Here's Why Joe Rogan's COVID Treatment Is Problematic

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Doctor Mike

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Joe Rogan, the controversial podcast host of The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify, tv presenter of Fear Factor, and Austin, Texas-based comedian, recently announced he had contracted COVID-19. While I wish Joe nothing but health and a speedy recovery, I do think it’s worth examining the treatment he claims to have received: a diverse cocktail of experimental treatments like Ivermectin and antibiotics. While we don’t yet have a cure for COVID-19, we do have a highly effective vaccine which dramatically reduces rates of hospitalization and death.

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Project Pegasus
Project Pegasus Pred 11 minutami
thank you CDC, but i choose to live so imma throw the kitchen sink at it too
James Pred 53 minutami
I don't believe you....because I have no reason to.
Silu Danji
Silu Danji Pred 7 urami
He now has natural immunity far better than this death shots that are killing thousands
abilyn 1105
abilyn 1105 Pred 13 urami
steroids' is not good a know of some young strong people with muscles that had Covid and the had passed away cause of steroids, also at some hospitals they give this corticoid i don't know why?, cause that's an immune system suppresser and isn't good for covid. neither if you are taking the vaccine. from all of that medicine cocktail that he took that was the only one he should have avoid.
Mister Guy
Mister Guy Pred 21 uro
A lot of Joe Rogan fans here on the comments. One thing I would like to mention is that 1) People with strong immune systems generally have very little symptoms of Covid-19. 2) That may be a factor in why Rogan recovered quickly. 3) There’s clearly information bias on Joes part as he’s been pushing other alternatives instead of the vaccine. 4) Why take a cocktail of drugs that have not been fully proven to treat Covid-19, when the vaccines have been proven over and over to be 90+% effective against Covid? 5) why do so many take Joe Rogans “medical” advice, and not from, say….a Doctor like Mike? 6) Yes, we know Ivermectin is not just a horse dewormer. Yes, we Monoclonal antibodies MAY help treat Covid SYMPTOMS. But, there’s so much backlash from a vaccine that could essentially eradicate the virus if people would just get the vaccine. Boggles my mind.
RH2RACING Pred 23 urami
As far as the vaccine goes, they just don't know the long term effects as it hasn't been out long enough to know. Also, with the severity of side effects that are known including death in relatively otherwise healthy people, it makes me want to shy away. Imagine living your whole life and being 40-50 years old and only wanting to protect yourself from a virus that you may never get or that may not really effect you and taking the vaccine only to die from it. That would really be a shame.
TheInfo4liberty Pred dnevom
Problematic? His doctor prescribed it and he recover in a couple days.
TheInfo4liberty Pred 6 urami
What’s problematic is my doctor and the three others I called today said take some Tylenol and stay hydrated….
Kert Uibo
Kert Uibo Pred dnevom
Mentions Ivermectin as not useful. Lmao. Bye
Sam Hutchinson
Sam Hutchinson Pred dnevom
This tool is on the federal gov payroll.
David Lemons
David Lemons Pred dnevom
yet more emotional responses to ppl and their own ideas that happen to conflict with the almighty FDA,CDC, and most doctors who have to tow the line or risk losing their jobs
gzvb8 Pred dnevom
Everything he took was prescribed by his doctor. You're spreading misinformation, "doctor". You can no longer be taken seriously, you've proven to be an unreliable source of medical information by lying about where Joe Rogan got his treatment from. Treatment you don't agree with is still treatment prescribed by another doctor. You can't take away his medical license because you disagree with him what you're doing is irresponsible and dishonest.
bmc2423 Pred dnevom
If you think the type of doctors and people he can afford giving him advise aren’t more knowledgeable than you on the subject than you’re insane. How can you argue with the results he was fully recovered in 2-3 days and was getting negative tests after undergoing his treatments.
tya04 Pred dnevom
Dr. Mike, I think it'd be interesting to interview Joe's doctor. Some of what he's taken (like ivermectim) is through a prescription only, meaning that his doctor had to have recommend it, right? People will do what their doctors say, that's been one of your main themes these past years, so instead of joining the dogpile on Joe, let's investigate the quacks who you disagree with.
BryanSWAGGBEAST Pred dnevom
Covid Vaccine doesn’t have affect against delta or does it?
Ken Noble
Ken Noble Pred 2 dnevi
He's right you shouldn't take nothing that wasn't fda approval unless the dems tell you to take the jab that's not approved
ct6502 Pred 2 dnevi
Another flat Earther nut...
