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Cocomelon is one of the largest media enterprises with over 100 BILLION views on SLus. These toddler nursery rhymes try to teach children the basics, such as ABC's, math, and... medicine. I decided to grit my teeth and dive in to see how accurate this medical info actually is, just as long as the ear-worm nursery rhymes don't drive me mad first. Today we talk about exercise, ab workouts, washing your hands, checkups, common colds, bandages, fruits and vegetables in your diet, and baths!

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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246kisses Pred 5 urami
Jeeez Dr. Mike calm down, maybe you need to take a nappy nap
Wolveswithwingsstudios Pred 7 urami
I sleep 3 hours a night and I’m on of the tallest people in my class there’s a glitch in life
Accelerator gaming
Accelerator gaming Pred 8 urami
From this vid I learned dat u don’t need bandages even if ur bleeding, u just need it for a open wound so it allows the body to stitch itself s cuz when I have a open wound the body stitches itself so uh….
Rachael Stevens
Rachael Stevens Pred 10 urami
Teacher: "Stubs toe" Dr Mike: You probably need an x-ray at an urgent care Probably annoyed me more than it should have but as a doctor why on earth is he saying that? I've stubbed my toe hundreds of times, and I said ouch, not one time was an x-ray needed as it wasn't hurting five minutes later
Ashayo Clemons
Ashayo Clemons Pred 23 urami
I'm a bad person because I laughed at FLOPPY BABY SYNDROME I just it sounds so strange what is a floppy baby?
Bai Fengjiuer
Bai Fengjiuer Pred 23 urami
Now days they no longer check your height nor weight they just asked you and if you don't even know they tell you to pick an number or simply guess
Bai Fengjiuer
Bai Fengjiuer Pred 23 urami
😂😂😂 not exercise if the Teddy doesn't do it itself
°•CrimatainTeacup•° Pred dnevom
Mommy, Mommy, I fell and scraped my knee! Mike: Alcohol.
Gods gamer
Gods gamer Pred dnevom
kenziemybeloved Pred dnevom
*breathes wrong* The cocomelon babies: BANDAGE👹👹👹👹👹
Jaden Lee
Jaden Lee Pred dnevom
Jesus loves you
JGeek Pred dnevom
R.F. Pred dnevom
I love you Doctor Mike, but it says right there on the Wikipedia page you showed us, *in the text that you highlighted*, that the hole was for looking through. 3:38 "A head mirror is mostly used for examination of the ear, nose & throat. It comprises a circular concave mirror, with a small hole in the middle, and is attached to a head band. **The mirror is worn over the physician's eye of choice, with the concave mirror surface facing outwards and the hole directly over the physician's eye**, providing illumination like a ring light. "In use, the patient sits and faces the physician. A bright lamp is positioned adjacent to the patient's head, pointing toward the physician's face and hence towards the head mirror. The light from the lamp reflects off the mirror, along the line of sight of the user, with the light being somewhat concentrated by the curvature of the mirror. When used properly, the head mirror thus provides excellent shadow-free illumination."
Kiana haz oreos
Kiana haz oreos Pred dnevom
Sleeping and napping is the real life equivelent of quicksaving. Make sure to sleep or u loose ur progress.
HAZEL HART Pred 2 dnevi
My mom use to give me milk when I was sick then I would puke it up and feel better
Nanasu Yuvaraj
Nanasu Yuvaraj Pred 2 dnevi
Sam roasted very well OMG
Nanasu Yuvaraj
Nanasu Yuvaraj Pred 2 dnevi
3:34 & 4:36 & 4:53 made me laugh so hard LOL
Christy Dimitrios
Christy Dimitrios Pred 2 dnevi
The left underpants regularly scratch because dad chronically sack about a axiomatic chef. concerned, faithful creek
Natalia Benaim
Natalia Benaim Pred 2 dnevi
They'll check your height and your weight is an amazing point for Cocomelon I blocked it from my kid because it's one of the most gender stereotyped videos there is. Every doctor is a male, every nurse or teacher is a female. Mom is always friendly and preparing food and dad is always fierce. Mi child actually started thinking that every boy should have short hair after cocomelon. Not to mention the fear of bugs. Crazy stuff. Blocked.
