My Bizarre Life As A Real Doctor

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Doctor Mike

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I’ve been an Attending Physician for four years now. Things haven’t always been easy. Over those four years I’ve made a lot of mistakes, learned a lot of things, and had unforgettable experiences. So many, in fact, that I thought I’d give you an update as to what my experience has been like! Today I talk about precepting medical students and residents, saying “no”, treating patients who are familiar with my SLus channel, prior authorizations, battling insurance companies, and so much more. Anything I didn’t cover you want to know more about? Let me know down in the comments!

How I Got Into Med School:

How I Got Into Residency:

00:00 Intro
00:16 What Is An Attending?
00:42 What Are Your Responsibilities?
01:34 What Pressures Do You Face?
02:50 Can Other Attendings Help You?
03:43 Advice For New Attendings
04:26 Resident Mistakes
06:24 Are You Happiest As An Attending?
07:35 Attending Mistakes
08:22 Getting Recognized By Patients
10:00 Quitting Medicine For SLus

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Sydney Schalla
Sydney Schalla Pred uro
that peewoop was so unenthusiastic:/
Jax Rose
Jax Rose Pred 4 urami
I got a friend request from you on Facebook, but it obviously wasn't you! lol
Sibongile Udagwua
Sibongile Udagwua Pred dnevom
You are one of my doctors
R.F. Pred 2 dnevi
What's that art behind you? One is a brain, but I can't see enough of the other one to make it out.
flipperautomaten Pred 4 dnevi
The part with "advice for new attendings" where you say that attendings should be encouraged to ask questions I strongly agree with. I play a lot of video games like World of Warcraft where I have a leadership position called "Officer" and I always encourage everyone to ask questions if they're uncertain of something. "Rather ask one question too many, than one too few". Different scenario, same principle. Love your content, Mike!
Ghita Jessie
Ghita Jessie Pred 4 dnevi
we love you doctor mike
Freya Asferg
Freya Asferg Pred 5 dnevi
How Long has people known their primary care doctor for?? I have known mine for 10 years and I go quite frequently cause I have a lot of wired things…
Abdulmohaiymin muzzammil
Abdulmohaiymin muzzammil Pred 6 dnevi
im 12 and ur my biggest inspiration to become a doctor
Katelyn Stapleton
Katelyn Stapleton Pred 7 dnevi
Why are none of my doctors anything like what doctor Mike describes "should be?" I'm so exhausted by dealing with doctors that don't care
Ruth Smith
Ruth Smith Pred 8 dnevi
Beautiful words, doc. honestly we need more people like him.
William Watson Jr.
William Watson Jr. Pred 9 dnevi
Your doing a great job. I love the way you explain yourself and reasoning for your decisions. Also the way the doctor and patient relationship should be, spot on. I've delt with every doctor types here recently and it's causing me major health problems now. Now I'm afraid to see a doctor now cause I'm afraid they'll want to take my leg. Im gonna let my leg heal up little bit more (so it don't look so bad) before changing Doc's and going back to see one. Hopefully he/she is a good one like you. Keep up the great videos. Have wonderful day.
¡BuckyBarnes! Pred 11 dnevi
Mike makes me think he was the smart kid in school who everyone copied off
Gaming With Samantha
Gaming With Samantha Pred 12 dnevi
I have always wanted to go into Nursing goth at is my dream job I have started that dream 5 years ago I am here and at my highest
Rachel Jane
Rachel Jane Pred 13 dnevi
Another fantastic video, your students are very lucky to learn from you. Absolutely LOVE the canvases in the background of this video. Would love to know where you got them from!
