What’s wrong with her toe?

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Doctor Mike

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Grandma Bobbe, or GB as she’s known on TikTok, is the internet’s grandma, but she’s also got something known as a Hammer Toe. This is a deformity in the joints of your toes that causes them to bend into unusual positions. This is usually caused by wearing the wrong shoes. In severe cases this can be treated by surgery, but usually changing your shoes or wearing inserts can provide relief.

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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E Pred uro
She isn’t flipping anyone off, that’s not even the middle toe
Abigail Muresan
Abigail Muresan Pred 6 urami
My used to be stepdad had his pinkie toe go over the toe next to it. What's that called?
Potterhead_3 Pred 22 urami
I have a mallet deformity
__ Pred dnevom
That's a finger
NightPhrogz Pred dnevom
Serious Grim
Serious Grim Pred dnevom
My pinky toe is small, bent, and have barely any nail. It’s due to genetics since my dad has it too, but I have no clue as so what it’s called
Amya Pred 2 dnevi
Is have you ever heard of Jordan's flip flops Nike's Foot Locker
Zuri's Fun Review
Zuri's Fun Review Pred 2 dnevi
My teacher made a song to learn the bones of the body Theee skull and the scapula the clavicle and ribs don’t forget you sternum and your vertebrae thee pelvis the femur the patella is you knee the tarsells metteatarsels and falnaangees
Iwakeuptired Pred 2 dnevi
Oh great. I have a deformity I didn’t even know was a thing.
TG ARMY Pred 2 dnevi
Nina Geissel
Nina Geissel Pred 3 dnevi
I have a claw and a hammer toe. I was born with it. It will become a problem later is what my doc said
SJ Pred 3 dnevi
I know grandma has a bad toe but I'm amazed the guy said "flicking us off" I've never heard anyone say it like that before.
KatieJ Pred 3 dnevi
Omg! I had an operation when I was 5 to fix this😅
Lyra Samantha Lupas💗
Lyra Samantha Lupas💗 Pred 4 dnevi
I can let my pinky toe bend over to my ring toe (the next one to the pinky)... Is that normal?
MrCado Pred 4 dnevi
I HATE hammer toe
ewf46 Pred 4 dnevi
My grandma had this my mom always told me it was because when she was younger she always wore shoes that were too small for her
Abilene Freeman
Abilene Freeman Pred 4 dnevi
I dont know what kind of toe is on my leg
Damjana Vukelić
Damjana Vukelić Pred 4 dnevi
"click here to watch it" Shows on litterally nothing
pachoncita Pred 5 dnevi
When my great-grandfather was alive his toes were all crazy like that and would cut holes on his shoes, he said it didn't bother him so 💁
Anne Rizal
Anne Rizal Pred 5 dnevi
My grandma has that. And my aunt told me because of the anti-psychotic medicine , thats why my grandma's toe are deformed. But i didnt believe her.
-_ FrenchBulldoog _-
-_ FrenchBulldoog _- Pred 6 dnevi
My dad has this in both of his feet and he bends at every joint in his toes. He got the procedure to be fixed but it just reversed over time and ended up worse so.. yeah.
Tottally Sherry
Tottally Sherry Pred 6 dnevi
My sister had that as a baby and my parents fixed it with ducktape
Izzy :3
Izzy :3 Pred 6 dnevi
“Oh shiat” is what I heard, who else did?
Cassie Drake
Cassie Drake Pred 6 dnevi
I have a question so when I bend my toes my little one and the one next to it stay normal and dont bemd
SpicySalad Pred 6 dnevi
You know it's serious when grandma cusses 😂
Dixie Beavers
Dixie Beavers Pred 7 dnevi
Elyse Halbert
Elyse Halbert Pred 7 dnevi
She so cute though
Caffinna's Creations
Caffinna's Creations Pred 7 dnevi
My toes are deformed, they are missing the end bone. The pointy toed shoes fit better.
