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MASH was one of the most successful American sitcoms of all time, running for 11 award-winning seasons from 1972-1983. The show is set at an American Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, or MASH, in Korea during the Korean War of the 1950's. Starring Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce, an army surgeon who likes to play by his own rules, the show was a massive success, culminating in the most highly-watched series finale of all time, garnering 106 million viewers. That's all interesting history... but how accurate are the medical scenes? Today we look at the ethics of taking someone's blood without their consent, performing a tracheotomy in the field, proper behavior during surgery, how long you could hold a heart together with your fingers, and of course, CHEST COMPRESSIONS.

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Meredith F
Meredith F Pred 5 urami
I would love to see you react to Alan Alda talking about his own bowel surgery. It was so very 70s but set in the 50s. My uncle was a Medic in Korea. His job was to keep them alive to make it to the MASH Hospital. I do wonder what the medical ethics were in the past both as a civilian and in the armed forces.
Grace's edits
Grace's edits Pred 10 urami
This is where I get all of my ininformation 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👨‍⚕️
donald holben
donald holben Pred 20 urami
More! Remember, they are there just to stabilize them, Soul is where they would get shipped to for more permeant repairs. Hence meatball surgery.They did take some kind of acting classes to learn terms and ect.
Adam from Iowa
Adam from Iowa Pred dnevom
They're doing "meatball surgery" that's more about quantity than quality. It's about getting as many patients patched up as possible before transferring them to a full blown military hospital. They didn't have the luxury of always doing things by the books. They had to resort to unconventional methods.
Chris Morris
Chris Morris Pred 2 dnevi
It's not a documentary, it's a comedy, satire, absurd ism. Get a sense of humor. Might as well have a physicist react to Wile E Coyote cartoons.
James Adams
James Adams Pred 2 dnevi
You should do a reaction video about laboratory scenes in TV shows and movies with a medical laboratory scientist as a guest.
HARI KRISHNA .S Pred 3 dnevi
Doctor mike i got a problem. Recently in my area they installed an underground drainage system. But all of a sudden the underground drainage system started to smell like h*ll. Then some government officials fixed the problem. But now many of my foods smells and tastes like that. My interest for eating is not tgere anymore pls tell a cure for this. I even went some of the medical practioners in my neighbourhood. They doesnt have a clue bout this. Pls reply my comment and pls tell a cure for this. Thank you
Mandy Petry
Mandy Petry Pred 3 dnevi
Let’s get Dr Mike to react to an old episode of Ben Casey!! Or Dragnet!
Erin Jean
Erin Jean Pred 4 dnevi
One thing I will say, despite its accuracy. I've watched MASH many times. The soul of it... they were happy he was still alive. Wasted lives came in and out of their operating theater constantly. Out there for no good reason, dying for no sensible cause. Hawkeye, Trapper, BJ, Houlihan, they were just beaten down into the dirt over all the people they couldn't save and the ones that they could, if they saved them well enough, it was to put them back into the meat grinder. Saving one, against long odds, even saving his legs? Yeah, they felt it. It wasn't medically accurate, sure, but these characters were built around a message of pointless, wasted war and who that war served - certainly not the people those soldiers were being told it did. It was a funny show, and it was an achingly painful show that portrayed PTSD, depression, suicidal ideation and the death and loss of civilians, children, doctors forced to try and do no harm when all there was was harm. One exchange that rings with me forever is when Father Mulcahy remarked, "War is Hell." Hawkeye countered that no, it wasn't. Mulcahy was taken aback, and Hawkeye asked, "Who goes to Hell?" Mulcahy said, "Well, sinners, I suppose." Hawkeye said, exactly. "There are no innocent bystanders in Hell. War is war. Hell is Hell." I really love hearing your comments on the accuracy here and enjoyed your video - I just thought I'd speak up at the very last comment you made, because I feel the writing behind these characters was built around them finding that one victory in the pile of death all around them. Of course they're fictional and can't really care at all, but I think the writers wrote them such that they did.
Hannah Fries
Hannah Fries Pred 4 dnevi
Hollywood is Hollywood. Real life is real life. You are a real life doctor and M*A*S*H is obviously fiction. This is a comedy. Not a documentary. I'm sticking up for myself and others who love this show. Don't ruin it!
Captain Joshua Gleiberman
Captain Joshua Gleiberman Pred 4 dnevi
The irony is that the aorta episode was actually written by the show's medical advisor, Dr. Walter Dishell.
