We Don’t Know What’s Going To Happen With COVID & That’s Okay

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Doctor Mike

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Dr. Zubin Damania, or ZDoggMD, is one of the original doctors who brought fun and valuable medical information to SLus. Given the utter chaos happening around the world right now in regards to COVID-19, I needed to bring in my long time friend and godfather of medfluencing to ease my pain and vent about what’s going on. In this hour-long conversation we hit on all things COVID, from booster shots, masks in schools, mandatory vaccinations, tribalism, trusting Dr. Anthony Fauci, conspiracy theories, the Delta variant, and our prediction for where all of this is heading.

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Danny Smith
Danny Smith Pred 11 urami
So since science is wrong all the time, why am I expected to believe the science of the time? On the chance that you're right? But what if you're wrong? And not just wrong, but detrimentally wrong? Freedom of choice is so important. I'm not going to let social pressure be the reason I do something I regret.
Danny Smith
Danny Smith Pred 11 urami
Simple solution: Stop censoring. Transparency is way more effective in trust than silencing the opposition. People are way more open to looking into both sides if both sides are being to able to speak openly. You start silencing one group/viewpoint then people are going to start focusing on that group/viewpoint. Why are you silencing them? What are you trying to hide? Just stop silencing/censoring/removing content.
Loganbay Pred 15 urami
Facebook Instagram and Twitter have a huge responsibility and huge conflict of interest financially. They choose to make as much as possible society be damned. They are so destructive allowing this to go on and it could be controlled by deleting the misinformation spammers on these platforms.
kbsydney Pred dnevom
Great video! I had no hesitation in getting the vaccine, but we need to acknowledge some people are worried about the vaccine and immediately calling them conspiracy theorists or idiots etc is not going to change their mind.
Selina xo
Selina xo Pred dnevom
I love people who be thinkin like this ❤️
Yesi Lugo
Yesi Lugo Pred 2 dnevi
Mike looks beat 😔
Leah vapes86
Leah vapes86 Pred 2 dnevi
I've had both vaccines so has my 17yr old son but my partner won't have his he says the vaccine was a rushed so he doesn't trust it, honestly I think he has natural immunity because my son had covid so the chances are we had it but I would still want him to go just incase. Honestly though the government haven't helped going on about vaccine passports and trying to force people to have the jab it just gets people's backs up even more and they dig their heels in.
Ando Rosello
Ando Rosello Pred 2 dnevi
I'm really happy to see and hear people like you who make sense because of your sensibility and openness; on the other hand, I am sad because I wish i could see and hear many more like you, but sadly, there aren't too many people like you around..and that's what's making this pandemic a lot bigger and worse problem than it should have been 😷
Jessica Belknap
Jessica Belknap Pred 2 dnevi
I love how you guys are so open minded about their options. You guys need to go on the news and talk and maybe more people will trust the vaccine more.
Sonia Bauer
Sonia Bauer Pred 3 dnevi
Sometimes we like to hear about things, such as we should be vaccinated, over and over because it helps us keep up with what is going on and somehow validate our believes that vaccines are ok!
erin armstrong
erin armstrong Pred 3 dnevi
watching this after the terrible TX laws - is ZDogg a low key satanist? 😂 their website and mission is all about compassion. it is not about satan at all
Blue Bottle Bunny Farm
Blue Bottle Bunny Farm Pred 3 dnevi
Actually imagined my husband and I getting the vax. Probably won't but I did imagine it. I actually really do want my husband to get it. he's old and has cancer. I'm young fit and healthy. I don't want it. I'm terrified of it. I play guitar. Eric Clapton had a bad go of it
SaTuRoChAn Pred 3 dnevi
This was interesting 👀
Kristine White
Kristine White Pred 4 dnevi
Thank you so much for this conversation. This was honestly a huge breath of fresh air when it comes to talking about covid. For awhile I took a quiet stance; I believe what I believe and I don't want to argue with anyone. Then I became frustrated because of misinformation and the confidence at which people spread it. After that, I decided I would try to spread the correct information but it was only met with opposition and I was feeling so defeated. You're statement that they're trying to be good too has changed my perspective on the way they are maybe thinking and feeling, and it makes me feel a little bit better. I still hope more people will changs their mind and get vaccinated but I'm changing my approach now. I appreciate this channel so much.
