Doctor Reveals Why You Should Never Wear These While Biking

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Riding a bicycle can be a fantastic form of exercise, but it doesn't come without its very serious risks. Alongside common-sense safety measures like wearing a helmet, it's become vitally important over the last few years to ensure that if you're biking with headphones on, you've got the volume on low and are using transparency mode with Airpods or similar devices so you can hear the world around you.

Credit: Vin Caruso

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Brass Fox Media
Brass Fox Media Pred 45 minutami
Oh. I was being a dumb kid and popped a wheely and I brought the front down crooked by accident and I dang near impaled myself on my handlebars. Would have gone straight through my heart. I laid on the ground for about 30 minutes trying to catch my breath.
Willbur Pred 3 urami
I feel bad that I’m desensitized to this stuff because I’ve been around the bmx world and beside getting run over I can’t really imagine it being that bad.
Dragon maid
Dragon maid Pred 6 urami
Your roads in some states are really bad. Could he sue the city for poor maintenance of the road? Our roads in australia are awesome in comparison.
Jason M
Jason M Pred 11 urami
Why are they cycling on the highway?
pwghost Pred 13 urami
Lol never been to the netherlands ? A helmet xD
Alex Auditiea
Alex Auditiea Pred 16 urami
The only issue that I have while biking is the fact that I can have my breaks on and still be biking at full pace
Nathan Reimer
Nathan Reimer Pred 19 urami
Highways are for cars, they are not maintained yearly and aren't fit for bikes...
Chris De la Roy
Chris De la Roy Pred 19 urami
Ive broken that bone in my hand by falling like this got cut off by a car. First i didnt feel it but after about 10 minutes i couldn't move my hand anymore and it was incredibly swollen
White Leaf
White Leaf Pred 20 urami
how do you fall like that???? wtf happened to the dude to just fall
Itsa secret
Itsa secret Pred 22 urami
Dude had so much time and didn't even try to swerve...
High On Games With Xavier
High On Games With Xavier Pred 22 urami
I remember speeding down a bridge on my bike that has stairs at the end. Thankfully it was only 4 steps but that 5 seconds of flying through the air felt like forever. Landed, slid across the floor, my bike AND my friend's bike landed on me and it took 2 of us around 3hrs to get home HAHAHAHA
Desiree Coon
Desiree Coon Pred dnevom
Oh man this is why bikes with the small tires really have avoid cracks because the bike tire is so small it gets stuck. My dad used to race and it scared me to watch him.
DJ kitten
DJ kitten Pred dnevom
Lol the comments are now 911
Derek McDaniel
Derek McDaniel Pred dnevom
Never listen to music cycling. huge mistake.
Diego Ruiz
Diego Ruiz Pred dnevom
Yes audio cues are super important just like audio cues well said
Jennree Melgar
Jennree Melgar Pred dnevom
The fact that the 700c wheel fits perfectly on the crack of the road. Unfortunate.
MUFC Draro
MUFC Draro Pred dnevom
BadderAsteroid Pred dnevom
I felt his pain
Disguised 🖤
Disguised 🖤 Pred dnevom
🙆🏿‍♂️So that what happened to my wrist... Couldn't even do a simple push up after I injured my wrist during a bike crash and before I could do a 30 by 7 push up set. It's been 3-4 months now and I'm almost fully healed.
Djomari GAMOTEA Pred dnevom
Im a cycling broke my wrist alot of times while riding with my friemds going at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour my fastest speed is 60
reda msitef
reda msitef Pred dnevom
Bruh. Just banny hop the dude They lack skills
Mark Botello
Mark Botello Pred dnevom
Road seams are the devil. I’ve seen so many downed bicycles
Lazy_ Ninja
Lazy_ Ninja Pred dnevom
Zero reflexes
TheEverythingGuy _
TheEverythingGuy _ Pred 2 dnevi
He hit the crack in the asphalt
KY TH Pred 2 dnevi
I never walk outside with my earphones on because then I wouldn't hear clearly if a vehicle is coming to me from behind and that's just scary to think about.
Metal Videos
Metal Videos Pred 2 dnevi
Well Americans shouldn't bike. Leave that to the Dutch. We don't use helmets in the Netherlands. And we fall as well nothing serious. Americans can't even bike normally lol
Noju Kuramu
Noju Kuramu Pred 2 dnevi
wr have the same reaction 😂
My Name ls Name
My Name ls Name Pred 2 dnevi
Well that’s a collapsed lung, collapsed liver and broken rib
Shirakumo-WhiteCloud Pred 2 dnevi
Why I'm scared if thin tires, just leak a lil bit and you'll be dropping
Just somebody
Just somebody Pred 2 dnevi
See I’ve seen people driving with their headphones in. And I’m like????