Troublemaker Pred 13 dnevi
Weather you see this or not Just have to say Since I've been on Diaysis I love my Doctor he's those that talk to your family himself telling you your family member went under Anastasia Just fine and the surgery went well And before I lost my mom and grandpa I was Having an access put in for dialysis and I was upset cause we were having surgery the same day and I was actually ballin sitting on the OR Table worried my mom in surgery and my doctor went himself to check on my mom Witch she made it out fine but I did end up losing my mom and grandpa 3yrs ago this Christmas and they passed 2 days apart
Riceracm Pred 14 dnevi
I would love a video on how chronically ill patients (with clusters of comorbid rare disorders) can better advocate for themselves, and get doctors to actually _listen_ to them. You would think having a rare cluster of disorders that you live with _daily_ would inspire physicians to at least pretend to listen to your theories of possible reasons/connections between symptoms, but unfortunately, *my* experience has been doctors *REFUSE* to think zebras when they hear hoofbeats, to them it’s always horses and then I suffer for a few more years begging for any doctor to listen before it’s finally discovered that I was right.
Riceracm Pred 14 dnevi
1:18 So _that’s_ why my primary care doctor had a med student with her the other day. They said they wanted him to see my Enterra gastric pacer adjustment because he would probably never get to see something like that again as there aren’t that many of us out there (7-10k)…I’m used to having med students around though because I’ve been told I’m the medical and statistical anomaly of everything 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️
Logan MacGyver
Logan MacGyver Pred 15 dnevi
I'm addicted to good videos
Nina Marie
Nina Marie Pred 15 dnevi
Doctor Mike, The impact You've had on me is ... I walked away from my Doctor of 8yrs, Who had me suffer through 8yrs of the most Horrendous Abdominal Pain, Due to the fact that I have an inoperable abdominal mass & this was ( post aggressive radiation therapy ) & instead of making me comfortable like the surgeon had requested ... She spent the last 8yrs, Giving me a HARD time, Over prescribing the pain medication the Surgeon suggested I be put on because, She didn't want the hassle of having to explain why she has to constantly prescribe this pain medication for me on a regular basis !!! Sooo I finally found a New Doctor & she's been managing my condition & everything else to perfection - ALL THANKS TO YOU !!!
Ahliya Faroq
Ahliya Faroq Pred 16 dnevi
Both my parents are doctors and even though I’m just 13 I aspire to become a doctor and you teach me a lot thank you
Jackalope Pred 16 dnevi
Hey Mike what are the diagrams behind you in the video? also I learned more about medicine and I learnt more about how doctors and nurses go through a lot through your amazing channel that I love and I think it's worth it seeing the positive impact it has on your audience including me, I mean like I think once you reach a point of influence where you know you are putting out great interesting medical content that other people also enjoy as well as they also are learning about a variety of medical conditions in your videos but on the other hand you also have no idea of the possible impact or influence it could have on the viewers as for you it could be possibly confusing and you can't get proper clarity but that's not the main point because the majority is positive comments however don't be discouraged if you have the negative people because we are here for you and your wonderful medical knowledge, keep it up
sam Pred 19 dnevi
my sisters doctor made FUN of her
Louis Manoban
Louis Manoban Pred 20 dnevi
Is it possible to take the boards after graduating med school and then practice?
Laura H
Laura H Pred 22 dnevi
Way to go Doctor Mike! Empowering patients 👍
Inez Pred 22 dnevi
I love uptodate! Its my 2nd nicu bible.
Madison Parfait
Madison Parfait Pred 26 dnevi
He lowkey look like Harry Potter
soap Pred mesecem
The title is a jojo reference
María Del Carmen
María Del Carmen Pred mesecem
I wish you were my PCP. I someone that cares about my mental health problems. I feel hopeless doing it on my own.
AnnaWarriorGacha Pred mesecem
Do you have to do surgeries if you become a cardiology resident?
zacky hughes
zacky hughes Pred mesecem
ive never really been like worried or scared to see a doctor but since i started watching your videos it made me understand it a lot more , so earlier this year when i had to go to urgent care because i fractured my radius i felt a lot more confident and comfortable going.. plus my doctor was lovely and he had a student with him on her first day and it was cool seeing him teach her things which also meant i got to learn things too! we were laughing because the doctor was like 'on your first day and you get a proper trauma case and not just old ppl' to the student hahaha
Colleen Batten Sabala
Colleen Batten Sabala Pred mesecem
My neurologist knows that I am complex. I am always the last patient of the day as I am there for 2.5 hours each time.