Helene Piccirillo
Helene Piccirillo Pred 4 dnevi
I put Dr. Mike is talking about because if we could just kind of like create a canvas of different approaches so the people can decide for themselves almost making it animated like if you saw a commercial and it said this is your brain on drugs where an egg was frying in a pan somebody of course would look at that and say wow that looks terrible I’m never going to do drugs so there may be some elements of designing some variables of different approaches Leading to some more cognitive decisions that someone will say well you know what I never looked at it like that maybe that is the best alternative
Helene Piccirillo
Helene Piccirillo Pred 4 dnevi
You guys are human ! I believe God is working things all out for our good! Being humane feeling empathy and listening
Helene Piccirillo
Helene Piccirillo Pred 4 dnevi
You are my hero Doctor Z dog ! You make so much sense with humor. Your very sensitive and intuitive ! I believe in you! People are scared they listen to social media instead of science ! That’s because of politics ! Lack of trust ! Keep doing you ! Love you,
FINEDIAMOND Pred 4 dnevi
This was such a necessary and candid conversation between two brains that actually have something in them! The media is mostly responsible for most of what’s happening now, in my opinion. They’ve always been responsible for poisoning people’s minds. You are both beautiful, ultra sexy, and intelligent doctors!!! Thank you!
KarnmanGT500 Pred 4 dnevi
there's a part of the video where Dr.Damania talks about how everyone is just trying their best to care for themselves and/or their children. This has exactly been my (adittedly limited) experience in the clinics where I have been rotating, simply acknowledging that fact gets you pretty damn far in any conversation with someone who is vaccine hesitant.
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher Pred 4 dnevi
4:28 Not really, or they wouldn't reason that way. 7:39 It's as if people don't understand that science evolves. 24:30 Yeah! Discussing what one's reasoning is based on is so important! It's even the beginning of what Simon Sinek calls The Golden Circle. 58:57 I had to laugh about the "very bad spellchecker".
Josef Gordon
Josef Gordon Pred 5 dnevi
The studies HAVE been done like in Africa since 2015 and ivermectin countries have a 8 % lower infection rate and 28% lower mortality rate than those countries that don't use ivermectin. How can we be in the middle when it comes to saving lives and reducing the length and severity of this disease ?!
Josef Gordon
Josef Gordon Pred 5 dnevi
Let's see how Fauci holds up against Bret Weinstein and virologist in a long form podcast format. I bet my house he won't show up .
Josef Gordon
Josef Gordon Pred 5 dnevi
Very nuanced, novel respiratory bat virus that's lab trained to infect humans breaks out in area where lab is working on novel respiratory bat virus to infect humans that Fauci funded. What a head scratcher.
Anton Kallungal
Anton Kallungal Pred 5 dnevi
So pertinent, I really hope one of you two see this and respond! You both mention stages of change, what experience do you both have with motivational interviewing?
Paula Torres
Paula Torres Pred 5 dnevi
Definitely need rational thinking but doing it is a great challenge, continuing investigation and knowledge is the basis is always needed.
Evelin Pred 5 dnevi
Mike, I love your videos, they're so educational and well made, you make everything seem so simple and easy to understand, and I would love it if I could share them with other people (I'm from Italy), especially anti vaxxers etc, but they wouldn't be able to follow simply because, of couese, your videos are in English, so I was thinking maybe there could be a way to reach more people, find followers who could be able to translate subtitles to different languages? Idk, just a thought I had to break through the language barrier, because content as great as yours should be accessible to all, in my humble opinion! Thank you for what you do🙏❤️
Paula Barber
Paula Barber Pred 5 dnevi
You know right now. They are saying if you don't get covid vaccine you won't be able to go on airplane, school, whatever you want to do. You have show proof that you got the covid vaccine to do whatever you want to do. Then if you covid vaccine you still covid. But you don't get it as bad if you get the covid vaccine. Confused.
D A Pred 5 dnevi
Worth repeating: Covid-19 death rate is only .3%, not even 3%, but less than one third of one percent. Under one third of one percent. Worth repeating.
D A Pred 5 dnevi
Two smart guys who are both afraid to say what they really think and are pussyfooting around because they are aware of the censorship by big tech if they express themselves.