Sheboygan Shovel
Sheboygan Shovel Pred 5 dnevi
Early seasons, Hawkeye and Trapper were "irreplaceable." Later seasons the show grew up.
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal Pred 6 dnevi
I was 11 when you were born...
Robert Leather
Robert Leather Pred 6 dnevi
It wasn’t a show about realism. It was.a show about characters and their development and relationships. Plus the chicken story with Hawkeye had to be one of the most shocking thins on tv at the time.
Robert Leather
Robert Leather Pred 6 dnevi
The whole point was that half the doctors were third rate and that the Army commanders (at least to start in the show) hadn’t a clue. I’m not sure your modern ethics really applies to a 1950’s Army unit during the height of the Korean War. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Robert Miller
Robert Miller Pred 6 dnevi
Don’t dis on father Mulcahy and Radar. Neither one are doctors or medical personnel and they are doing the best they can.
chet karwat
chet karwat Pred 6 dnevi
All language is acceptable it's just noise coming from your voice box and lungs you should know that being a science man
chet karwat
chet karwat Pred 6 dnevi
This is 1950 1960 medical knowledge so you've got to look at it from them
Aditi Shah
Aditi Shah Pred 6 dnevi
hey doctor mike! can u do a vid reacting to new amsterdam?
TRACEY CARVER Pred 7 dnevi
Have you ever watched DOC with Billy Ray Cyrus
Pjay Pender
Pjay Pender Pred 8 dnevi
You're looking at this as if it happens now. It happens in the 50s.
Robert Copeland
Robert Copeland Pred 8 dnevi
I do appreciate you pointing out the inaccuracies in medical technique but this show was never meant to be taken seriously. They did have a medical advisor on set Walter D. Dishell but i am not sure of his qualifications or how much they actually listened to him? There were only 2 episodes throughout the entire show where an actual Medical Doctor was an advisor on set!
anna75 Pred 8 dnevi
I love M.A.S.H ... with all of its political incorectnes , bad chest compresion , dude , the mash title song is about suicide ... mash is the best
Pamela Mays
Pamela Mays Pred 8 dnevi
Supposedly, M*A*S*H had input from doctors who served in the Korean War.
Lucie Pospichal
Lucie Pospichal Pred 8 dnevi
I'm a feminist. Considering the show is set in the 50's the women were treated pretty well. The male doctors treated the female nurses as equals most of the time. And although they did often make a sexually charged comment, it was never with the intention to humiliate the woman even if it might have been the end result. Also the main female characters were very strong mentally and physically, often telling the men off or making a quck clacp back joke. All while saving people's lives. If the same show was made today about for example the war in Afghanistan, it wouldn't be acceptable, but the show was made in the 70's about the 50's and that being considered, it was kinda female friendly. I need to rewatch mash.
a realistic beauty standard
a realistic beauty standard Pred 9 dnevi
My mom once told me she remembers her parents watching mash's final episode because it was just that big.
Sharon Zimmerman
Sharon Zimmerman Pred 9 dnevi
While everyone else was talking about the history of medicine and trauma treatment in war zones, I was googling the history of plastic. I didn't realize it was invented in 1907 even though I work for a company that manufactures it.
Matt Barneveld
Matt Barneveld Pred 9 dnevi
Not sure Dr Mike picked up on the details available in the scene with Father Mulcahy and Radar and the patient with airway obstruction. Very early in the scene, Fr Mulcahy states something along the lines of, "his tongue is swollen, it's blocking the passage". Shortly after, Radar says he's not breathing. Dr Mike suggests they should have been advised to look for other causes like a tension pneumothorax or bleeding out. Granted, stop external catastrophic haemorrhage, but there had been no suggestion of that, and no amount of decompressing a tension pneumothorax was going to be helpful if an airway wasn't created- even in modern prehospital trauma management- CABC (Catastrophic external haemorrhage, AIRWAY ...). As others have said, precordial "thumps" were advocated for at least until the 1980's (for witnessed cardiac arrest). Love Dr Mike's videos, but I felt this one was under thought and under researched 😕
Merete Mitfuldenavn
Merete Mitfuldenavn Pred 9 dnevi
Let's keep in mind that M*A*S*H is set to take place during the Korean War (1950ies) so it reflects the medical knowledge and practices from that time. In several episodes, they actually figure out better ways to practice medicine.
