Things Bad Doctors Say

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Over my years in medicine I’ve had the pleasure of working with a countless number of brilliant and wonderful doctors… as well as a handful of docs I’d rather forget. While the vast majority of doctors are kind, intelligent, and have a strong moral compass, I’ve identified 7 types of doctors who are more like snakes hiding in the weeds. These doctors can be selfish, greedy, ignorant, or just downright mean. Whether they’re trying to sell you their own miracle cure, refusing to perform a physical exam, or judging your lifestyle, these doctors should be sent back to med school for some extra education. If you come across one of these doctors, run!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Snaxicakes Pred mesecem
The outtakes ARE AMAZING
lIl Pred dnevom
planitfy #stanevil
planitfy #stanevil Pred 17 dnevi
@My Dawg yay
Nikky Hindle
Nikky Hindle Pred 29 dnevi
I cry every time I watch the outtakes, they're so good
Emillia Sharieff
Emillia Sharieff Pred mesecem
@cake never gonna give you up
Leela B
Leela B Pred mesecem
The outtakes are GOLD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jessica Helms
Jessica Helms Pred uro
I've had every one of these doctors. I once was referred to a GI doc that refused to believe I have gastroparesis until he got the gastric emptying study from my PCP, kept saying it was just anxiety and that I should go see a therapist. Behavior like that inspired me to start working towards becoming a doctor.
Allison Houston
Allison Houston Pred 2 urami
My family doctor is a keyboard doctor lol
Anna Kingdon
Anna Kingdon Pred 9 urami
How.many ridiculous moustaches do you have! Thanks for this, really improved my day
Mushroom Pred 10 urami
Raibeart Pred 17 urami
Sadly keyboard GPs is common in the UK along with Band-aid Doctors "IE take this bugger off"
Loredana Santolo
Loredana Santolo Pred 18 urami
“Look at me doctor. Doctor look at me. Look at me doctor.” 😂😂
Varunmuhil Viswanathan
Varunmuhil Viswanathan Pred 18 urami
128/82? That is just a bit high above normal. I was laughing.
Hugo ZHOU Pred 18 urami
The Keyboard doctor is literally the doctor I go to. She like, never looks at me lol. Only at the laptop.
Greg A
Greg A Pred dnevom
So basically, hairy-faced doctors aren't good at their jobs? If they shave then they get 100% better pretty much instantly. That's why House started the day nice-ish, but jumped to more conclusions as the day went on and his facial hair grew longer.
Dion Caldwell
Dion Caldwell Pred dnevom
Every dr offers want you have covid-19 at 0:42
Laetha Pred dnevom
Hahaha that angry one was my surgeon for my Gallbladder. He was one surgeon I plan on not going back to if I ever have to.
Tannaleah Pred dnevom
being a good doctor seems like it's literally just convincing people how/why they should be healthy 😂
the amiga yeah
the amiga yeah Pred dnevom
The one on the computer is my doctor
Fish stick Bio
Fish stick Bio Pred dnevom
This was a great example ! Thank you so much .😂🙏🔥
Lily H-J
Lily H-J Pred dnevom
A while back in A and E, there was a doctor we nicknamed the "Google doc", we were placed in a room where we waited for about 20 minutes. And a doctor walked in, didn't introduce himself and went to the computer in the corner of the room, he depressingly asked what was wrong, and then started googling everything at random, as if he was really trying to not address or make eye contact with us, I later got an x-ray. But then he googled what an x-ray was supposed to look like to compare. I get that everyone will need some help sometimes so it is reasonable to use google but not for everything. Looking back, you could pull a random person out of the streets and they would make a better diagnosis.
Beth Tidwell
Beth Tidwell Pred dnevom
Yeah we live in Alabama and I took my daughter to the ER for a deep splinter. They told us we had to go to an orthopedic Dr to get it removed. I ended up cleaning it with betadine, numbing it with orajel, and cutting it out with an exacto knife.
urmomlol Pred dnevom
Every time I go to a doctor they sit typing on the computer and barely talk lol.
