Doctors Too Often Ignore PCOS

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PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a hormonal condition that affects over 5 million women of reproductive age. Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. The ovaries may develop numerous small collections of fluid (follicles) and fail to regularly release eggs. The symptoms can be quite unpleasant and many people goes years before receiving a diagnosis. While there is no definitive cure, there are treatment options you can discuss with your doctor.


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dumpling yoo
dumpling yoo Pred 38 minutami
I have pcos, but i couldn't afford the medicine(my government insurance doesn't cover for hormon therapy but they cover for the cysts) . So i let it and now i have mustache, still dont get my period for 8 month and really moody.
Jenny Davids
Jenny Davids Pred 20 urami
I really appreciate Dr Oziengbe on SLus I was able to get rid of my PCOS with the herbal medicine I order from Dr Oziengbe.
Dee DelVach
Dee DelVach Pred 4 dnevi
Twenty yrs ago, when I asked my male gyno to look for PCOS, he stated he didn't know what that was & just blew my suggestion off. How t f do I KNOW ABOUT IT, BUT HE DIDN'T??? I've read that "drilling" holes in the cysts is a treatment option, as well..
xlanakayx Pred 5 dnevi
It makes me so freaking mad hearing my friends go to the doctor with PCOS symptoms, getting diagnosed with it, but then the doctors downplaying it or not wanting to acknowledge it as any severe issue. I personally do not have PCOS, but literally all of my friends who do have it struggle so much, stressing about how their doctors don't take them seriously about it and just getting told that, "it is what it is." Or that the cause of their PCOS is primarily BECAUSE they are obese, so they should just lose weight and they'll be fine. I cannot believe how female reproductive health is so downplayed and overlooked!!!!! I also think this should be included in health classes in schools as well because I personally didn't know it was a thing til way later in high school, and even then I had little to no knowledge about it.
Dana Abboushi
Dana Abboushi Pred 5 dnevi
Hey doctor My doctor told me to do the hormonal test called “ Dutch” Would I know if I have the PCOS, or it’s got another test specifically for it? Thank you and hope you get my English 😊
Hiraeth Pred 5 dnevi
I have a feeling I might have PCOS but I don't know how to get tested. I'm not really close to my mom so I don't know how to tell her and I've never been to the hospital in my own. I'm 16
Jade Azucena
Jade Azucena Pred 5 dnevi
I have PCOS too missed period for 1 yr and had cyst on both ovaries....I am getting married soon and there were times that my partner would express how much he wants a baby sometimes it would make me sad becuase I know how little the chances are and he knows too...sometimes it can be a bit depressing seeing some of our friends having kids of their own sometimes I can see it in his eyes too though he never tell...I sure hope that we can find a good doctor who can help us out.
HolenaP Pred 6 dnevi
When i was just starting my period it was fine but after months i miss it for like 8 months and then it comes back sometimes i miss 2 or 3 months
Dedra Young
Dedra Young Pred 8 dnevi
I started having severe pain in my side when I was 16. I saw multiple doctors off and on for the next several years and each one told me something similar, "it's gas pain" "just cramps" or my favorite "it's in your head." One night when I'm 22 I'm in so much pain it's causing me to blackout, I finally end up in an er with someone who'll listen. He took several different scans and had me in for surgery that night. I had 2 cysts on my right ovary that were each the size of a baby's head! He said it was amazing they hadn't popped.
Natasha Lysette
Natasha Lysette Pred 8 dnevi
Its not surprising that its missed or ignored because its a womans issue. There's a lot of inequality between men and women in terms of physical and mental issues.
Christina Mansen
Christina Mansen Pred 8 dnevi
I miss my periods all the time but hey hopefully i am not infertile 😬
Emily Davenport
Emily Davenport Pred 8 dnevi
So if I have many missed periods to a point where I can't even keep track what does that mean?? 🤔
Anushka Dhar
Anushka Dhar Pred 10 dnevi
Is PCOD and PCOS the same thing?
Zhanna Brown
Zhanna Brown Pred 11 dnevi
You should do a video about CRPS
Hadjer Ferhat
Hadjer Ferhat Pred 11 dnevi
I have that and the best treatment is deit and excersise
Don't give cats Metacam
Don't give cats Metacam Pred 11 dnevi
Was diagnosed with this two years ago after my mother and cousin finally talked me into going to the doctors.