Sammy!! Pred 7 dnevi
I think I have hammer toe, looks exactly like what I have 😬
combs brushes
combs brushes Pred 7 dnevi
Repent before it's too late , Jesus loves you
TypicallyUsual Pred 8 dnevi
My fourth toes only bend at one joint. Both of them. All my other toes are normal. I’m not sure if one of the joints is fused, or if it just doesn’t exist. Would love to get an X-ray of my feet one day.
Mystic Sage
Mystic Sage Pred 8 dnevi
I was born with hammer toes. All my toes on both feet are this way. I was born with a hereditary neurological disorder known as Charcot Marie Tooth disease, commonly known as C.M.T. Hammer toes are a very common symptom of it. But my body can’t really tell me that it hurts, because those nerves have never worked correctly so I have to be be very careful doing absolutely everything. It’s a struggle to deal with but I live my life the best I can with the cards I was dealt.
Dame-E-in Pred 8 dnevi
Read that as “What’s wrong with this taco?”
aestheticoreos Pred 9 dnevi
Can you tell me why my second toe is the LONGEST 😡
Tyshea Chang
Tyshea Chang Pred 9 dnevi
Ok so DOCTOR MIKE PLEASE HELP me here, so I'm 13 and I have crooked toes I've had them for at least 2 years now and I don't know what to do about them do u maybe have any advice or something that'll help them go back to normal, plz answer this question
shiyadh shareef
shiyadh shareef Pred 9 dnevi
I have the worst feet ever I can't even sell foot pics for money
Random Person On the Internet
Random Person On the Internet Pred 9 dnevi
I may have had a Dip Toe Malformity when i was trying to run, and i hit my small toe very hard. So hard that my toe bled and my nail broke. I didn't think to straighten it with a small stick.
dan Pred 9 dnevi
My great grandma had this and i remembered trying to copy it when i was younger idk why but well ig kids are kids
Beth Wells
Beth Wells Pred 10 dnevi
Am I the only one who was looking at my feet to see if I had any of these😂
Im._Anne Pred 11 dnevi
Nobody: Gob from hunter X hunter: 😵‍💫😵‍💫🤕
Pred 11 dnevi
My Grandma has a hammer toe on every single one of her toes and she said she was born with it so is it good or bad?
True Stand
True Stand Pred 11 dnevi
i think i have a mild hammer toe
Bennyboo Pred 11 dnevi
My granny has that!
What Are you doing my guy?
What Are you doing my guy? Pred 12 dnevi
Thats why i hate heels not only are they " uncomfy" they are "uncomfortable"
Blue Spongebob
Blue Spongebob Pred 12 dnevi
I really didn't understand what he said but... It's still great 😁 ︵‿︵(´ ͡༎ຶ ͜ʖ ͡༎ຶ `)︵‿︵
Haley Stoianov
Haley Stoianov Pred 12 dnevi
What if I can’t straighten my fingers
Kokichi_Ouma _Aka the mastermind
Kokichi_Ouma _Aka the mastermind Pred 13 dnevi
I have multiple hammer toes because of the size and shape off my feet are so difficult to find shoes for but it doesn’t really hurt that much
AlexTheGod Pred 14 dnevi
just call me Jess z
just call me Jess z Pred 14 dnevi
A hammer toe. It looks more like a squidward toe
Casper Gindeberg-Solander
Casper Gindeberg-Solander Pred 14 dnevi
How do you fix a hammer tow
Johanna M
Johanna M Pred 14 dnevi
Click where???
dallon Pred 14 dnevi
i have cerebral palsy and my toes are curled upwards and some have the nails turned outward because of the way i walk. it really sucks.
Cierra Jones
Cierra Jones Pred 15 dnevi
What about if your big toe leans against the other toe???
NgQianTong Pred 15 dnevi
It looks like a middle finger..