Daniel Pred 2 dnevi
At you least didn't go full medical disinformation about Ivermectin, you just ignored most of the data from other countries. An easy mistake to make when ot doing research and want clicks.
Honk Bop
Honk Bop Pred 2 dnevi
"This is where marketers like to prey on you" as he markets to you.
n0rbak n0rbak
n0rbak n0rbak Pred 2 dnevi
Study shows remdesivir significantly reduces risk of hospitalization among high-risk Covid-19 patients.
G G Pred 2 dnevi
Oh buzz off mikey
You know what doctors aren't doctors that we should trust? It's the ones that are so young that they have very little irl field experiences besides what's required to graduate, and the ones busy trying to be SLusrs instead of doctors. I believe Joe's doing pretty well, and I would bet money that Joe's' doctor is far more skilled and experienced than this clown show.
Nicolas Bettega
Nicolas Bettega Pred 2 dnevi
And yet we have a president who blindly defends the "covid kit": hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine, ivermectin, nitazoxanide, azithromycin and colchicine
malicious software
malicious software Pred 2 dnevi
He's doing great now too. We need to be more like joe!
Ed Hill
Ed Hill Pred 2 dnevi
Many many examples of Ivermectin being effective if administered during the early onset of the virus.
Curtis Sanford
Curtis Sanford Pred 2 dnevi
Rogan recovered in 3 days all while not being vaxed . Doesn't follow narrative so that is why it's problematic !!!!!!!!!!
Curtis Sanford
Curtis Sanford Pred dnevom
@ct6502 If you think the earth is flat you're the nut !!! Do you always announce your presence on You Tube post's this way ??
ct6502 Pred 2 dnevi
Here come the flat Earther conspiracy theorist nuts...
Steve Brown
Steve Brown Pred 2 dnevi
PROBLEMATIC because Joe got over it in a weekend using hated ivermectin. Why do people keep calling the clotshots "treatments"??????
ct6502 Pred 2 dnevi
flat Earther nut
Noob Saibot
Noob Saibot Pred 2 dnevi
Pull your head in mate
Eileen Calder
Eileen Calder Pred 2 dnevi
What about reviewing the home treatment packs given to several million people in India containing Ivermectin and look at the data now available from Uttar Pradesh as to their efficacy instead of using an example one one American podcaster whose name just happens to be very efficacious click bait on you tube for other less subscribed channels.
Ken Voorhees
Ken Voorhees Pred 2 dnevi
The medication was prescribed by Rogan’s Dr. Ivermectin has be used on humans for 40 years. The developers won a noble prize for treatment in humans
Alexandre Muise
Alexandre Muise Pred 2 dnevi
He went to his doctor. Doctor wrote him a prescription which he picked up at the pharmacy. He took the meds prescribed by his doctor and said that a few days later he felt much better. Isn't that what doctors, pharmacists and meds are supposed to do?
Miral Abualjadail
Miral Abualjadail Pred 2 dnevi
I gotta be honest Dr. Mike, I came in here wanting to hate on you, but I really respect your approach despite my disagreement with you. I especially love that you wished him well in the end. We do need more doctors like you. They are a lesser evil and unfortunately rare now a-days. A lot of doctors have forgotten what it means to be a doctor.
kevingp12 Pred 3 dnevi
Natural antibodies are 15x stronger than the vaccine
kevingp12 Pred 8 urami
@pulpficti they are natural but by the method that they were infected it is not the same. And the research is showing that there are differences in hospitalizations and and future infections by the virus don't ask me ask them or figure it out yourself.
pulpficti Pred 12 urami
@kevingp12 no. That's the explanation why vaccines work. The immune system gets confronted with a virus without getting the actual disease. But how are the antibodies that your immune system produces not natural is the question
kevingp12 Pred 12 urami
@pulpficti by introducing a specific strain of the virus in a a state that is not fully activated as in the real world, or else that would mean they are injecting the full essence of the virus in you, thus making you completely sick from it. And it is this difference in the strain and state of the virus, that is different than found in the real world that makes all the difference between naturally aquired immunity compared to introduced immunity through the vaccine.
pulpficti Pred 13 urami
@kevingp12 come on my guy, it's an easy question
pulpficti Pred dnevom
@kevingp12 1. There are hundreds of studies every day. As long as they are not peer reviewed they're meaningless. 2. You didn't answer my question. How does the vaccine produce antibodies?