Beth Wilmeth
Beth Wilmeth Pred mesecem
Watching your videos has made me realize that I need to talk to my doctors about my health, and ask questions about the medication and the things I don't understand. Thank you so much.
Jaden Gayle
Jaden Gayle Pred mesecem
I find medicine so fascinating but having attempted and disliked a biomedical degree, I can say that life isn't for me. But learning about conditions and medical research will always get me excited and I have actually used the knowledge that I learned to save a life (my Dad). I have such an appreciation of medicine but I couldn't be a practicing doctor or researcher.
alolanraichu Pred mesecem
9:03 apparently your the cure for their problem XD
Dilan Sudra
Dilan Sudra Pred mesecem
what is the music in the background?
ginny may
ginny may Pred mesecem
I wish you are my doctor.. mostly because the doctors in my area are not bond to this area of where I live.. and it’s not fair.. coz it’s difficult to get a relationship with the doctor when they keep on being replaced.. that and it’s difficult for me coz most of my doctors don’t really known my condition and my brain and how it works.. they have been saying things like “I do have a type of intellectual disability“ but that’s all they can say.. which sucks.. that and my psychiatrist gave me medication.. a antipsychotic medication.. so far there has been no change but that’s only because I was on half dosage for a month.. but now I’m on the full pill.. so far it’s been about a week and a bit.. and no change has happened.. Edit: oh and I live in Australia.. so you probably can’t come here.. but all I wish is that I could get more help.. or maybe just a little bit more understanding..
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Pred mesecem
Can't wait for Mike to become a skin in Fortnite so kids can say "He's the guy from Fortnite"
Becca Hernandez
Becca Hernandez Pred mesecem
I so badly wish that I could meet Dr. Mike! I have Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, have had 71 surgeries since 2010, including RBKA and 3 fingers on my right hand partially amputated. I would love love love to pick his brain to learn if what my doctor and I are doing is correct and/or the only option(s). Heck, just talking and/or chatting with you Dr. Mike would be absolutely amazing! I know it'll never happen, but a gal can dream!
Fonetiker Pred mesecem
6:10 Hearing that made me feel kinda sick. "The value of you life is based on how much you can pay. Let's potensially give you a poorer treatmeant because you are a poor SOB. mohahahaha."
kittykatz Pred mesecem
It's kinda funny how you mentioned you like teaching cuz I have a teacher that's literally your doppelganger, he teaches Science and he's the same height and age and everything!
Smile like an otter!
Smile like an otter! Pred mesecem
I want to be a Doctor! It’s the last day of summer break😥 I officially know that I’m not done with school anytime soon if I want to be a doctor. 😅😜🤪
SoulGazer Shayn
SoulGazer Shayn Pred mesecem
I feel like Dr. Mike's SLus journey has clearly made him a better doctor.
Asimo Cloud
Asimo Cloud Pred mesecem
Just curious; Do you have a wife? If yes, what does she think about the posters you have in the background (if they even are real, could be a green screen too! :p) and your lifestyle?
Vaan Pred mesecem
no. he’s not married
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson Pred mesecem
I have multiple chronic illness where I have to be on constant medication and constantly see specialists and as a patient I have never been treated like you’re explaining :( Doctors where I live absolutely don’t look at people like people. I had an endocrinologist slam a door on me because I was asking too many questions. I love how you explain your relationship with your patients I just wishhhhhhhh it was realistic in my life. Or the like of SO many other people who get treated like a burden by their doctors.
Delta Symons
Delta Symons Pred mesecem
PA's are the worst in my opinion but they are a necessity to a thriving Dr's office and can be very great!!!!
DrakeonMalkeor Pred mesecem
Honestly. I hate doctors, and my mom more so. I always call them quacks because, I haven't been convinced otherwise. However, the more I watch your videos and also see other doctors, nurses and specialists on your channel the more I realize there are indeed SOME doctors who are doctors because they care and are willing to be patient with the HUMAN in front of them. Still maybe you all are 1 in a million but still, one is enough to teach the world.
