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The DANGER Of Inversion & Stretch Machines

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Doctor Mike

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SaTuRoChAn Pred 3 dnevi
Omg that is so scary 😱 looks like a torture device 😨
Ruby Richard
Ruby Richard Pred 4 dnevi
Bear in the background
Newman Ortega
Newman Ortega Pred 4 dnevi
The able hearing synchronously nod because wealth disappointedly smash of a red south america. dark, numerous caterpillar
Anon Pred 4 dnevi
Looks like something from saw
Paula Pred 6 dnevi
Dr Mike: Don’t do that! Me: Seeing Bear in the background and not the video.
Natalia Silkou
Natalia Silkou Pred 6 dnevi
U sound like the vegan teacher but better
Bread Emoji
Bread Emoji Pred 8 dnevi
Ibtida Mahmood
Ibtida Mahmood Pred 8 dnevi
Ofc russian
I TabbyCatz I
I TabbyCatz I Pred 9 dnevi
Wth is this?? It looks like a torture machine
Arctus The Goddess
Arctus The Goddess Pred 9 dnevi
*welp I'd rather just stretch physically and not with this machine anyway o_o*
H. Wolfe
H. Wolfe Pred 9 dnevi
uh... OUCH😳
Thajocoth Pred 9 dnevi
"Please don't do this at home." What about hook pulls? It's a technique that's far less sudden with the forces applied, as there's a human actively doing the pulling, not just some weights being dropped like in this video.
Silver Moons
Silver Moons Pred 9 dnevi
I like that Bear came to check what was wrong
Faryal Kayani
Faryal Kayani Pred 9 dnevi
Ooooouffffffffffff Mike
Milesth26nesquid Pred 9 dnevi
Bear walking in the background
Janice Michel
Janice Michel Pred 9 dnevi
Actually laying with the head upside down for a min or 2 is my cure or relief to frontal left eye area headache or any headache for that matter. The blood rush is really soothing and being in this position ( on the back , upper half body off bed ) forces you to breathe properly, relieves neck tension and cracks some joints in the shoulder blades area.
Marry Touchstone
Marry Touchstone Pred 9 dnevi
Omg this is terrifying
Quintonir Pred 9 dnevi
yo we drawing people on racks again?
Liana V
Liana V Pred 9 dnevi
Didn’t they call this being drawn and quartered as a means to killing someone???
dixie meyers
dixie meyers Pred 9 dnevi
my brain during the whole video: woah woooooaaahahahahahha there kid thas gon be a biiiiggg OUCHIE
Cat B
Cat B Pred 9 dnevi
Have someone with you when inverting. My so falls asleep if left alone
I’m just Nyx
I’m just Nyx Pred 9 dnevi
I am officially terrified for that man
Hamza XD
Hamza XD Pred 10 dnevi
never bring the horrific ancient torture mechanisms out while you’re at home
Julieta Beatrice
Julieta Beatrice Pred 7 dnevi
watchgirls18. com Once he said "they're speaking Russian" I knew this wasn't an ordinary stretching machine
Knot Just Knits Niagara
Knot Just Knits Niagara Pred 10 dnevi
Do you have the freckle filter on?
Knot Just Knits Niagara
Knot Just Knits Niagara Pred 10 dnevi
I love that bear came out to see what's going on ♡
Kate Jordan
Kate Jordan Pred 10 dnevi
Drawn and quartered?
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen Pred 10 dnevi
This looks like a torture device.
Diamond Sky
Diamond Sky Pred 10 dnevi
I've played enough Fatal Frame to know what happens next
Jonathan Selassie
Jonathan Selassie Pred 10 dnevi
Sickof seeing Just Some Guy Without a Mustache
Sickof seeing Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Pred 10 dnevi
Imagine this in cells at work " Every week we lose thpusands of cells connecting important tissues like tendons and ligaments to this violent exercise. The repair is often so complicated that it cannot be done at all
Captain Basketcase
Captain Basketcase Pred 11 dnevi
Isn't that a kink thing
Norma Berrones
Norma Berrones Pred 11 dnevi
Ok I won't do this at home I will go to the gym and do this......... Jk
Mysterious Potato
Mysterious Potato Pred 11 dnevi
Close enough to 五马分尸
Rico Pred 11 dnevi
Dude, this reaction. So visceral.