Jettafae Pred dnevom
I love these! I wish I could find doctors should handle autistic patients. I think my primary care giver is alright. I always feel so nervous even so, especially when my weight gets mentioned. I haven't seen him since maybe a year prior to COVID though and I didn't finally get diagnosed with autism til a year into COVID. I remember when I first started having a lot of mental issues. Suicidal thoughts and stuff. He looked at me, made me promise not to take my life and prescribed me a stop gap medicine to help curb those thoughts while I sought help. He gave me info, suicide hotline, the whole nine yards.
Utareangara Pred dnevom
I have a great team of doctors because of my NF1 i have about 7 doctors i see regularly. My Neurosurgeon is new James Laban
Jon Quist
Jon Quist Pred 2 dnevi
The keyboard one is 80% of the doctors I've been to. The other 20% just assume I'm drug seeking because I'm a former addict, so they just sit there looking irritated until they can end the appointment.
Alex Grill
Alex Grill Pred 2 dnevi
It fixes - - upsetness.
william mcintosh
william mcintosh Pred 2 dnevi
I went to a GP a few years ago who spoke very quietly, my hearing isn’t great as is, so couldn’t really hear him. He started the appointment with a monologue that I couldn’t properly, I asked him if he could speak up a little as I couldn’t really hear, he rolled his eyes at me before going on his monologue again (this monologue was based off what I told the receptionist as a brief description of my problem). Then when he finally asked me about the problem and I started talking about it I heard him sigh before answer. I was baffled lol
HM 25
HM 25 Pred 2 dnevi
On hearing a hoof beat think of a horse not a zebra
Ava max Harry potter Ninjago fan
Ava max Harry potter Ninjago fan Pred 2 dnevi
I love all of Dr Mikes costumes lmao
Rebecca Hunter
Rebecca Hunter Pred 2 dnevi
Morbidly obese body🤣 my favorite! Had it happen this year, had a stand in for my doc. told me my back wouldn't be so bad if i decided to loose some weight.... without checking my history to see I'd lost over 70 pounds in 12 months 🙄 va health care at its finest.
Laura Orton
Laura Orton Pred 2 dnevi
I had a newer doctor she was probably 26ish tell me I was morbidly obese at the time I was 140 and 5 ft 2 .said the most I should weigh is 105.
Nuery Islam
Nuery Islam Pred 2 dnevi
Jerry Ferrell
Jerry Ferrell Pred 2 dnevi
I think the Angry Practitioner is my favorite. Lol
Jerry Ferrell
Jerry Ferrell Pred 2 dnevi
So only accept potions from actual wizards and not doctors then?
CrabMan Pred 2 dnevi
AdodgerWho Pred 2 dnevi
TIL: don't trust doctors with beards or mustaches.
SirHell Pred 2 dnevi
I understand how angry docs and nurses feel. I have to take care of almost everything for my mom for 24 hours for 7 days straight. It ain't all her false, she hitted herself in the head and her personality changed a bit, now she just asks for everything she want at the same time.
Rachelle Pisa
Rachelle Pisa Pred 2 dnevi
I unfortunately have had all of these doctors😄
Priya S
Priya S Pred 2 dnevi
"Is your wrist attached?” 😂😂😂 I ask a lot more questions than I used to since becoming a nurse, and boy have I irritated some "angry practitioners" 😏 I had an OB/GYN tell me he didn’t appreciate me squirming uncomfortably while getting an internal exam. And oh man the keyboard warriors. A few years back, I caught Dengue Fever and ended up in the ER one day. I was throwing up over and over into a bag while this doctor literally stared at his computer and kept typing the whole time XD *sigh*
AAAReview Pred 3 dnevi
Omg the second doctor was my dentist! I never went back lol
Roian Pred 3 dnevi
doctor's bizarre adventure
Brennen Hrebeniuk
Brennen Hrebeniuk Pred 3 dnevi
Every consulting job whether retail, investment, psychological, or medical should ways have a customer service empathetic informative approach not a domineering you have to have this as I order approach. Salesmen that use the informative friend approach Get more then 25% more sales then the car salesmen domineering approach because it makes the customers feel like they are making their own decision rather then you controlling their decisions.