Kimberley Soucy
Kimberley Soucy Pred mesecem
I wish he was my doctor🐸
God Saitan
God Saitan Pred mesecem
Im 11 and i love your videos I want to become a doctor one day
alolanraichu Pred mesecem
you shouldn't be on youtube until your 13+
1mezion Pred mesecem
Doctor: 😷 you need to be on this series of medication Insurance Company: 👹 no you don't
1mezion Pred mesecem
It's so wonderful that you can admit that there are some things you simply don't remember/know and may have to look up
Charlotte Christ
Charlotte Christ Pred mesecem
Dr. Mike, as we (Indian docs) are getting ready to face the 3rd wave (God forbidden it happens), I would be so grateful if you could take classes, not the serious type(as in starting from anatomy) but more of public health education for people who have innumerous misconceptions about covid19 and vaccines. Also some medical classes for interns, residents or fresh attendings about the most common problems. We encounter in our daily practice as family physicians. Often in India, the more superspecialized a doctor is, the terrible their basics get. The other day I asked thr chief of pulmonlogy slash the director of the hospital I work for, to help me with a case (stroke in a 14 year old), he gave up and said go find the chief of neuro as I have nothing to say about this. He didn't even look at the char because this teenager suffered covid19 recently. Anyway, thanks for all the great videos. You'd make a great teacher.
Theria's Things: Christine Rosario
Theria's Things: Christine Rosario Pred mesecem
I remember having a doctor tell me that I was too fat and that's why I was suffering with all the pain I was having. Come to find out from an awesome rheumatologist that I had RA like my mom and a degenerative joint disorder (That's under the elnors danlos syndrome) thats very rare and that if I lost too much weight I could actually hurt myself, lose function in my legs and hands due to the fat lose that is currently housing and cushioning what's left in all my destroyed joint areas. When I went on this journey to find out what was wrong with me and all the pain was when I was 21 years old. About the year 2009/2010. It wasn't until January 2020 that I saw my new rheumatologist who actually diagnosed it right. He asked me some more questions to get more history from my child hood. And found out that I actually had this condition since I was 13 years old and the constant fracturing of my knees and ankles were dead give a ways to me being predisposed to having the degenerative joint disorder. But no other doctor looked into it they just kept saying it was cause I was fat. So yeah that weight lose segment with the doctor getting upset and saying the patient was morbidly obese hit a soft spot for me. But I'm so glad to know that I was entitled to a second opinion and I was so glad and happy I did even though I was dealing with this condition since I was 13, pain got to the point of unbearable at the age of 21/22 and I finally got proper answers and care at the age of 32. Now I can take care of myself right for myself and my 3 girls.
birdsdaword Pred mesecem
Hey Dr. Mike! I am a neuroscientist and I always enjoy and benefit from your compassion, understanding and expertise. You help me in my field and I learn the kind of things that medical doctors are all about.
nado Mustafi
nado Mustafi Pred mesecem
May Allah (G-d) grant you the best for all of your effort 💚💚💚
John Doe
John Doe Pred mesecem
Fun facts: the book that is read the most by most doctors is the latest volume of P.D.R. Doctors prescribe a general dosage of meds/kg i.e 55kg-65kg/5ml. Pharmacy, taylor makes drugs and/or dosage per individual i.e actual weight/dosage. 55kg=4.3ml-65kg=5.15ml & in between, a lot of gray area pharmacy must decode depending on the Rx. Lastly, there is a ton of art form even in medical science 🤯 Have a nice day 😈
Anton Lindholm
Anton Lindholm Pred mesecem
Usually it's the informative mike, but today we got not only the informative side but the side of strong passion. Really inspiring without even having to try and motivate!
worryworm Pred mesecem
Also, remember to listen to the nurses. They might have more experience and better report with patients than a doctor has.