Morgan King
Morgan King Pred 2 dnevi
Doc: *lists all the ways to clean wonds* Me: •just wait she’s gonna kiss it.”
FreshLoafOfBread Pred 2 dnevi
*floppy baby syndrome*
James Adams
James Adams Pred 2 dnevi
You should do a reaction video about laboratory scenes in TV shows and movies with a medical laboratory scientist as a guest.
Zaki Sabri
Zaki Sabri Pred 2 dnevi
what did I just watch?
L F Pred 3 dnevi
Most people haven’t noticed the difference between the othalmascope and the otoscope because when a light’s being shined in your eye the only thing you can really see the light.
SallySilly Billy 2
SallySilly Billy 2 Pred 3 dnevi
My fav part Sam:” why do you listen for the lungs from the back?” Dr mike:because that’s that’s where it is Sam:THAT ANSWERS THAT QUESTION MOVING ON Me: laughs uncontrollably
kermit de frogie
kermit de frogie Pred 3 dnevi
What doctor are you
notStark Pred 3 dnevi
Me- slits my hand open with knife. School nurse: “have a bandaid and some ice”
S O R R Y S I R Pred 3 dnevi
If Someone locked me in a room to watch cocomelon i would find anyway possible to get out
Happy Turtle
Happy Turtle Pred 3 dnevi
I'd be more concerned if the teddy started doing sit-ups...
Lina <3
Lina <3 Pred 3 dnevi
Yesss I had a crush on my p.e teacher lollllll
Crez Cat Q. Ojinal
Crez Cat Q. Ojinal Pred 3 dnevi
Plz stop the logics. Red my nane i ned a Hospitale
Gabriella Derek
Gabriella Derek Pred 3 dnevi
He’s a qualified doctor that went through medical school but doesn’t know the difference between a cowbell and a triangle
Kristina Arp
Kristina Arp Pred dnevom
Muhammad Khizar
Muhammad Khizar Pred 3 dnevi
Hugh kent_clare
Hugh kent_clare Pred 3 dnevi
Him: shouts at cocomelon for bandage on stubbed toe me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🍞
Don’t mind me hehe
Don’t mind me hehe Pred 3 dnevi
Me wheezing the whole time this had no business being this funny
Comnucto Gamez
Comnucto Gamez Pred 3 dnevi
Nothing bizzare here just a WHOLE GROWN man watching babies show :)
Toni Pred 3 dnevi
Mike: i don't think they're called sutures in stuffed animals, they're called sticthes Epik medical comedy
Sione_Gacha studios
Sione_Gacha studios Pred 4 dnevi
My cousin was watching this with me and asked “does this dude realize they r like 2 and can can barely stand”
GrumpyLynx Pred 4 dnevi
“What is with these babies and bandages?” Quote of the year
GrumpyLynx Pred 4 dnevi
Oh also “I can observe the child.”
Karina Galvan
Karina Galvan Pred 4 dnevi
Another episode of cocomelon pls????
Star Side
Star Side Pred 4 dnevi
4:58 in short, I'm super confused
AirTight Pred 4 dnevi
The singing sounds like a poorly made vocaloid voice bank
Lil.Oatmeal Pred 4 dnevi
Now… I know this is kinda unrelated but: *bubblegum amoxicillin* you can’t tell me it’s not amazing 👌
Two funny
Two funny Pred 4 dnevi
You are awesome and everything and you are right about sleeping being healthy but I rarely sleep and i’m 6 foot 7
Anna Young
Anna Young Pred 4 dnevi
I just watched a doctor watch a children’s show What’s my life
KING OF FOOD Pred 4 dnevi
The bady didn't even put the bange on the teachers toe he put it on the top of her foot lmao lol
Alexa Pred 4 dnevi
I have a current crush on my church teacher I have multiple but he’s like a teen and I’m 10 🤣🤣🤣
Doing it all with Logan
Doing it all with Logan Pred 4 dnevi
My little sister loves coco melon
Sarah Ruiz
Sarah Ruiz Pred 4 dnevi
What kinda of doctor is docTor mike?