Richard Patterson
Richard Patterson Pred 3 dnevi
That glare at 6:02 is when I realized the pun.
AstrosInga Jonsdottir
AstrosInga Jonsdottir Pred 3 dnevi
This just shows how dr. Mike is an awesome doctor
Ay Vi
Ay Vi Pred 3 dnevi
The judgmental doctor was my childhood doctor to a T! The mustache, the eyebrows EVERYTHING HAHAHA
O.C. Kidd Kidd
O.C. Kidd Kidd Pred 3 dnevi
Love me some Dr. Zappa!
Kathy B. Desjardins
Kathy B. Desjardins Pred 3 dnevi
I've had a couple of doctors straight up ignoring me and just throwing one too many diagnosis my way which almost killed me and sadly ended up costing my son his life. From there on I became a terrible patient to every doctor I felt weren't truly listening to me. I have found a few gems I'm sticking to up until their retirement ❤️
Michelle B.
Michelle B. Pred 3 dnevi
The keyboard worrier was my son's first pediatrician. I saw the top of her head bent over the computer screen more than I ever saw her eyes. She didn't stay my son's pediatrician for very long. His current pediatrician is worlds better.
Jessica Battle
Jessica Battle Pred 4 dnevi
my chart is full of poor patient compliance notes hehehehehe
Jessica Battle
Jessica Battle Pred 4 dnevi
It fixes it lmao
Natalie Brady
Natalie Brady Pred 4 dnevi
Some doctors in the US will actually try to sell potions they made themselves?! Wow...
HadiALM Pred 4 dnevi
0:26 him swinging around in the chair with the Quran in his hand me: calm dawn habibi, respect is required ⭐ salamalakum ⭐
Verwolfbat Pred 4 dnevi
Yeah it’s really harsh to say this but…. Patient: but what? Am i serious sick? Doctor: no your fat
Koalamasta96 Pred 4 dnevi
My OB/GYN is exactly like you and I’m so happy about it. My previous one was attached to the computer and I didn’t like him that much.
TheLunyka Pred 4 dnevi
TheLunyka Pred 4 dnevi
ddfamf88 Pred 4 dnevi
Please, when dealing with pus, never notate “pus-sy” in the record😂
The crackhead 101
The crackhead 101 Pred 4 dnevi
im not afraid of surgery's because of the risks, im afraid of them because im not comfortable with a bunch of doctors just opening my body and removing whatever is in there and just cutting my organs-
Gloria Lazarin
Gloria Lazarin Pred 5 dnevi
I am laughing so hard just remembering so many doctors I’ve seen that act like the type of doctors you mentioned. Unfortunately I have been diagnosed with many health complications and have seen too many doctors in my life time to get the correct diagnosis. I am very blessed that the doctors I currently see are all very professional and the best. I wish you were my doctor too. I just stay positive and keep moving forward no matter what happens. Your videos are awesome and i have learned sooo much and they also make me laugh. God bless you and take care.
joongs moon
joongs moon Pred 5 dnevi
this actually helped me understand my doctor wasnt good so i got a new one 😭😭😭
Anita Vaughn Adventures and Funnies!
Anita Vaughn Adventures and Funnies! Pred 5 dnevi
Two different scenarios, two different doctors, two different cities… I was at the doctor for my yearly exam. I was left in stirrups with the speculum inserted with nurses standing over me apologizing. One i never went back. The other I finished prenatal care and never went back.
Rory McElroy
Rory McElroy Pred 5 dnevi
The way the keyboard worrier is portrayed is exactly what my previous therapist was like
Stephanie Howe
Stephanie Howe Pred 5 dnevi
Smallpox was eradicated in 1949 😊
Teh Long Pang
Teh Long Pang Pred 5 dnevi
I feel like most of these kinds of doctors are just lazy-
Trina Hymes
Trina Hymes Pred 5 dnevi
I told my doctor that my back pain wasn't going away. She said it was because I was too fat.