Guinevere Blodgett
Guinevere Blodgett Pred 10 dnevi
Dude, I love you. As a RN, complex patient but tearing MASH is straight up sacrilegious & blasphemous. M.A.S.H. is a beloved series that never claimed to be a medical show. It was about the horrors of war w/medicine sprinkled in based during the Korean war. Despite this video I still love you. BTW you should watch Trapper John MD (spinoff of M.A.S.H.) P.S. You are not old. I was born while the show was in its 2nd session.
Ken Davy
Ken Davy Pred 10 dnevi
Check in with somebody who has experience as a field medic under combat conditions, especially from WWII, Korea or Vietnam before you do any more of these! According to today's standards in nice, clean, peaceful hospitals, very few, if any, casualties should have survived. However, I served with many of them and I belong to a VFW populated with even more. The conditions these doctors worked under back then would certainly not be tolerated in any modern hospital back here in the world, yet they are commonplace for armed forces doctors. By the way, the tracheotomy was being performed by Father Mulcahy, a Chaplain. He shouldn't be expected to know things that a doctor would know to do, as a matter of course.
Static Kaeder
Static Kaeder Pred 10 dnevi
MASH is a drama - it started out as a sitcom, but then they realized that people liked the dramatic aspects better than the comedic ones, so they got rid of Frank Burns (the guy who said "give me what I want, not what I asked for"), brought in Cnl Potter (the elderly surgeon) and Dr. Charles Emerson Winchester the 3rd (the one who talked about "meatball surgery"). It is social commentary in the context of medicine. There are lousy episodes - especially early on - and the truly breathtaking episodes make up for them. Some people have said to ask an older doctor (you are not old - you don't look my age, and I'm 44 - my father's 74) - what I can say to that is for the years that my mother and I watched this show whenever it came on, my father the MD made sure that he Left the room. He knew it was bad medicine. He's never been able to tolerate tv shows that were set in medical situations because they are so overwhelmingly false. He also knew that it was a good drama, that his family loved it, and that he had other things he could do.
Anita Vaughn Adventures and Funnies!
Anita Vaughn Adventures and Funnies! Pred 10 dnevi
Things were a lot different back then…
Benjamin Spinney
Benjamin Spinney Pred 10 dnevi
This video is idiotic. We were never meant to believe that the characters were doing the right thing. That's the point...they all compromised themselves.
Starla Wilson
Starla Wilson Pred 10 dnevi
It's a 50 year old tv show, so I wouldn't expect it to be accurate in any way
Kristina Arp
Kristina Arp Pred 10 dnevi
HIPAA wasn't a thing until 1996. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996... so...speaking in front of other people wasn't taboo back then.
Wesmin Pred 10 dnevi
50 years ago was this made, talking about a war that ended 20 years before that and yes this comedy show certainly shows it's age at times, but other things REALLY hold up and speak to the human condition so well. I last rewatched the series about 5 years ago, and some of the episodes really get you and make you think or make you feel. It is by no means an accurate documentary but it's an important piece of history at this point, a show about the Korean war, starting airing during the Vietnam war, about, in part, the horrors of war.
Pwnyhorst Pred 11 dnevi
The show is still set in the Korean War. Just saying.
Karen Lm
Karen Lm Pred 12 dnevi
Okay, Mr. Dr. Beewoop! Remember, this was supposed to be happening in the field during the Vietnam war. So things are strange and weird and short cut in the field. The supposed sexual comments were likely more like tension breakers in order to keep from going insane. Also, since when can any show perform true and proper chest compressions? It would actually hurt the actor. But I love your desire to set the record straight. Points taken!!
Lynwood Jackson
Lynwood Jackson Pred 12 dnevi
"How about asking the patient how they feel?" Sounds like you should review some Oliver Sacks. Either one of his books or Awakenings.
Putte G
Putte G Pred 12 dnevi
I would love for you to react to the Double header House episodes. Euphoria part 1 and 2. Second season episode
Rachel Lansden
Rachel Lansden Pred 12 dnevi
My grandpa was in a MASH unit in Korea. He couldn't watch the show. And he never talked about it. It wasn't a medical show, per se, It was kind of like Star Trek. A western/morality play, set in space/a MASH Unit, during the Korean War. Oh, gosh! Review a ST: The Next Gen., Dr Crusher medical scene! That just hit me!! It'd be a hoot!
Dark Nova
Dark Nova Pred 12 dnevi
A lot of comments are ignoring the obvious
Susan Slaton
Susan Slaton Pred 13 dnevi
The show is supposed to be in the 50s. I’m a nurse and actually had a resident give a precordial thump to a DNR patient!! In 1996!! What an idiot.