Charbel Mouawad
Charbel Mouawad Pred 4 dnevi
Cocomelon:fails and put misinfo in music video DR.MIKE:and I took that personally
Isabella govender
Isabella govender Pred 5 dnevi
My 2 year old sister watches this a lot 😐
Genevieve Vine
Genevieve Vine Pred 5 dnevi
The kid: mommy I scraped my knee. Doctor Mike: ouchie
Moriah Monea
Moriah Monea Pred 5 dnevi
He got upset with the bandages 😂😭
crumkruncher Playz
crumkruncher Playz Pred 5 dnevi
“Floppy baby” - Doctor Mike 2021
🥰-𝔅𝔦𝔫𝔫𝔲𝔪𝔦-🥰 Pred 5 dnevi
He said poor cowbell but that was actually a triangle.
Anonyomus Stryker
Anonyomus Stryker Pred 5 dnevi
Do you know how you can tell when your nose is running? It’s running away……..Come back here!!!! Dang it…..I need me nose to come back! ……Bee-woop!
Foxy The Pirate fox
Foxy The Pirate fox Pred 5 dnevi
"105,597,368,283 views" that MORE THAN THE POPULATION OF EARTH IN 2021 WTF
Laura Orcutt
Laura Orcutt Pred 5 dnevi
Mommy can tell. As the dad is singing along Me:👁👄👁
Dan Dybdal Nielsen
Dan Dybdal Nielsen Pred 5 dnevi
I just love when Mike just : "Boom boom. Boom. Boom"
Thomas Barley
Thomas Barley Pred 5 dnevi
Dr. Mike just roasting the babies.
BoisMemez Pred 5 dnevi
Why the cocomelon video is 1.25x
EthanIsTheKing Pred 5 dnevi
Was anyone else bothered by how the triangle still chimed, When the babies whole hand was on it
EthanIsTheKing Pred 5 dnevi
There would be no vibration
Camila Sotelo
Camila Sotelo Pred 6 dnevi
Okay anyway I have a nurse coming with me to school because I have a medical condition that doesn't allow me to go alone for more than 3 ours anyway some bozo made the road by the gate all the side of my art class
Camila Sotelo
Camila Sotelo Pred 6 dnevi
On the side of my art class is an inch tall not doesn't sound that bad but when you realize the Road is supposed to dip in I tripped and cut myself on the elbow and the nurse said that an open wound heels quicker when it's left out in the air after she cleaned it so at 2:16 in this video I was so confused cuz she's a real nurse and I know Doctor Mike is a real doctor as well
Helorocino Pred 6 dnevi
a grown man analyzing cocomelon
AzarLive Pred 6 dnevi
Elizangela Francisca Olinto Olinto
Elizangela Francisca Olinto Olinto Pred 6 dnevi
Lalalala 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sanfo_Gaming Pred 6 dnevi
It’s all fun and games until Mike spends an hour talking about the medical issues with Peppa pig.