Luis Fischer
Luis Fischer Pred 3 dnevi
click bait backfire
Sam Hutchinson
Sam Hutchinson Pred 3 dnevi
Hey numb nuts, it's not a "vaccine" as you say at the end of the video. It's gene therapy. This is admitted by Dr. Drew Weissman.
Now this helps explain Doctor Mike's bias, he totally exposes his ignorance and should be invited on CNN ASAP. Take tid bits of a story and twist it into a dangerous narrative for people to fear. At least he admitted, "we are working countless hours trying to find a potential cure or a treatment for covid-19, and you know what we have come up with"? A vaccine, yes he just admitted the best "potential cure or treatment for covid-19 is a VACCINE"! Imagine that, this doctor is taking credit for developing the vaccine? This is what you are in for, if you see a brain dead doctor like this. He's going to twist and malign everything other doctors, all over the world are using as therapeutics designed to treat each individual patient's symptoms. He will bring up unrelated adds or scams or just unsafe drug combinations and falsely smear other doctors success. It's not the vaccine is a terrible option, it's his arrogant I know everything and "we developed the best potential cure or treatment, a vaccine". And he is basically telling you that your an idiot for not getting this vaccine. Who needs this kind of condescending egomaniac preaching to us on YT? We already have this on almost every msm source, except they are not claiming credit for working on the vaccine themselves. What kind of confidence does this rant give you? You might as well call into the Don Lemond show to get your covid-19 consultation?
T Szyd
T Szyd Pred 3 dnevi
Too many Democrats in the medical field. Medication now is accepted by doctors only AFTER it is accepted by the media. This is pathetic. Talk to doctors outside of your safe space and you'll see many recommend it.
max huhu
max huhu Pred 3 dnevi
With leftists you can choose your gender, Killing babies by abortion but you can't refuse an experimental serum... My body my choise nah?!
Ryan E
Ryan E Pred 3 dnevi
What he left out is the 60+ trials of Ivermectin on Covid. SLus actually ban anything that talks about the benefits of the drug, and google pushes it so far down the pages that it’s basically unfindable. Ivermectin won the NOBLE PRIZE in 2015, but it’s “not an effective drug” Under medical laws no drug can be granted experimental permissions (vaccines) if there is any drug that can potential help, ivermectin being a helpful drug would have made it so that vaccines wouldn’t have been allowed to be used, meaning no money for big pharmaceutical company’s. The US has given 3.8billon dollars to research new drugs that will aid with COVID but won’t allow ivermectin to be talked about. This is because ivermectin is no longer patented and can be given out cheaply vs making money for larger corporations. Please do you research and come to your own conclusions. Vaccines are dangerous in the way that they limit symptoms but don’t keep you from getting the virus or transmitting . We need to act fast at a better treatment. Also, please watch Epside 1671 of JRE Podcast. This is a great episode in getting a larger understanding of Ivermectins likely benefits and why Joe actually used the drug to treat himself. Thanks for reading. Keep well
pulpficti Pred 2 dnevi
@Ryan E who told you that about vaccines? That's just wrong. Also there's a difference between correlation and causation. No peer reviewed study has found that it helps with covid.
Ryan E
Ryan E Pred 2 dnevi
@pulpficti more trials have been done on ivermectin and Covid then the vaccines. It’s been used in several hospitals in India and actually allowed then to empty the hospitals. Several hospital workers in Argentina took it as a preventive measure and 100% of them did not get Covid while 80% that didn’t take it for Covid. I’m Not saying it’s the cure but it need to be looked at as an option. This isn’t the time to look away from a drug that could be helpful
pulpficti Pred 2 dnevi
There's still no proof that Ivermectin helps with covid. You know what does? A vaccine
Adam Groh
Adam Groh Pred 3 dnevi
Internet logic: Joe Rogan is a millionaire, so he must be getting the best treatment possible; Ivermectin is a miracle antiviral drug! In actuality: Joe Rogan is a millionaire, so he can get any treatment he asks for because many doctors would flock at the opportunity to make a profit on his idiocy. The worst part about all of this pandering to Ivermectin is it tarnishes the original finding(s) made by Satoshi Ōmura, which won him (alongside William Campbell) the Nobel Prize in 2015. Ivermectin is a promising treatment for a variety of tropical diseases, such as yellow fever and malaria, but it is not a properly tested COVID treatment. Period.
ct6502 Pred 2 dnevi
@Ju So you're one of those flat Earther conspiracy theorist nuts?