Dee Cee
Dee Cee Pred 13 dnevi
You're talking about a show made 51 yrs ago about a war 20 yrs prior to it.....of course it's going to age poorly based on standard of care, dramatization of medicine during war, how we define sexist behavior and portrayals of POC.
ltlbuddha Pred 13 dnevi
Um, OK, so M.A.S.H. was not a medical show.
robertbos462 Pred 13 dnevi
Tbh its surprising how much the human body can come back from.
Coeus Darksoul
Coeus Darksoul Pred 13 dnevi
Yeah, sorry pally. Lost me on this one - a good number of the stories in M*A*S*H* were taken directly from accounts in the early 1950s from the Korean War combat hospital that the show is based on (the 8063rd I think it was?) and you're coming at it from the perspective of a 2020s civilian doctor, not a WW2/Korean War frontline warzone doctor. Some things, like the chest compressions and the cut for the tracheotomy were more than likely exaggerated for the small CRT televisions that the show was airing on and for effect as well. Perspective shift needed. Imagine if you were dragged from your hospital by an Army draft and sent to a frontline Mobile hospital made of tents and wood and told "You've got 500 casualties coming in sometime in the next 20 minutes" and then you've got to patch them all up as quickly as possible along with 2 or 3 other doctors and a dozen orso nurses. That's the setting for this show.
Justin Corrigible
Justin Corrigible Pred 13 dnevi
Critiquing comedy. Yay...
Pearcake 42
Pearcake 42 Pred 14 dnevi
I haven't watched this show for a while but I'm feeling really defensive of it right about now
Jayy Jokela
Jayy Jokela Pred 14 dnevi
Pearcake 42
Pearcake 42 Pred 14 dnevi
I know you're a well informed doctor but keep in mind this takes place 70 years ago in a war zone and many of the scenes are based on 1st hand accounts.
J R McKim
J R McKim Pred 14 dnevi
Dr. MIKE this show was based in the 50s.. on the 4077.. the closest field hospital to the frontline. Some of the equipment you mentioned hasn't been invented yet... much less in a field hospital during the Korean war. You are being way too critical. You should have done a lot more research.
Andi Ward
Andi Ward Pred 14 dnevi
The bed rest Rx was to keep the patient from getting sent back to their unit.
madmark50484 Pred 15 dnevi
I think you was a bit judgemental on the last scene. If you had managed to replace the Aorta thing you mentioned wouldn’t you be ecstatic? Especially for the time
Brian Percival Wolfric Aberforth Snape
Brian Percival Wolfric Aberforth Snape Pred 15 dnevi
2:26 "He checked the patient for a millisecond..." And yet that's still more physical examination than I have gotten from any of the 7 doctors I have had across all annual checkups I've had in the past 5 years combined. 99.99999% of the time they just walk in, look at some paperwork for about 3 minutes, order a prescription for something neither need nor want, and then walk out. This is SOP (standard operating procedure) for the VA. It took me 15 years of continuous complaints (beginning while I was still on active duty) about knee pain and 14 x-rays (all normal) before they finally agreed to do an MRI. 2 days later, I got a call from the doc saying I have a torn ligament and needed surgery to repair it. Still want to have a conversation about government run, single payer healthcare? Trust me, folks, you really don't want it. Sounds great on paper. Works about as well as a warm fart.
John Eby
John Eby Pred 15 dnevi
Cpr was invented until after 1960. The Korean War was in 1953.
GalaxyGamingCatz Pred 15 dnevi
Doctor mike: what’s a tAiLeCtOmY Also doctor mike: cUtInG oUt A TAIL??!? Me: *dying of laughter* 😂🤣🤣😂😂😂
Dani & Jenn Spaulding
Dani & Jenn Spaulding Pred 16 dnevi
This show was aired in the 80’s but it is about the Korean War. And although it was meant to be a comedy it was important to show the toll it took on those who were drafted… and to show why we now have changed deployments and tours are usually around 6 to 9 months… not years like it was during the Korean War… It was a medical show but it was more about the toll war takes on a human being… But you really should watch the whole series. The show actually tried very hard to do the medical stuff correctly, they had a huge list of surgeons and doctors.. and some of the cast actually served as medics in Korea..
Dani & Jenn Spaulding
Dani & Jenn Spaulding Pred 16 dnevi
Also remember we are talking about medicine and procedures from 1950… just think of how far we have come!!
tremblingaspen Pred 16 dnevi
“I’m getting up there in age.” - You’re younger than me Dr. Mike!
