The Truth About "Special" Waters

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Doctor Mike

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There is a disturbing trend floating around TikTok, SLus, and other social media websites promoting "alkaline waters" and other "special" versions of H20. Turns out, you don't need any of those fancy waters and anyone trying to convince you otherwise is simply promoting a product, as well as misinformation.

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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markanthony1004 Pred 3 urami
It’s like alkaline water. News flash: It does nothing for your body.
Skylar 1
Skylar 1 Pred 5 urami
Ooohhhh noooo eating or drinking pretty much anything is killing me
Seriously Bro?
Seriously Bro? Pred 5 urami
So, technically when u breathe u burn yourself very slowly.
InanAKAtheboss Pred 5 urami
so I got this tiny robot that tells me where the fountain of youth is
Nizar Bouhsaine
Nizar Bouhsaine Pred 7 urami
Does this mean if i use that i'll stop aging ? The KEY OF IMMORTALITY !!!! That's probably what queen Elizabith is using
SA Tahaa
SA Tahaa Pred 9 urami
She's just doing her job...
善哥 Pred 10 urami
He just throw the 100% medical misinformation right there
Rayyan Rah
Rayyan Rah Pred 22 urami
Water is actuallt aging me, i somehow saw on internet people almost die because of do not drink water.
Tsurara Kage
Tsurara Kage Pred dnevom
My favorite food: Blueberries My favorite chocolate: Dark chocolate *Y'know, I always have liked healthy foods-*
Gracie Miller
Gracie Miller Pred dnevom
I’m going to school basically for water treatment and engineering and I hear people talk about bs when it comes to water.
milk Pred dnevom
Michael Tadros
Michael Tadros Pred dnevom
Thanks Mike 😊
Ace Trainer Arcane
Ace Trainer Arcane Pred dnevom
What is anti aging supposed to do? Do I become immortal?
Garry where
Garry where Pred dnevom
Just don't drink bottles of water unless you really trust the FDA. Bottled water does not get tested daily for certain things and doesn't require monthly tests either. As where your municipal water is tested daily for chlorine, hardness, and total dissolve solids and in some other cases more testing is required. There are monthly tests that are required and that is required by none other than the EPA. Most municipal drinking water doesn't have florid. Filters are strictly regulated and are changing before they are needed. If someone gets sick and/or dies from the tap water. Then the head operator is in big trouble. Bottled water can come from any place that is somewhat clean and they may or may not change filters. It is very interesting how people think about their water. And it is usually wrong or misleading.
Teri Mummy
Teri Mummy Pred dnevom
*Me getting stressed out by seeing the doc's asymmetrical moustache😩😩
Unique Immigrant
Unique Immigrant Pred dnevom
Archangel 7
Archangel 7 Pred dnevom
What are these people gonna do when they realise being alive ages you ??
W1ld Archer
W1ld Archer Pred dnevom
anti-aging, foods that grant immortality
The Beaked Doctor
The Beaked Doctor Pred dnevom
If waters aging us, I need to know what my great aunt has been drinking and if I can have some
Sils Wei
Sils Wei Pred dnevom
No no no, I agree drinking water ages you, so if you believe that please just stop drinking/consuming anything with water in it. You will definitely stop aging after 3 days, I PROMISE. (Sarcasm)
Jason Moore
Jason Moore Pred dnevom
I think I might just stop drinking water all together
Darlene Lique
Darlene Lique Pred 2 dnevi
My grandmother be like: water makes you fat
Ali S
Ali S Pred 2 dnevi
Ok I got it, you have a Patek Philippe 😂; you deserve it though.🖤❤️
Vandana C
Vandana C Pred 2 dnevi
Any thoughts about hydrogen water/therapy?
Ana Cocio
Ana Cocio Pred 2 dnevi
Hold up... I understand we are supposed to drink water but US drinking water has PFAS and carcinogens. So basically we have to drink it to live but also you could get cancer...
An aid worker loading water
An aid worker loading water Pred 2 dnevi
Pretty sure time is the thing aging us…
i want to die
i want to die Pred 2 dnevi
Get rekt karen.
Надежда Самуйлова
Надежда Самуйлова Pred 2 dnevi
In Russia we had such devises 30 years ago. 😂
Azurath100 Pred 2 dnevi
The Dupont water is killing you
Owen Arlt
Owen Arlt Pred 2 dnevi
All water except Dasani
Owen Arlt
Owen Arlt Pred 2 dnevi
Dasani has salt in ot
Ngamata Teroi
Ngamata Teroi Pred 3 dnevi
Can babies drink water
EJ King
EJ King Pred 3 dnevi
She does know that you continue aging no matter what water you drink right? 😂
Tales toTell
Tales toTell Pred 3 dnevi
Oh no my water is aging me, let me go by expensive anti aging water. Also I could really go for a few Donuts and a Philly Cheesesteak. As long as I drink the fancy water I'll stay healthy.