N I Q O L E Pred 12 dnevi
When I was a teenager I had gallstones. It was super painful everytime I had an attack! It wasn't until the 6th attack that they actually figured out what was wrong. Because of my age they did not even think to check there. My diet was likened to be the cause. I became a vegetarian when I was seven and did not eat much fast food. If I did it was usually a salad.
Sparko Pred 12 dnevi
I always here diseases has no and I never hear about what diseases DOES have a cure. What diseases have cures?
taehyung is very gender (they-them)
taehyung is very gender (they-them) Pred 13 dnevi
It's even worse for trans men because there just isn't enough/proper healthcare facilities for pepple who transition
Macey Cain
Macey Cain Pred 13 dnevi
PCOS runs in my family and I’m pending diagnosis but have missed 17 periods. In a row.
Mama Soul
Mama Soul Pred 13 dnevi
I love that this has been mentioned and is being informed. My best friend and I both have PCOS. I have one but I can occasionally painfully feel in my ovary and she has 3. We can never get any detailed information about our cysts other than that it is a ball full of hair, teeth, nails, skin… All we want to do is get rid of them but every doctor we come across says “no” because of the size and shape of them. She did however finally get to find a doctor that could remove the cysts from her the only issue is that she doesn’t have insurance anymore. 🙄💔
BadKittyDead Pred 15 dnevi
Like many others I was finally diagnosed with PCOS this year. I had always had irregular periods from younger and started getting excess hair on the face/body from the age 16.After symptoms got worse over the years I finally went to the doctor during uni and said I think I have PCOS and they did blood tests but came back fine. I went to another doctor a few years later, which did tests again and still they said my bloods were fine. I was at the hospital doing a random diabities test for something else and the doctor there said "I think you have PCOS" based on your PSYCHICAL symptoms. After talking to my newest doctor, I finally got a referral to the hospital to see Gyno and BAM they said I had PCOS. All my blood work tests were not showing extreme hormonal imbalances but they said since I had all the psychical symptoms that was enough. Was so relieved in the end just to KNOW and get something for treatment.
Silent Lion
Silent Lion Pred 15 dnevi
I see you reading from a flash card
Nick Bogdis
Nick Bogdis Pred 16 dnevi
Mild to moderate Iodine deficiency; Iodine is stored in the thyroid and in the ovaries. When thyroid is deficient in iodine, reduced metabolism occurs. When ovaries are deficient in Iodine, symptoms of PCOS occur. I wrote a manuscript on the effects of Iodine deficiencies on metabolic function and hormones.
SeànSGaming Pred 18 dnevi
heather wheeler
heather wheeler Pred 18 dnevi
I have pcos and got diagnosed when they did a blood test for a new medicine when I w a 16, and found that my Testosterone level was super high. I take birth control to help regulate my hormones.
Breah Tuff
Breah Tuff Pred 21 dnevom
My mom has that and she didn't know until after she had me
Choco Aile
Choco Aile Pred 23 dnevi
Good to know About PCOS . Many Women worried when comes 40's up.thank Doctor Mike
Denise Bowler
Denise Bowler Pred 24 dnevi
Dr Mike great to see a dr admit this 👍 how do we stop these conditions being misdiagnosed?
Guy1031 Pred 27 dnevi
yo i even got an add about it
Angelina Wylde
Angelina Wylde Pred 28 dnevi
How do you treat it? My doctor literally told me I had PCOS and then said they don't/can't treat it and just recommended I get laser hair removal for my cosmetic symptoms, completely ignoring the root of the problem
VibrantVirtue Pred 28 dnevi
It should be illegal to be this good looking and be this smart at the same time!
Summer Clarke
Summer Clarke Pred mesecem
When will you go for a surgeon doctor Mike?
melange Sindhu
melange Sindhu Pred mesecem
I have checked many websites and I wonder why on earth they don't know the cause of pcos and they try to give medicines to treat pcos. Hirsutism is one of the symptoms of pcos they say . Is there a cause and also solution for this? I wonder if all the women had pcos and it's just exposed more after x-ray?
Margarita Duran
Margarita Duran Pred mesecem
Can you please make a more in depth video about this. I love the way you explain things and I personally would love to understand more about this condition and what it intel’s. Thank you!!!
Sydney Cosentino
Sydney Cosentino Pred mesecem
Got diagnosed with it at 16..