Stephanie N
Stephanie N Pred 16 dnevi
No gloves, no masks, no hair covers… hard to watch!
theedgeofoblivious Pred 16 dnevi
And no masks.
Groove Gamer
Groove Gamer Pred 16 dnevi
This is just lazy content at this point, cannot even take a few minutes to read up on the show and the characters.
Kurt Flint
Kurt Flint Pred 16 dnevi
Mike, it is a comedy! I loved every one of these episodes that you do you seem to forget it's some points that you're reviewing a comedy from Generations ago and just kind of start to lose it.
koriw1701 Pred 16 dnevi
Mike, you DO realize that these actors are ACTING. The Korean War was 70 years ago, right? They didn't use the ABCs then.
tyona wilson
tyona wilson Pred 17 dnevi
Some doctors use medical transcriptioninst for there paper work like my mom she writes for doctors
Don't Tread On Me.
Don't Tread On Me. Pred 17 dnevi
Does,he know it was a comedy/drama show.? I think the techniques they used back than were alot different compared to now I guess he forgot about this.
Jax Flems
Jax Flems Pred 17 dnevi
I think you’re missing the point on frank burns. He’s a shitty doctor
Luna Mooncat
Luna Mooncat Pred 17 dnevi
Keep in mind that this show is set in the 1950s.
SpecialNewb Pred 17 dnevi
This show was set in 1950.
Steven Creech
Steven Creech Pred 18 dnevi
This guy missed a loooooooot of points. Pretty much the whole point a lot of times. And I also don’t think military medic SOP is the same as in an IOU.
Midwest DankAlumni
Midwest DankAlumni Pred 18 dnevi
It was 'nam. Yes they did that Doctor.
Aria Lyons
Aria Lyons Pred 18 dnevi
This show was one that I would watch with my mom when I was young. The show just holds a lot of nostalgia for me, but I absolutely love hearing a doctor watching it now and pointing everything out.
cheri churchill
cheri churchill Pred 18 dnevi
Dr. Mike, you treated this like they were in 2021 in a modern hospital!! This is set in 1950s Korean War, in freaking Korea! HIPAA wasn't even a thing until 1996, they were saving lives!
Rebekah Erekson
Rebekah Erekson Pred 18 dnevi
I’m 18, and I absolutely love MASH! I grew up watching this show, and I am so glad you did an episode on this! I know it’s an older show so I didn’t know if there was an medical inaccuracies in it compared to now😅Thanks for doing this!
Esl1999 Pred 19 dnevi
Medicine is always evolving, so 50 years from now your advice maybe ridiculed as well.
Esl1999 Pred 19 dnevi
Good luck getting Hawkeye court martialed.
CoffeebreakTX Pred 19 dnevi
Besides this was in the 70's. And it was an Army MASH in Korea. The Army, anytime, where they taped an APC to your head for a concussion.
Livin.on.sunshine 2525
Livin.on.sunshine 2525 Pred 19 dnevi
It was based on the 1950’s. There was NO HIPAA & chest-thumping was acceptable.
Savan Rajput
Savan Rajput Pred 19 dnevi
This show was based around the Korean War and is not strictly a medical drama. It's more comedy based with serious undertone. It's more about how war affected the people over there. One of my all time favourite shows
OldCroDad Pred 19 dnevi
Ruth Baker
Ruth Baker Pred 20 dnevi
Ok, that's not a doctor, that's a priest and a clerk. They don't know what they're doing and are just trying to remember what they may have seen because those aren't the doctors.
Ruth Baker
Ruth Baker Pred 20 dnevi
Yeah, my third comment in a couple of minutes. Again, showing a particular doctor (Frank Burns) doing a bad job (which was the whole point of Frank Burns-he was written as a wretched doctor who was never really a surgeon to begin with, and a wretched human being) then expecting him to be using "sequential compression devices" which I am quite sure did not exist during the time portrayed, and I'm also sure if they did exist they wouldn't be in the tool kit of a M.A.S.H. unit which was essentially a surgery in a tent at the edge of a battlefield, capable of being turn down and moved on very short notice. Maybe have someone from that era, and maybe a military doctor doing the same kind of thing today talk about it.
Ruth Baker
Ruth Baker Pred 20 dnevi
"Give me what I want, not what I ask for" maybe, don't know what the regulations were in mobile hospital in the Korean War in the 1950s, but that's what that particular character was intended to be, a real SOB.