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson Pred 3 dnevi
Thank you Doctor Mike I can't stand the predatory marketing
Rawsilver Pred 3 dnevi
You know what's really depressing? Is that they're allowed to spread this BS just so they can turn a profit.
ubergoodair Pred 3 dnevi
Don't get scammed by Multi Marketing Scheme, most people that buy those machines, are inherently drinking more water upon purchase to justify the purchase.
Mr Greening
Mr Greening Pred 3 dnevi
I realise she said "apple browing" but I heard "apple brownie" and now I have to make some apple brownies coz they sound so good! Of course, it's not an antioxidant so I'm gonna be aging myself I guess...but it will taste so good to get older. I also know this isn't the point of the video but brownies y'all!
FluKx !
FluKx ! Pred 4 dnevi
realistically if we look at this chemically as well rather than biologically oxidation means the removal of electronegative ions /atoms so removal of Flourine from Sodium is again oxidation
Music Laboratory
Music Laboratory Pred 4 dnevi
This is a lady considered to be of average intellect in modern age. That's a real shame.
Martim Cunha Rocha
Martim Cunha Rocha Pred 4 dnevi
I hate this talk about antioxidants nowadays. Do y'all know we don't know for a fact that they're good or healthy? Oxidative stress hasn't conclusively been connected to aging, it's just a theory. Here's another equally considerable theory: oxidative stress upregulates genes related to endogenous antioxidants, and exogenous antioxidants prevent natural methods of cell repair and longevity
THE GHOST Pred 4 dnevi
I'm 100% sure that O2 is killing us slowly it's a joke
Pops Pred 4 dnevi
White people just age faster than any other race. Correct me if I'm wrong
Leah Shanaia
Leah Shanaia Pred 4 dnevi
How is water related to aging? It's literally not even close. If anything drinking clean and plain water helps you live longer and more coherent. Her face screams sus
KERL GAMING Pred 4 dnevi
We have to bann people from yt shorts who provides misinformation.
Rainbow CatTail
Rainbow CatTail Pred 5 dnevi
Darren Murray
Darren Murray Pred 5 dnevi
Listening to this woman speaking BS is aging me! Really? Scientists use it do they????!!
Mas Dan
Mas Dan Pred 5 dnevi
I drink boiled water from water fountain behind my house
ibrahim abdullah
ibrahim abdullah Pred 5 dnevi
I can't stop looking at Dr Mike jugular vein as he's talking I swear it's him holding back the anger.
sam n
sam n Pred 6 dnevi
I couldn’t stop looking at the little curl on the left side of his mustache
chet karwat
chet karwat Pred 6 dnevi
Ty for telling people there isn't special water that will make you healthier water was made perfect 13 billion years ago
Justin Pred 6 dnevi
just the way she tried to justify herself with the apple example and saying literally “anti-aging” like wtf is that just say it lets you live longer, WHICH IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT BRAND UNLESS ITS CONTAMINATED, NO WATER AGES OR “anti” AGES YOU. where’s her original post lol man i gotta see what else she tries shilling to these MLM idiots
J. J.
J. J. Pred 6 dnevi
They’re coming for water now omg
Logan Walker
Logan Walker Pred 6 dnevi
Since when does water age you? So i should have a lifespan of over a hundred years at this point
Elyse Halbert
Elyse Halbert Pred 7 dnevi
Thanks god my bro saw this and I swear he thought he was going to die he is 10 btw
Pred 7 dnevi
EDUCATE👏🏼YOUR👏🏼SELF👏🏼thanks Dr. Mike🥰
Joanna Dzenowski
Joanna Dzenowski Pred 7 dnevi
"it's like an apple browning" miss,I-
Da Schwarz
Da Schwarz Pred 7 dnevi
Notice that she hides the names of the water bottles so that she doesn't get sued for false information.
