still shower every day but not wash your hair
Mexican Gamer
Mexican Gamer Pred dnevom
I shower every 3 days on the 3rd day my hair starts getting ew and my skin too
Jehuel Angcao
Jehuel Angcao Pred dnevom
Finally. A legit excuse for my mom
Biancaoml Pred dnevom
This goes to my mom that tells me to shower twice a day
Hillbilly Royalty
Hillbilly Royalty Pred dnevom
And doesn’t it weaken your immune system
Ari Woodward
Ari Woodward Pred dnevom
THREE MINUTES? lol NOO I can't even scrub my hair in three minutes
Steele Stár
Steele Stár Pred dnevom
Depends on your bodies pH
americanista 288
americanista 288 Pred dnevom
**girls taking 3hrs to shower noises**
Alisøn_rl6 Pred dnevom
Him:3-4 mins, cool water Me: aight u try to do my hair. I can’t brush or comb it without it being wet but when it’s wet it gets even more knotty than before
BElle Driver
BElle Driver Pred 2 dnevi
still gross. I shower multiple times a day and WILL look down on people who don't. you and Jake are both disgusting. one more strike and I will unsubscribe ;)
Mon-Ica Ed
Mon-Ica Ed Pred 2 dnevi
Lol! I dont shower when Im off day coz I dont really go anywhere I stay relax at home! Just one day without shower!
Elazar Pimentel
Elazar Pimentel Pred 2 dnevi
3 minute cold shower? What universe is this? I don't move from under the hot stream of water for the first 15 minutes!
Angieluvsdmb Pred 2 dnevi
I have long, thick, curly hair. I agree a daily shower isn’t always necessary. Neither is washing your hair every time you shower. However, I have never been able to shower in three or four minutes. A demonstration please, Dr Mike
Laura Fortunato Martins
Laura Fortunato Martins Pred 2 dnevi
I think thats kind of cultural too. In south america we take showers everyday, since native civilizations, at that time they thought it was sacred. We dont really dont wash our hair everyday, but taking a shower is just essential. I cant imagine not showering everyday, its just gross to me, but i understand its a cultural thing
Xoey Kuczkowski
Xoey Kuczkowski Pred 2 dnevi
"Just a cool running 3 minute shower" You mean an hour long shower too hot for satan himself?
selexie Pred 2 dnevi
If you pooped you need a shower
Sandra Vasquez
Sandra Vasquez Pred 2 dnevi
I definitely need 20 minute scolding hot showers.
Unfunny Bunny
Unfunny Bunny Pred 2 dnevi
Due to lack of running water, I am forced to shower not very often. My hair is extremely healthy and beautiful with almost 0 treatment or products!
Kay C
Kay C Pred 2 dnevi
I feel like this is common sense
Akira Pred 2 dnevi
he say that but people have disgusting higiene habits even showering everyday, imagine if they learn this lmao
Cyn Pred 2 dnevi
I shower after exercise and when I feel like I need it. In summer more often, in winter less often. After exercise a (relatively) cool shower is fine, 25-30°C is good. A normal shower would be 40-45°C. A hot summer day can go down to 15°C.
Letícia Tolomony
Letícia Tolomony Pred 2 dnevi
Add it to Brazil and you have your parents yelling at you to shower everyday :3
E.J. Pred 2 dnevi
I'm big and stinky. I gotta shower twice a day if I'm active.
hm Pred 2 dnevi
ok, esthetician here ! you aren't gonna strip your skin of oils if you apply lotion after you shower. i do agree that you don't have to shower every day tho; in the summer i tend to shower every night, in the winter i go for every other night but i'd never go more than two days without. do not wash your hair everyday, this will cause your hair to overcompensate and become more oily. i have dry, curly hair so i wash with shampoo once a week and refresh with a cowash in the middle of the week. baby wipes and/or damp washcloths are your best friend too ! if you don't shower everyday you should still wipe down the important bits including underarms and the back/inner part of your thighs that are exposed to the toilet
hm Pred 2 dnevi
i love the fact that this man clearly thinks you need to wash your hair every time you shower ...
Dominique with a QUE
Dominique with a QUE Pred 3 dnevi
You need to shower daily and moisturize
Diksha Mohanty
Diksha Mohanty Pred 3 dnevi
I have to shower everyday after I get home from my morning run and before I sleep. IDK I guess it's like a mental block i feel sticky and gross if I dont
Marleigh Doxeen
Marleigh Doxeen Pred 3 dnevi
Ooooh.... I thought Doc mike is a member of LGBTQ. But he said his, "ex GFs". Ay see...
