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Dr. Heather Irobunda is a board-certified OBGYN in New York and the perfect person to have join me for a reaction to The Good Doctor Season 4 episode 4 “Not The Same”. This is a really intense episode where a mother is forced to make an impossible decision: which of her twins she’s carrying she wants to save. There is a ton of nuance here and I was grateful for Dr. Irobunda’s expertise when discussing subjects like preeclampsia, and inverted uterus, presenting options to a patient, the painful reality of pregnancy and motherhood, what to expect when you’re expecting, and of course Dr. Shaun Murphy’s ability to know everything about medicine all the time.

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I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Tjitske Ronner
Tjitske Ronner Pred 13 urami
Im an equestrian and your reaction to medical shows.... is my reaction to shows and movies with horses.. XDD
Varunmuhil Viswanathan
Varunmuhil Viswanathan Pred 17 urami
I am a student who just finished 12th now, and was banging my head, thinking what erythroblastosis foetalis had to do with the twin babies.
Games they submitted
Games they submitted Pred dnevom
That inverted uterus gesture you both made is now SEARED ON MY EFFING MEMORY thank you so much.
Games they submitted
Games they submitted Pred dnevom
Also why are the lights off in the hospital? Is it the zombie apocalypse? Don't you all need light to do stuff by??
Jennifer Walters
Jennifer Walters Pred dnevom
I don't understand how doctors watch these shows.
Patriks Orups
Patriks Orups Pred dnevom
What is that black thing on your leg during the video
Ylva Nordmeland
Ylva Nordmeland Pred 2 dnevi
Love this video, had a baby in week 26 ❤
Michael D
Michael D Pred 2 dnevi
Can we do a poll on how many guys named Mike or Michael that cannot dance I am 1 of them
James Adams
James Adams Pred 2 dnevi
You should do a reaction video about laboratory scenes in TV shows and movies with a medical laboratory scientist as a guest.
Shell V.M.S
Shell V.M.S Pred 2 dnevi
Ah! This is one I actually know a teensie bit about! But bro, I had Dizygotic Twins, so ya know Dichorionic diamnotic twins. My blood pressure was insanely high and I was on 3 diff types of BP meds that I had to schedule through the day (coz, pregnant, couldn't use the heavy duty meds). It wasn't until 36 weeks when they couldn't control my bp anymore - and one of my boys stopped growing around 26 weeks, so it wasn't helpful for him to stay in there if I was in danger. BUT I had no protein in my urine, so the doctors weren't calling it pre-eclampsia. All this to say, by 24 weeks coz I'd become high risk, gestational diabetes and hella high BP etc, I went to the hospital baby check up ward every 2 weeks - they checked weight, bp, and the protein in your urine every visit... and all of them were hella chill. The midwives saw this day in and day out and weren't quick to jump to anything huge, even with all the false alarms. But as many times as I was admitted, there were so many tests and observations before they made any big calls - like the final one to take them out. Granted - My boys were ok, they just needed some time in humidicribs, under lamps, and a bit of help breathing and nose tubes for eating. We were out of hospital in three weeks. But, I named mine in Utero. I always thought that was strange until at 23 I was cooking two little dudes and I just.. kinda knew who was who in there... which name fit. It sounds a bit bizarre but it did end up being important to me - I was a single mum and I told my sister so if anything happened to me or them they'd have their names. I ended up not responding to the spinal anaesthetic, so they put me under, and when I woke up my sister had told the midwives the names of baby A and baby B respectively - so when I met them they had their names. It was strange, but nice meeting the little one who I got to know when they were on the inside - outside as a real person. Looooongest comment of my life. But man. Episodes like this make me super emotional. Its really tough when situations come up when your pregnant. Feeling helpless, even though its your body.
za za tomy
za za tomy Pred 3 dnevi
This doc is my fovorite so far,do more vids with her 🧡
Amity Rosetta Noceda
Amity Rosetta Noceda Pred 3 dnevi
Will you react to the Daniel Tiger episode titled "Daniel goes to the Hospital" on the PBS Kids SLus channel
Skettlu Pred 3 dnevi
jelvie726 Pred 4 dnevi
I love this collab. We need to see more of her this channel.