KenzieHurlock Pred mesecem
I take the pills to help balance me out and regulate my period. I went to the OBGYN thinking I had PCOS and the test came back positive. Irregular periods and the body hair are the most annoying aspects of it for me. Hopefully when I'm ready to have children I won't experience complications.
Bevveh Pred mesecem
I had to be told by my mom that they found this in me at birth, inherited from her. Told at age 28. When I had already suffered a lifetime of self image issues and physical discomfort. Hell, a doctor we saw for an extreme toothache recognized it instantly by sight alone (bless him he actually did dedicated studies cause of his wife). Age 32 and I'm still untreated for lack of any way to afford it.
CassetteTape Pred mesecem
dr mike, i would adore if, when discussing medicine, you worked to use language to include trans & intersex patients
Avanelle The Clock Friend
Avanelle The Clock Friend Pred mesecem
Oh hey I got diagnosed with that this year!
Hailey Medeiros
Hailey Medeiros Pred mesecem
POTS syndrome!!! my doctor told me it was an iron deficiency, i went to a cardiologist, he told me i have POTS, my primary doctor still put me on iron supplements
Sarah Schlotfeldt
Sarah Schlotfeldt Pred mesecem
I recommend Dr IGUDIA on SLus for herpes cure because I have used his herbs medication and I’m completely cured of this deadly disease …
Diana Martinez
Diana Martinez Pred mesecem
You should talk about endometriosis next! It’s crazy How unnoticed it goes
6blocksunder Pred mesecem
especially since about 10% of AFAB have it
Keziah Yates
Keziah Yates Pred mesecem
Thankyou for doing this but its too short we need more! POTS, EDS, M.E or WPW Thankyou
_LoveMyAnime_ Pred mesecem
My wife has pcos
Julia Berliner
Julia Berliner Pred mesecem
Would love some info on the long-term effects of birth control! So many of us with PCOS have been on it religiously since a very young age, and I do sometimes worry about long-term risks (though they likely don't outweigh the short-term benefits of hormone regulation)
Leonise Johnson
Leonise Johnson Pred mesecem
Could you please speak about IIH
Shannon Kuether
Shannon Kuether Pred mesecem
It took my sister's doctor almost 2 year's to diagnosis her with PCOS. My sister went to another doctor and the second doctor diagnosed her 2 weeks later so my sister stuck with the second doctor.
Anna lee
Anna lee Pred mesecem
Thank God I came across Dr IGUDIA at the right time and I saw a lot of testimonies and how he has cured a lot of people from herpes disease s then I contacted him for help and he actually cured me, he also has a cure for other form of STI
Tanya Benedict
Tanya Benedict Pred mesecem
i have it
Kennedy Eckels
Kennedy Eckels Pred mesecem
pleeeease do a full video about PCOS
Azzarinne Pred mesecem
"While there's no definitive cure, there are medications" yeah, the miracle pill that's always recommended is the one medication I'm allergic to. >.
Nadilah H
Nadilah H Pred mesecem
Can you do more vids on PCOS? Im feeling so alone battling this. Especially ppl who keep commenting on my weight. Even doctors.
Maiah OBX
Maiah OBX Pred mesecem
And it suuuuuuuuuuucks 🥰
Pred mesecem
I was actually diagnosed like a month ago and I still have no idea what pcos even is so thanks lol!
Makina Thomas
Makina Thomas Pred mesecem
Could PCOS cause you to have struggles gaining weight?
rachel cook
rachel cook Pred mesecem
I was actually misdiagnosed with PCOS and when my OBGYN told me about it she didn’t even really explain it to me. She wanted me to do research on my own as to not “Scare me with the information.” In the end I changed my diet and birth control all because the internet told me it would help relive symptoms and my doctor gave me no guidance. Fast forward and I was severely depressed and my periods were insanely irregular so finally I went back in and low and behold my testosterone wasn’t even high anymore and a different hormone entirely was abnormal. I’m still in the process of being diagnosed and there’s still a lot we have to figure out but leaving me in the dark and giving me an automatic answer because one of my hormones was high and NEVER TESTING ME AGAIN didn’t help me any.
chelsi ellis
chelsi ellis Pred mesecem
What is a period?
Vannesa Marie
Vannesa Marie Pred mesecem
Do lupus! It was heck getting a diagnosis, and it started with fibromyalgia
Aliyu Mamman
Aliyu Mamman Pred mesecem
Been totally cured of herpes infection after using the herbal medication I got from Dr IGUDIA on SLus is the best gift to me.
