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Welcome to the channel... my sister, Dasha! I wanted to see how well she actually knows me, so we played a version of the newlywed game and quizzed her one everything me. We talked about times I got in trouble as a kid, my celebrity crushes, how I lost $250,000, my car troubles, and how I treat my nephews, among other things. Enjoy this sibling tag as you meet my sister!

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Kateryna Kutsyn
Kateryna Kutsyn Pred 13 urami
I love her accent
LaBraya Nashae
LaBraya Nashae Pred 14 urami
How come she has an accent but he doesn't ?👁👄👁
LapinAngelique00 Pred 5 urami
She's older than him so spent longer in Russia
Maiah OBX
Maiah OBX Pred 16 urami
Her accent is so pretty I looooove
Tommy Mendoza
Tommy Mendoza Pred 17 urami
Oh, man! She's hilarious. Love her humor. :D
Life in a Box
Life in a Box Pred 23 urami
Dr. Mike, you just repeated 'I have a little head.' I hope you've written your will, because the memes are going to ROAST you. Lol
Jeanette Ayon
Jeanette Ayon Pred dnevom
Am I the only one that thinks she’s overly mean. I would HATE my siblings if they where this cruel. I just don’t find it funny
Maddy Harvey
Maddy Harvey Pred dnevom
She has major boss energy 👑
Shabana Hashmi
Shabana Hashmi Pred dnevom
They are cute togather 😍☺️
Vanessa Loraine Cruz
Vanessa Loraine Cruz Pred dnevom
The lizard, the toung thingy 🤣😂🤣part 🤣😂🤣 killed me. Trully sibligs do things like that. Mike you are Sibling Certified 🤣😂🤣
aandu paandu
aandu paandu Pred dnevom
so are we going to ignore that he broke one of the kid's teeth
Dhaneshwari Tendle
Dhaneshwari Tendle Pred dnevom
we want part2🥺
Craft! Pred dnevom
I am 12 years old and I have Sinusitis and I thought you didn't know about it, but yeah. So, I went to the hospital but I only got medication that worked for a couple of days. If you ever see this comment, could you like explain what happened to my body, since I feel like demons entered my body.
AppleScotch Pie
AppleScotch Pie Pred 2 dnevi
True siblings: getting so irrationally mad at each other over the smallest things
Talkin2U Pred 2 dnevi
This is me and my brother fighting without the fighting
Tree Branch
Tree Branch Pred 2 dnevi
His sister have Russian attitude
Careen Pred 2 dnevi
Mike’s ego is infinite and irrational 😂😂
Sarah Monique
Sarah Monique Pred 2 dnevi
This is so hilarious. I did NOT expect to laugh like this 😂😂😂😂😂
Vann Shuttleworth
Vann Shuttleworth Pred 2 dnevi
I love watching other people's sibling rivalry. ( at least you two didn't bring weapons.)
Dechim Plays
Dechim Plays Pred 2 dnevi
Doctor Mike : I have a little head 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 5:48
Curious Animation
Curious Animation Pred 3 dnevi
"How big is Mike's ego? " Ad: it's free
Robbie Mercury
Robbie Mercury Pred 3 dnevi
Привет Dr. mike
Leeanna Pred 3 dnevi
he literally put pi as his ego. except its 3.14159265358
Leeanna Pred 3 dnevi
wait this is actually the best video on yt
StartUpSity News
StartUpSity News Pred 3 dnevi
How did Mike become a doctor 😁 neobijaisya shuchu
devdatta bhat
devdatta bhat Pred 3 dnevi
Y does she have an accent and he has no accent???
Stoner Bland
Stoner Bland Pred 3 dnevi
1:40 was earth shattering for Mike omg
Rosie Robinson
Rosie Robinson Pred 3 dnevi
Syeda Samara
Syeda Samara Pred 3 dnevi
They both have green eyes!
lovelion2001 Pred 3 dnevi
mike is the age as taylor swift
Sarah De Monte
Sarah De Monte Pred 3 dnevi
Mike has head dysmorphia 🤣 like dude your head is head sized
Gianna Pancho
Gianna Pancho Pred 3 dnevi
Dr.mike so funny guy haha.
jeevan khairkar
jeevan khairkar Pred 3 dnevi
She literally talks like businesswoman every time how do you handle your Sister Doctor MIKE . Even my sister is like that just little aggressive
blink Pred 4 dnevi
she's so pretty
R.F. Pred 4 dnevi
Wait, I thought you were Jewish, Doctor Mike? Or was she just taking a dig at you?
