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Thyroid disease is a general term for a medical condition that keeps your thyroid from making the right amount of hormones. This can have wide-reaching impacts on every organ in your body, despite the fact that it comes from one small gland in your neck. The symptoms are often non-specific, meaning they commonly go overlooked, which is why doctors so often miss it.

More info on Thyroid Disease here:

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Ty Davis
Ty Davis Pred 6 urami
I am now thoroughly convinced that all medication commercials on TV are written by Doctor Mike. Listen closely and you'll hear it
Michael Tadros
Michael Tadros Pred 7 urami
Hey doctor Mike can hyperthyroidism hide kidney problems in humans like they do in cats? (vet student)
Israel Yarrashamiaak
Israel Yarrashamiaak Pred 8 urami
My ex husband was put on testosterone because it was super low. When he went back his testosterone was even lower so they did a thyroid panel. That was the culprit so he’s now on medicine. I think he’s still on testosterone too. Not sure on that but I know for sure the actual problem was his sleepy thyroid
Dhnuxwlk3r Pred dnevom
Sir, I have toxic friends. What should I do? Please help me 😔
Ryguy Pred dnevom
Strangely enough it's one of the easier things to diagnose in dogs/cats
shortyylu Pred 2 dnevi
Abigail Almodovar
Abigail Almodovar Pred 3 dnevi
I have thyroid desiese but i didnt know it could cause all these things and i thought my dry skin was normal but thanks for telling me that
Jana Gilbert
Jana Gilbert Pred 3 dnevi
I've had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and hypothyroidism (genetic in my family) probably since I was born, but I was diagnosed at age 7. And I may have depression and ADHD as well. I can never tell which is causing my problems for the day. Sometimes it feels like I have too much going on to even be lovable. But I guess we all have our problems, huh? Some of ours are just masked as the others we face. 🙊
Low-Key DM
Low-Key DM Pred 4 dnevi
Low-Key DM
Low-Key DM Pred 4 dnevi
Marry me! @DoctorMike
Crystal_strxwberries15 Pred 5 dnevi
I actually got diagnosed around the time this video was posed (wow perfect timing). So, I went to the doctor for a check up and had blood work done. After that, they called and said I have a thyroid condition which is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or hypothyroidism (I think). It’s been really rough dealing with this and now I take levothyrodine every day. Sad thing is I’m only 15 and have no family history! I heard it’s life-long so oh well.. 😒🙄
Ari KM
Ari KM Pred 5 dnevi
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as a teen, I literally couldn't finish school without napping, my periods were out of whack, and I had to stop attending martial arts. For some reason, after a few years of medication, my thyroid is back to normal functioning. It's strange, honestly, since I haven't found others who have the same experience. I get periodic blood work to test my thyroid levels and they have come back normal for the past 3-4 years.
Crystal_strxwberries15 Pred 4 dnevi
@Ari KM it actually doesn’t interfere with school for me at all luckily, thx tho!
Ari KM
Ari KM Pred 5 dnevi
@Crystal_strxwberries15just make sure to check with your primary doctor if it begins to interfere with school or things you like doing! It doesn't hurt anything to get blood work done and if it comes back normal then your doctor can figure out what else is going on.
Crystal_strxwberries15 Pred 5 dnevi
I’m going through this as a teen rn & weird thing is in my whole life I’ve never had a problem w/ my thyroid. No one in my family has ever even heard of this problem! Is that normal or what?? I’m really confused and can’t believe I hav this issue however, I don’t feel really tired at times anymore so yea..
Crystal_strxwberries15 Pred 5 dnevi
This is me ^
Jar Pred 6 dnevi
Im finna die
Crystal_strxwberries15 Pred 5 dnevi
Don’t say that! Ugh I’m 15 & ur making me feel worse 😭
Sabīne Teifurova
Sabīne Teifurova Pred 6 dnevi
Thank You for this wonderful piece of information, this indeed is something that can be easily overlooked. Just a little comment from my side - hypo & hyper - thyroidism are not separate conditions by themselves - just a way diseases can manifest, for example, same ol' thyroiditis can cause hypothyroidism.
Sweet Melody
Sweet Melody Pred 7 dnevi
I had super heavy periods n spotting. Gyn told me to test for thyroid. That's how I knew.