Olga N
Olga N Pred 5 dnevi
The wigs though... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Minke De bruin
Minke De bruin Pred 5 dnevi
EMO MIKE 🏴‍☠️⬛️
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson Pred 5 dnevi
My Partner just wanted me to comment that she was fortunate to have an amazing small town doctor growing. He was from Estonia and is a very kind and gentle man. Having known him all her life she even referred to him as Uncle which he was very proud of. She was devastated when he eventually retired.
CWC Spy ninjas Regina, Chad, Daniel, Vy, Melvin
CWC Spy ninjas Regina, Chad, Daniel, Vy, Melvin Pred 5 dnevi
Loads of doctors and nurses have said to me oh your fat and over weight when I am a lot lighter than them and it just brings me down (I am trying to loose weight because I don't like the way I look, 1 bc of them and another becuase I just don't look good in anything) and then I get depressed and I then I scream at everyone else for no reason bc of what they said to me
Zac Ng
Zac Ng Pred 5 dnevi
Ariel Klay
Ariel Klay Pred 5 dnevi
Dr. Mike, this video was *super* helpful when I realized my old family practice doctor (actually a P.A.) had never physically examined me in the 10+ years he was my primary provider. This video got me thinking and eventually I got a new family doctor who immediately showed she was better at handling my needs. So thanks Dr. Mike! 😊
ProlongSuffering Pred 6 dnevi
When I was young I visited a government paid doctor regarding a chronic runny nose and she looked at me and said it's because I was depressed. It made no sense at all, so we went to a personal doctor and she in turn offered procedures and therapy that cured it. Also turned out that I had a cyst in my nose. Still by far the most bizarre encounter I've had with a doctor.
Chaoseater69 Pred 6 dnevi
You can tell that potion's good for your health... cause its red!
Rian Lyons-Copeland
Rian Lyons-Copeland Pred 6 dnevi
OMG, first, you’re freaking hilarious. Second, I’ve had each one of these doctors. Luckily, I was able to see the same doctor (he’s actually a PA, but he was able to help me get my Type 2 diabetes under control and took me seriously when I asked about possibly having fibromyalgia, and diagnosed me after finding tender spots and making sure it wasn’t Lupus [it wasn’t]) who treated my late mother. He’s a saint. He never bullied me about being overweight, and was able to see me lose 150 pounds. Sadly, he’s retiring, so I have to get a new PCP, but my partner sees one he really likes, so I’m going to see her and I feel like I’m going to be in good hands.
James May
James May Pred 6 dnevi
Thought I was watching an episode of House for a moment in the beginning there.
Janelle Dumais
Janelle Dumais Pred 6 dnevi
hey doc can i have a bandaid? D E R M A T O L O G I S T
Kinda Sorta Emo
Kinda Sorta Emo Pred 6 dnevi
What would a doctor do if a patient came in and told them they had an ED? What *could* the doctor do?
Jodie Whiteside
Jodie Whiteside Pred 6 dnevi
I've had so many experiences with doctors who either blame my pain on weight despite the fact I've had it since birth. Or they decide that every piece of pain I've had is related to my condition not anything else. Or that any heart palpitations I had were anxiety attacks not a side effect of my anxiety medication
Susan Phelps
Susan Phelps Pred 6 dnevi
I went in for lower back pain, told the doctor I have a collapsed vertebra L5-S1. She demanded to know how I knew this. I told her if she had bothered to look at my chart she would have seen that I had had an x-ray on my back a couple years prior and the collapse was charted. I didn't appreciate being treated like I was just hunting for drugs when I was in excruciating pain and was unable to stand up straight. I work at the same hospital in the dietary department so passing this woman in the hallway was always fun.
Kayla Pearl CP Ninja
Kayla Pearl CP Ninja Pred 6 dnevi
I had to switch orthopedic surgeon doctors because my original doctor wasn’t listening to either my and my parents’ concerns about my kneecap issues when I was in middle school and high school. He even was too reluctant to consider surgery that could solve the problems that I was having. Fed up with the fact that he wasn’t listening to me or my parents, we were able to get a recommendation for a different doctor to give us a second opinion. And boy did that make a huge difference. My orthopedic surgeon that I see now really took a closer look at what my problems were and agreed that I needed more than physical therapy, so he was smart and creative with his approach to fixing the problems that I was having with my left kneecap and leg in general. It’s been 5 years since I had the surgery and I honestly couldn’t thank him enough for it. Dislocating a kneecap and having other knee related issues that developed over time because of having cerebral palsy isn’t something doctors should be taking so lightly.