M Usman
M Usman Pred mesecem
If you have PCOS cut out sugar and dairy and just watch what happens 🥰
6blocksunder Pred mesecem
yeah, nothing
CaTastrophy427 Pred mesecem
can you do one on MCAS?
Catherine Henderson
Catherine Henderson Pred mesecem
Thank you for stressing that doctors often look at the symptoms and not the cure! I have trust issues because so many doctors see an overweight person with acne and blood sugar issues and tell me to go on a diet like I never thought of that, like I haven't been on a strict diet for 5 years. It's a fairly common disease, yet so many women feel insecure and guilty because the symptoms seem "controllable" when they're not.
Liz Mitchell
Liz Mitchell Pred mesecem
I struggled with PCOS for over a decade before I got a diagnosis. This lead to metabolic syndrome and diabetes diagnoses at 27. I swear metformin changed my life.
Eric DiMemmo
Eric DiMemmo Pred mesecem
Speaking of diseases that are overlooked are you familiar PGAD, or Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder? It's a real thing, but I have been to several urologist who dismiss the possibility of it. What do you suggest?
The Unicorn family
The Unicorn family Pred mesecem
Watch the bentist
Komal Kuku
Komal Kuku Pred mesecem
I need to get it checked
astrick338 Pred mesecem
Appriciate you pointing these out! I've fought for a good chunk of my life for diagnoses for two of the three you've posted so far (PCOS and thyroid problems with Hashimoto's disease). Thank you for not being a doctor who just shrugs women in pain off!
Ana TV Time!
Ana TV Time! Pred mesecem
I have pcos it sucks so bad. 😔
jennifervan75 Pred mesecem
They didn't tell me about the hear problems/vescular thing you talked about
Cosmic Pred mesecem
Thanks for the captions! :)
Betty Jane
Betty Jane Pred mesecem
I have pcos and was wondering if pcos can make it harder for me to loose weight?
Victoria Perez
Victoria Perez Pred mesecem
i got diagnosed with pcos when i was 12😀
Anjana Gauri
Anjana Gauri Pred mesecem
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS 🙏. Dr. Mike, Could you please please please make a video- giving an overview of the syndrome and the possible lifestyle changes that can help? And please bust some myths too. Your video will be far more impactful. Please consider 🥺🙏❤️
Dani Pred mesecem
The family GP told me that all my issues were most likely PCOS related, despite lack of key criteria being met and all hormone values returning within range. I saw him at least 8 times in a year trying to get an answer as something was not right and i was constantly getting UTI’s and antibiotics prescribed without u-MCS sent for pathology. After seeing 5 separate drs and 2 ers in the space of 3 weeks, a student dr finally sent me for urgent CT and path. I ended up in hospital that night having an extreme case of kidney stones requiring emergency surgery as i had over 40 stones blocking both ureters- the largest being an inch. When asked if i was in pain i stated that it’s usually only bad around my period where there is increased peristalsis. From this i seriously wonder how much supra-pubic pain is just passed off as menstrual issues. As i have previously been hospitalised 4 other times for the exact same symptoms. WCC comes back slightly elevated antibiotics given and told to come back if it gets worse. There needs to be more investment into women’s health and updating of diagnostic symptoms and criteria.
kimberley 2017
kimberley 2017 Pred mesecem
Hey Dr Mike, would you do a whole video on the subject please?
dibsbbers6901 Pred mesecem
Thank you so much for featuring PCOS! I would miss periods though out my teen years only to stop having them altogether at 19. Many OBGYNs told me I was just "fat" and to "lose weight". I tried only to keep failing, I was even told by one doctor that if I really wanted to get pregnant I should "try harder". Finally after many doctors I found one who diagnosed me with PCOS and treated it. We adopted our daughter after 11 years of struggling with infertility and 4 years later I got pregnant with our son. 15 yrs of infertility! Don't give up hope if you are trying!! And also something that the other doctors never told me and is very important to hear...its NOT your fault!
tuskitenshi Pred mesecem
I have pcos and it was brushed off by my then family dr as no big fear because I was only 18.. it took years of being on the pill and then finally stopping and seeing a fertility specialist to finally properly diagnose and treat
lmarie-endobelly Pred mesecem
Same with endometriosis. It’s often mistreated even when they do know it is endo as well
Hannah McLaughlin
Hannah McLaughlin Pred mesecem
I love this. I have PCOS and I just got diagnosed with it this year, at age 27. I had my signs and symptoms for years, I just never really knew much about PCOS because my doctor never told me about it, even tho I had hair growth in unusual areas, and other symptoms and signs. I'm glad I now see a specialist, she taught me so much about it!