Minde Kinde
Minde Kinde Pred 9 dnevi
Its so amazing that i got diabetes at age 1, then celiac disease at age 6 and THEN hypothyroidism at age 11 😌 I guess you could call me lucky 😉 (yeeeah I’m not lucky at all)
Diana Matthews
Diana Matthews Pred 10 dnevi
I have hypothyroidism
UwU😃🔪 Pred 10 dnevi
Wait this isn’t Thyphoid-
EVILS ZAXO Pred 12 dnevi
My grandma survived thyroid cancer 🙏🙏
Gregoria Martinez
Gregoria Martinez Pred 12 dnevi
Interesting Thank you Dr . I shared on fb , some relatives have have problems with their thyroid , it’s good to have that information .. 😘
Mickey_Girl23 Pred 13 dnevi
My mom actually has hypothyroidism and small tumors on them too, she has to get checked a lot to make sure non of them become cancerous
Macey Cain
Macey Cain Pred 13 dnevi
My sister had to have her thyroid removed WHILE having PCOS these “diseases doctors often miss” vids were made for her i swear. Oh and then somehow she had a baby
Reee Pred 14 dnevi
Deep vein thrombosis
Kookie Pred 14 dnevi
As a girl with hypothyroidism who just developed a nodule and misses periods regularly it SuCkS
Crystal_strxwberries15 Pred 4 dnevi
@Kookie ok, hoping all is well for u!
Kookie Pred 5 dnevi
@Crystal_strxwberries15 I'm 13 I've had thyroid since I first got scanned at 9..the nodule is just like this lil bump thing that sticks out of ur neck (appereance wise)
Crystal_strxwberries15 Pred 5 dnevi
Same here except they didn’t find any nodules in my thyroid when I went & did a scan thing. How old ru tho? I’m 15
River Acker
River Acker Pred 15 dnevi
gonna forget this in 5 minutes propably BUT TAHNK YOU
Alexzandra Pred 15 dnevi
Good news is levothyroxine is available to help... and it comes in so many different colors!
Rabeeca Butt
Rabeeca Butt Pred 19 dnevi
Can you make a detailed video on thyroid disease?
arlyn sawadan
arlyn sawadan Pred 19 dnevi
Hi doctor mike...someone used your name and photos by the scammer..
tomikun Pred 19 dnevi
:O my mom said she took that
castiel_the_smol_nugget boop
castiel_the_smol_nugget boop Pred 19 dnevi
I'm very glad I ruled this out, even though it could have solved a lot of problems if I knew what the root was, but I'm very lucky to know about more medicinal stuff since I want to go into the veterinary field
Parisa Singh
Parisa Singh Pred 19 dnevi
Well.... I have thyroid and I've had it since I was 13. Does it matter what age you get it at?
Eglah Georgina
Eglah Georgina Pred 20 dnevi
Can you please guide me more ??, because i think i have thyroid problems,
Amber DuBrock
Amber DuBrock Pred 21 dnevom
Doctor Mike September is Chiari Malformation Awareness Month and it is often missed or misdiagnosed! Please do a short on it!
MrKlaus11 Pred 21 dnevom
Im a 25 old year male, wa£ really tired, lost a lot of weight, during one exam found out I had hyperthyroidism and later found out I hade a huge nodule, double the size of my left thyroid lobe. Got surgery and now I m on treatment for the rest of my life. Thyroid problems are no joke. Peace!
Christina P-C
Christina P-C Pred 21 dnevom
*Always looks at Dr Mike’s thyroid with concern*
Duncan Vaughn
Duncan Vaughn Pred 22 dnevi
I just got tested for thyroid problems, not fun.
Muck                          yes yes in disguise
Muck yes yes in disguise Pred 23 dnevi
Fun fact: playing video games can lead to death in certain circumstances
stubbieiga Pred 23 dnevi
You should look at your Own neck do you have a lump on it
Jennifer L
Jennifer L Pred 24 dnevi
Hashimotos here 👋 And one thing about it.. fluctuations! For Hashimotos and Graves, always worth a quick retest every few months, ask for a full panel
HEY_HEY _HEY Pred 25 dnevi
I have a family history of hypo and hyperthyroidism and recently I had mine checked because I was gaining weight a bit too fast and I was like constantly cold. I'm getting my results back soon but I'm sure it'll be fine :D
Laura Orta
Laura Orta Pred 25 dnevi
It took fainting for me to get diagnosed, just took my medicine
Sotiris Ntaras
Sotiris Ntaras Pred 26 dnevi
I have hyperthyroid and I had a few problems all my life... Just 4 years ago did the doctors diagnose me with it and gave me the medication... It’s seriously overlooked and can cause a lot of problems... Be careful everyone...