Ju Pred 3 dnevi
Hmm… why wouldn’t Ivermectin get properly tested? This is supposed to be an emergency. Maybe because big pharma wouldn’t get EUAs? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe politicians really do have your best interest in mind.
Tee Oh
Tee Oh Pred 3 dnevi
@Rilla Johnson When was the last time you got mumps? Measles? Polio? Chicken pox? One HUGE reason you may not have gotten them, or DIED from those diseases, are, you guessed it...VACCINES. 600,000 other people "waited", & they're DEAD. COVID-19 is now OFFICIALLY, the deadliest virus in (at least) U.S. history.
Rilla Johnson
Rilla Johnson Pred 3 dnevi
Internet logic: Joe Rogan is a millionaire, so he must be getting the best treatment possible; Ivermectin is a miracle antiviral drug! In actuality: Joe Rogan is a millionaire, so he can get any treatment he asks for because many doctors would flock at the opportunity to make a profit on his idiocy. If you question the integrity of a doctor making profit off of one man’s idiocy, which wouldn’t be a massive profit; is not then logical to question the integrity of the massive institutions that have developed the vaccines? I believe vaccines are an incredible invention, and I admire the men who had the ingenuity to create this technology. I just tend to be a little skeptical. Consider the billions in profit that the pharmaceutical companies are making. Consider the millions or more that news companies are making on the incredibly diverse and confusing stories they’re selling. Consider the tremendous power the people have handed the governments. I believe doctors like Dr. Mike amd many like him have good intentions and are doing great work. But they’re job is to research and gather the best information they can. The “best information” is coming from those same pharmaceutical companies’ studies, and massive political groups like WHO. In the end, the vaccines may be great and I believe the technology is amazing, but why do people want to take away my freedom to wait.
John Richardson
John Richardson Pred 3 dnevi
He has access to the best doctors in the world. He’s a health nut. Ivermectin works. Now ask yourself why South America and India give it away but we don’t.
SchoonerBeanz Pred 3 dnevi
Crazy thought here but maybe he recovered so quickly because of the various other drugs and medicines he took including expensive experimental meds. Also if ivermectin does actually work that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t get vaccinated, there are treatments for plenty of other viruses and diseases that we still get vaccinated for.
SchoonerBeanz Pred 3 dnevi
Crazy thought here but maybe he recovered so quickly because of the various other drugs and medicines he took including expensive experimental meds
Mister Guy
Mister Guy Pred 20 urami
Monoclonal antibodies has some backing. Dr Fauci has talked about it a coiled years back but wanted more evidence to back that claim. The problem is that these Rogan can boys are on a Ivermectin trip
Daniel Frazier
Daniel Frazier Pred 3 dnevi
Well he got over it in 3 days and most of you are vaccinated and still at risk. Of course he’s in really good shape and most of you aren’t, so there you have it. Protect the protected from what didn’t protect them in the first place!
NoobMaster69 Pred 3 dnevi
Yes I see my friend that your doctors career is going so well, you created a legitimate podcast room. I have watched a video of a doctor saying how he treated one of his colleagues with vitamine C, D and some other who was literally on a death bed, who went home 2 days after. He said he was just pumping bags and bags of vitamine C into him and the body just flashed most of it out as expected, but he's colleague went from being dead to going home few days apart. I think he used hydroxychloroquine also, think that was the main medicine. If it wasn't working, government would pull it off of the shelves. For God sake trump said he used it. You think doctors would give president just any medication if it wasn't working. You are a young doctor, your entire education is based on what big pharma approve of. Why are most of Nobel prize winners for medicine old generation doctors. Everything you young bucks discover gets swept under the carpet.
Mandy Petry
Mandy Petry Pred 3 dnevi
Let’s get Dr Mike to react to an old episode of Ben Casey!! Or Dragnet!
LAND RECCE Pred 3 dnevi
Well it worked Doc. He's alive and well. Sooooo
Mr. Pool
Mr. Pool Pred 3 dnevi
Don't really have to wish him a speedy recovery when he was back to normal in 3 days, its almost like his high paid doctors helped him
Jay Weed
Jay Weed Pred 3 dnevi
rogans “problematic” treatment was completely successful.
Mister Guy
Mister Guy Pred 20 urami
@Adam Groh That would probably be the answer. Why Jack weed or whatever his name is, is so offended is beyond me.