Upstate Picker's
Upstate Picker's Pred 5 dnevi
imagine limiting freedom of speech and calling it misinformation, if you are trying to protect other people from ones speech you are violating the first right we are given in this country, the issue becomes a very DANGEROUS thing, this is the problem big tech can label anything they disagree with misinformation, use there platform , which is necessary to be relevant in this social climate, this pandering is getting out of hand
dezmion Pred 5 dnevi
After watching this I was so ready for the vaccine, this really shifted the argument for me, then I discussed it with those that have gotten it and they mocked my hesitancy, decided not to get it until the convo around it shifted. Then my job made it mandatory, so now I’ll be out of a job. And I’m ok with that cause I’m choosing my morality over convenience. I’ll find another and I’ll get the vaccine in June (that’s when I’ll feel most comfortable). I really wish people understood that demonizing those that are hesitant about getting the vaccine is causing even more skepticism. Like inform and encourage… that will give you the best results. But instead, here we are. Unvaccinated NOT antivaxx!!!
Lapis Lazarus
Lapis Lazarus Pred 5 dnevi
I really think my mom let herself die facing down this mess. She drank the Faux News Kool Aid,; I'm full on social Democrat. We couldn't even talk anymore. I could tell she was looking for excuses to not get vaaxed. But she kept missing Dr appointments. She passed from unchecked atherosclerosis. I'm not sure she knew if she had it.
Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis Pred 6 dnevi
Allow private businesses to decide about vaccine requirement or not .... freedom. However when government requires things it gets dicey. Government has talked about not allowing unvax to get food or healthcare.....
WTFisMYname24 Pred 6 dnevi
ugh of all the doctors out there "zdog" is definitely not a good one to listen to XD. Seen his videos spreading nutritional misinformation before. Maybe if he wants to "speak his mind" at least have a consistent, scientifically literate stance on important topics.
Mastiff Mom
Mastiff Mom Pred 6 dnevi
I’m 45 minutes into this video and I have to say, I’m glad I took the time to listen. I don’t know what to believe or think. I’ve become paranoid talking about the vaccine. Information changes daily and I don’t trust anybody, not the CDC, WHO, drug manufacturers and especially politicians. It feels like I’m being threatened by the government. News channels are saying that if we aren’t vaccinated we deserve to die and should be refused treatment. If I comment on a video I get slammed. I’m beginning to stop talking to family because I don’t want to get lectured. I feel like I don’t have enough information and don’t know the long term effects of the vaccine. When cigarettes were invented doctors told pregnant women to smoke to calm their nerves. It normally takes years to know what the side affects are. I feel like we are the trial subjects. I need this type of conversation too make an informed decision. My own doctor couldn’t get out of the room fast enough for my yearly physical. He did tell me that because I had COVID I’m immune for about 3 months but he didn’t have time to discuss anything with me. Yeah, I suppose because they are sound bytes that could be the reason I don’t trust Dr. Fauci. I’m not anti vaccine but I am concerned about side effects, long term. It usually takes years to have a vax approved, sometimes procedures and/or materials turn out to be bad after they’ve been studied and approved. There’s so much to take in and consider. Geez, I hope nobody comes for me because I commented here. I have so many more questions but… I’m going to finish the video. ✌🏼
cat server
cat server Pred 6 dnevi
I'm not really finding it "ok" that half the country has seemingly lost it's mind. I tend to be frightened of masses of people ignoring basic hygiene and social responsibilities.
Tim Anglen
Tim Anglen Pred 6 dnevi
It sounds like you are ok with people lying to the public and that there should be no consequences. If we don't have legal or social consequences for people and they profit from it, then why should they ever be honest?
whm_w Pred 6 dnevi
so he capture audience into his local that can talk without throwing political jabs. smart.
Komosami King
Komosami King Pred 7 dnevi
Fox news is not news. It is entertainment company
Twisted Jig Co.
Twisted Jig Co. Pred 7 dnevi
Bernie the Kiwi Dragon
Bernie the Kiwi Dragon Pred 7 dnevi
I am curious. How many people watching the video is now getting the vaccine, when you previously were not, and what changed your minds?
troyjhinkle Pred 8 dnevi
Instead of all this censorship by social media, how bout just put up links to opposing views.
troyjhinkle Pred 8 dnevi
It is crazy that people are letting politics and the pandemic ruin their relationships. It is just sad to see how the media has created this division.
jennifer johnson
jennifer johnson Pred 9 dnevi
Covid Survivors for Change is a great way to reach political leaders. There is work being done to pick up advocacy in all 50 states. Montana came aboard this evening. This is an established movement that would welcome your participation and help give you a voice with legislators.