Evets Sirrah
Evets Sirrah Pred 4 dnevi
As a paramedic in Virginia, Prince William County, we were required to do a 18 or 16Ga on all adult patients per our directives. This was explained that all emergency patients need to be able to go to radiology immediately just in case for contrast, etc... This also helped with the rainbow vials that we took on every patient prior to arrival at the ER/ED, per our directives. My most nervous experience was an infant who needed fluids badly, she had a sunken fontanelle, and I used a 26g iv cath for the first and only time in my career. I got it on the first attempt thankfully for the little girl, and myself secondly.
Evets Sirrah
Evets Sirrah Pred 3 dnevi
@MaryAnn Hardy Absolutely. I got out of it and into law instead. The pay is much better in law.
MaryAnn Hardy
MaryAnn Hardy Pred 4 dnevi
I have a question: Are paramedics as poorly paid as they were in the 1980's? I got to know a paramedic (a client of mine) and learned what dismal pay they received. I found that to be absolutely true in 3 states that I've lived in. And I was a teacher! (not known for receiving high salaries). I was truly shocked at that revelation.
M Pred 4 dnevi
Better at eating...
ItzJust_Me Pred 4 dnevi
Linda Wade
Linda Wade Pred 4 dnevi
Did she say Dr. Beal?! That’s my doctor
Ian Potter
Ian Potter Pred 4 dnevi
Can you or have you done Chicago Med.? Please
Katrina Nguyen
Katrina Nguyen Pred 4 dnevi
Katrina Nguyen
Katrina Nguyen Pred 4 dnevi
shoot i meant 5:01
Katrina Nguyen
Katrina Nguyen Pred 4 dnevi
Wendelyn Steele
Wendelyn Steele Pred 5 dnevi
I would love it if the two of you together would do a react video to Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 Episode 11-Owner of a Lonely Heart. The episode is centered around a woman pregnant with quintuplets. Please! and thank you in advance if you do! ☺︎︎
COLA Squad
COLA Squad Pred 5 dnevi
As a twin this got pretty deep for me…. I wouldn’t want to be the twin that dies but I would never want my brother to die… and in my case I was the strong baby and my brother was the weak one, not to mention we had a couple of complications and we were a month early-ish
abdur tagari
abdur tagari Pred 5 dnevi
Bro you have no idea how much I wanted you to watch this episode
Jenny Pred 5 dnevi
Please do a reaction to episode 12 from the first season. and also episode 10 of season 2. It would be so good.
Nobody Pred 5 dnevi
This just makes me not wanna get pregnant. I already didn't want to but this just confirms it
Shaun Haas
Shaun Haas Pred 6 dnevi
You should check AFL injuries
cest moi-même
cest moi-même Pred 6 dnevi
Quick question from a midwifery nurse: How is it possible that the Twins have a Twin-to-Twin-Transfusion-Syndrom if they are DCDA? They dont even share a placenta!!!!
Reid Zimmerman
Reid Zimmerman Pred 7 dnevi
reall good watch
Vanessa Stoffel
Vanessa Stoffel Pred 7 dnevi
Considering the episode here, I was actually born at 23 weeks
Scoobarekt u
Scoobarekt u Pred 7 dnevi
I've been in and out of the hospital for my whole life (as a patient) and the one thing that always irritates me in movies/ shows is that they always place a center line (or whatever I'm German so I don't know what it's called in English) instead of a normal line on your arm.
Amanda Anderson
Amanda Anderson Pred 7 dnevi
I remember being really irritated when my husband's oncologist wouldn't tell me what he would do if it were him.
123 games
123 games Pred 7 dnevi
why just why if i didn't click of the hole show will be ruind for me
Phạm Hồng Thu Hằng
Phạm Hồng Thu Hằng Pred 8 dnevi
Please react to Doctor-X, a medical Japanese series!!! Please!!!
penny hu
penny hu Pred 8 dnevi
I recommend a Japanese TV show call Code blue, it is very accurate
Lisa Meeks
Lisa Meeks Pred 8 dnevi
You should react to Doogie kamealoha ,md
Wilfred Nandwa
Wilfred Nandwa Pred 8 dnevi
It's not fun to watch these shows as a doctor
Katharina Müller
Katharina Müller Pred 8 dnevi
The story with the twins who got delivered seperatly: There`s more difference in age between these two than between me and my cousin.