Hey Now
Hey Now Pred 3 dnevi
@Adam Groh Yes, that would be a normal educated assessment without knowing the specific patients health record. I wonder why doctor Mike didn't say this?
Red Pilled Marine
Red Pilled Marine Pred 3 dnevi
Jay Weed
Jay Weed Pred 3 dnevi
@Adam Groh ok, not sure what thats got to do with sarcastically making fun of the video title, but thanks for sharing
Adam Groh
Adam Groh Pred 3 dnevi
Or, he's a middle-aged healthy male who was never at risk of dying from COVID lol. That, and one of his treatments is well-established for COVID (monoclonal antibodies).
The Wampire!
The Wampire! Pred 3 dnevi
So do conservatives pretend to be stupid, or are they truly stupid? Why wouldn’t you listen to experts and listen to people who have no idea about medicine?
The Wampire!
The Wampire! Pred 3 dnevi
@Felix88 lmao
Felix88 Pred 3 dnevi
Its called thinking for yourself and not being a sheep.
Chad Moody BTO
Chad Moody BTO Pred 3 dnevi
Forget this covid stuff for a sec. How come Rogan isn't known as J-Ro? Am I the first person to think of this??? Is it possible? Could you guys help me become internet famous because of it. Is it as good as I think it is. Be honest. Unless you don't like the idea.
Offilaw Noone
Offilaw Noone Pred 3 dnevi
This was not random. Please study the question.
Offilaw Noone
Offilaw Noone Pred 3 dnevi
Of course, doc. Of course.
What Is Cooking Now?
What Is Cooking Now? Pred 3 dnevi
Merck doesn't own the patent to Ivermectin anymore. Ivermectin is a generic drug. Merck wouldn't make money. They will make approx $1.2 BILLION from the US government when their new drug gets EUA. Part of World Economic Forum, aka The Great Reset
Joshua Wallen
Joshua Wallen Pred 4 dnevi
Your just mad that it destroyed your narrative lol 😂
The Wampire!
The Wampire! Pred 3 dnevi
K S Pred 4 dnevi
Some things shouldn’t be weighed in on Dr. Mike. Like I assume you have a reason for not talking about the abortion topic. Stick to basic covid info. Talking in on someone else’s Dr. & patient conversations and treatments like you know better, while on the other hand saying “Talk to your doctor” about everything… 🤔
Michael Bagley
Michael Bagley Pred 4 dnevi
“Highly effective vaccine” except it’s not and it is getting less so by the day.
Mason Pred 4 dnevi
Shouldn't we be encouraging people who are immunocompromised to get a vaccine, not telling everyone to vaccinate? I really don't see how ~3 months of antibody build up after vacc could compare to a year of antibody build up from natural immunity. Breakouts are much more likely among those with vaccinated immunity than those with natural immunity. Doesn't more natural immunity means less possibility of mutation? If the risk of death or long-term term injury is so low then why wouldn't we go the therapeutic + natural immunity route. Moreover, what about the assumption that 15-40% of cases are asymptomatic? This mass vaccination movement really is pretty sketchy.
bttr2brnout Pred 4 dnevi
Problematic because the Gov.’t isn’t going to give the hospital 50,000 dollars for the way he was cured.
M Pred 4 dnevi
what a joke
Smac Loopy
Smac Loopy Pred 4 dnevi
The guy beat Covid in 3 days..nuff said.
The Wampire!
The Wampire! Pred 3 dnevi
Not really
Salem's Lot
Salem's Lot Pred 4 dnevi
My doctor in Houston have me set up just in case with the same recipe's, I told him I want everything Trump took
Mert A Yön
Mert A Yön Pred 4 dnevi
Did he really said vitamin supplementation does not help with making it less severe? Watch your words. There are a lot of studies that shows sufficent levels of certain vitamins and minerals aiding the recovery or reducing the severity of the disease.
mox grovno
mox grovno Pred 4 dnevi
Joe Rogan AKA Alex Jones Lite.
Poetic Frost
Poetic Frost Pred 4 dnevi
FDA approved?!?! You mean how people were taking a vaccine that wasn't FDA approved for a year and a half?!?!
bobby Pred 4 dnevi
Results: Rogan was fine 3 days later.
El Guapo
El Guapo Pred dnevom
Sebastian Krajewski
Sebastian Krajewski Pred 4 dnevi
He beat Covid you leftist morons...
Andy Shaw
Andy Shaw Pred 4 dnevi
Doctor mike, at this point it’s just your opinion as a doctor versus the opinion of other doctors. Sigh.