Sydney Schalla
Sydney Schalla Pred 4 dnevi
4:19 the look on his face is everything😂
Madhura Kamat
Madhura Kamat Pred 4 dnevi
She called Audi R8 useless🤣🤣
Keydi Palacios
Keydi Palacios Pred 4 dnevi
I love how they naturally behaved the whole video, it gives you the feeling that you got know them. Btw: wow she is sooooo beautiful just like her Lil brother 🥰
JinRi Flynn
JinRi Flynn Pred 4 dnevi
Me realizing that dr. Mike is a year younger than me who is a doc and im just here watching random youtube videos 😂
YourDailyDose OfDumb
YourDailyDose OfDumb Pred 4 dnevi
The thumbnail: WEIRDO! Me to my brother: *WEIRDO!* It runs in the fa- I mean sisters 👀
Im hayeong
Im hayeong Pred 4 dnevi
Sam: "when you were kids, what was the worst- Mike: "when I was a kid and she was an adult" bruhhhhh
Hoo Me
Hoo Me Pred 4 dnevi
Having 2 younger siblings myself, I love watching other siblings interact. Especially when there’s lots of love.
madmark50484 Pred 4 dnevi
Your sister done the beewop better
Timothy Glassbrook
Timothy Glassbrook Pred 5 dnevi
I find something really funny about how unreserved Mike's sister is about roasting him. Mike is just like "meet my sister" whereas his sister is more like "Mike is a piece of s*** and I can prove it mathematically"
Kathy Mitchell
Kathy Mitchell Pred 5 dnevi
Adorable family. Oh to be young again…
Johannes San Miguel
Johannes San Miguel Pred 5 dnevi
With all due respect to Mike, his sister is a gem: she´s tough as if she´s just survived WWII in the siege of Leningrad, she looks confident and self-reliant as Katherine the Great, she´s pretty as a modern anchorwoman in russian news, intense eyes and most of all: she´s not embarassed or scared to shout out loud she´s a businesswoman. About Mike, I got nothing to say
Samantha Batey
Samantha Batey Pred 5 dnevi
But your Lil head is cute
Ashe Ad
Ashe Ad Pred 5 dnevi
He is 6'3?! Holy.
dyziojr Pred 5 dnevi
Dear Dr Mike. I would like to ask for advice about addiction. If I'm happy and love to watch this video several times during the week, is it a problem and can be called addiction? It has to be cured in someway or should iI carry on with that?
Ana B. Montero.
Ana B. Montero. Pred 5 dnevi
God bless you Dr Mike and all your family. Dominican Republic is here.!
Lily Shealey-Buice
Lily Shealey-Buice Pred 5 dnevi
There is definitely a little bit of a sibling rivalry here…
Tim From L.A.
Tim From L.A. Pred 5 dnevi
Are you six foot three? If you weren't going to be a doctor, you should play basketball...with the Lakers, er I mean Knicks.
Elizangela Francisca Olinto Olinto
Elizangela Francisca Olinto Olinto Pred 6 dnevi
Very good! You are his assistant.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal Pred 6 dnevi
You could be in Sports medicine...
Felicia Moniq
Felicia Moniq Pred 6 dnevi
Can he do this with his parents next
El la
El la Pred 6 dnevi
She is sooo pretty ☺️ can we have her skincare routine ...??? Pleeeeaaasee 🥺
WizBunny Pred 6 dnevi
Oh wow. We need more videos with her, she's great. And watching a whole doctor shrink into a little brother role is hilarious.
Khyleigh Symonette
Khyleigh Symonette Pred 6 dnevi
I could barely breathe and I’m still alive
Eli Jakob
Eli Jakob Pred 6 dnevi
Ivy Yang
Ivy Yang Pred 6 dnevi
“You can’t even pay attention to anything!” “Do you know what I do for a living?”
idk, OK?
idk, OK? Pred 6 dnevi
For the people saying “oh my gah how is their whole family so good looking ohmagaaa wow woooah” it’s because they’re lucky enough to be Russian that’s it
Ashutosh Dutta
Ashutosh Dutta Pred 6 dnevi
ur 6"3".......
suzanna Lytle
suzanna Lytle Pred 6 dnevi
She is brilliant sophisticated articulate and just all-around well balanced and awesome you got so lucky to have her as a sister.
suhad fahad
suhad fahad Pred 6 dnevi
he's 32 years old
Deborah Hanna
Deborah Hanna Pred 7 dnevi
Jewish get the bar or bat Mitzvah at 13.
Deborah Hanna
Deborah Hanna Pred 7 dnevi
'Lil head' snorts in Freudian. But 'ears' was such a good answer.