Sunshine Pred 9 dnevi
We heard a pro vaccine expert. How about bringing in a person who’s going to discuss the side effects both physically and mentally of all this mandating policy and the vaccine? There’s two sides to the medal but we are always shown only the pro side and never the con side. How fair is it to make a decision that may have a significant effect to one’s health without having both sides opinions and data???
Sunshine Pred 9 dnevi
Can someone please explain to me how a vaccination that does NOT prevent me from getting Covid is gonna stop or slow spread of Covid???? I am a person that takes Covid with absolutely no symptoms, why would I ever chose to have that shot???
cutecheerfreak1 Pred 9 dnevi
I have approached antivaxxers with empathy for about 8 mos, I have tried to be neutral and understanding, followed recommendations on how to speak with vac hesistant friends. They have shown none at all towards me. I have had one nice interaction 2 neutral and at least 8x I was cursed out and called slurs and insulted, often they got friend to join in on the abuse. I am out of compassion for them, the people I have encountered are beyond selfish and care about no information outside of their views. I have hurt my mental health doing gymnastics to be nice to vac hesitant and antivax people. I have none left and I don’t blame anyone who is in my position. They should be lowest priority in healthcare systems to everything else, unless they are children or are not in charge of their own medical care or of course legitimately can’t get vaccinated for health. People are losing healthcare that is not Covid related because these people are convinced of some menacing plot to get them all.
vulpixelful Pred 9 dnevi
I agree with Doctor Mike a bit more. I think we need to make it easier for working people to get vaccinated with paid leave. The libertarian take often ignores that civilization is possible by us adhering to a social contract to _some_ degree. After a while, if we aren't able to get back to our normal lives, the working class will continue to suffer the most. And, a lot of young people are dying, I feel like that point was missed.
E Pred 10 dnevi
I've had major surgery delayed for over a year now due to covid overwhelming hospitals. I'm in horrible pain 24/7 and can hardly walk. Haven't been able to run around with my son since he's been born. But sure, not going to your baseball game must be devastating.
Terrance Dawson
Terrance Dawson Pred 10 dnevi
Would have liked to see 2 completely different view points be discussed rather than two views that are the same with small differences.
Nissa Hauer
Nissa Hauer Pred 10 dnevi
I think doctor damana is wrong because if you just look at the governor who is the Republican Governor leading with people to get the vaccine every day on TV in West Virginia and putting things on so that people will be incentivized to get the vaccine going on TV and giving information and things like that people still in West Virginia and will not get the vaccine so hot Amanda is the last resort they tried everything they could incentives talkin about it giving out information giving people people money so that Community leaders could go out and give out information so that they could hear it from a community leader they have done everything that they possibly could and now it's like they said patients has been worn thin we need to get our levels up high not just one state be 70% and another state 30%
tatsumakisempyukaku Pred 10 dnevi
Interesting how evolution would have you think that everything is at odds with each other or in opposition with each other. But in fact the process is trying to find how to make a unity out of the multiplicity. Because a deadly lethal virus that lets say kills you 5 days shoots itself in the foot because if that was happening everybody would just stay the F’ away from each other and such a virus would die with the last host it infected, being enable to transmit. A more benign virus on the other, while still antagonistic towards us, is no cause for concern and so can freely survive jumping from one person to the next. (I got that notion of one-ness from Plato’s Parmenides, and Timaeus)
Johannes Richter
Johannes Richter Pred 10 dnevi
I just want to know your streaming setup. It's studio quality. Are you aiming your channels for IMAX?
miss ano
miss ano Pred 11 dnevi
Was the person who reacted to the first shot previously infected?
Shannon Mayer
Shannon Mayer Pred 11 dnevi
Maybe the world didn't end when Trump was elected, but everything went in that direction.
Jasper Pred 11 dnevi
lol, the next vid recomended is your inteveuw with fousi. "its almost over" its says with "3 month ago" below it.
Adrienne Allen
Adrienne Allen Pred 11 dnevi
Vaccine is an individual Personal choice and should NOT be forced. Stop mandating, start talking about it rationally. Open honest discussion and more people will get it. No one wants to feel forced to do something.
Adrienne Allen
Adrienne Allen Pred 11 dnevi
People are understandably suspicious of guidance from the CDC. I’m not anti vaccine. And most people on the right have encouraged people to get it. What they and I don’t like is it being forced on people.