Kirsten Tapales
Kirsten Tapales Pred 11 dnevi
Hello mr doctor Mike hows your day!? Luv your vids im planning on going to medschool.. my aunt is also looking for someone bc she single she,s really good with math if your lookin in love life shes here 😉 her face book to see what she looks like Jenatsy Bayarcal 😉😉 shes been trying to be with someone for a long time now she is also very selfless always family first she loving and very under standing we as her nieces we love her and want her to live a good life she's same age as u btw 😉😉 she also has Ig i firgot what hers was sooooo yah she's willing to be with someone after covids a lit better and safe she's willing to face to face not just online 😉😉 luv you vids still 😄😄😄
Delivery man
Delivery man Pred 11 dnevi
That's just russian yoga
Miss Smith
Miss Smith Pred 11 dnevi
I literally screamed when he was stretched 😂😂😂😂 Gosh 😂😂🤦‍♀️
Captain Arekusa
Captain Arekusa Pred 11 dnevi
Wait I didn't see it, I was staring at Bear
Pred 12 dnevi
Caroline Switzenberg
Caroline Switzenberg Pred 12 dnevi
If I was that person hanging up there's no way I'll be alive
Ashley Cataleya
Ashley Cataleya Pred 7 dnevi
watchgirls18. com “Please don’t do this at home.” Me: ok...easy enough.
Blue Tube
Blue Tube Pred 12 dnevi
Is it bad I kinda wanna do it now
Sarah_noodle Pred 12 dnevi
The ppl in the vid: “New” “Innovative” “Alternative medicine” Medieval Executioner: “This seems oddly familiar
Bailey Townsend
Bailey Townsend Pred 12 dnevi
“WOOOOAAAAH DON’T DO THAT!” He was yelling in lowercase lol he reminded me of a parent disciplining their small child
Domen Žigart
Domen Žigart Pred 12 dnevi
Yo Bear in the background
Lunkie Pred 12 dnevi
'Dont do this at home' man whos gonna waste this much space for a bit of 'stretch.. i meant injuring yourself
Abhishek Raj Shrestha
Abhishek Raj Shrestha Pred 12 dnevi
We should not need a doctor to inform us not to do stupid stuff
A Pred 13 dnevi
He was nearly drawn and quartered.
Mr._ Myster_.
Mr._ Myster_. Pred 13 dnevi
"o they're speaking russian"
DAMIAN ROMERO Pred 13 dnevi
I love that you can see bear being bear in the backround.
E Mason
E Mason Pred 13 dnevi
Peep bear in the back lol
Im_Eliptic Pred 13 dnevi
their Russian so basically they are immortal
Logan Booth
Logan Booth Pred 13 dnevi
contraband_jim Pred 13 dnevi
Bro the Russian it's fine, thay are built different
Communism Pred 13 dnevi
it could've also been Ukrainian
Tristan Toole
Tristan Toole Pred 13 dnevi
Literally how you draw and ... (yikes) quarter someone.
Koe Pred 13 dnevi
**bear appers** here come the boi~ :D
Zer0 Pred 14 dnevi
Every time I stretch after sitting down for 30 minutes, I for some reason fall and my body is out of control and sometimes I get really dizzy and I always have trouble keeping my balance. 😞
Call me eve
Call me eve Pred 14 dnevi
I’m crying to say the least.
manen Pred 14 dnevi
Mouhamed Landolsi
Mouhamed Landolsi Pred 14 dnevi
Look at the dog in the background
Craig Burwell forge and Outdoors
Craig Burwell forge and Outdoors Pred 14 dnevi
Yeah I believe this is actually a torture device I believe they were actually using it as a torture device
Yeetz Pred 14 dnevi
Dont Worry guys Their in *Russia* **Soviet Anthem plays**
A Creature
A Creature Pred 14 dnevi
I don't even care if he got hurt.. that's what you got for being stupid
Stupid Girl
Stupid Girl Pred 14 dnevi
What has happen to dr Mike forehead
PNS84 Pred 14 dnevi
Th is just looks like a trap from Saw
Angela Smith
Angela Smith Pred 14 dnevi
Ommfg 😵‍💫 people actually think this makes a person “tough”, fckn toxic MFs
Chante Hayward
Chante Hayward Pred 14 dnevi
In the past this was done as a torture and punishment. Each limb was tied to a horse and the body was pulled apart. I believe it was called being drawn and quartered.