Nicole Bernadette
Nicole Bernadette Pred 7 dnevi
his Sister: "does that include mental" Dr. Mike: "i look like a lizard"
Milica Mihajlovic
Milica Mihajlovic Pred 7 dnevi
Love how he casualy found out that dad didn't have the money 😅😅😅😅😅
Dgboss78 Pred 7 dnevi
Don't know how many times i've seen this, funny everytimes! Need to see her more!
Pateros Heights Subd. Inc.
Pateros Heights Subd. Inc. Pred 7 dnevi
This is russian families in a nutshell
Cynthia Borges
Cynthia Borges Pred 7 dnevi
Shouldn't Dasha's last name be Varshavskaya cause she's a girl?
Audra fidget toy world
Audra fidget toy world Pred 8 dnevi
Old he’s 32 why is he called the sexy doctor well 32 not that old
Zoetrope Pred 8 dnevi
EHEM, BY JEWISH RELIGON, 12 IS AN ADULT FOR GIRLS, AND 13 IS FOR BOYS. I dont really care but get your facts strait if you are going to use them in an argument mike, your lucky shes knows nothing about Judaism lol.
Bignatius J. Reilly
Bignatius J. Reilly Pred 8 dnevi
Is she single?
dishna Pred 8 dnevi
I watch this so many times 😄😂 best video
rayaan khan
rayaan khan Pred 8 dnevi
amazon Pred 8 dnevi
honestly, he looks more attractive than her he is whiter and no makeup or surgires
Joseph Halevy
Joseph Halevy Pred 8 dnevi
Best guest ever.
Allanah Dedic
Allanah Dedic Pred 8 dnevi
I'm serbian
soscobra Pred 8 dnevi
Is it just me, or does your sister have a stronger slavo-russian accent than you would expect from listening to you speak?
soscobra Pred 8 dnevi
Don't test me dude, I'll fight you over Eva Mendes
Imorax Pred 9 dnevi
i tried this and my sister knows too much
NoOneLooksAtThisAnyways Pred 9 dnevi
"It's a never ending number, but a low number" Was.. was that a self burn?
Flora Stewart
Flora Stewart Pred 9 dnevi
OMG 😂😂😂😂😂
shadowqueendiv Pred 9 dnevi
Dasha: "YOU WOULD ME A HORRIBLE DETECTIVE!!!" Mike: "WHY?!?!" Dasha: "when i send you a text you're always like oOh iT waS tOo lOnG" Mike: recreates his child hood photo he showed in one of his past videos
TopNaman Pred 9 dnevi
This is literally Mcdreamy and his sister vibes
Katya MacFarlane
Katya MacFarlane Pred 9 dnevi
But why does she look like Amelia Shepherd????!?!
mishiibishii Pred 9 dnevi
Mike, I feel bad for you.😂😬 Your sister just keept roasting you over and over. (Specially the *ego* part related to your *dream car*) it wasn't even ego like u earned it and it's your choice to spend however u want it!!!
Kaley Sheree
Kaley Sheree Pred 9 dnevi
🤣 She is super funny. Like Mike is silly funny, and she is sarcastic funny. Hahahah, I love it. Dinners with the fam must be be blast.
Laurel 22
Laurel 22 Pred 9 dnevi
Mikes sister looks like a character straight out of Grey's, she's so pretty!
Angie A Hite
Angie A Hite Pred 9 dnevi
Doctor mike: my ear lobesssss Also doctor mike: my little head 😂
Sarah Michelle
Sarah Michelle Pred 9 dnevi
Lol hes a bigger dork around his sister
Jazmin V.
Jazmin V. Pred 10 dnevi
1:47 the older brother/sister always knows everything because is like another parent
Dark  Edits...
Dark Edits... Pred 10 dnevi
He doesn't even look like 32👀👀
Haris Asif
Haris Asif Pred 10 dnevi
What a gorgeous brother sister duo!!! 😍😍😍🤩❤️
Camille Ann Gabutan
Camille Ann Gabutan Pred 10 dnevi
Audi R8, Christian Grey 😂
Fawaz Imad
Fawaz Imad Pred 10 dnevi
The thinkable hovercraft additionaly force because wrinkle correlatively receive as a painstaking wing. flashy, eatable printer
Neelima P
Neelima P Pred 10 dnevi
I'm also into feeling ear 👂 lobes
Karolina S
Karolina S Pred 10 dnevi
She reminds me of Tati⭐
Iqra Khan
Iqra Khan Pred 10 dnevi
Her writing and his writing 😅
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