Adrienne Allen
Adrienne Allen Pred 11 dnevi
Biden’s tone has been INCREDIBLY divisive.
Michael Soares
Michael Soares Pred 11 dnevi
G M X Pred 12 dnevi
A virus so deadly, we need a test to know we have it.. 😂
Pratyusha Kumar
Pratyusha Kumar Pred 12 dnevi
Dawn Large
Dawn Large Pred 12 dnevi
Conservatives don't want mandates. They want you to be able to choose because this is a free country.
Jordan Dowery
Jordan Dowery Pred 12 dnevi
Alr so if unvaccinated can’t have the same liberties do they have to pay taxes?
Charlene C
Charlene C Pred 12 dnevi
Kinda can't blame them for wanting to prevent a run on masks. They saw what people did to toilet paper.
Maria Werner
Maria Werner Pred 13 dnevi
ZDogg and Dr Mike, would love to hear your opinion on whether or not testing vax and unvax ppl weekly across the board might be more effective than punitively testing unvaccinated workers (since anyone could be getting it and spreading it).
Erika Fernlund
Erika Fernlund Pred 13 dnevi
it's true! we are all wrong, at least, some of the time. a lot of the time. no matter how much science, it may all be wrong. we should always say: "at this stage, this is what I strongly believe!" hasn't history taught us that?!
Ammon Cobby
Ammon Cobby Pred 13 dnevi
Unfortunately, because dr Mike has good intentions he thinks other nice people are the same. Any outward facing organisation with authority will be invaded by political actor. Dr. F has personal interests this is what you have to consider with any authority. Dr. F has external pressure how is he dealing with it.
Erika Fernlund
Erika Fernlund Pred 13 dnevi
21:15, the human connection! YES! thank you!
Troy Massey
Troy Massey Pred 13 dnevi
I am really liking both of you guys video and you are both trying to talk to people and not just yell at them. I think that maybe you two should do a live town hall style show about the COVID and to go into the details of people’s fears.
Amradye Pred 14 dnevi
Have faith everybody. People used to think that actors were their roles, literally. We’ll get a decent handle on multimedia with proper time. It might not be within one generation, but it will happen. We’ll work it out, get it down, and move on to more.
Essjay56 Pred 14 dnevi
This was great, thanks 😊
Eickerman Pred 14 dnevi
21:58-23:50 Demonstrates how talking WITH people works when talking AT people doesn't work especially at times of serious emotionally charged disagreement (the whole vaccination situation).
Sandra Panici
Sandra Panici Pred 14 dnevi
The facts of Covid got muddled when they got hijacked by cries of freedom, individualism, and government telling people what to do, concepts that have nothing to do with Covid. If we stick to the facts, we know what to do, cause guess what, no one is free with that virus lurking around aiming to attack each one of us, and there is no individualism cause this virus is communal, we're all connected to each other here, and it's never been about the government, it's always been about us, we still decide, we still choose, so if Covid has already robbed our freedom and taken our individualism, the only thing left to do is fight back, go get the vaccine.
Tom More
Tom More Pred 14 dnevi
We live in the midst of a bizarre western narcissistic materialist cult , a dying cult-ure demographers say , due to disappear in 2150. In Canada one's child can be taken from a family if they insist that boys are actually just boys and girls , girls. They and many in the west hold that one's "identity" is whatever one thinks it is. A good definition of insanity. The APA in the US now virtually defines being male with being defective. In short the postmodern intellectual train wreck that is western cult-ure, largely the logical consequences of the bizarre dogma holding that there are more than two sex organs in human beings , a fruit of the '60's sexual "revolution" as named by the neomarxist Marcuse. In short , the institutions of learning and social order , our universities and institutions are simply collapsing as so utterly disconnected ideologically from reality. This post of mine will generate emotionally intense protests in confirmation of my point.
Kristen Yarbrough
Kristen Yarbrough Pred 14 dnevi
Thank you for doing this video! Gave me some great tips in chatting with my patients hesitant to get the vaccine.
Angie Pred 14 dnevi
If you don’t trust Fauci, I don’t trust you. - legit. The man is my idol. Thanks for the great video!
Kelly Eliason
Kelly Eliason Pred 14 dnevi
As a mother of a one year old, I have concerns about her social development since she's been stuck mainly with only my husband and myself for company. We try to meet up with other families but a lot of them are too scared to socialize. Could you do a video on how to help young children to catchup on their social development?