Akira Pred 2 dnevi
no kneepads? no gloves? middle class style
Sarah Hoekstra
Sarah Hoekstra Pred 2 dnevi
Every random Dutch person: helmet? Nah man. Low headphone volume? Not for me dude! Wide lanes? Nope, just don’t cycle into eachother!
lol lol
lol lol Pred 2 dnevi
Bro, how did the guy in blue even fall?
Beluga Pred 2 dnevi
You know what your talking and I will take your seriously
Ariaditya Pramestu
Ariaditya Pramestu Pred 2 dnevi
His tires went into the gap between the lanes. He wasnt paying attention to the road surface
Enzo Seijiro
Enzo Seijiro Pred 2 dnevi
I swear to God my bike's brake is powerful, so one pull in the brake would launch me.
Zychuu Pred 2 dnevi
I think he could have just drift it cause using breaks is not enough to stop the momentum of a bike
Lily Chalker
Lily Chalker Pred 2 dnevi
I don't listen to music when i cycle, i just like the wing in my face with no distractions.
Green Goat
Green Goat Pred 3 dnevi
Yeah dude in that scenario I'm not going to analyze the squeaking of my brakes to stop faster.
Annanth Sangwan
Annanth Sangwan Pred 3 dnevi
Why didn't he have knee guard on
Random person
Random person Pred 3 dnevi
Why tf would he go over that crack like that omfg
notStark Pred 3 dnevi
I was In this situation my buddy broke his wrist and I dislocated my shoulder
Buddy Chubbs
Buddy Chubbs Pred 3 dnevi
They deserved it
J•ROK Pred 3 dnevi
How tf did dude just fall tho?? 🤣
Braxton Claflin
Braxton Claflin Pred 3 dnevi
I thought it’s illegal for bicycles to be on the highway anyways?
~Nobody Knows~
~Nobody Knows~ Pred 3 dnevi
I remember when i crashed into someone when i was learning to ride a bike and they pretended they were hurt badly when my elbows and knees were grazed up but they didn't even have a scratch 😭✋
SaTuRoChAn Pred 3 dnevi
That looked so painful 😱
GrandNebula Pred 3 dnevi
Why didn't he go the other way or turn his bike?
Tommy Hathaway
Tommy Hathaway Pred 4 dnevi
No bunny hop?
Vince Haylem
Vince Haylem Pred 4 dnevi
I would jumped him lol
Roberto Lemus
Roberto Lemus Pred 4 dnevi
zDavzBR Pred 4 dnevi
I just use one earbud instead of both
tasha 111
tasha 111 Pred 4 dnevi
Yea I've never understood people who bike or jog with headphones on full blast..😳 I just always imagine a killer coming up behind them since they can't hear 💯😱🤣
Lowkey🔪 Pred 4 dnevi
I am a better cyclist then them
Johl's Pred 4 dnevi
Biking is a cool activity, but for the love of god not on the highway. A Semi needs so much length of road infront of it just to stop if the driver notices in time, now keep in mind in this calculation most cars assume there's an open spot infront of semis and merge onto it. Bike on the streets kids, but never on the highway, and make sure you are visible. Don't assume because they see you that they will be able to stop in time, you're 1 blind turn away from death's grip.
Josh Gibson
Josh Gibson Pred 4 dnevi
Also both of them reached out to touch the earth, I personally hold the bars till I'm on the ground. Also, don't squeeze your brakes too hard, if you go into a skid, your not slowing down much.
Josh Gibson
Josh Gibson Pred 4 dnevi
I use a Bluetooth speaker, it's save my life multiple times. Not only can I hear the world, the world hears me.
Kryptic-Steez Pred 4 dnevi
Not that bad as a mtber. Ive done a lot bigger crashes on like a lot bigger jumpss😅😅
Nickel Pred 4 dnevi
As a mountan biker I'd go for a cool bunny hop.
Cyn Pred 4 dnevi
That road isn't safe to bike on. You need proper bicycle infrastructure. Love from the Netherlands.
nezumi191 Pred 5 dnevi
Don't bike on the freeway will save your life when cycling
buffalo bill
buffalo bill Pred 5 dnevi
Why didn't he just bunnyhop the dude he had plenty of time
Leland Holton
Leland Holton Pred 5 dnevi
Always lean back when jumping another person.
Whats it to you?