AAW Creations (Angie)
AAW Creations (Angie) Pred 27 dnevi
My thyroid was removed because I had cancer. They had missed it when I lived in another city. My new doc got involved when I moved back home. I ended up having 2 surgeries, one to remove the thyroid. That surgeon missed my goiter I had told him about. Then my new doc referred to another ENT. He got in there and took everything that didn't belong there. Then I had radiation. I'm ok now. 😊❤️❤️
TwinEndymion Delta
TwinEndymion Delta Pred 27 dnevi
Just say if its done then ur done
Zainab Alaradi
Zainab Alaradi Pred 28 dnevi
I have a hyper thyroid and i knew that i had it before 3 or 4 months im still taking my medicine and its been 3 or 4 months as i said but thank you for adding more knowledge to my brain your amazing
Katrina Tholen
Katrina Tholen Pred 28 dnevi
Yep. Fell asleep while driving and washing dishes. Hashimotos thyroiditis. Cropped up after the birth of my first kiddo.
Dancer Pred mesecem
Storytime! I have had hypothyroidism since Christmas morning of 2018. My grandparents were visiting my house and noticed me twisting me neck aggressively and hurting myself. They talked to my parents and they tried to keep my neck still but I couldn’t. They even tried to let me play video games but I kept losing because I couldn’t stay still. I took a blood test and my tsh (I think) was 300, much higher than the usual 1-5. It was torture. I had severe hair loss, weight problems, mood problems, sleeplessness and sleepy ness. Soon after I took some medicine ans every symptom decreased dramatically. My TSH was quickly dropped to 10, and eventually to 3 (normal). It was a horrible experience and I still have my ups and downs with the entire thing, but I learned that having symptoms and not talking about it can be deadly. My tsh had risen again because I had not told my parents that I had more movements. When it got serious and they noticed, they took me to the doctor for a blood test and they reduced my dose. Excersize and my friends helped me deal with it and especially because I told my BFF about my problem and to remind me when I had too many movements. She saved me many times. Thank you for reading - I hope you have a wonderful day!
Moonlight Music
Moonlight Music Pred mesecem
Thank you for your valuable information.☺🤌
Courteney F
Courteney F Pred mesecem
I have hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's) and it is truly awful. By the time I was diagnosed, I had spent an entire year unable to get out of bed... I was so weak and tired, I slept at least 18 hours a day and incredibly thin. After being medicated, I am able to live somewhat of a "normal" life where I can stay awake for most of the day (with the help of drinking a lot of preworkout and chewing nicotine gum). however there are times where I just crash, sometimes to the point where I lay down and pass out wherever I am (one time on a stranger's wet lawn at 10 in the morning). It also causes depression and memory lapses. I can watch an entire movie, and completely forget the entire movie to the point I think I've never seen it before.
Steffie183 Pred mesecem
The the beginning of both of my pregnancies and at my post partum check ups, they checked my thyroid. When I went in for post partum depression, the doc also asked about my thyroid. I was impressed!
Devika Parab
Devika Parab Pred mesecem
Is thyroid hereditary
Avery Miller
Avery Miller Pred mesecem
My hypothyroidism used to be so bad that the charts couldn't read my level of hypothyroidism. Now I take 150 mg of levothyroxine every day and don't feel cold or tired all the time.
Ted Edinger
Ted Edinger Pred mesecem
Not a disease, but could you do Hereditary Hemochromatosis. So often Dr. miss it and treat the symptoms and not the issue. I believe all most all of my aunts and uncles(there were 9 kids total) on my dad's side had it, but they were never tested/diagnosed for it. My grandfather died from cirrhosis of the liver, but never drank. My aunt died of cirrhosis of the liver also...never drank...and had been diagnosed, but it was too late(in her 60's). After she died I got tested...and found I had it (at age 40), and have been getting therapeutic phlebotomies since to keep my iron levels down.
Da Boss 111
Da Boss 111 Pred mesecem
I got diagnosed with hashimotos but my aunt has it and my mom had to get half of her thyroid removed for another thing.