Meredith Heffernan
Meredith Heffernan Pred 6 dnevi
I have literally been told, “We may never figure that out,” by a doctor on my first visit. I had been diagnosed by another doctor with Hashimoto’s, had chronic fatigue, and this doctor didn’t agree with the diagnosis but wouldn’t even look for another one. Then he prescribed a migraine medication you aren’t supposed to take if you have thyroid conditions. I could barely get out of bed for over a month.
Meredith Heffernan
Meredith Heffernan Pred 6 dnevi
Oh, and I quit eating gluten just to see if it helped while doctor fishing, and I suddenly was thinking way clearer and had a lot more energy, plus a lot of other symptoms basically disappeared overnight (within a week). I wasn’t winded from running down a hallway. It was incredible! Think it wasn’t gluten? Well a barley malt candy knocked me out for a week, and a crumb of pie crust on a chocolate curl over Thanksgiving. I was very chill, yet weepy and dead tired for about 24 hours both times and the effects slowly wore off over a week. Then I got depressed for a day or two and normalized. So I go see a doctor in January about something unrelated, but I was concerned if the medication had gluten as a binder. He got MAD at me for not eating gluten and acted like I was an idiot for getting rid of 10 years worth of symptoms by a simple diet fix!
Bad Request
Bad Request Pred 6 dnevi
im from portugal and i can confirm that 90% of public service doctors are keyboard worriers. if you think i'm kidding, i'm not. they just ask you questions that are on the screen most of the time, type things in, barely take a look at you, prescribe you ibuprofen and NEXT! i wish i was joking. it's why i prefer to go to a private clinic if i can avoid public hospitals.
Lieutenant NITEWOLF
Lieutenant NITEWOLF Pred 6 dnevi
A few bad doctors well I only met one but, turns out that was his job to do all that my depression he gave me pills even for sleep I said my depression pills don't work he gave me more and more and more leading to Vegas then after that I said im done with that doctor cuz he is not listening. I had someone say they want to be a doctor and have a PhD or they are a doctor they said they can pick who lives and dies who they want and don't want to help. I told them they took an oath and can't pick and choose they have to help doesn't matter on what their past is or political views or who they are. Come to find out I heard just by saying that this person can lose their medical license. Im the type my doctor gets mad by me asking questions I will continue asking but if you are gonna get mad I will get mad and leave oh that bill nah I ain't paying it depending on how mad you made me I will leave a tip someone fire that doctor who keeps fighting with me. I rather not fight or see a doctor get fired maybe anger management classes would be better.
Crescendo Pred 6 dnevi
Legit my favorite video. I came back to watch it three times maybe more now🤣 mostly cause I have a mysterious chronic pain condition[s] && nobody can figure out wth it is. I’ve experienced all of these drs and you did em so well that me crying over em before will never happen cuss now I’ll just come to this video and cry laughing . THE ACCURACY DR MIKE, good job! Lmao I had a doc named dr mike @ my primary care dr’s office cause several dudes in the waiting room told me im seeing the wrong dr & to see dr mike. I saw him like twice but yooo…. Before the second visit I ended up in the ER for my severe pain and @ the ER I was screaming from sEVERE PAIN from my arm. I tried telling the nurse and she didn’t care then when she was tryna do something w the iv or something (I forget… due to trauma), and the severe pain began again & I started screaming my ARM MY ARM MY ARM HURTS, as she screams back THERES NOTHING WRONG W UR ARM. Then when I saw dr mike for second time I told him that I am getting a MRI done on my neck. And he told me he guarantees nothing will come back. I get an mri done on my neck and they found 2-3 bulging discs pinching nerves. Hence the severe arm pain. Smh But I love ur videos. Keep on being ur weird pewoop’n self lmao 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Nekoshka Pred 6 dnevi
in Malaysia, you don't even need to be a doctor to sell any "proprietary blends". You just need to be a celeb who went through surgery and say it's thanks to your product that you lost weight
TrojanhorseSe Pred 6 dnevi
I am overweight and Ionce went to a gap who was fatter than me and before I could say anything he told me I was fat and needed to lose weight. I hadn’t seen him before and never went back!