Whats it to you? Pred 5 dnevi
Should have went xgames mode and done a wheelie, hit your rear wheel on that dudes ribs to get the bike spinning forward and front flip
Thomas Hardbattle
Thomas Hardbattle Pred 5 dnevi
Coming from a cyclist if your breaks squeal you need new pads also who the tf rides with headphones
John Tanner
John Tanner Pred 5 dnevi
He’s just not a very good rider. Also your brakes shouldn’t squeal.
Bonisaurusrex Pred 5 dnevi
I remember when i fall like that in my bmx rigth hip hit the curve its painful and stand up like nothing happened
Ben Martin
Ben Martin Pred 5 dnevi
It kinda sad people think this is a bad crash
Ben Martin
Ben Martin Pred 5 dnevi
Ive Crashed wayyyyyy worse than this with no helmet and headphones in and I’ve never died
The_Wandering_Viking Pred 5 dnevi
This is why cycling needs to be banned everywhere, you're not a car, stay out of the lanes!!
Dissapointed Tricky
Dissapointed Tricky Pred 5 dnevi
This makes me glad I use my scooter alone I fell and I skinned my foot and knee. Also I bruised both my hands and my thigh
communist donkey
communist donkey Pred 5 dnevi
Maybe don't drive on a highway with a bycecle than you don't need a helmet
David Smith
David Smith Pred 5 dnevi
Dude shoulda done a wheelie over the guy taking a nap
Omer Bakiu
Omer Bakiu Pred 5 dnevi
i swear some people shouldn't be allowed to ride a bike let alone a car
Michael B
Michael B Pred 5 dnevi
I wonder if the guy in the car who rolls over the smooth-brain cyclists has the same satisfaction.
Jas Jas
Jas Jas Pred 5 dnevi
Random Times
Random Times Pred 5 dnevi
My dad flipped like the guy in the video because of a brake lock he dislocated a clavicle and cracked his helmet good times
xolitaire Pred 5 dnevi
i know it would restrict movement but why is protective gear not a thing here?? wrist, knees, elbows... skaters do it
4RD Pred 5 dnevi
Its harder to crash a normal bike
Christian Pred 6 dnevi
What is the link to the vid?
Bokuto Kotaro
Bokuto Kotaro Pred 6 dnevi
But think, he had less than a second to try and swerve but he would've hit the fallen guys head....the wobble he did in that second scares me💀
Laura Q
Laura Q Pred 6 dnevi
Why are they on the highway that's insane?
Cadeece Pred 6 dnevi
i swear roadbikers have 3 brain cells. as a mountainbiker he could have EASILY turned away from that guy and avoided hitting him
Logan Walker
Logan Walker Pred 7 dnevi
A guy fell off his bike here by going down hill, only front brakes and one hand free to drink water, he fell like a moron XD
Alex The Ferret
Alex The Ferret Pred 7 dnevi
I broke that bone while skiing, can't move my thumb correctly ever since
ZenodaMae Pred 7 dnevi
What are they doing on the highway????
Ruby Koehler
Ruby Koehler Pred 7 dnevi
Why did I laugh when the guy fell and the person recording rode over him
RonC Pred 7 dnevi
My cycle stops immediately, but I have to walk few meters to get my bike then 🤭
Elyse Halbert
Elyse Halbert Pred 7 dnevi
Omg never biking in public ever again
Átyesz Pápesz
Átyesz Pápesz Pred 7 dnevi
I cant imagine using headphone to listen to music speakers are fine but not headphones lol
Lumoon Pred 7 dnevi
The thumbnail tho
Jaimitos Way
Jaimitos Way Pred 7 dnevi
Or stay off highways....
moofymoo Pred 7 dnevi
I don't understand listening music while doing such a dangerous activity as driving/riding any vehicle.
NONAME Pred 7 dnevi
fell down while cycling at mountains. head first before body, tumbled from top of the hill till the midway point. scratched my knee and elbows out. left with a broken collarbone.
Ravaka Ranaivo
Ravaka Ranaivo Pred 7 dnevi
Don't... put headphones on your ears while cycling. 🤨 You can just use a portable speaker
I've done that lol
Will King
Will King Pred 7 dnevi
Yeah biking with headphones in is stupid. Especially if you’re going fast. On my E-bike when I’m going around 35mph I hate that I can’t hear anything coming from behind because of the wind and have to keep turning round and checking. Was actually contemplating wing mirrors but I’d rather die than look like a dork 😂
Simone de Groot
Simone de Groot Pred 7 dnevi
Why are people biking on a highway?? We're not even that stupid in the Netherlands-
Panos Pallas
Panos Pallas Pred 7 dnevi
My guy in the blue uniform didn't even try, he was like "aight falling it is"
Conner Anderson
Conner Anderson Pred 7 dnevi
Bicycles should not be aloud on major roadways
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