Christian STEVENS
Christian STEVENS Pred 14 dnevi
Aren’t most surgeons just well adjusted sociopaths? 🧐
TJ Ellis
TJ Ellis Pred 9 dnevi
sprinkle in some Narcissism...🤪
KIsabelSS Pred 14 dnevi
Empathy and respect is where it's at.
v-r-o-n Pred 14 dnevi
No, not everyone is evil. But I disagree that only psychopaths don't have good intentions. Ordinary people can be selfish, entitled and ignorant. Racists don't want the best for everyone. They want what's best for themselves. Anti-maskers are not interested in the greater good. Only in their own personal freedoms and screw everyone else. Vaccine hesitancy is perhaps more nuanced. I will always debate, but it's clear when someone acts for society or for just for themselves. The latter are the problem in a pandemic, which requires global cooperation.
Jenna Wu
Jenna Wu Pred 15 dnevi
🤓💕💕💕thanks for sharing ur thoughts
Chukkaque Pred 15 dnevi
Empathy is such a powerful and useful tool for people, and yet more and more people show they have no idea what it is or how to use it or apply it. It's a shame because so much could be resolved, prevented, and done if everyone used a little empathy.
William c
William c Pred 15 dnevi
"The Alt Middle". That's very sensible.
William c
William c Pred 15 dnevi
Subscribing to you both now.
William c
William c Pred 15 dnevi
"A federal office that's not political?"
Evie Vermont Short films
Evie Vermont Short films Pred 15 dnevi
"Our current technology weaponizes it." You got that right!
bdegrds Pred 15 dnevi
America is doing the exact same nonsense they did during the 1918 flu.
mbjjsmom Pred 15 dnevi
Censorship, especially based on recommendations from a federal agencies, no matter how great the intentions behind the censorship is not a good thing.
Zoa Pred 15 dnevi
I stopped caring about Covid-19 after I got it on March 2020. Have been to a lot of gatherings (keeping to myself) and still and haven’t been infected since.
Jak h
Jak h Pred 15 dnevi
It is in fact not ok 😭😭😭😭
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy Pred 16 dnevi
I get that they're doctor so they're going to be predisposed to respond empathically, but these guys are leaning really hard into authoritarian protectivism. Especially the guy on the left. Blue Guy said his immediate response was, should people be allowed to do things that make me feel less safe. And the bald guy said his first response was how do we manipulate people to make me feel more safe. People whose first response to any kind of adversity is how do I control others to make myself feel better, are not people worthy of respect. Also, how hypocritical to talk about examining the nuance of things, and then immediately conflate not issuing a mass mandate as issuing an anti-mask mandate.
A Mishel
A Mishel Pred 16 dnevi
Nurses are fighting the jabs with all their might!
Kim Marie McPhee BBus
Kim Marie McPhee BBus Pred 16 dnevi
I love ZDoggMD! I'm so happy you talked to him!
Always Overcoming Bear
Always Overcoming Bear Pred 16 dnevi
It’s interesting to see these doctors say basically the same thing that other doctors have lost their channels for etc.. Better late than never…
Christopher Yee Mon
Christopher Yee Mon Pred 16 dnevi
early comment: ZDoggMD's anti-mask mandate rants have infuriated me to no end. He's informative, but a complete hate-watch during this pandemic.
Big Hatter
Big Hatter Pred 16 dnevi
46:27 masking in schools... there are some real-world studies already available. Excerpt: Mask Use and Ventilation Improvements to Reduce COVID-19 Incidence in Elementary Schools - Georgia, November 16-December 11, 2020 "...incidence in schools that required mask use among students was not statistically significant compared with schools where mask use was optional."
Big Hatter
Big Hatter Pred 16 dnevi
21:00 ... good advice on the importance of not being divisive... but is that then the same DrZ that just posted a video on his own channel mocking a certain celebrity's treatment choices?
Nic Bam
Nic Bam Pred 16 dnevi
Joe Rogan. He’s obviously tapped into enough professionals to know how to deal with it. Get a convo with him going, help us listeners understand how he knew how to deal with it?
Nic Bam
Nic Bam Pred 16 dnevi
Nobody questions the origin with proper scrutiny.
Natasja De Lange
Natasja De Lange Pred 16 dnevi
I wish people would just accept and respect the choices each individual take for themselves during this epidemic. Every person is unique, their situation is unique. Just stop fighting. Choose love and not war.
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