Lily Chalker
Lily Chalker Pred 3 dnevi
What if i take lukewarm showers for an hour ever 1every 3 days👀
Aestheticc_ HayHay
Aestheticc_ HayHay Pred 3 dnevi
I'm still told by my mom I have to shower every day ✋
Lari Dion
Lari Dion Pred 3 dnevi
Dr. Mike, digging the beard! **going to keep boiling myslef in the shower for 45 minutes anyways 👀
Jessica Jennings
Jessica Jennings Pred 3 dnevi
3 to 4 minute showers? Easy for him to say! He doesn’t have twelve inches of extremely thick hair to wash!
delikat Pred 3 dnevi
It can be super harmful for your hair to shower everyday. I’m glad someone finally cleared this up 🤦‍♀️
Boneless Pred 3 dnevi
"you don't need a hot shower, for 20-40 minutes" Yes, but it sure feels really nice to have
TheFlyingCougar Pred dnevom
Yeah but if you do it consistently it does dry your skin out. Plus hot water opens your pores up which makes it easier for dirt and stuff to get in after
Brennen Hrebeniuk
Brennen Hrebeniuk Pred 3 dnevi
Hot water and Shampoo(especially with sulfates or parabens) are the parts of a shower that ruin hair and skin health. Keep shower as low a temp as you can handle and only shampoo once or twice a week or after swimming/Workout. Condition hair at bare minimum every other day but I reccomend daily. Of course individual choice, body type, skin, hair, and geographical climate/Weather are all factors to consider but typically this advice given by professional haircare specialists is applicable to 99% of people. Guys wonder why they go bald so fast and the products they use can have a direct impact on this.
Brennen Hrebeniuk
Brennen Hrebeniuk Pred 2 urami
@tsunad well cold water isnt as damaging to hair so there's that
tsunad Pred 4 urami
I heard a good tip that i dont believe is scientifically proven, to run your hair under cold water at the end of your shower before you hop out. Even if doing this just helps mentally i like the refreshing routine.
nachtegael W
nachtegael W Pred 3 dnevi
It’s hard to shampoo long hair with cool water. It seems to tangle more easily, harder to work in the shampoo, harder to wash all the grease out. That said, I take 5-10 min showers, 10 mins max. Just enough to get clean. Otherwise, I’m just wasting water & electricity!
TheMinecraftSkillz Pred 3 dnevi
Pls my hair is like a half meter. I can't shower for 3 minutes Mike
Keep your showers short you don't need a 20 minutes shower...says the man who doesn't shave his arms and legs 🤣
_Shoucchann_ Pred 3 dnevi
Everyone in Brazil shower everyday. Sooo…
Gabriele Riva
Gabriele Riva Pred 3 dnevi
Right, besides for people who go to the gym every day i think it's OK to do a small shower every time because it won't be overshowering, it's for a good reason and 5 minutes is enough
Jabroniville Pred 3 dnevi
This is a personal attack on everything I stand for. I will continue to shower for 30 minutes in scalding water, thank you very much, DOCTOR JUDGY!
Sarah Monique
Sarah Monique Pred 2 dnevi
😭😂😂😂 I shower, on avg, twice a day. Not one of these famous people will convince me that NOT washing my @$$ is ok and the right thing to do. It makes me very happy that I'll never be near a celebrity ever.
thepanda pals
thepanda pals Pred 3 dnevi
I have to shower everyday working with fastfood so grease
Ella Collison
Ella Collison Pred 4 dnevi
you sound like jonah
Amanda Dixson
Amanda Dixson Pred 4 dnevi
I'm a woman and I have a vagina- I shower twice a day. Oh, and I prefer to be boiled alive.
Zahra Aziz
Zahra Aziz Pred 4 dnevi
When he means shower, I wonder if that includes not washing your privates? I don’t understand how people can go even a day without washing their private parts and underarms at least.
Abi Eshleman
Abi Eshleman Pred 4 dnevi
I shower once or twice a day in the blazing depths of summer in my humid climate, and the other 9 months of the year, I shower every other day, and wash up with wet wipes or a wash cloth bath for just the stinky parts. If I showered every day of the year, my eczema would go nuts and I would get so dried out. I actually tend to be oily on the upper half of my body, but when you over strip your body oils, your body tries to compensate by making even more oil, which can lead to acne.
Syn Heath
Syn Heath Pred 4 dnevi
Thank you!
Dingus Gnome
Dingus Gnome Pred 4 dnevi
I shower twice a day. Once in the morning bc my hair is incompetent and i don't like the way i smell, and once in the evening because i get sweaty and my hair gets sweaty
Theo Holiday
Theo Holiday Pred 4 dnevi
I can't tolerate heat of any kind. I always take cold showers. I get so sick if I take hot showers.
Dana Gibbon
Dana Gibbon Pred 4 dnevi
Dr. Mike can pull my 20 minute scalding hot, daily showers out of my cold dead hands 🙃
Danielle King
Danielle King Pred 4 dnevi
So how long is TOO long to NOT take a shower then? lol
Keira Pred 4 dnevi
Argue?? With the doctor?? Is she crazy????
Peter Paul
Peter Paul Pred 4 dnevi
You disappoint we with this one Mike! Stop encouraging people to be nasty! Whether or not you move, your body still secretes and produces waste!
Hi Heidi
Hi Heidi Pred 4 dnevi
Very true. Although I’d love to hear how to shampoo and condition my (long) hair, shave pits, legs, …other areas, and wash your body all in 3 minutes. ;)
Sandrila D
Sandrila D Pred 4 dnevi
Someone tell this to my mom please!!
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