Cloudee Pred mesecem
Okay so my mom has an unknown disease or sum that acts like lupus, but it’s not lupus. I need help
sarah rech
sarah rech Pred mesecem
You should honestly do a video explainimg the difference between melabolic syndrome and diabetes. I've had health care professionals and friends and family just here diabetes or fat shame despite my melabolic syndrome being under control.
Undertale Taze
Undertale Taze Pred mesecem
“Infrequent Periods” Me: LUCKY.
Ashley Pred mesecem
I wish PCOS was taken more seriously. It has really negatively affected my life. People don’t realize how much hormones and an imbalance of them can really affect your quality of life and health. Edit: also periods are annoying as it is, so to have issues with them beyond the normal is just ridiculous.
Courtney Andrade
Courtney Andrade Pred 2 meseci
I went to an urgent care with the worst stomach pain I've ever had. The doctor did a physical evaluation plus urine and blood test. He was walking back in the room to send me home when he caught me at a peak pain moment and I was trying to choke back tears. HE was so proud to have caught my acute appendicitis because "women are much tougher than men. I saw the tears and knew it was serious." Is that a common diagnosis tool?
1LostMind Pred 2 meseci
I was diagnosed with pcos a few years ago & told I may never have kids which is heartbreaking cause my family is really fertile, currently 4 months pregnant 🙂
Gabrielle Brice
Gabrielle Brice Pred 2 meseci
I had a friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time because of COVID-19. Her voice was normal but then after COVID-19 it got really deep. Can that be a sign of PCOS?
Emily Pred 2 meseci
I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 14 and it sucks! I had really bad pain and had to go to the ER one night because I just couldn't take it anymore. Luckily all my doctors have been great, though.
00jyjsarang Pred 2 meseci
Think about the MILLIONS of people who have suffered from this throughout history and have been blamed and/or shamed for the effects. I'm not 100% sure but I think the criteria for diagnosis weren't even established until the 1980s or 90s.
emilyxjane Pred 2 meseci
i’m 14 and i went to the doctors the other day cause i’ve been passing out and have low iron but my blood sugar is also unusual so she said that i have to get an ultrasound for PCOS in a week
Estrella Kor
Estrella Kor Pred 2 meseci
Does spironolactone help with PCOS?
mara radonde
mara radonde Pred 2 meseci
Awesome video. I found out i have it when i had a huge cyst already, and went to a doctor bc of the horrible pain i was in. Hope y'all find out sooner
Cookiedough Pred 2 meseci
I have it .. my doctor found it when i was 18 ... but i had problems since i got my period.
Wxrrior OG
Wxrrior OG Pred 2 meseci
Why tho? I never heard of that in like 1990s
calistaixe Pred 2 meseci
oohhh, i have this rn :(( tho the doc told me that i should lose weight
Annie Burnett
Annie Burnett Pred 2 meseci
Dude said you only need two bro I got all three and like 30 cysts
Michelle Bissenden
Michelle Bissenden Pred 2 meseci
Luckily my pcos and under active thyroid gland were both picked up quickly in my 20’s. Great drs. I was misdiagnosed as type two diabetic at 30, only to find out at 38 it was actually type one LADA. At 32 a great dr in nz worked out I had hereditary haemochromatosis (which we later discovered was what my Nan had that had gone undiagnosed). I’m now 50 and by luck have discovered why I’ve been so tired and having aching bones and muscles; an undetectable amount of vitamin D in my body. All of the above illnesses/diseases are I believe very often overlooked or misdiagnosed.
Nandana 💜
Nandana 💜 Pred 2 meseci
I'm 17 rn and I was diagnosed with Pcos at 14. Thank you Dr.Mike for talking about it✌️
Chibi-Kitten Plays
Chibi-Kitten Plays Pred 2 meseci
I have been told for all my life that I got pcos.. but there is no help. Is there?
Arya M
Arya M Pred 2 meseci
so can hypothyroidism and PCOS occur co-morbidly?
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