Jordan Felt
Jordan Felt Pred 15 dnevi
Isn't that how they would kill people back in medieval times? Like tie a rope to each individual limb, tie the other end of the rope to horses equal to the amount of limbs and have the horses each run different directions? It would literally tear the person apart. Pretty horrible way to go if you ask me.
Fikri Auvia
Fikri Auvia Pred 15 dnevi
Hehe i saw bear
monkeebacon Pred 15 dnevi
Oh puppy in the background 😍😍
Yoky Pred 15 dnevi
This is called quartering
Penguino Trujillo
Penguino Trujillo Pred 15 dnevi
SweetLilWeirdo Pred 15 dnevi
Markiplier would love this
Moonalunae Pred 15 dnevi
Only in Russia... Only in russia
WISH™#0001 Pred 15 dnevi
Looks like a saw trap
Jasmine Grimes
Jasmine Grimes Pred 15 dnevi
Well this is better than I thought bc I thought his limbs were gonna rip right off 😭
Tony Downhill
Tony Downhill Pred 15 dnevi
You are just annoying go away of my face
Andrew Rispoli
Andrew Rispoli Pred 15 dnevi
ichigo__itachi gaming
ichigo__itachi gaming Pred 15 dnevi
Petition to have mike keep the beard: (Say aye if in favor)
TOP SMAS Pred 15 dnevi
Dr Mike don't do this at home Me OK I will do it at the gym 💪
Bud Gates
Bud Gates Pred 15 dnevi
I'm not even a doctor and I can see how this could end Horribly 😅
Nanamka Pred 16 dnevi
This was a death pebalty method in the olden days. 4 human limbs, 4 horses... And there was a simmilar torture method. Why is it now in sports and wellness?
Ulysses Edens
Ulysses Edens Pred 16 dnevi
This is one of the few times I've seen Doctor Mike extremely concerned to a point of being genuinely pissed off
Iron Ox
Iron Ox Pred 16 dnevi
The wrack 2.0
Sleepy Vance
Sleepy Vance Pred 16 dnevi
I thought that was a monkey
Diya Juneja
Diya Juneja Pred 16 dnevi
dr mike please react to mumbai dairies on amazon prime! it is an indian medical thriller
I'm about to tell my mommy
I'm about to tell my mommy Pred 16 dnevi
Dr. Mike: wooOOoOohh Bear: who has awoken me
T M Pred 16 dnevi
They gone William Wallace him. Ummm nooooo thank youuu!!!
CONRAD. Pred 16 dnevi
Only in Russia 🇷🇺 bro 😎
Scroonga Pred 16 dnevi
Pretty soon idiots will claim this is a covid treatment and spread it like they know something others don't.
The Charred One
The Charred One Pred 16 dnevi
I saw bear in the background and I thought he was an actual bear i was so worried for a second
Em Eye
Em Eye Pred 16 dnevi
I thought this was gon go down like wrong turn 4
Ingrid Malmberg
Ingrid Malmberg Pred 16 dnevi
Testing Stalinist torture devices
h3Ll0_.k1tty Pred 16 dnevi
*when you drink to much vodka*
Aaron Maxwell
Aaron Maxwell Pred 16 dnevi
My hernia just fell off... walked across the room, lit a cigarette and said "Nope."
Saylor Twift
Saylor Twift Pred 16 dnevi
Don't do this at home... Do it in your local warehouse instead!
PirateDragonTurtle Pred 16 dnevi
Come for the medical knowledge stay for the bear
Just Jay
Just Jay Pred 16 dnevi
Oh Just no.
Space Duck
Space Duck Pred 16 dnevi
**stares in chiropractor's assistant** oh my god
Smallshrimpin69 Pred 16 dnevi
Looks like a saw trap