Renée _
Renée _ Pred 6 dnevi
"PUT. THE CARPALS. DOWN" Why am I laughing so hard!?!
Adrenaline Living
Adrenaline Living Pred 6 dnevi
“Are you afraid of no longer living”
Gray Fox
Gray Fox Pred 6 dnevi
I got a heart attack ad on this video
Hamko Qaasim
Hamko Qaasim Pred 6 dnevi
I'm rushing too
EGPMH Pred 6 dnevi
Sadly all but the first two doctors are the ones I have had my entire life, but I am in the Midwest and that is a common thing out here so yea.
Noah R.
Noah R. Pred 7 dnevi
The keyboard one hits hard
Kavaughn Hill
Kavaughn Hill Pred 7 dnevi
JessiDev Pred 7 dnevi
I went to an specialist after years coughing issues. And had recently gained weight because the chronic recurring bronchitis had meant I stopped working out and was very depressed because I was always sick. And no matter what I said the lung dr kept emphatically implying it was because I was overweight. I was so mad like No I'm overweight because I cant get better not the other way around! I was supposed to follow up with him but I refused to go back. Another doctor put me on flonase and acid reflux medication and drastically improved my health. I've lost 30lbs and quality of life has increased.
Juno Pred 7 dnevi
My doctor is absolutely the keyboard warrior and idk if these tears in my eyes are from laughing or from how hard I relate 🥲
Jennifer Roberts
Jennifer Roberts Pred 7 dnevi
OMG these are spot on!! I have literally had every single one of these type of doctors!!!! I have a chronic immune disease with kidney involvement among other rare disorders.. so I am a "special" patient. I often get looks when i come in for minor issues at some doctors.. So now a days after many many bad doctors I have learned to be very picky when it comes to my health care! I wish you were in my area!!!
Yep Yep
Yep Yep Pred 7 dnevi
Charlotte Bowersock
Charlotte Bowersock Pred 7 dnevi
Unfortunately, with COVID, I've experienced all of these. Have you ever had a "physical" over the phone? My latest run-in was with a second neurologist about treatment for Parkinson. Her only concern was prescribing meds for the tremors. When I tried to ask about the non-motor aspects, she cut me off. Since she is aware of my bipolar disorder, she felt I should be discussing this with my psychiatrist. As she left the room, she said, "I'll see you in a year." One question: How can a complete exam be conducted without looking at or touching a patient?
SuomiPerkele Pred 7 dnevi
7:15 : that's what happened to me after I fractured my left fifth metatarsal, the doctor just looked at the purple foot... and gave me antibiotics.
JamaicanEmerald Queen
JamaicanEmerald Queen Pred 7 dnevi
I have had an angry/keyboard/ judgemental 🇺🇸 Dr. And she had the nerve to tell me to shut up b2cause she was reading the computer screen. Then why ask me a question, but dont want to engage in knowing what I have to say? She spoke over me to talk about past ailments like migraines and nose bleeds even though that was multiple visit ago. I asked her once, if she knew my blood type since she like to harvesting my blood for testing and all..and this woman said why would I know that? Yup, I never again...never went back.
Ishan Bhattacharyya
Ishan Bhattacharyya Pred 7 dnevi
"Look at me doc, look, look, look, at me doc, look me in the eye", epicol.
The Gaming Hyena
The Gaming Hyena Pred 7 dnevi
Pip Pred 7 dnevi
My doctor is a major keyboard worrier
stao the duck
stao the duck Pred 7 dnevi
I've had a lot of bad doctors but Ill try to keep it short. -psychologist that no matter what, said the issues I have come from videogames -psychologist that insulted me and got away with it with no judgement from anyone but myself and my sister -nutricionist that straight up told me not to come ever again unless I change my eating habits myself (the problem ended up being something else entirely) Edit: one of the psychologists just used his computer all the time
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