Radu Moldovan 125
Radu Moldovan 125 Pred 4 dnevi
So many people that disliked this video prefer any kind of "treatment" for covid, except to get vaccined.
Senaleb Pred 5 dnevi
the guy that spends his off time banging strange women on boats should not be lecturing us about the safety measures and treatment of covid. just shut your mouth and let other people make their own choices..."Doctor"
romans1vs6teen Pred 5 dnevi
Refer to Dr Pierre Kory and the FLCCC for more information on Ivermectin!
CCC XYZ Pred 5 dnevi
Ivermectin has conflicting studies, it's cheap and pretty safe if taken in non-industrial amounts. So why not take it if it might work? While Remdesivir is FDA-approved, but it's expensive, pretty toxic and it's pretty useless?
P Z Pred 3 dnevi
Don't forget Ivermectin won a Nobel Prize for its use IN HUMANS.
Gy Bx
Gy Bx Pred 5 dnevi
I had the J&J vaccine. Joe Rogan got well quickly. If I'm protected by the vaccine as Fauci says, then it's none of my business what Joe Rogan did.
Tyler Travis
Tyler Travis Pred 6 urami
@J B no tf its not come on
Bulletproof222 Pred dnevom
@J B You have it completely backwards. Vaccines drive mutation, not unvaccinated people. The virus has no need to mutate further if it has already successfully infected someone. The virus doesn't want to kill people, it wants to spread and multiply. Attempting to vaccinate everyone and cut off strains of the virus is what's *causing* selective pressure. If it can't infect you now, it has to evolve and find a way to beat your immune system, therefore getting stronger. We are literally on our way to creating a supervirus if we continue to force it to evolve through attempted mass vaccination.
Ju Pred 3 dnevi
@J B you forgot smokers and fat people and skateboarders and motor cyclists and everyone else who doesn’t deserve medical treatment because they don’t live the way YOU want them to.
Felisha M.
Felisha M. Pred 3 dnevi
@J B Oh my goodness JB! You really drank the kool-aid! Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple would have loved you! 😒
J B Pred 3 dnevi
It is everyone’s business if adults are refusing to be vaccinated. Higher viral loads populate unvaccinated people causing greater chance of mutation (which could lead to the vaccines being no good). That and they are taking up hospital beds from cancer patients and heart attack / accident victims who need them. Hospitals are considering refusing care to unvaccinated adults for this reason. It’s unfair to people who are vaccinated and care about others to take up beds that they may need.
C Pred 5 dnevi
Hey Dr Mike, is the government paying you in any way to propagate vaccine information? Have seen you advertised ALL over SLus specifically underneath the covid info section of SLus. Shouldn’t a doctor be unbiased? At the very least I assume you’re getting ad revenue on videos you’re making for the government to tout the same lines said in the media. Might want to take a look in the mirror and think if you’re actually a doctor because you want to help people.. or do you just want to keep this attention and status that’s been given to you because of this pandemic. 🤷‍♂️ Oh and P.S Don’t gaslight citizens for not trusting the vaccine/masks/lockdowns, when Fauci, the politicians and the media created so much distrust in the public when it came to covid
dickenstom Pred 5 dnevi
I think I’ll listen to the real doctors that are prescribing this medicine and not SLus personalities that are paid to push a narrative
bill bobby
bill bobby Pred 5 dnevi
Why don't you interview him or talk to him and not speculate on what you think. Too much covid deception going on in the medical field.
0110101100011010 Pred 5 dnevi
He is a millionaire and health fanatic, anyone who thinks he didn't have the best doctors in the world addressing this are delusional.
Nicolas Amboy
Nicolas Amboy Pred 5 dnevi
Is this guy board certified??
The Wampire!
The Wampire! Pred 3 dnevi
gamer panda
gamer panda Pred 4 dnevi
rayum486 Pred 5 dnevi
You can buy a scientist just as easy as you can buy a politician
The Wampire!
The Wampire! Pred 3 dnevi
You know that from experience?
Gy Bx
Gy Bx Pred 5 dnevi
Most people don't realize that. People have been lead to believe scientists are holy infallible beings. This COVID fiasco may break that perception and we can return to healthy skepticism and questioning authority.
Clive Evans
Clive Evans Pred 5 dnevi
Joe Rogan - covid isn't a big deal if you're healthy Also Joe Rogan - I got covid and took every medication I could get my hands on
Raquel SH
Raquel SH Pred 5 dnevi
Why shouldn't he? He wanted to recover quickly.