𝘣𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘢 Pred 16 dnevi
My grandma and uncle has it and my mom is getting one as she gets I hope I don’t get one
ThundersonLee Pred 16 dnevi
Looveh towns🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Celeste Utz
Celeste Utz Pred 17 dnevi
My grandma had her hammer toe removed bc it was very painful.
Its hailing Ice crem
Its hailing Ice crem Pred 17 dnevi
My mom always though I had small and dainty feet, and most of my life she refused to believe my feet were the size of like a soccer ball. Then I got them sized for once when I was younger and they were like larger then her feet. They are good for swimming tho.
Dampmop Pred 17 dnevi
My second toe long than the big toe
Boredom. Pred 17 dnevi
One of my neighbor's has webbed toes. Basically, they are stuck together. I never mentioned it to him, because i thought he'd be uncomfortable about it. Looking back now, that was a good decision.
Lover boyy xD
Lover boyy xD Pred 18 dnevi
I have a very weird toe
The frog
The frog Pred 18 dnevi
Doctor mike should react to attaway general
gingerlninja23 Pred 18 dnevi
I have this weird thing that’s kinda similar to this: my left pinky toe is sideways. Somehow only on one foot I have managed to twist my entire toe sideways
Anna Goodyear
Anna Goodyear Pred 19 dnevi
My grandmother's feet are so messed up, the toes are all stacked on eachother and are stuck that way. She tried to get surgery to get them separated but not only was it so painful that she made them stop after one foot it also only made it worse. Do you know anything we could do? It is sometimes painful for her.
Kira Marie
Kira Marie Pred 6 dnevi
My grandma has terrible feet too. She puts little pads between her toes (they sell them at drugstores), orthopedic shoe inserts, and special shoes with larger toe boxes to prevent it from getting worse.
Kira Marie
Kira Marie Pred 6 dnevi
@MANDUH M they might've done one foot at a time so she could still have something to walk on, and then the first experience was so bad she wouldn't go in again.
MANDUH M Pred 7 dnevi
If she really got surgery, it shouldn’t have been painful at all cuz she would of been all numbed up on her foot or even put to sleep to not feel anything at all.. & if she was only numbed she would only feel pressure…. So something doesn’t sound right to yur story 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
cooler than fidgit trading
cooler than fidgit trading Pred 19 dnevi
P.i.p n d.i.p😂😂😂 PIP N DIP
jayden johnson
jayden johnson Pred 19 dnevi
Ja ha ha ha ha
Darwin Bodero
Darwin Bodero Pred 21 dnevom
Paging Dr. Dana
Cameron Crawford
Cameron Crawford Pred 21 dnevom
That edit was 👍
Jensen Edwards
Jensen Edwards Pred 21 dnevom
Angela Wray
Angela Wray Pred 22 dnevi
Makes me feel quite nauseous watching this. Looks painful 😔
Ultron DM
Ultron DM Pred 22 dnevi
Jane Doe X
Jane Doe X Pred 23 dnevi
BOTH OF MY PARENTS had extreme Hammer toes, I 'm in my 40 ies and no pain, but slowly my big toes go slightly inwards, so I should probably try some kind of these toe seperators. My mum at my age, had already difficulties finding shoes that wouldn't buldge easily. I only sirvuved without pain is because I never wore high heels and comfortable, wide enough sneakers. Also, I couldn't risk falls from high heels , because I had bad Osteoporosis. I ate myself up to just Osteopenia. (-2.8/ -2.8/-3.1 in my RF / LF / LWS at my worst 2006 opposed to -1.6/1.6/ 1.7 at the score last year....) But this was before my huge ED eff up / relapse. I ate my bone density up without any meds, atm I guess I'm destroying it again. 😞 Yeah I'm an effing looser. Edit: and lazy or becoming more dumb by the day because "effing" requires "an" not "a"...
ShawnGaming Pred 23 dnevi
Thata gonna hurt right?
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Pred 24 dnevi
Sellout, shouldn't even mention the asshatted other SLusr, what physician salary not cutting it and hoping for a charity Bentley?
apple piss
apple piss Pred 25 dnevi
never have i been more disgusted in my whole life
A cat on his hind legs.