Amy Lapratt
Amy Lapratt Pred mesecem
I had an issue with my thyroid and you know how I found out. ...I'm always cold. I said something to the doctor and he sent me for a blood test to check it out and sure I guess girls are not cold all the time normally lol
khazra kahrazeh
khazra kahrazeh Pred mesecem
Jack Wheatley
Jack Wheatley Pred mesecem
I have hashimotos and had a goiter removed 😑
Angie Albania
Angie Albania Pred mesecem
hey doctor mike can i make a medical consultation to via zoom??? im here leaving in the philippines.🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭...thank you
Shoheli Hossain
Shoheli Hossain Pred mesecem
My mom has Tmz n jaw problems. She can not open teeth n also she has throat pain. She has stuffy nose.
Shoheli Hossain
Shoheli Hossain Pred mesecem
I have thyroid nodules.
Han Huynh
Han Huynh Pred mesecem
Ms. Casady
Ms. Casady Pred mesecem
FODMAPS next? I’m on thyroid meds but still so freaking tired all the time. I recently found out I’m non-Celiac gluten sensitive and the learned it might be an issue with FODMAPS but that elimination diet makes no sense!!! HFCS is bad but regular sugar and corn syrup are ok? Fresh corn is ok but only 1/2 an ear. Some say beans are fine if you soak them. Some say they are not. Tinned peas are fine, fresh are not-but what about pea protein? And if I sneak any small amount of high FODMAP food, I feel miserable. In my head? Please help
KenzieHurlock Pred mesecem
I was supposed to get tested, but the docs never got back to me. They were supposed to look at my previous data from my blood test for PCOS, but they didn't...
Jolf Pred mesecem
I have been having dry skin and cold extremities recently and I think it might be a thyroid issue
JamesOfTrades Pred mesecem
Sickle cell trait for those closer to the equator.
Donnelle Griffin
Donnelle Griffin Pred mesecem
In 2000 I met with a Endocrinologist and I found out I had GRAVES DISEASE. In lieu of taking my thyroid out I was given a radioactive treatment and then started on Synthroid and now it is 2021 and my dosage of thyroid medication varies every 3 months. Does yours do the same???
☆Wolfs♡ Pred mesecem
Ahh that makes sense if you break your neck you die I get it now that thing control everything
shalyn sacco
shalyn sacco Pred mesecem
i have hypothyroidism 😩🥵
KingTen91 Pred mesecem
Doctor Mike! I have a question for you! My mom was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (hyper? She could be a real pain sometimes with her anger, whichever that was lol). After having thyroid surgery, she was super chill. It seemed like you couldn't have paid her to get mad at anyone. Now in the meantime, at a young age I was diagnosed ADHD. I've learned over the years that certain things that affect my blood pressure like coffee seem to have a direct affect on my ADHD. I also understand hypothyroidism has a play on blood pressure and I've been told it can be genetic so I'm curious: Do you think ADHD and hypothyroidism could have a tie to each other? Do you think we could be misdiagnosing people as ADHD when in reality they may have problems more closely related to a blood pressure issue? Thank you for your time and all of your great videos!
Hailey Ellison
Hailey Ellison Pred mesecem
My mom got this and dealt with it for a year before someone diagnosed it.
StiksGoBrrt Pred mesecem
Thank you Doctor for teaching meeeeeee
Carrie-anne Pred mesecem
I have hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease. Was very lucky my GP gave me a full blood test for ongoing stomach pain which was determined to be caused by the thyroid. I would have become severely unwell had they not picked it up as quickly as they did!
Sarah Schlotfeldt
Sarah Schlotfeldt Pred mesecem
I recommend Dr IGUDIA on SLus for herpes cure because I have used his herbs medication and I’m completely cured of this deadly disease …
Janet L Groover
Janet L Groover Pred mesecem
Thyroid problems run in my family. My mom has her left thyroid removed because of nodules. So did my Aunt. They were not the same after that so I hope that doesn’t happen to me. Thyroid problems can also keep you from losing weight.
Lxre Pred mesecem
Bruh ive never seen him in black scrubs but im here for it
Lilia Lolita
Lilia Lolita Pred mesecem
I take medication for my thyroid. Used to wait 30 mins before breakfast but now, thanks to technology I guess, only 5 mins. Edit: I take it since when I was like 8 or something. And I guess, thanks to that, I LOVE having vaccinations and blood tests.
ToadMaster Pred mesecem
Sup, I have hypothyroidism but i have been taking pills for all my life :)
Megan Ludwig
Megan Ludwig Pred mesecem
I had this problem for years. Begged doctors to check my thyroid. They just said to loose weight. Once I was finally diagnosed and on the right meds, I lost weight naturally.