Yuuzuki Pred 5 dnevi
I’ve been using prednisone daily for 9 years. My bones will probably be dust by the time I’m in my late 40s. 🥲
Ryanwars17 Pred 5 dnevi
We dont have proof that the un fda approved vaccine that they are trying to force ppl to take works either...
BankHead Music
BankHead Music Pred 5 dnevi
Lol we don't even have proof the unapproved vaxxes (all of them) do anything to fight off whatever you are calling "covid". I beat it with.......... sunlight and vitamin C. So scary.
Miral Abualjadail
Miral Abualjadail Pred 5 dnevi
Vitamin drips are the best honestly. I’m willing to bet this helped stop covid in its tracks for Joe. Good on him. Big pharma always demonize them… “oh we don’t have enough proof blah blah,” cuz if you regularly did it, you wouldn’t be sick as often and then you wont need them. So don’t even start with they are “preying on you” as if traditional health care isn’t as corrupt.
Phantasys Pred 6 dnevi
Doctor Mike should shave, facial hair doesn't suit him.
Usaid Binasif
Usaid Binasif Pred 6 dnevi
"Are you on any others?" Um... I'll just say I'm still a virgin
All Night Cats
All Night Cats Pred 6 dnevi
Hey everyone! There is someone in the comments going by "Pinnedby Dr Mike". This person is leaving a cell number to contact. This is not actually Doctor Mike. Please don't fall for this scam.
Kevin Conboy
Kevin Conboy Pred 6 dnevi
Ivermectin is not a horse dewormer, You are being lied to, it’s literally a medicine to help fight off viruses, it’s used for human applications it won a Nobel peace prize. The left just wants you to get vaccinated and not take anything that might help you besides a vaccine. Ivermectin has helped a lot of people.
The Wampire!
The Wampire! Pred 3 dnevi
1: yes it is. 2: the left just doesn’t people getting sick and dying. 3: stay away from self medicating for severe illnesses unless you are a medical expert
Leigha Ellis
Leigha Ellis Pred 6 dnevi
My dad is 84, black, and was given ivermectin last year, before it was political. Politicians should never make health or treatment political. shouldn't ever and I'm almost sure he took the other one I can't even write on YT. Point is, he was out of the ICU and testing negative within three days of starting it. It saved my dad. Plus my sister's a vet, it was made for humans but like MANY MEDS CAN WORK ON ANIMALS. IT ISNT JUST HORSE DEWORMER. THAT'S THE MEDIA NOW MAKING A GREAT DRUG POLITICIZED.
Raquel SH
Raquel SH Pred 5 dnevi
Thank you for this comment.
Andrew Nevermind
Andrew Nevermind Pred 6 dnevi
Problematic for the jab cartels and MSM fear machine. And off course youtube doctors...
Dennis Wilder
Dennis Wilder Pred 6 dnevi
i get prednisone for poisen ivy i got if when i had a ton of phlemb.these doctors are pushing this vaccines because of kick backs per vaccine makers.this all about control and money
Sage_of_the_16 Pred 6 dnevi
you may be a dr but you aren't his dr. STFU
theMike97_ Pred 6 dnevi
i dont see how this is problematic... he was prescribed the medication and nothing really bad could happen to him (assuming he is taking correct doses). i guess its problematic to listen to your doctor?
Mean Mexican
Mean Mexican Pred 5 dnevi
Wonder what kind of doctor prescribes things you don't need to combat diseases for which they are not effective
Raquel SH
Raquel SH Pred 5 dnevi
Thank you. His doctor prescribed his medications. People should listen to their doctors.
K Fou
K Fou Pred 6 dnevi
Problematic to ask doctors about treatment… and it WORK. thats the problem. 😏
Aere Ree
Aere Ree Pred 6 dnevi
Its funny how the totalitarian left is having a hard time with other treatments.
Aere Ree
Aere Ree Pred 5 dnevi
@Marco, wake up, you are what is called a useful idiot. Again with the corporate media talking points. If you actually looked past your confirmation bias sources, you might be enlightened, but whos paying attention? Obviously not you. I get it, its not easy and you need people to tell you what to do, that's why you like the totalitarians The numbers are not accurate and havent been from the very beginning. If you have been paying attention to the flip floppers from day one, this is painfully obvious. But, useful idiots are that way, so makes sense, unfortunately.....