A cat on his hind legs. Pred 26 dnevi
I only have 1 joint in each toe. I fit into size 6 shoes. I’m almost 16
_Avaa_ Pred 26 dnevi
This hurts to look at
Haikal Akmal rabbani
Haikal Akmal rabbani Pred 28 dnevi
I think I got a hammer toe but I kinda spin it and now it stuck at my middle toe
Flame gaming
Flame gaming Pred 28 dnevi
Flame gaming
Flame gaming Pred 28 dnevi
CAMRON RAMSEY Pred 29 dnevi
I have twin toes also known as webedtoes
Pred mesecem
Christian Trent
Christian Trent Pred mesecem
One of my toes goes over the other when I stretch my feet out, it feels it’s popped out of where bones supposed to be but when I start wriggling my toe it goes back to normal and I have no idea why this happens
Survivalist Pred mesecem
I have a sideways pinky toe
EVAN ROCK Pred mesecem
I never knew that there were different types of it. I thought I had hammer toe all these years, but I guess it's mallet toe instead. I was born with it, but it's on all my toes except for the big toes.
Gold Eagle
Gold Eagle Pred mesecem
One of my toes used to do this but somehow it just fixed itself
Gamer 129
Gamer 129 Pred mesecem
I actually have hammer toe, it's because my 2nd toe is longer than the rest, so in order to fit my foot into a shoe I have to bend my toe.
Invalid -User
Invalid -User Pred mesecem
Guess what Some of your teeths are under your eyeballs
J.Z.G Pred mesecem
Bruh, I'm pretty sure my toes don't have joints
Killuas_Wifey Pred mesecem
If we learned anything from My Hero Academia that is don't have extra joints Please someone get this
Caroline Switzenberg
Caroline Switzenberg Pred mesecem
Dr.Mike What do you call a toe that grows crooked? My big toe has this bumb.
Anthony Lombardi
Anthony Lombardi Pred mesecem
My grandma was named bobby
Kanna Rio
Kanna Rio Pred mesecem
…l- *OW*
Hanako Wolf
Hanako Wolf Pred mesecem
Hello, Doctor Mike. I don't necessarily have a hammer toe, more like the bone and muscle tissue on my toe closest to my "pinky" toe grew upwards instead of straight. My doctor says it's a hammer toe, but I honestly don't know... I had an X-ray done on my feet about a week ago, and the staff said that it didn't look like anything was wrong. I have been wondering if I could see if surgery would be a valuable option in researching? Either way, I have no pain or discomfort other than the skin in-between my toes getting mildly irritated from friction. I have seen several feet specialists where I live, and all of them don't really tell me what I already knew. Any suggestions?
slimy cat
slimy cat Pred mesecem
I have a malito deformity on both next to the pinky
Mrs Slibby
Mrs Slibby Pred mesecem
I have the mallet toe thing on the middle toe of both feet. So does almost everyone in my family. It's not because of shoes or anything we're just born with it.
Babyfarts Pred mesecem
"Flicking us off"
cimonim Pred mesecem
My pinkie toe looks like the description of a mallet toe 🤔 I can’t tell which it is Also I didn’t know that having a straight pinkie toe was normal until like a year ago because almost every one of my siblings has a mallet toe, but my mom and most of my aunts and uncles have normal feet. My grandpa had a mallet toe, and so did my dad, but I’m not sure if its actually possible to get it through genetics or if it’s a crazy coincidence
The E Guy
The E Guy Pred mesecem
Ever since I learned to walk I walked on my toes or atleast put all my weight on the front of my foot over the years its actually not that bad although one big side effect is my Achilles tendon has become so short its painful to even slightly try to raise my foot and my toes have spread further from each other ig it's a way of spreading the weight better
im_ bored
im_ bored Pred mesecem
Day 41 of trying to get you to react to saw traps
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