Havana Pred mesecem
I have a very dry and painful back skin and my throat was a little tight in the Adam's apple region for about 4 hours but it's normal now "later the same day". Doctor Should I do the t3 and t4 test?? Im freaking out.
Ghost Ruthless
Ghost Ruthless Pred mesecem
I have spoken to my dr multiple times about this...they say my blood work is normal. Even though it runs in my family and I have MULTIPLE symptoms. Now they want to send me to specialist which cost A LOT of money which makes being able to get help really difficult.
Devil Turtle12
Devil Turtle12 Pred mesecem
Hypothyroidism is not fun as a person with it
Dark Vorona
Dark Vorona Pred mesecem
I wish they would add "necrothyroid" to the list of medical thyroid terms. My thyroid was completely destroyed (to quote my endo at the time, "Corpses have higher thyroid function than you") post-RAI (I had Graves Disease). Now I need thyroid medication for the rest of my life. And to add insult to injury, I got Hashimoto's too. It sucks...
Kevin Rai Trinidad
Kevin Rai Trinidad Pred mesecem
Good day! Can thyroid problem cause my voice to be high pitched? If not what causes a man's voice to be high pitched? I'm 29 years and I've still got a childish voice. Enlighten me please.
Fie Jensen
Fie Jensen Pred mesecem
And mental illnesses 😊
Alyssa James-Elward
Alyssa James-Elward Pred mesecem
Other 10 year old... what do you watch mr beast me.. dr mike🤣
Soupy Pred mesecem
This was my reminder to take my thyroid medicine😭😂
CrystalSaysSo Pred mesecem
Yup. They miss cold nodules, clinical symptoms, fine-needle biopsies. Then, *SUPRISE!* It's Papillary AND Follicular Cancer. Massive, disfiguring surgeries, tracheostomy, and enough radiation to make Chernobyl a tad jealous. Stay on top of your medical team, folks. I care. 💓
Krin Gy
Krin Gy Pred mesecem
What's the best way to increase your thyroid levels without taking supplements?
Overdose Caffeine
Overdose Caffeine Pred mesecem
May i request on prurigo condition? I have that condition and I wanna know more bout it and how to get rid of them :')
K D Pred mesecem
Don't forget to check thyroid health in kids. I used to tell my doctor that my throat hurts all the time it felt like was being strangled ( I was around 5 + years) he looked inside my throat and said I was fine. When I was 18 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism now I have Hashimoto's disease. Listen to your kids.
Anna lee
Anna lee Pred mesecem
Thank God I came across Dr IGUDIA at the right time and I saw a lot of testimonies and how he has cured a lot of people from herpes disease s then I contacted him for help and he actually cured me, he also has a cure for other form of STI
greydaze234 Pred mesecem
Funny enough, every time I tell my doctor about a new symptom, she says, “Sounds like a thyroid thing, let’s get you tested.” Surprise! 5+ years of this, thyroid has always been normal. At least she doesn’t assume it’s always because I’m overweight!
Justin E
Justin E Pred mesecem
Thank you for making SLus shorts bearable
Zuleyka Delgado
Zuleyka Delgado Pred mesecem
I had hypethyroidism then got surgery and removed my thyroid and now i have hypothyroidism
Evelyn Pred mesecem
I know that its weird to be exited about this, but I am so excited that dr. Mike finally talked about my hypothyroidism and made other people aware about this.
Abdulla MEER (AL)
Abdulla MEER (AL) Pred mesecem
Question: Can doctors donate blood and still work or stay at home
can you do this video again in normal view
ענבר אנהולט
ענבר אנהולט Pred mesecem
Can you please have one on endometriosis? It's so common yet not at all discussed with most women
Steven Wiberg
Steven Wiberg Pred mesecem
my doctor is awesome, i was super fatigued for quite some time, he did blood work and tests and found my thyroid was underproducing, now I am doing much better and am not as tired
Kathleen Asuncion
Kathleen Asuncion Pred mesecem
Thanks for this Dr. Mike! Just had a neck ultrasound and some blood tests bec I felt a lump in my neck. The doctor said it's nodulr nontoxic goiter. Hopefully, the lump is benign and I can get better with meds. It's amazing how some symptoms may seem unalarming, but they're actually signs of something more serious than we previously thought.
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