Seth Miller
Seth Miller Pred 7 dnevi
Jokes on you all I drink is soda
Jason Hsu
Jason Hsu Pred 7 dnevi
I can't believe that people really do buy a product called Skinny Water. I'm sticking with Fat Water because it tastes better. :)
Jason Hsu
Jason Hsu Pred 7 dnevi
I drink Diet Water, because regular water is too fattening. Diet Water has just half the calories of regular water and is a mysterious magical antidote for fattening vices. Just for the taste of it, Diet Water! Diet Water, with no calories, now you see it, now you don't! :)
Jawa Maju171 chanel
Jawa Maju171 chanel Pred 7 dnevi
Good luck broo,,,join suport,,Subsc,,,,,Tq,,
Okaidiboy Pred 7 dnevi
gotta love mike
tyrece ellis
tyrece ellis Pred 7 dnevi
I've been drinking unfiltered spring water from the blue mountains sins i was born never affected me or my health but for some reason regular filtered water make me feel week or sleepy I wonder if this is normal
Chris Pred 7 dnevi
Chapter 4:5 of the internet bible; If they’re selling something, they’re lying
RAX Pred 7 dnevi
WaffleMonke Pred 8 dnevi
Well I guess I'm 50 now
John Smith
John Smith Pred 8 dnevi
"Umm dee where does he put his feet?"
Adam Mickiewicz
Adam Mickiewicz Pred 8 dnevi
btw your surname is a polish one, Warszawski (Warszawa - capital of Poland), just changed to be easier to read lol
NavakNavak Pred 8 dnevi
using big words to sound smart is what she's going for here
Christomith Channel
Christomith Channel Pred 8 dnevi
"The more negative the more its anti-aging you" so if you drink too much water yoh just fokin disappear?
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Pred 8 dnevi
Water is water
Roulette Pred 9 dnevi
I just noticed this BUT why in the hell are Russian names always do hard to pronounce- mine is hard already but I can't even pronounce yours without a try or two
Bleeding Hearts
Bleeding Hearts Pred 9 dnevi
Her: "water is aging you!" Yeah I sure hope it does. Who's trying to die young?
Pixelated Pred 9 dnevi
"Water is aging you" I mean yea we drink water to Live and so we age
king pin
king pin Pred 9 dnevi
Air is aging you just don't breath
imyomelman Pred 9 dnevi
“Doctors” also used to say they chose ‘camel cigarettes’ because of their great taste & coughing from smoking ‘clears the lungs’ Fact.🤨
jullinar pupenschnitzel
jullinar pupenschnitzel Pred 9 dnevi
So when I drink her water I stay 18 forever or what does aging mean for her???
Death913 Pred 9 dnevi
“Water is aging you” silly me I thought time was aging me
Skylar Burke
Skylar Burke Pred 9 dnevi
"The potential to reduce oxidation" 🙃
Firstperson1007 Pred 9 dnevi
"Worter" 😂
Alyssa Torres
Alyssa Torres Pred 9 dnevi
Even the Ph levels on water is BS. WATER WILL NOT ALTER YOUR BODIED PH NOR SHOULD IT. I swear, these companies give no fucks about their consumers.
SenseiTitty69 Pred 10 dnevi
What this person said is true as I drank water a 100 years ago and now I'm 100 years old. Water is definitely a scam by big pharma 😠😠😠😠😡😡 /s
raven Pred 10 dnevi
Stress on your mind helps you mentally grow when in healthy amounts
Qualin Hunter
Qualin Hunter Pred 10 dnevi
nothing like a good cold glass of water
Andrew Sabin
Andrew Sabin Pred 10 dnevi
I only got a water softener/filtration because our city water didn’t taste that good.
Вардан Степанян
Вардан Степанян Pred 10 dnevi
Little does she know that breathing supplies oxygen which oxidise glucose and fats in your cells, so she should stop breathing to prevent oxidation
Volen Velkov
Volen Velkov Pred 10 dnevi
I love how his name is literally “Michael of/from Warsaw” but in Polish
metty kgopana
metty kgopana Pred 10 dnevi
hey guys...just wanted to let u know that God loves and also plz repent if u havent already love u💖🥰
Sa_bine1995 Pred 10 dnevi
Yeah.. and the earth is flat.
genabenabobena Pred 10 dnevi
She did her research.. 😂
Braystone Pred 10 dnevi
Hypersentry Pred 10 dnevi
Warman225cow Pred 10 dnevi
I love dark chocolate and blueberries so much that I'm pretty sure I'm close to having too much antioxidants in my body
Adam Hennessy
Adam Hennessy Pred 10 dnevi
Water does cause aging tho In the sense if you don't have it you can't age at all
who Pred 10 dnevi
Oxidation causes death, every person that has breathed has died. Checkmate
The_Underground_Gamer Pred 11 dnevi
I think that the device she had was just a voltmeter, by the way, because the unit it showed, mV, is millivolts.
Jeremiah Sanadion
Jeremiah Sanadion Pred 11 dnevi
Thank you. This girl is aging herself with stress!
algon44 Pred 11 dnevi
100% medical nonsense, you mean like the *vaccine that does nothin but litigate symptoms? I bet you this guy pushes the jab.
TNerdy Pred 11 dnevi
Okay I’ll drink tap water, it’s cheap and has a lot of minerals
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