Imanol Montero
Imanol Montero Pred mesecem
My like goes to the last 2-3 minutes. Dr. Mike I truly agree with your opinion. I am just an IT support technician. However teaching what I do. Or just simply meeting extraordinary cases, and do some research what to do in those cases makes me a better professional. Oh… and I love your channel. Greetings from Hungary, from a half Hungarian half Spanish viewer :)
ישראל חיים שווארץ
ישראל חיים שווארץ Pred mesecem
whitout knowing the cuny blackbord zoom chat outlook how to do all this how is it possible to be sucessfull in college I went to college in the90s electronic engineering of couse the credits dont transfer
ישראל חיים שווארץ
ישראל חיים שווארץ Pred mesecem
I went to college in the 90s in engeneering did not finish because I got a job when computers were new put in shipping the new engineers knew nothing then now after being furloughed year and half going back to a cuny school for premed same phsyics similar chemistry a few other elements Everything is on the computer zoom chat assignments answering professor in class on chat as oppossed to Horshack blurting out the answer on welcome back kotter its terrifying
Lakeisha Schermerhorn
Lakeisha Schermerhorn Pred mesecem
Next time I go to The doctor or anywhere I will ask For Dr. Mike
Olive Rodgers
Olive Rodgers Pred mesecem
You are such a great person to be able to dedicate your life to helping people as a doctor, and helping people by clearing medical misinformation with his amazing charisma. Thank you so much Dr. Mike!
Shayne Baney
Shayne Baney Pred mesecem
I wish he was my doctor .. my doctor doesnt listen to me .. so i am always in pain ..
BBC Crawling
BBC Crawling Pred mesecem
1:26 was probably the most slept on bad habit that most teachers or knowledge givers miss out on. It is crucial to admit your void of knowledge on some things so that the misinformation does not end up spreading even more to other students.
Pred mesecem
Dr,Mike Is so precious :(
Karen Findley
Karen Findley Pred mesecem
How do you have time to have a life,girlfriend and even sleep.
Sarah Schlotfeldt
Sarah Schlotfeldt Pred mesecem
I recommend Dr IGUDIA on SLus for herpes cure because I have used his herbs medication and I’m completely cured of this deadly disease …
Thomas Huang
Thomas Huang Pred mesecem
@Doctor Mike Can I choose not to be treated by residents or doctors still in training and choose only to be treated by attending doctors?
Vaan Pred mesecem
i think you can, but you really don’t have anything to worry about. Any sort of treatment that a resident wants to give you has to be run by the attending before it can actually happen
Marcos b
Marcos b Pred mesecem
Like scrubs
Nancy Brito
Nancy Brito Pred mesecem
I see Doctors that take 6 minutes the most how sad I feel like we are customers not patience is for the $$$
GL1TCHNOSCOPE_-_- Pred mesecem
This man worked so hard to get where he is today congratulations !!!🎉🎉🎉
Josephine Giamporcaro
Josephine Giamporcaro Pred mesecem
Love your videos as always, fun and interesting 🧐😊
Emerald Clark
Emerald Clark Pred mesecem
Does your body being out of alignment affect your gut health or cause any health problems?
Emerald Clark
Emerald Clark Pred mesecem
What types of exercise is best for chronic lower back pain? Anything that also helps chronic neck/shoulder pain?
Anna lee
Anna lee Pred mesecem
Thank God I came across Dr IGUDIA at the right time and I saw a lot of testimonies and how he has cured a lot of people from herpes disease s then I contacted him for help and he actually cured me, he also has a cure for other form of STI
Cool Mamma Vaterlaus
Cool Mamma Vaterlaus Pred mesecem
Your wisdom is beyond your years. I really admire your humility and meekness - meaning your teachability and confidence in your abilities. You're so cool.
KenzieHurlock Pred mesecem
I thought that medical residency was just what being a doctor was called. I had no idea residents aren't doctors yet.
PlaidSnake Pred mesecem
i just turned 22 and i am holding on for dear life to the same doctor ive had since i was born for these exact reasons. He treats the PERSON, not the disease
Anonn Nymous
Anonn Nymous Pred mesecem
So glad dr.mike is explaining how a patient’s illness is like a puzzle. I constantly get patient’s when i do their ultrasound exams, is them asking me what their diagnosis is. And i just flat out tell them that first, i’m just a tech, I don’t give a diagnosis, the doctor does. Secondly, my exam is only one part of a diagnosis. My one ultrasound exam isn’t going to give a diagnosis of what is going on overall with their health. Thirdly, what my exam shows may not show everything another exam might show. So if i gave a diagnosis based on my exam alone, it can give the complete wrong answer about the patient’s overall health. Which can lead to lawsuits if the patient’s overall health declines due to not getting the proper treatment for their illness, or they end up getting treatments not needed because a patient decides to do or don’t do a treatment based on what me as an ultrasound tech has said about their one ultrasound exam.