Reetika Biswas
Reetika Biswas Pred 8 dnevi
How would dizygotic dichorionic twins have twin to twin transfusion syndrome though? 🧐
Stampy_is_ King
Stampy_is_ King Pred 8 dnevi
me watching this acting like u know what there saying
Lu Design Studio
Lu Design Studio Pred 8 dnevi
Why haven't I seen this video before, it's precious!
MARIAN MILLA Pred 8 dnevi
Pls do downton abbey sybil pregnancy pls. I want both of u to react.
Asteri Pred 9 dnevi
oh hey my mom has RH factor, so its neat getting to learn a bit about what thats about in a reaction video.
Mommy Plumbob
Mommy Plumbob Pred 9 dnevi
Dr Mike: "Do people name babies in utero?" My youngest was named at 12 weeks 😂😂😂 Thanks genetic testing that tells the gender LOL!!!
pink glitter
pink glitter Pred 9 dnevi
I thought this would be the episode with the conjoined twin girls...
Ricardo Waterson
Ricardo Waterson Pred 9 dnevi
Rare footage of smart people talking in the internet
Tay Zk
Tay Zk Pred 9 dnevi
That "You can also give some oral medication" moment is meme-worthy
Gayatri krishnan
Gayatri krishnan Pred 9 dnevi
It’s just a drama, I don’t know why we need these kind of discussion over a drama episode. People just watch it for enjoyment not for the purpose of learning. I’m just surprised by the comments that this show is not accurate🙄 well that’s why we call it drama. If they want to show us all accurate things better a documentary inside the hospital than taking a series.
Francis Hollingshead
Francis Hollingshead Pred 10 dnevi
Have you heard of McLeod syndrome? It's a disease similar to Rh incompatibility. Some say that King Henry 8th may have suffered from McLeod syndrome.
Arie Eddy
Arie Eddy Pred 10 dnevi
I would love to see a review of the hunger Games movies! There are a few injury and treatment scenes through all the movies that I think would be awesome to get your opinion on!!
Britney Love
Britney Love Pred 10 dnevi
When I wasn't even born when I was still being delivered I didn't cry I screamed everyone in the hospital heard it and the doctor that delivered me just said "good luck with this one"
Steven Ater
Steven Ater Pred 10 dnevi
TTTS in dizygotic twins makes absolutely no sense.
Steven Ater
Steven Ater Pred 10 dnevi
Also, there's literally no way to know twins are dizygotic, in pregnancy, from an ultrasound unless they're a different sex. The only other way to know would be a genetic study of babies. LMFAO. They could've Googled this stuff at least.
Lizbeth Smit
Lizbeth Smit Pred 11 dnevi
I'm mama of DCDA twins, and yeah doctors looked very well and for a long time to be sure they right. So start of this episode it's very funny to me) he just saw everything in one second 😂
bebespeaks Pred 11 dnevi
It’s Lupus.
Akash Pandey
Akash Pandey Pred 11 dnevi
Bro... How can dichorionic diamniotic twins have Twin to twin transfusion syndrome 😂😂😂 Twins need to be mono-chorionic to get TTTS 😅
Depresso Espresso
Depresso Espresso Pred 11 dnevi
So uh, serious question, Dr. Varshavski (and Dr. Irobunda) I’ve been have period cramp like pain even outside my menstrual cycle. The pain is still localised around where my uterus is. Should I be concerned about things like PCOS? I don’t think it’s endometriosis because I’m not bleeding alongside the cramps
Kirsten Schell
Kirsten Schell Pred 11 dnevi
Omg I love how well you two play off of each other. The dialogue flows and feels real (because it is). PLEASE DO MORE WITH HER, start a playlist with guest appearances? I just loved this, 5 stars, 10/10, would watch again! 🙏😁
Madhu Menon
Madhu Menon Pred 11 dnevi
What amuses me is that doctors at this hospital are all superstar surgeons. They are specialists in ALL kinds of surgeries. They don't even have a cardiothoracic surgeon anymore after Melendez died so everyone else just does it now. At 8:40, you have Shaun, a general surgeon, Andrews, a plastics surgeon, and Resnick, an internal medicine doctor. No OB-GYN in sight.