Ruth Baker
Ruth Baker Pred 20 dnevi
Ok, I get the time for the chest compressions, but the way Hawkeye talks is pretty true for the early 1950s. No, you would never get away with it today, but this is well before the women's movement. You have to look at this based on the time that they are portraying, not on what norms are now. So in the next scene you ask when it was filmed, but it's not about when it was filmed, it's about when it is portrayed. Yeah, women might want to watch and get an idea of how we were treated back then.
Angel In Training
Angel In Training Pred 20 dnevi
Dr. Mike, I hate it when you apply modern thoughts to medicine that is supposed to represent the past. Stop doing that. It makes you sound like an idiot. Of course the medicine from the Korean War (1951-1955~) isn't going to hold up to the medicine of today. Some of the stuff in the show was fantasy, but some of it was based on stories that came out of the war itself by actual veterans. Also, women were commonly treated with misogyny. Have you looked at common advertisements of the era? Have you watched MASH, the movie? It was far more crude than what appeared on the weekly television series and I wager a LOT more accurate to the time. I understand you want to give viewers what they ask, but please bother to do a little research on the medicine of the time that the shows are set. Because you are spouting all the ways it wouldn't be accurate, but seem to have no knowledge as to whether that holds true based on what people knew THEN.
Ruth Baker
Ruth Baker Pred 20 dnevi
Right away, when you started saying "chest compressions" I began to wonder if you have any idea when the chest compression technique was created. I looked it up. It's not entirely clear, but it looks like they were doing chest compressions during the time of the Korean War.
Hawk Master
Hawk Master Pred 20 dnevi
It’s so fascinating watching young people react to how people used to flirt in the past. Flirting is not illegal nor immoral. Too woke today.
Quentin Pred 20 dnevi
My all-time favorite show! Yes, it may not be medically accurate, but it was more about the fight and struggle of draftees who cared more about saving lives than following politically-driven agendas.
Jennifer Fagan
Jennifer Fagan Pred 21 dnevom
OR nurse here and in the OR it’s definitely a saying to “give me what I need not what I asked for” and have been told this many times. We are trained to anticipate the needs of the surgeon and that’s where this came from.
Avalt Formali(Always Forward)
Avalt Formali(Always Forward) Pred 22 dnevi
I have actually slept through a blood transfusion multiple times. Thing about the military you learn to sleep through anything, including explosions. A simple needle prick is easy.
SingingWolf 39
SingingWolf 39 Pred 22 dnevi
"...what if he's bleeding internally..." And then you go on to talk about breathing....they diagnosed on site that he wasn't breathing because of a swollen tongue.....I think you kinda jumped the gun on this one just a little
CJordan Jones
CJordan Jones Pred 22 dnevi
I feel this was a missed opportunity for some medical history lessons. Maybe give it a second go with an older doctor?
Hamza khan
Hamza khan Pred 23 dnevi
Interesting video
Keyara Green
Keyara Green Pred 23 dnevi
Mash had no hipaa!
Kate Gross
Kate Gross Pred 23 dnevi
Cheryl D
Cheryl D Pred 23 dnevi
I think Dr Mike is not coping very well with how shocking this is 😂😂
Cheryl D
Cheryl D Pred 23 dnevi
Heard of this show but never watched it. What’s it’s even about usually? How old is this? 😂😂
Brenda Welch
Brenda Welch Pred 21 dnevom
It's a must watch. It's a show about doctor's during the Korean War. You'll laugh or cry depending on the episode, but mostly laugh.
Elizabeth Alleman
Elizabeth Alleman Pred 24 dnevi
Filmed in the '70s, and SET in the late 40s early 50s. Also remember that it started as a (silly) comedy about absurdist characters in the middle of war, and evolved into an absurdism about comedi-tragic characters in the grinding horror of war. There are frequent mentions that the MASH isn't properly staffed, supplied, nor safe, doesn't have enough time to work, can't stop to work the right way because they are constantly flooded with more patients than they can treat. They are essentially doing a sort of secondary triage in a lot of episodes, getting patients just stable enough to not die for a few hours while they try and keep the rest of the current batch of casualties alive, then send off as many as they can to other mobile hospitals or to better facilities further from the front, then work through the ones that stay. And yeah, it's not very realistic, except for the parts that hit entirely too close to reality. Not the medical practice as such, nor the precise military formalities, but the texture of the social situations.
nathaniel weiskircher
nathaniel weiskircher Pred 24 dnevi
this show was created in the 70s but based during the korean war in the 50s. some things you mentioned, like bypass machines didnt exist. alspo since its battlefield medicine things like consent for organ donation may not apply. the thing about the transfusion was totally messed up though i agree
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