Cheryl D
Cheryl D Pred mesecem
Be interesting for you and a uk doc to have a chat about certain illnesses, diagnosis and treatment. See if you come up with different things. Just out of curiosity! Watching you, a lot of people will probably agree, you come across so much better than some of the docs we have! We have sooo many amazing ones but in some of my experiences.. they’ve nearly killed me… or just can’t be bothered 😂
Aliyu Mamman
Aliyu Mamman Pred mesecem
Been totally cured of herpes infection after using the herbal medication I got from Dr IGUDIA on SLus is the best gift to me.
Chillin N Livin
Chillin N Livin Pred mesecem
Could you be my doctor? I would probably have less anxiety.
Liliana Gordon
Liliana Gordon Pred mesecem
I started seeing my DO after seeing a lot of doctor mike’s videos and she’s great 👍🏽
Vicky Rubin
Vicky Rubin Pred mesecem
Please do more videos with beer!!!!!!
Southern Gypsy
Southern Gypsy Pred mesecem
I wish this man was my doctor... I could probably get a diagnosis and get my life back.
Alec Rhodes
Alec Rhodes Pred mesecem
I wish i could find a doctor local to me like you. All the ones around here are cranky old hags that wont listen to anything patients have to say
Mehrin Chowdhury
Mehrin Chowdhury Pred mesecem
Asian parents:”you will be a docter or lawyer okay” 👍 Me”:ye l definitely wanna be a lawyer or docter “ But l actually wanna be a docter
vexti Pred mesecem
*if I was famous* Someone: “aren’t you from SLus?!” Me: “no, I’m from my mom. Aren’t you??””
Martins Viļumovs
Martins Viļumovs Pred mesecem
How to prevent sleep paralysis or if it's happening right now how can i stop it?
T.S Amorim
T.S Amorim Pred mesecem
please watch Sob Pressão
D-ro Sano
D-ro Sano Pred mesecem
Love your videos! Keep it up❣
Andrea Cremeans
Andrea Cremeans Pred mesecem
Any tips on how to find a Doc.? The last time I had a primary care doc. It was a weird experience. I have history of IBS and pelvic floor dysentery etc. a lot of stomach issues. Which includes a lot of pain. I was 19, I think. He asked me if I would rather get rid of my IBS etc. or my acne. I said my IBS etc. and he laughed and said most people would say acne. He also asked what I wanted to be when he heard I was in UNI. And I told him an NP (or even an RN but NP goes with my goals better) and he told me it was a waste of time and that they weren’t real medical prof. Then I worked with him in the hospital. So that was the end of that... I’m 21 now
María Sol Heinroth
María Sol Heinroth Pred mesecem
I learn so much from Dr. Mike, Mama Doctor Jones and Dr. Dray...they are the best doctors in SLus
Chase Whipple
Chase Whipple Pred mesecem
jmsolano0516 Pred 2 meseci
Can you make a video on physicians assistants?
banffkimchi Pred 2 meseci
As an ICU & ER Nurse, this is a request for you to make a video with @LGlaucomflecken (and maybe @DGlaucomflecken) addressing your favourite saying, 'chest compressions, chest compressions, CHEST COMPRESSIONS' (and the aftermath for survivors & family)
Cristina Lerinț
Cristina Lerinț Pred 2 meseci
Well, I'm not in the medical field, but this video sure helped me in feeling better about my own career path and the continuous learning and development. I need a friend like Dr. Mike
Bram Pred 2 meseci
because i started looking at you i really want to be a doctor now thank you Mike
M Wai
M Wai Pred 2 meseci
Your shirt seems too small for you 🙈
J Cooper
J Cooper Pred 2 meseci
Can you explain what your job would be level in England? i think its different cus i swear our doctors in a local place is just a 'General Practioner'. please help thanks x
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