2 ideots with a phone
2 ideots with a phone Pred 12 dnevi
Me: "I don't want kids unless my partner wants to give birth" Person: "why?" Me: My vagine hurt during this
Autistic Love
Autistic Love Pred 12 dnevi
He shows how an Autistic persons eyes and mind work together to do stuff like that speaking as someone with it
Reese Pred 12 dnevi
Oh hey! the Rh thing was a problem with me when my bio-mom was pregnant. Her friend tried to get her to drink half a guiness a day to help, thankfully my dad was there to stop that lol
dishna Pred 12 dnevi
Loved the background when Mike was dancing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🩺❤️
Dreadsneko Pred 12 dnevi
Love seeing how far medicine has come. My twin and I had TTT transfusion 30 years ago before they could really fix it like this. We were both born early around 26 weeks weighing 1 lb.
The Name Thing Is Not Happening YouTube
The Name Thing Is Not Happening YouTube Pred 13 dnevi
Can’t Rh incompatibility be treated(ish)? Especially if it’s the first case of Rh incompatibility in the mother?
Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker Pred 13 dnevi
Pro Choicers: I don't see the problem they are just part of her body not living things
Charske Vlogs
Charske Vlogs Pred 13 dnevi
def have to be in army to make that weight
Nia Travis
Nia Travis Pred 13 dnevi
Deni Bara
Deni Bara Pred 13 dnevi
Omg You should totally react to 9-1-1 medical scenes.
K Murphy
K Murphy Pred 13 dnevi
I really like my OBGYN but i love Dr. Heather Irobunda, she is soooo cute. I feel like she'd explain things to me, not rush and also be a good drinking buddy LOL
Chaotic Eloquence
Chaotic Eloquence Pred 13 dnevi
Dear Doctor Mike's Editing Team: Please be more mindful of those of us who listen with subtitles. When the little captions come up at the bottom of the screen that describe or define what is being discussed, I have to turn the captions off to read them.
Louise Rodrigues
Louise Rodrigues Pred 14 dnevi
I love how Dr Mike gathers with his Dr friends to talk ill about any medical tv show I like to watch lol. Just kidding, I love these videos
Boss Men
Boss Men Pred 14 dnevi
1:32 yes but you say she has excess fluid in body
O dog
O dog Pred 14 dnevi
I got a question, why doctors use days to count pregnancy instead of months
Parmezanka Nepalska
Parmezanka Nepalska Pred 14 dnevi
which episode is that?
Darnel Uy
Darnel Uy Pred 14 dnevi
Its because in a show you have a limited time there is no time for a long wait for laboratory result and long scan and history of patient or else it will consume alot of time just for diagnostic shows cannot afford that.
Lucky Child
Lucky Child Pred 14 dnevi
Say diamniotic dizygotic five times fast. slaps own face for not getting to say it one time fast
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Pred 15 dnevi
The real doctors and microbiologists are on Bitchute. Mike is another puppet! Themtube loves promoting these sellouts. I can't say much here because it will be censored / removed again.
Hrishi Natahn
Hrishi Natahn Pred 11 dnevi
What fuckin conspiracies are you watching?
Carter Pritchard
Carter Pritchard Pred 15 dnevi
This is like watching any hospital show with my mom she just points out everything wrong, (my mom is an RN)
Mark Devine
Mark Devine Pred 15 dnevi
"You see mostly healthily patients, I see pathologists" got me in tears since I work in pathology and I know exactly what he meant there.
Prometheus720 Pred 15 dnevi
This is actually my favorite content for a while. Please bring her back some time!
Brie Garrett
Brie Garrett Pred 15 dnevi
You obviously don't know how savant syndrome works.