Marco Pred 5 dnevi
​@Aere Ree I wish I was making things up, but no, your little orange hero spread falsehoods about vaccines. He even invited Übermoron Robert Kennedy Jr to lead a vaccine task group...but fortunately was convinced this would be the worst of all ideas he ever had. Another thing to note: vaccinated people have a five times lower chance of getting the virus. Really funny you keep on accusing me of not paying attention or having an extra short term memory, since it all applies directly to you.
Aere Ree
Aere Ree Pred 5 dnevi
@Marco, you are literally making stuff up now. Stop spouting corporate media talking points. And YES the Totalitarian left corporate media was anti vax and telling people so that their lemmings would be too, when Trump was in office. You weren't paying attention or have an extra short term memory. Another thing to note, vaccinated people get the virus and spread it too
Marco Pred 5 dnevi
@Aere Ree That freedom comes with responsibilities, so if those who choose NOT to take the vaccine would then also openly elect NOT to seek any medical treatment in hospital and NOT go out as they are more likely to carry and spread an infectious disease, you may have a point. It is also outright FALSE that the left supposedly was anti-vax when Trump was in office. You're talking about the idiot-in-chief who spread false claims about vaccines causing autism!
Aere Ree
Aere Ree Pred 5 dnevi
@Marco, giving people the freedom to choose is not totalitarian though. Also, its funny how the totalitarian left was anti vax when Trump was in office but now they are pro vax. But who is paying attention? Oviously not you
Big R3d Dog
Big R3d Dog Pred 6 dnevi
He consulted with his doctor you idiots
eddie Keating
eddie Keating Pred 6 dnevi
I do not agree with you but at least you are respectful. Sandy K
Meeting of the Quiet Minds
Meeting of the Quiet Minds Pred 6 dnevi
I did a search for: getty images joe biden "ear"... and got this video as top search result. SLus really want me to know that Ivermectin is dangerous horse paste and the jabs are safe and effective and also don't want anyone discussing weird photos of Joe Biden's ear. Seems legit.
sherwin obenza
sherwin obenza Pred 6 dnevi
Reported for disinformation….
The Wampire!
The Wampire! Pred 3 dnevi
Hows it misinformation?
E E Pred 5 dnevi
Doing ur mom
sherwin obenza
sherwin obenza Pred 6 dnevi
You should lose your medical license because joe rogan was right
Mervin Telford
Mervin Telford Pred 6 dnevi
"The Indian Bar Association is charging WHO chief scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan with the mass murder of Indians. Dr. Swaminathan spoke against the use of Ivermectin in the Tamil Nadu province with the consequence that Ivermectin’s use was blocked and Covid cases skyrocketed with deaths increasing ten-fold. In the provinces where Ivermectin was used-Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Goa- Covid cases declined sharply by 98%, 97%, 94%, and 86%. This success, cleared large areas of India from Covid Indian Bar Association Charges WHO Chief Scientist for Mass Murder - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
Emery Landry
Emery Landry Pred 6 dnevi
They prescribe ivermectin in India for Covid. Very few covid deaths.
Common Sense
Common Sense Pred 6 dnevi
@Jusseh Wagner In the regions where Ivermectin was blocked is where the most deaths occurred. But the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, which has a population of 241 million people, has been declared COVID-free, the state government announced last week. There are no more active cases of coronavirus in the 33 districts even though only 5.8% of its population has been fully vaccinated, compared to the USA that has 54% fully vaccinated. They believe the early use and distribution of ivermectin and other treatments to its citizens is the reason for this. Because it surely wasn't the so-called "vaccine" . But people will continue to believe the "vaccine" will be our savior because the TV said so SMH.
Marco Pred 6 dnevi
India has seen an excess mortality of over 4 million, somehow, during the COVID surges, a LOT of people died from 'something else', aka "let's not count the people who died from COVID if they also had diabetes or other chronic conditions... And in many places in India they did NOT prescribe ivermectin. In the meantime, according to Brazilian doctors some 70% of people admitted to their ICU due to COVID...........had tried to use ivermectin.
Jusseh Wagner
Jusseh Wagner Pred 6 dnevi
445k is not very few. And India has a lot of undocumented people who can't be counted
francis villareal
francis villareal Pred 7 dnevi
i took care of a family member in a covid room of a hospital for 8 days. my swab test results were both negative before and after my stay at the hospital. i just took ivermectin human grade as a prophylaxis. no vaccine needed. it works really. stay healthy alive guys
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