VuukcuberYT Pred 6 dnevi
Bruh this is so cringe
Eden Carter
Eden Carter Pred 6 dnevi
Can you react to Doogie Kamealoha?? On Disney plus
Lisa Pred 6 dnevi
I edited this comment bc first I was angry about the high pitched cocomelon voices but now I have a new grievance with this video: THAT IS A NOT A COW BELL DOCTOR IT IS A TRIANGLE PLEASE STOP MAKING MY EXISTENCE HERE PAINFUL
Robert Oldham
Robert Oldham Pred 6 dnevi
I have ben cursed because i listened to this music
Ryan Correa
Ryan Correa Pred 6 dnevi
“Did anyone else have a crush on their middle school teacher?” That’s the funniest thing. But all mine were old
Maria Faiz
Maria Faiz Pred 6 dnevi
I hate coco melon not this channel tho
MiaNotFoundWasTaken Pred 6 dnevi
Oh no guys,i think he's turning into the medical version of the vegan teacher😧
Jason Stanton
Jason Stanton Pred 7 dnevi
Cocomelon makes me angry
Elizabeth Bell
Elizabeth Bell Pred 7 dnevi
"you actually have to put the stethoscope in your ears little cocomelon baby" is what me watch more doctor mike vids hes so funny
A Basking Shark
A Basking Shark Pred 7 dnevi
Kid: literally dies Cocomelon: BANDAID
Sydney Schalla
Sydney Schalla Pred 7 dnevi
will mike be showing his kids cocomelon?
VirashX Pred 7 dnevi
Is anyone not going to realize that the coco melon videos are on 1.15x speed?
Elena Enroth
Elena Enroth Pred 7 dnevi
''Little cocomelon baby"
Jonas Nielsen
Jonas Nielsen Pred 7 dnevi
I have ADHD and austime lol
Jacquelyn Elyse
Jacquelyn Elyse Pred 7 dnevi
“Little cocomelon baby” Me as a mom: HIS NAME IS JJ!!
MrWinemaker Pred 7 dnevi
Bruh the tremolo on the vocals is brutal
Nicki L
Nicki L Pred 7 dnevi
Did you notice that they put a stuffed animal in the crib with the baby for bedtime!!!
nialia Pred 7 dnevi
me short as hell at 1 am : *watches doctor mike* him : sleeping is good for your growth me : aight ima head out
friggstix22 Pred 7 dnevi
No wonder I’m small I barely get sleep 😂
Alex The Ferret
Alex The Ferret Pred 7 dnevi
Bruh, I could easily add a sweet beat to the same cocomellon song 👀
Phoebe Brighouse-johnson
Phoebe Brighouse-johnson Pred 7 dnevi
I remember when I was younger, the hospital used to pay me to be a patient for medical exams cuz I have an eye condition
Jared and Erin Lidgerwood
Jared and Erin Lidgerwood Pred 7 dnevi
You need to react to the ‘Hospital’ episode of Bluey.
Jayla Sparrowspeed
Jayla Sparrowspeed Pred 7 dnevi
Thank you for teaching us youngens
The Brown Eyed Pup
The Brown Eyed Pup Pred 8 dnevi
I am a musician and the triangle will not ring like that when held if you have it on a hook or string or it is hanging in a way where it is not touched much then it will ring but that baby doctor just dampened that triangle.
Rootbeer Float
Rootbeer Float Pred 8 dnevi
4:53 😆😂
Caitlin Strawn
Caitlin Strawn Pred 8 dnevi
0:14 fun fact the voice in the song of the baby is my friend
Brody Garcia
Brody Garcia Pred 8 dnevi
When dr. Mike runs out of ideas lol P.s. we still love it
Lusy Gomez
Lusy Gomez Pred 8 dnevi
I was watching this in bed with my baby brother and i laughed so hard when i caught him peeking at my phone
icedbev Pred 8 dnevi
I stubbed my toe and for about 4 days it was black. it was the worst 4 days of my life
Me Neo
Me Neo Pred 8 dnevi
"If you wanna grow tall make sure you are getting enough sleep" Me who gets 5 hours of sleep : 😐
MostlyAnimation Pred 8 dnevi
2:04 but im allergic to bandage adhesives
darked12 Pred 8 dnevi
Mike, welcome to the next gen world, so misleading so cringy
Nightmare player
Nightmare player Pred 8 dnevi
1:17 Schools: You need to be INTELLIGENT not TALL!
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