Jamilly Pred 15 dnevi
That fact they showed about Rh incompatibility, I learned that in middle school and I'm shocked at that
Mo Pred 15 dnevi
As far as I know the “strong” baby is actually more vulnerable and more likely to die in twin to twin transfusion syndrome . So that doesn’t make any sense
KumaoftheForest and his Cubs
KumaoftheForest and his Cubs Pred 16 dnevi
I wouldn’t mind a medical show where common simple problems are taken WAY out of proportion, like a sore throat is treated like anthrax or a broken arm is treated like a LIFE AND DEATH situation, doctors running around, yelling orders, dramatic music, sweeping camera angles
Jennifer Jude
Jennifer Jude Pred 16 dnevi
Please react to the new Disney show Doogie Kamealoga, MD about a 16 year old doctor
Blue Tube
Blue Tube Pred 16 dnevi
Are they still twins?
Kanari Raspberry
Kanari Raspberry Pred 16 dnevi
Fun fact : they censored the scene when he ask « which twin should die » in France.
Dustin Rodriguez
Dustin Rodriguez Pred 16 dnevi
When I was in college, I majored in Computer Science, but I minored in Philosophy. On the philosophy track, one of the hardest and most advanced courses taken in senior year was the Bioethics class. The issues doctors, researchers, public health officials, etc have to deal with can get pretty intense. I would imagine that for the general public, whose personal philosophical outlook is just a random mishmash of self-contradicting junk they happened to bump into during their life (you get no choice about whether or not to have philosophical beliefs, if you choose not to adopt ideas intentionally then you just end up with a random collection), they really just don't have the tools to deal with it. But somebody has to, to come up with hospital policies and social policies and laws and things like that. Sometimes you have no choice but to act, and not everyone has the luxury of just making unrealistic demands of the universe and escaping all responsibility.
Kristain McCluskey
Kristain McCluskey Pred 16 dnevi
My OB missed my preeclampsia. I ended up in the ICU and almost died 🙃 baby girl was healthy but small.
Ali Corn
Ali Corn Pred 16 dnevi
If I was on a TV show when I was a patient I’d always go with the chance to save everyone because the show writers always make it work out and they really shouldn’t if they want it to reflect reality at all if it’s a 15% chance or 10% chance they should make sure both kids are dead because most often that’s what would happen
Firnien Arya
Firnien Arya Pred 16 dnevi
They predicted pre-eclampsia or whatever before the show did. Psychic docs irl lmao
Emmanuel Niyo
Emmanuel Niyo Pred 16 dnevi
So am watching with my little niece and she is asking me what's a butcher what do I tell her
Jay Best
Jay Best Pred 16 dnevi
Dr Irobunda is awesome and has such a great personality!!
Graphi Pred 16 dnevi
"stay happy and healthy" mmmm, i can only promise the happy part
Michael Montalto
Michael Montalto Pred 16 dnevi
The tacit plant oppositely file because anger hemodynamically guess amidst a powerful dibble. frequent, complete farm
5J Media
5J Media Pred 16 dnevi
I have learned so much from Doctor Mike, but this is the video I learned OBGYN is actually OB/GYN and it is a split reference referring to different areas of medical practice. 🤯
Jason Hollis
Jason Hollis Pred 17 dnevi
I was born 3 months premature 1 lb and 5 oz with 1 layer of skin I have A+ blood with an rh - Factor so I had rhesus disease after I was born they gave me a whole bunch of whole blood transfusions because my blood was too thick for my heart to pump it. I had a twin brother he died 11 days after he was born.
MaganAlisha Pred 17 dnevi
Where did you get the artwork behind you? The heart and brain maps, I love them!
Brandi Vazquez-Simon
Brandi Vazquez-Simon Pred 17 dnevi
Dr.McSexyPantsssssss Please change your name this. 💙💙💙 Mister Mc Sexy Pants 💙 I absolutely love you.
Brandi Vazquez-Simon
Brandi Vazquez-Simon Pred 17 dnevi
I LOVE her!! So informative. You guys should have your own podcast together. 💙 “Dangerous Doctors” - “Doctors without Wifi”(instead of Doctors Without Borders)
Dry Rain
Dry Rain Pred 17 dnevi
Pro-choice people does this decisions while taking breakfast.
James Smith
James Smith Pred 17 dnevi
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